Former Terrier commit Tyler Weiss commits to Nebraska

Former future Boston University Terrier Tyler Weiss has committed to the University of Nebraska-Omaha. In April, rumors started to circulate about Weiss potentially playing in the NCAA elsewhere. For those keeping score at home, these rumors started while David Quinn was still the head coach and the announcement to attend UNO came before Albie O’Connell had been named the new head coach.

Weiss is ranked number 90 of the North American Skaters for this year’s upcoming draft.


3 thoughts on “Former Terrier commit Tyler Weiss commits to Nebraska”

  1. Hopefully, there will be no more surprises. Although there are are on line rumors about three Terriers that are upperclassman. Last years team was severely impacted by the unforeseen departure of JFK.
    The preceding will impact how good a team BU. will be next year.

  2. Looked up his record. Not great numbers but otherwise don’t know much about him. Plenty of good players that are a bit bigger and more like the old BU style. Maybe good to go after some tough Western Canadian guys.

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