A look at potential head coaches

It’s been a few weeks since the “David Quinn Era” ended on Commonwealth Avenue and the Terriers are still without a head coach.

Obviously, there are some rumors going around about who is in the running and who is not in consideration for the job.

Current Boston Bruins’ assistant coach Joe Sacco had been linked to the job, but according to Mike McMahon of College Hockey News, he is no longer pursuing the gig.

Current Union College coach Rick Bennett had been rumored to be in consideration, but per Jeff Cox, he is staying at Union.  It would have been interesting to see how the BU faithful would have reacted to a coach coming from outside.


Cox also outlined Shawn McEachern and current BU associate head coach Albie O’Connell as the front-runners, so let’s take a closer look at them.

We would like to preface this by saying this is an unconfirmed candiates list and that this is just what we have heard on the rumor mill.

Shawn McEachern 

McEachern is currently the head coach at The Rivers School in Weston, a position he has held since the 2010-11 season. Prior to his current position, he was an assistant coach at both Northeastern University and UMass Lowell.

McEachern skated three years for BU and is sixth all-time in points (186), eigth in points (107) and ninth in goals (79). After his time wearing the scarlet and white, he spent 13 years in the NHL and scored 579 points. He won a Stanley Cup with the Pittsburg Penguins in 1992.

Albie O’Connell 

O’Connell is currently an assosicate head coach on BU, a post he has held since since the 2015-2016 season. Prior to joining the Terriers’ coaching staff, he spent time as an assistant coach for Colby College, Niarga University, College of the Holy Cross, Merrimack College, Northeastern University and Harvard University.

O’Connell is also recognized as one of the top recruiters in the county.

In his four years playing for BU, O’Connell won four Beanpots and scored 108 points. He captined the 1998-99 team for BU.

In addition to those names, McMahon has also listed the following as being linked to the position.

Steve Greeley 

Steve Greenely currently is the Buffalo Sabers Assistant General Manager but he is not a stranger to coaching at BU. Greeley left his position as an assitant coach for Quinn’s Terriers after the 2014-25 season to take a job in player personal for the New York Rangers.

Greeley has been linked to NHL GM postions, so it seems unlikely that he will get the position.

Jay Pandolfo 

The former Terrier captian is currently an assitant coach for the Bruins. Pandolfo played for BU from 1992-96, highlighed by a Nationa Championship in 1995. His winning ways followed him the the NHL where he won two championships with the New Jersey Devils.

Pandolfo has only been an asstiant coach for two seasons and has the smallest coaching resume of any of the candiates listed here.



  1. Thanks Matthew! This makes me wonder if Albie can serve as head coach and maintain his successful recruiting practices. I also wonder if Shawn will be interested in taking on the role of Associate Head Coach if Albie becomes HC.

  2. the silence is deafening. where have all the bloggers gone? larry? sean? vito, son of caesar? etc anyone home ?

  3. Im going with Albie! I agree about the recruiting thing but I do know Quinn also recruited along with his HC position so he will most definitely still be doing that. Especially as a head coach you wanna have final say in who is coming on board.

  4. Matthew Martin

    Per sourcss there will be a press conference Wednesdays with an announcement

  5. Great choices not a easy decision for AD.BU hockey is in good hands with either choice. Was wondering if anyone else saw that college down the street said they would be making cuts but won’t tell the kids till after they enroll which basically handcuffs the athletes from playing elsewhere next year. I think it’s unfair and done in terrible taste. Recently bu has made cuts but always gave kids early notice so they could make school changes.🐾

  6. Vito diGregorio

    I think its going to be Pandolfo or MacEachern. Either would be a great fit. Both were extraordinary ex Terriers and had fine NHL careers. Though Mac has more coaching experience, Pandolfo might have more NHL connections which would attract recruits. Hopefully O’Connell would stay on as assistant.

  7. Vito, I believe Pandolfo is no longer in the running. It seems to be either Albie or Shawn.

    Colin, do you mean cuts to their athletics budget in general?

  8. I’m here ! Don’t know really where to go with this. Many of the real good picks are with the pros. The one time we went outside before Parker it did not work out too good. A BU guy I believe is a must. Albie seems to be the only candidate viable as MacEachern may not know the pipeline for college hockey players. Program may be in trouble and not recover as a top notch program. How many remember when Clarkson and Maine were top programs ? The Beanpot does gives us an advantage though with local players.

    • Vito diGregorio

      BU hockey will always be a top notch program because of its tradition of winning, great record as being a training ground for NHL players, and first class arena and facilities to attract top recruits

  9. Hi Glen not budget cuts but players. Unfortunately the past few years programs including bu have told players they are making changes in there roster for the following year. This gave the player the option of finding another school and enrolling before hockey started. Since the player was cut he did not have to sit out a year. Bc says there will be cuts but won’t say who therefore making them enroll in school and not be available to another program. Go bu🐾

  10. Hi Colin. Thanks for that information. I guess those names of players will surface in the Fall? Sounds like it would put a certain school at a big disadvantage

  11. No matter who the choice is for the next coach, he will face two enormous challenges. Initially to stabilize the program, form a cohesive coaching staff and retain personal both incoming freshman and returning letterman.
    As previously stated I was no fan of the last coach both personally and professionally. Partially because I knew his ultimate goal was fairly predictable based on his actions. However I will acknowledge he was the best recruiter in all of college hockey. Unfortunately he did not know how to get the most out of the talent and therefore maximize championship opportunities.
    The less than transparent way the athletic director with the approval of the HC of the NYR dismantled the FOH, the Alumni Hockey mentoring hockey program along with no relationships with suite holders, premium club season ticket , regular season ticket holders , alumni and students has left the incoming coach with no fund raising ability and dwindling attendance.
    Instead the coaching cabinet was the replacement for fund raising. Once again I applaud the former coach for his ability to go to his well healed celebrities friends and his NHL relationships to totally fund the program with record amounts contributed. Unfortunately no that has gone to much greener pastures so has that mechanism
    of fund raising.
    Too many bridges burnt as many former contributors outside of his friends have moved on and they are not returning. Several million dollars of estate dollars are gone. The administration can deny this fact up and down but believe me I am telling the truth!

  12. Son of Caesar carlaci

    I was the anonymous. Did not sign in.

  13. Son of Caesar carlaci

    Sorry the anonymous comment was mine. Forgot to sign in

  14. Any truth to the rumor that it is down to Rick B. or Albie O’Connell? Also any one else hear the rumor that the current CH of the NYR did not think Albie O’Connell was the right fit for B .U.?

    • Omg Larry stop it!!
      I think you’ve lost your mind over your hatred of Quinn. All that crap you spewed above and now starting a nasty rumor he didn’t think Albie could handle it?? You’ve lost it!
      It’s really getting a bitb sickening now. Move on.

  15. No truth at all to either. Albie will be announced as the new coach. What is a “CH”?

  16. Congratulations to Albie O’Connell the next B.U. Hockey Coach. Glad that last rumor didn’t effect the selection.

  17. Glenn,
    I meant HC that what happens when you are old.

  18. Sean,
    Wrong as usual. I was right on point about the former coach. Surprised you are not moving to New York and joining his staff.
    Perhaps they need a cheerleading squad. You certainly could correct the NY media with your astute points if things do not go well. You could use the same clueless excuses that you mentioned in this space . I suggest start with the goaltender. Always easy to blame him.

  19. Sean,
    Wrong Again, my daughter bumped into a coaches cabinet insider last Sunday who related the story about your pal. I am not surprised and feel bad for Albie as he clearly was not the first choice.

  20. Yea ok your daughter knows it all right? She’s your main source of the bs you spew about Quinn. Whatever….I can’t deal with your anger and untruths. Bye Larry.

  21. Sean,
    I feel bad for you that you are in such denial that your pal has moved on and used B U. as a steppingstone on the road to his true goal.
    You cannot stand the fact that I was right. My daughter talked to a member of the coaches cabinet.It was not planned and was unsolicited.You are the king of fake news and maintain you record of being incorrect.
    I have no reason to make up rumors, especially when they are already on line. Perhaps you are the one who is really angry!