David Quinn named head coach of New York Rangers

The Boston University men’s hockey team is currently without a head coach.

Wednesday afternoon, the New York Rangers named David Quinn their 35th head coach thus vacating the Terrier head coaching position. Read what Matt had to say here.

BU now has to find Quinn’s replacement. However, the list of candidates is relatively smaller than the last time they were looking. Quinn, Mike Sullivan and John Hynes already have NHL jobs. But, that does not mean that there aren’t any qualified candidates.

Jeff Cox outlines some of the top candidates for the position. Matt and Liam both think that Albie O’Connell represents one of the best choices for BU.

Needless to say, it’s going to be one interesting summer.

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  1. In Cox’s article he mentions Mike Bavis. Loved him as a player but as a coach he was the worst recruiter we ever had. And John Lily left the program in mid year. Do we need someone like him ? Do we ? Not crazy about going into the pro ranks again as BU would be a stepping stone to a head job in the NHL. I think Albie is the best choice for his recruiting and continuity of the program. Greer would be a great choice to add to the staff.

  2. I do like Albie and Greer … very good combo! What about McEachern? Could he be a possible assistant to Albie too? Both G and M have had successful NHL careers and have coaching experience.

  3. I watched the live press conference for Dollar Dave. It seemed similar to the one he gave five years ago at B.U. Good to know his team will be in shape and practice hard. I thought the majority of NHL teams were fat, out of shape and hardly felt the need to practice. I am sure the Bruins are shaking in there pants after such a riveting and thought provoking press conference.
    As far as the Terriers they had better act decisively. Rumors persist that both upperclassmen and incoming recruits are considering transferring.
    How about doing something different and radical by offering Nate Lehman the job?

    • for someone who claims other are mean and throw insults, seems you fit right in here on this blog.

    • Yeah i agree Leaman would be a good choice but is he already under contract with Providence and for how long? You think Sullivan would consider the post since he’s already won everything in Pittsburg?

  4. There are so many good choices out there. I have been supportive of Albie because of his loyalty commitment and time invested with this group but the names of worthy successors make me hopeful that BU hockey will be ok from this summer setback. I’m sure the players who I find to be very mature and professional are making sure they are doing the right thing to be ready to play. The freshmen will be arriving soon and it’s good some of the captains and upperclassmen will be around to help them ease into the college scene 135 days till the puck is dropped 🐾

  5. Frozen out every team every year has players who look into other options/opportunities. If we loose a player another player steps up. Don’t forget we have great players who don’t even dress on any givin night. Switzer could be a number 1 D on many division one teams yet can’t crack our line up. Amonte and Witkowski where healthy scratches booth very good division one players and curry and chabot we are talking about superb players so if one or two leave so be it. The main player in my eyes cause of his play his personality and his leadership that we need to hold on to is Fabro. He is also the player I think who would be offered the most. This kid is so good he could walk out of the Nashville locker room right now and be a dominant player. My fingers are crossed that Nashville wants him to craft his game in college one more year. And I know you have your opinions and a cute nickname for coach Quinn but facts speak pretty clear he was very successful as head coach of bu 🐾

  6. Colin,
    I hate to disagree but facts are his team underachieved with the exception of the Eichel year. Great recruiter of talent, inconsistent results as a Head Coach .Never completed his dream job and left B.U. in total disarray. Definitely not a great legacy.

  7. i like Denaro Dave better

    Let’s all sing “when the recruits go marching out.” Sean can conduct the choir

    Switzer # 1 D on most teams. where, alabama huntsville?

    say Bye bye big bad Brady. shock if he stays

    hope he promises the Ranger fans a Stanley Cup, but maybe he realized to keep his big mouth shut this time

  8. Vinnie and Frozen out,
    Your blatant anger just shows how much you really did admire Quinn. If you didn’t care for him, you’d be glad he left and be moving on! (Like he did! haha)
    And Larry. I KNEW you’d be watching the press conference. Just cant take your eyes off him can you? Let it go Buddy, just let it go and wait for the next coach to step in! It’s all good. Quinn’s gone, and you’ll never have to worry about he mistreats you again!

  9. Sean,
    I honestly could not stand the guy. I am sure he felt the same way about me. I call it mutual disrespect. I am happy he has moved on. I thought his press conference was humorous. I do agree it is time to let go.
    I hope they name the next coach soon as I do not want anyone else to leave the program. If they hire Albie , he could stabilize the situation and prevent defections. I actually had a nice conversation with him prior to the Hockey East Playoffs.

  10. Colin, we have “great” players who don’t play ? I love you for being so loyal to BU Hockey but please don’t ever go into scouting.

  11. Well son of Cesar I made the prediction that we would make a run second half. The bu train I called it. I got ridiculed on this blog after calling it that.I also stated melanson should be on top line before coach put him there. I also said we would be a better team with Chabot in line up. And if I have not proven my case yet right before playoffs started I posted need Curry in there for playoffs. I believe Curry scored game winner against BC I think I could scout this team as I know a little something about Bu hockey🐾

  12. Colin, with all due respect, please don’s scout for BU. Yes, Switzer is an interesting player but is only a marginal player at best. And has Jake signed his pro contract as yet ? Please stay a great fan only. Thank you.

  13. Guest,
    FYI, I treat people like they treat me, I am not a public figure and commenting on a coach is not a crime I speak my mind for better or worse. If you opinion differs then so be it. No issues or problems with expressing a different point of view.

  14. Vinnie,
    Not bad, good job. People on this site take our comments much too seriously. I am still anxiously waiting for the white smoke from Agganis Arena. So far nothing but crickets.
    It is comical the praise given someone who took the money and left. Not exactly a hero in my books. Perhaps a statue of him wheeling a large push cart (Ranger Logo on the side) filled to the brim with Denaro ($$$$) leaving the Agganis Arena is appropriate.

  15. Colin. That is my point. If he was “great” he would have been on a NHL payroll now. Decent college goalie but not “great”.

  16. They better get a guy with NHL experience or these high end guys are going to pass on BU. but do think the BU admin cares? no way

  17. So Vinnie, are you saying then that you don’t want them to hire Albie? He seems like a great candidate but, from what I know, has no NHL experience. I wonder if the BU admin is still insisting that the new head coach have a college degree.

  18. IMO it is most important that the new head coach has experience working with and teaching young players, the ability and track record to recruit great talent, and the proper professionalism to both respect the traditional supporters of BU hockey and is honest about his career ambitions as it pertains to the program and personally. There are several that fit the bill. The AD has to make the right choice this time. Perhaps someone from outside like Leaman would be the direction to go in now since his track record is excellent and he would probably respect the traditional supporters of BU hockey and work to make that base stronger.

  19. Talking about NHL experience. How many of the NCAA Championship teams in the last ten years coaches have had NHL experience I wonder ? With our “NHL” guys we have not won since ’09. I wonder if that coach had NHL experience ??? His name was Parker.I believe.It is better to know where the good players are and be able to sell l the program. Present BC coach and past Maine coach have won NCAA Championships without NHL experience.

  20. i like either ablie as HC and Mceachran as AHC or vice versa. then get joe p from unconn as the third guy

  21. Son of CC, you do make an excellent point. Of course you’re right that Parker was not an NHL guy, but he got to the point of being a college hockey coaching legend. I think BU has resources that still make it stand out to the best recruits. Let’s hope the new coach is a home run of a pick … and gets hired fairly soon … to maintain and perhaps even enhance how our players and recruits view the BU Hockey program.

    Being a New Yorker and a lifelong Ranger fan, it feels pretty surreal to have Quinn popping up in my local newspapers, TV stations and hearing him being interviewed by WFAN and ESPN hosts.

  22. Now that the DQ era at BU is over all bloggers here should agree not to use the initials DQ ever again EXCEPT when referring to Dairy Queen.

  23. i just think the emphasis these days is on making it to the Show is so much greater these days. that is why i put the emphasis on having a guy with some NHL connection: playing, coaching, scouting. the days of parker and walsh are over. different times. a kid like kariya would probably not even go to maine these days

    if some could assure me, which they can’t, that we were going to hold onto our high end recruits in the pipeline and even continue the high end flow, then i would be ok with his leaving.

    i do think his teams underachieved at times given the talent, but i do think that he would have brought a national championship tp BU at one point. i believe that he was in line to win it all in a year when the right guys stay, the new recruits are talented and injuries were minimal. not an easy combo to achieve but i think he could have done it

    i understand the money, the proximity of his girlfriend, an NHL head coach job at 51 with an original six team. i get it. still hurts

    • Vinnie,
      There are no guarantees in sports at any level. As it turned out Quinn was the least of all but it should not dampen your faith that the AD will find a new good head coach who will continue the tradition of winning at BU. There are so many good candidates that would take the position in a heartbeat which is another indication that the Terrier program will sell itself. There should be a balance of one and done superstars and those more committed to sports and an education players to ultimately produce what we had for example in 2009 and 2015, it takes time to develop a great team. We can’t expect a national championship every year just a commitment on the part of the administration and coaching staff to achieve the best results possible every year.

  24. vito,

    i agree there are no guarantees… in any aspect of life for that matter. and i agree it takes time to luck to build a national championship winner. The Quinn hire was heavily influenced by Parker. This time that clout is not there. so my confidence in the AD is tenuous

    I disagree on the many good candidates if you are only considering BU guys and ones that have a college degree (a prerequisite for the job). i can only think of Mac Eachran. who else? maybe i am missing someone. pandolpho is too entrenched in the NHL, in my opinion

    now if we open up the search out of the family, then we might have some nice possibilities

  25. Vinnie,
    Sorry to disappoint but Coach Parker had no influence over the selection of $$Dollar Dave$$. The decision was made by former athletic director Mike Lynch.
    Hopefully some information on potential candidates or an actual hiring will come sooner rather then later.
    I agree with you to open up the search to candidates out side the B.U.family. I think it is time for a different approach.

  26. you don’t think Lynch consulted with Jack and picked his brain a bit? i have no actual information that he did; i just find it hard to believe that parker had no input. but i will take your word for it

    i keep coming back to Shawn MacEachran. i know he has no college head coach experience, but he is a former BU great, a former NHL player, and a successful coach at Rivers who has experience coaching kids pretty close to the college age level

    i know they need to find the right guy for the job so you can not rush the process, but i would wish they could nail this down soon in order to reach out to recruits in the pipeline.

  27. Vinnie,
    I asked Coach Parker directly did he have any influence in choosing the new coach. His reply was that he was not involved in the process.
    Remamber he had a major falling out with Mike Lynch which I believe occurred during the alleged hockey scandal and the following very fake news stories printed by the old fish wrapper, the Globe. Ironic that currently the Globe has it own issues with alleged fake news from a columnist and some alleged sexual harassment issues that they are trying to deny.

  28. ok, that is why i read the Herald. ha! i can still see the colored full back page in the Herald after we beat the Beagles in the HE semis. “BUtiful”

  29. Leaman would be a great fit but unfortunately he may not be available. They are very happy with him at Providence and evidently he has signed an extension to his contract valid thru 2021. From what i’ve read about the guy its also unlikely he will renege on his agreement like some people.

  30. Vito,
    He should still be called to see if there is interest. It seems coaches contracts can be broken at any time. Even if you agree with a renegotiated one. It appears that you can renege within forty eight hours and there are no consequences. In fact some individuals see nothing wrong . I wonder if they would feel like that if someone took advantage of them.
    I am sure that B.U. can offer more money and years on a contract than Providence, which primary sport is basketball.

    • yeah they could inquire but Leaman signed the extension in 2013 so the 48 hour window to renege wouldn’t apply here. Leaman also previously while at Union turned down an offer from Harvard, so he’s probably very happy to stay with the Friars

  31. Frozen,
    After consultation with an expert it appears that a school approaching a coach under an existing contract would be liable for damages for tortious interference of contractual terms, but also contingent upon NCAA bylaws. i don’t know what Quinn’s contractual situation was but BU could possibly have an action for damages against the rangers.

    • There is a clause in his contract that he has to pay BU a severance, which most likely NY will pay.
      And Larry….I see your still hurt. I mean chirping about Quinn leaving, Let it go pal….its done and over. No need to keep beating yourself up about it.

  32. I propose compensation from the NYR: How about they draft BU players and agree to leave them at Agganis for all four years LOL?

  33. Good one, Glenn. By the way all these comment about a college hockey team in such hot weather proves BU fans are the greatest. As a long time fan I really enjoy the banter back and forth and the information that is here and nowhere else.

  34. Sean,
    Wrong again Sean! I am ecstatic that he has moved on to greener pastures. Believe me his actions only confirmed what I have felt for a while that B.U. was a only stepping stone to his main goal, a long term multi year, multi million dollar NHL contract.
    If you want to continue worship at his alter so be it. I am sick and tired of the continued New York Ranger coverage on this blog I am Bruins fan and cannot wait until they meet next year. My fondest memories is beating them in the Stanley Cup finals in 1972 at MSG.
    I hope B.U. collects every penny of severance. Mean while no rumors or any information out of B.U. Already one freshman has recommitted. Who is running the program in the interim (Kathy Brown) ?

    • the coverage is because, unlike you, they are happy for Quinn in the next phase of his coaching career, as I am. Doesn’t mean Im happy he left or that I am now a Rangers fan. Black and gold all the way,
      and of course BU will collect, its part of the deal. I absolutely agree with Glen that one can leave a “dream job” for the next phase of their career. (For example, my mother in law was a teacher, she loved teaching, it was her passion and being able to teach in her alma mater did in fact make it her dream job! as the years went on and she was getting older, she realized retiring on a teachers salary wasn’t going to afford her to do much so she went and earned her Admin degree. She was a principal for 6 years before retiring. She loved being a principal but her dream job was teaching. Only now she has earned a better pension and can live more comfortably. Now I KNOW you’re going to say Quinn was making a hefty salary at BU but you don’t ever know one’s family situation or what their obligations are to them.) but you keep being angry. IM not sure but you do actually realize this decision does not affect your life in any way, shape or form correct?
      Annnnnyway……PARKER IS GOD and that is all you will ever talk about. Its all good!

      GO BU!!!!

  35. Frozen out don’t worry the kids are doing great things they are working harder then ever in both school and the gym. Coach czeck is well regarded in his field this team will be ready come October 🐾

  36. frozen out,

    you used the word “Recommitted”. did you mean decommited? if so, please give the name. if you were referring tyler weiss, he did not pass entrance requirements. so would you mind clarifying what you meant and who you are referring to? i would appreciate that

  37. In a conversation with a friend who is an employee at BU and a friend of Quinn, he says that word is the AD is seriously looking at 2 ex players to hire as coach. Any guesses as to who they might be?

  38. Plus they need a college degree for this job. The first two guys do not have that.

    MacEachran gets my vote

  39. no problem.

    if you are referring to Weiss, that recommit was not a result of DQ leaving. he did not have the grades

    do you know of another name who decommitted? please tell

  40. amonte and grier do not have degrees

    MacEachran is the one who first the bill. 14 years in NHL, 2 stints as an assistant coach in college, and head coach at Rivers which he has transformed into a real good team. i hear he is a great teacher

    i just wish Albie will stay on as the main recruiter, but not getting the HC job might be too much for him to return

  41. Sean,
    I am not angry. I am happy. Hopefully, B.U. will name a new coach soon. I even congratulated your pal on continuing to negotiate until he received the mega bucks package.
    I find it hilarious that his supporters and the athletic director cannot see that they were played. I was even told by a B.U. employee that the current HC of the NYR told him that he expected to be at B.U. for the rest of his life. Actions always speak louder than words.
    Certainly Coach Parker, Red Auerbach and John Havlicek could have left Boston for much greener pastures, but they truly considered themselves lucky that they had dream jobs!
    I do understand your mother in law situation as my daughter is teacher. However to compare her situation with a HC making around $500,000 is not a fair comparison. At the end of the day he did what was best for him.

  42. I think it could be one of the Bruins assistants that are former Terriers. I do not think it is Albie as he would have already been named HC.

  43. would Albie stay if one of these other guys get the HC job? would his heart still be into recruiting for BU?

  44. I am definitely seeing Pandolfo’s name surface in this HC search. And, I am concerned about how Albie feels about all this. I very much want him to stay a Terrier.

  45. It’s great speculating who the coach will be. Frozen out they have a coach one who is with them all summer. Even if coach was here he could not be around them for hockey stuff it’s coach Czeck who is getting them ready these guys are working out at 630 am 4 days a week and going to school and expected to work ou on there own. I’m not seeing much play time. even when they are enjoying a night off they are responsible respectful young college athletes. I’m thrilled with the effort being put forth. It is clear to me that these kids are getting stronger Amonte is solid I think he has put on 20 more pounds of muscle mass. This program is in great shape. 🐾

  46. Colin,
    Until a new coach is hired the program is in a state of flux. Who leaves and stays will then be determined.
    I cannot even get a preliminary home schedule because a date of a game had to be changed and needed to be approved by the head coach.
    The longer this continues the more uncertainty increases.
    If you think all these players are all angels and strictly follow the rules you are a mistaken. I am sure they are typical teenagers. This is not a bad thing but they are not perfect.

  47. larry,

    i have no problem with the flux at this point. i give it to the end of next week to hopefully make a well thought out decision.

  48. Vinnie,
    Any truth to the latest rumors of Rick B. the current Union coach or former Terrier Shawn Mc. currently coaching Rivers high school as the two leading canadates?
    It appears that Brady T. has one foot out the door. He will make a final decision after the NHL draft. His dream is to be in an NHL training camp this fall. However his ultimate decision depends on what his drafted team feels about him being ready to play at that level. This is not exactly reassuring.

  49. Glenn,
    Not according to today’s interview in the Hearld.It all depends on the team that drafts him.

    • OK, well then crap! As stacked as we are for this season, a loss like that (Brady) will be brutal in terms of being able to win another national title.

  50. yea, Glenn. this is an all transpiring situation. what you heard two weeks ago is old news. for all these kids and top notch recruits. wouldn’t surprise me if fabbro left now. no one can tell the final line up until the first game

  51. BUFFALO — The coaching situation is not the only uncertainty facing the Boston University men’s hockey program.

    Brady Tkachuk, the Terriers’ top freshman forward last year who is here at the NHL scouting combine, said yesterday he hadn’t made a decision on whether he’ll return to BU for his sophomore season. The NHL team that selects him in the June 22-23 draft, possibly as high as the third pick overall, will have a big say in whether he’ll continue his college education or puts his hockey education in overdrive.

    “I’m going to wait until after the draft, see what team picks me and what they want me to do. But I’m definitely going to wait, talk to my family and make a decision that’s best for me, too,” said Tkachuk.

  52. Next BU hockey coach down to Shawn McEachern or Rick Bennett?

    With David Quinn gone to coach the Rangers, Boston University is back in the hunt for a bench boss, one that had Quinn winning out over fellow alums Mike Sullivan (now with two Cup titles in Pittsburgh) and John Hynes (helping to revive the Devils) when it came time to replace Jack Parker.

    An attempt last week by your faithful puck chronicler to have AD Drew Marrochello address the situation only brought this back from Brian Kelley, BU’s director of sports information: “[Marrochello] won’t be commenting on any part of the search until the new coach is hired. The process is well underway and we hope to have someone in place shortly.”

    Word along BU as of Friday night had the field winnowed to two candidates, including BU alum and ex-Bruins winger Shawn McEachern, head coach of the Rivers School in recent years, and Rick Bennett, the current Union College coach who led the Dutchmen to the NCAA championship in 2014.

    Hiring McEachern, who grew up in Waltham, would maintain the Terrier lineage, and would be in keeping with the other Beanpot schools that all have alums behind their benches: Jerry York (Boston College), Ted Donato (Harvard) and Jim Madigan (Northeastern).

    McEachern, 49, also the assistant AD at the Rivers School, was an assistant college coach for five years (2004-10) at Salem, Northeastern and UMass Lowell before joining the Rivers staff. Including playoffs, he played in over 1,000 NHL games.

    The Springfield-born Bennett, 50, played four years at Providence (1990) and played 15 games as a New York Ranger winger in the early ’90s. He was an assistant coach for five years at Providence before moving to Union for another six seasons before taking over the Dutchmen bench for the 2011-12 season.

    Bruins assistant Jay Pandolfo (BU ’96) interviewed for the gig. Fellow Terrier and Bruins assistant Joe Sacco, who departed campus in 1990 after three seasons, was another logical choice for consideration.

    Soon into his five-year stay at BU, Quinn implemented a “Coach’s Cabinet,” which brought some 200-plus well-heeled alums into his inner circle for regular up-close-and-personal looks at the program’s inner workings during the season.

    One can only imagine the affable Quinn working his Cabinet appointees, with his trademark charm and humor, along with side orders of video, X’s, O’s and busting of chops.

    The Cabinet ostensibly replaced the longtime and more folksy “Friends of BU Hockey,” and created a healthy money stream for the program. With the Cabinet established, and all dollars critical in today’s world of college athletics, Marrochello will have to be mindful of finding the right fit, not only identifying a guy who can recruit and develop top Division 1 players, but also schmooze the Cabinet members.

    Kevin Paul Dupont can be reached at [email protected]. Follow him on Twitter @GlobeKPD.

  53. Larry!! I thought Quinn didn’t raise as much as your BF??
    This is what I was trying to tell you all along!
    PS: My guess is Albie will get a shot at the job!
    The Cabinet ostensibly replaced the longtime and more folksy “Friends of BU Hockey,” and created a healthy money stream for the program. With the Cabinet established, and all dollars critical in today’s world of college athletics, Marrochello will have to be mindful of finding the right fit, not only identifying a guy who can recruit and develop top Division 1 players, but also schmooze the Cabinet members.

  54. Sean,
    Have not followed fund raising since your pal dismantled the FOH. I do know for a fact that several million dollars of estate dollars was lost and will never come back. You can deny it all you want but l know the truth.
    Now that dollar Dave has put BU in its rare view mirror there is no cabinet or fund raising group. These were his celebrity friends and his NHL hockey player relationships. I give him credit for his fundraising effort but at the end of the day it was short term gain for long term pain
    To prove my point I know on the athletic fund raising day . The HC of the NYC made sure that hockey raised the most funds despite three times less participants then crew.
    It really showed up in premium club ticket sales, suite sales and season tickets. This is a real issue as most events a Agganis Arena are close to a sellout.
    The goal of FHO was an inclusive family atmosphere. Yes funding was important but so was attendance. It was a long term approach that succeeded for over 50 years. It did raise over 50 million to help fund our current facility.

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