Meet the Boston Hockey Blog’s new writer

By now we are all sure you have heard the news circling around the Boston University men’s hockey team, The Boston Hockey Blog is happy to confirm that Eddie Moran will be joining Matt and Liam for this upcoming season. Below you can find more information about Eddie.

We are working to learn more information about the rumors linking head coach David Quinn to the New York Rangers.

Ed Moran is a rising senior in Boston University’s College of Communication double-majoring in Broadcast Journalism and Advertising. He grew up in the New York City area, but now resides in Windham, a rural town in upstate New York’s Catskill Mountains. Although Windham is far removed from New York’s sports culture, Ed has been entranced by sports since his childhood days of watching Sunday football with his grandfather.

When he began applying for colleges in 2015, Ed focused on out-of-state schools with a strong communications background. He admittedly applied to BU on a whim, not fully aware of its academic, or even hockey, reputation.

Little did Ed know when visiting BU on April 11, 2015, for COM’s Admitted Students Day, that he was there the day of the 2015 National Championship game between BU and Providence. Seeing the BU students all along Commonwealth Avenue repping those scarlet and white colors exposed him to a sport he was previously unfamiliar with: hockey.

Watching the mayhem that day convinced Ed all along, BU was the school for him. During freshman year, he joined FreeP as a writer for women’s soccer, basketball and lacrosse. Since then, he has served as an Associate Sports Editor, and is grateful to spend his senior year on the Hockey beat.


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  1. Eddie was always one of my favorite freshmen when I was in my final year of FreeP sports (not that I played favorites..shh)! Enthusiastic, thoughtful, considerate and a good writer on top of it all. He always stood out with his work ethic and I know he’ll do big things for the hockey beat. Looking forward to reading your work, Eddie!

  2. Glenn,
    According to NHL insider Ed Freeman, DQ is the leading candidate to be the next head coach of the Rangers.
    So perhaps you have been misinformed.

  3. Latest rumor is DQ will be named Head Coach of the Rangers tomorrow (5-19-18). Five year deal $10.5 million dollars.

  4. Glenn,
    If it is all propaganda then why no denial from DQ?
    Four reliable on line sources believe it is a done deal.

  5. Glenn,
    Not according to four reliable on line sources. All believe the announcement could be coming sooner rather then later.
    No denial of comments from DQ or anyone associated with B.U.

  6. Frozen out your wish may come true. Just like the players a coach must make what he believes is in his best interest. I have heard from my NHL sources that serious discussions have taken place. If coach leaves he leaves at the right time for him and this program that he has helped improve during his tenure here. It’s premature to talk about it now but if coach does leave I think coach OConnell should get the job. The reasons for this is he is a great recruiter he understands the game he has a great reputation among the college hockey community and he has been very loyal to this program, and I believe that he would take over where coach Quinn has left off. I know it’s not official but I want to be the first person to thank coach Quinn for doing a great job as coach for the past few years he is a great hockey coach and I will miss him. Go bu🐾

  7. leaves us hanging just like he did when he took off for colorado and we had Bavis as the main recruiter. hello kevin duane. i know $$ speaks louder than loyalty, but it is not like he is a pauper at BU

    watch the brand name recruits that will bail now. albie no longer has DQ as an NHL selling point

    i figured he would have brought us one national championship before he left. silly me

    • He left BU for Lake Eerie bc Parker promised after they won a National Title he would retire and Quinn would take over. Parker reneged on that offer and Quinn felt it was time to get more experience beyond college, with the hopes of one day returning to his Dream Job,. He has done an excellent job these past 5 years, yes coming up shy of the National Title but you can’t blame him for what happened in 2015.
      Now I don’t know if the rumors are true, it seems more likely he is leaving with the tweets and articles out there now, but I also wish him the best of luck. He is a stand up guy, he loves BU and everything that goes along with it, even this (at times) nasty blog.
      Glen, you of all people, know Quinn’s level of loyalty to BU. Despite what some of the cronies on here THINK they know. this is NOT the first NHL calling he has gotten over the past 5 years, and he always said no, BU is my home. and while I’m sure his is quite well off on the BU salary, a (possible) offer from the RANGERS, one of the most pristine franchises in the NHL, with a number of 10 and LOTS of zeroes after it, at the age of 52 or 53 (however old he is) seems like the PERFECT time to take that last step in the coaching hierarchy.
      I wish he would stay, since I believe this years team is primed and ready to go but….IF he leaves, I wish him all the good luck and fortune he receives!
      PS I will not be rooting for the Rangers over the B’s!! BUt I wish Quinn luck!

      • Yes, I am well aware of and appreciate David Quinn’s loyalty to BU. BTW, he is 51 years old. The transition from Quinn to his successor will be a very different situation than the one from Parker to Quinn, as the 2018-2019 team (unlike the 2013-2014 team) should be a heavy favorite to win a national title (assuming no one else leaves).

  8. He did not leave us hanging the program is in great shape. He left in the off season which is the right time to leave. The recruits will still come. I think coach OConnell is my first choice but BU will have some great coaches inquire for this prestigious position. BU hockey is in a better place thanks to coach Quinn. I don’t feel like he deserted us I’m thankful for what he has done for us and it’s cool that the NHL thinks of him and BU so highly.🐾

  9. Vinnie,
    I agree with your assessment. Dream job and commitment to the program has been replaced by the Benjamin’s.
    Unlike Jack Parker who twice turned down the Bruins for a lot more money then he ever made at B.U.

  10. Guest, Colin
    It was his dream job until he got a better offer. You don’t leave your dream job for money unless it was your real objective. Action always speak louder then words.
    At such a late date, if the rumors are true, he will leave the program in disarray. The prime time players were recruited and want to play for him. If he leaves, all bets are off. B.U better act quickly or it could be a major setback to the program.

    • you two are so out of touch with reality. Parker was NEVER offered the kind of money offered to coach’s today and Quinn has already said no to previous teams. Whether you two believe it or not. I would give up my “dream job” in a heartbeat if I could work 5 years in my OTHER “dream job” and never have to work again. Just sayin. And don’t pretend you two wouldn’t either. That’s just stupidity. Maybe Parker didn’t think he could handle the NHL…ever think of that?? WHY wouldn’t you want to reach the most elite position in your profession? Quinn cant love BU AND want to be an NHL coach? Maybe in your minds…but something tells me he doesn’t care what you think?
      And your comment about leaving the team in disarray???? JUST like Parker did 5 years ago. But you wont admit that EVER.

  11. Guest,
    You are wrong about Parker, it was an amount back then that was a considerable amount more then he received at B.U. I believe enough to retire on if it did not work out. However his loyalty was to B.U. He enjoyed the life style over the almighty buck. Money does not bring happiness.
    Perhaps if D.Q actually recruited his first year the results would have been better. I remember at his press conference stating that he believed that there was plenty of talent. (Until the team started losing.)

  12. The team was already and I use this term loosely, recruited with I think half the team from MA (recruiter didn’t put any effort into it)
    Well IF you’re right with the money, then Jackie boy wasn’t sure he’d succeed at the NHL level then, sorry idc how loyal you are, money talks to EVERYONE.
    My final opinion….. GOOD LUCK COACH QUINN!! I wish you the best. Don’t listen to these people who A) will never be offered the opportunity you are being offered and
    B) have amateur hockey knowledge, at best!

  13. Guest,
    After the very fake news articles in the Globe about the hockey program that were not true as proven in the courtroom, it was difficult to recruit top prospects. This was compounded by the fact that no one in the B.U administration would comment that the printed material was false.
    Jack twice turned down the Bruins job because he valued his lifestyle and his job at B.U more than money. I know cause he told me , it had nothing to do with the challenge. Please remember he was a single parent for a portion of the time trying to raise a young family.

  14. Glenn has to eat some crow. He was condescending when some of us on this board thought Quinn to NYR was a “thing.” He even hit us with a ROFL when it sounded like DQ was staying and he hit us with the “told you so.” Not so much. Not the insider that he thinks he is. But no biggie, still a board stalwart and top notch BU/Ranger fan. This was a win for Rangers fans. BU will be fine. It is a plum college job.

  15. Marty,
    Glenn totally misread DQ to the Rangers. That doesn’t make him a bad guy, just a little bit gullible. I throughly enjoyed are debate.
    As BU/ Bruins fan I am extremely happy with this development.

    • Hi Larry. Just got back from a weekend at the other BU (Binghamton University) for a cousin’s graduation. You and Marty were right. I was very sold on Quinn’s commitment to stay at BU. As far as me being an insider, I did get that directly from the source (Quinn). Obviously, he gave in after multiple increases of the offer amount. Glad you enjoyed our debate. I do tip my hat to you and apologize for coming across the way I did. I do know how you felt about Quinn and believed that whatever you were thinking, it was skewed by how you feel. Anyway, you were right and I was wrong.

      While I am extremely disappointed that Quinn left BU, the Rangers fan part of me is quite excited to see him front and center in the NY sports scene … and with one of my fav pro teams. One of the gyms where I train is only a mile from their practice facility. Pretty cool that he will be kind of like a neighbor now.

      So, who is BU’s primary target now? I hope it’s Albie. Just as important, I hope it gets resolved in a manner that keeps our players and recruits at BU.

  16. my main concern is what happens to to these high end kids in the pipeline, who have their pick of colleges,when they find out that Quinn is not going to be there to groom for the NHL. that was the selling point. Albie does not have that cache. great recruiter, but not a head coach magnet to attract big time kids, in my opinion.

    i would like to hear who people think would be viable and AVAILABLE now candidates. don’t be spouting mike sullivan etc, because guys like that are ensconced in the NHL. be realistic

    i would love to get Leaman. Get him, and it will be Quinn who

  17. Vinnie,
    I agree my first choice would be Nate Leaman. A proven winner and terrific recruiter. I am confident that B.U.could offer him considerably more in salary then he is currently earning.

  18. Glenn,
    What loyalty to B.U.? I don’t blame him for leaving for that type of money which I believe is guaranteed. Action speak louder than words.
    He was more loyal to the almighty buck. If this was really a dream job he would have stayed like his predecessor.

  19. Glenn I was two feet next to you when you asked coach about next season I think his answer to you then was honest . I think after conversations with folks coach made the decision to leave . I won’t knock him as I stated before he is leaving in the summer they have the best assistant coach in college hockey looking over the team and let’s not forget Kyle Czech is making sure they will be in the best shape of any college team. BU hockey is in a great place🐾

    • BU hockey in a great place? No coach, questions about whether the recruits will come now, and a weak AD and a President who doesn’t care about the program along with declining ticket sales. I don’t know if i want to go to that place.

  20. Hi Colin. Yes, you took that superb photo too … that all my friends rave about LOL. I agree. I think at that time he believed he was staying at BU … no doubt. It seems multiple increases in the offer amount made him change his mind.

    To all who are concerned about the sudden absence of a big-time NHL-type, high-profile guy making our recruits want to jump ship, I am concerned too. HOWEVER, just think about two other powerhouses, North Dakota and Michigan. They are still every bit as successful at landing and retaining elite talent since Hakstol and Berenson departed their respective programs (albeit for very different reasons).

  21. I worry about losing out recruits. I would think Quinn would have called and push to have them stay. Quinn is a very good college coach who can recruit with anyone. However his teams lack the certain something that Parker’s teams had even though they were not, many times, as talented.I would think he is making about a million to coach at BU and this will give him a bit more than double his salary. I do not think he can be a successful NHL coach as he does not have the “fire’ a Sullivan of Pittsburgh has had. It takes something special to push a pro and with Colorado he did not have it but people do change. Good guy. Wish him the best. As to the new coach ? I really do not know.

  22. Glenn, Colin
    Although he was the only coach of the hockey program that I did not get along with in my long tenure as fan, I do wish him the best of luck.
    I feel bad for both of you that he was not transparent when he answered your questions but I am not surprised. Since I have no inside information I used my business back ground to assume that he was seeking an NHL job. It was basic logic that if you remain on a list as potential candidate then you still are interested in the job despite numerous denials. I will admit I have experienced similar situations.
    I never felt that he was long term at B.U. based on the way he ran the program. It was a stepping stone to the NHL and the big pay day. I assume B.U. tried to extend him with more money and an extension and perhaps that is why he initially declined. Eventually a better offer by the Rangers was more important than loyalty and commitment to B.U. Not that there is anything wrong with that but please don’t tell me that this was his dream job. It was not!

    • FACTS: he already signed a new contract with BU and THAT is why he told Glenn he was staying, because at that point in time, he was.
      He turned the Rangers down TWICE and YES he DID remove his name from the list and apparently, the Rangers didn’t listen.
      regardless of what any of you think/believe (not sure what level of hockey any of you have achieved as players/coaches) but he is THE best at developing the young talent he recruits into players, ready for the NHL very quickly. I Would imagine Eichel, MCAvoy, Keller, Bonino, Shattenkirk, (I could go on and on) opinions of what kind of coach Quinn is and what he did for them carries far more weight than anyone on this blog. And the fact that he will have a team full of young guys is exactly why the Rangers came calling and wouldn’t take no for an answer.
      (PS: He was NOT making a “MIL” to coach at BU either)
      AND Larry, stop acting holier than thou. You of all people said I don’t blame him for leaving and them in the next breath say he wasn’t loyal. Just shows how little you really know of this man. And your comments about him (and your comparisons to your “friend” Parker (not what he says) show just how little you really know. THIS was his DREAM job. And then he was presented with an opportunity he just couldn’t turn down. You think Parker is such a stand up guy…..and Quinn is an A$$ because he didn’t kiss yours. Parker did bc you gave money. Quinn got far more money without having to Kiss A$$. and you hated that!

    • Frozen,
      How would you characterize the way DQ ran the program? IMO he recruited the best talent available but without regard as to whether they would be good students or stay long enough to really help the program long term So really he just wanted to show NHL executives how well he could recruit and work with young talent

  23. look, i am not into getting into any beefs with any of you guys on this blog. just expressing my feelings. I like DQ too as a person. i guess i got sucked in by his multiple public promises to bring BU a national championship. when i talked to him in person at the luncheon last summer, he corrected me and added an S to the word, championship. ok? i have no gripe with the fact that after 5 years he had not gotten one yet. no problem. it is not easy and i was willing to be patient. but now to leave. not feeling the move (i know, money talks). either put up or shut up. you went out of your way on many occasions to declare this championship goal, but you bailed before you delivered. oh well. my bad for believing the noise

    as far as the next guy, i think our hands are tied by the fact that BU wants a coach with a college degree. they made an exception for Scott Young who was an associate head coach. will they do that for the head coach? if not, then Sacco, Mceachran, Grier, are eliminated. i assume it has to be a BU guy. if that is so, then i think to is very short-sighted. don’t get me wrong, i would love to see the right BU guy get the job, but if there is another candidate not associated with the program, let’s grab him

    if we give the job to Albie, we lose an excellent recruiter because head coaches can not be out beating the bushes for talent during the season. DQ was a great closer. he would sweep parents and kids off their feet to close the deal. i do not believe Albie has that charisma. hope i am wrong

    also, just heard a rumor that Wollstrom committed to BC. when it rains it pours

  24. I would be aggravated if Wahlstrom chose BC over BU. Still, he is at best a one-year guy. BC is too far away from a national title (for the 2018-2019 season) for him to be a difference maker for them.

    As for Albie, the concern I have is that if we don’t give the job to Albie, he will leave.

  25. Vinnie,
    No problem with anyone expressing an opinion. If someone disagrees so be it. I never believed a lot of what was being promoted regarding the program. DQ was the ultimate salesman. He told you what he wanted you to hear whether it was fact or fiction.If you asked him tough questions or anything off his carefully crafted scripted then he would retreat and literally ignore you.
    I give him credit for assembling extraordinary talent . Unfortunately it did not equate with enough victories or championships. in fact I believe he underachieved considering the talent level of Eichel , Keller and Mcavoy.
    The coaching decision is critical in that it is acceptable to both returning players and incoming recruits. Does anyone trust the current athletic director with such an important decision? Especially since the president is extremely apathetic about the hockey program.

  26. you hit the nail on the head, Frozen Out. the admin is apathetic and the AD is a yes man. that makes me think they are going to take the easy and cheap route.

    some say wolstrom is difficult to deal with. not sure. but i would take a irritant who can pump in 25 goals anyway. better than a few of these prima donnas who gripe about playing time and when they get it, they do not produce. sorry, I am Bellowsing on and on.

  27. Vinnie,
    The next choice is also important due to the attendance issues at Agganis Arena. Our soon to be former coach had no interest in alumni relationships or any aspect of students or anybody attending games. It slipped significantly under his tenure.
    Other events regularly sellout or are above average in attendance .
    .Especially concerning are the sales of suites and premium seatings.
    Lets remember this not the first time DQ abruptly left a coaching position at B.U. I doubt he will be given a third opportunity I wonder how the athletic director, whom was allegedly a good friend of D.Q, feels being played like violin.(Every time B.U.would sweeten the financial package the Rangers would counter with more money.)
    The bottom line being he really was never going to be long time solution at B.U.. B.U. was merely a stepping stone to the NHL.

    • Please read the articles for factual information of how this transpired bc your version is quite inaccurate.

  28. it would be interesting to compare attendance between Eichel’s year and the 3 subsequent ones. based on the theory that everyone loves a winner, i wonder if the eiffel year would be vastly better. thoughts?

  29. Sean,
    Glad to see you area still alive. However you are still as confused, ignorant and arrogant as usual. You must be in mourning that your idol D.Q was more loyal to the all mighty dollar than B.U.
    You don’t leave your dream job for money. B.U. was merrily a stepping stone to the NHL. This was the game plan from day one. I was never fooled as actions always speak louder than words. He is a great salesman and he should take the money.
    He left before and it fits his profile.
    I forgot to ask you about our goalie. Did he live up to your standards in the Hockey East Tournament? I am a legacy donor but never supported DQ as we had our differences. In the end he lasted five years and won 0.0 National Championships with more NHL talent than any team in college hockey. Now that he is gone I have no hard feelings and wish him well with the Rangers.

    • Thanks for the compliments Larry. But again, you are wrong again. He left with zero championships bc O’Connor couldn’t catch a puck. Plain and simple. And you’re a smart guy, you KNOW, the best teams don’t always win. Parker won 4 in 40 years!! C’mon….those statistics gotta say something to you!!
      I can promise you, he NEVER planned on leaving. God’s honest truth. It was the main reason he said no twice.(to the NYR and to the other teams that contacted him throughout the years. YES, they did contact him.) And if you think this decision was easy for him, well then your personal feelings towards him are clouding your judgment. He loves BU and yes, people DO leave their dream jobs….especially for a dream job at the next level.
      Have a good day

  30. As a postscript I listened to the NHL news and one of the talking head said that Jim Montgomery turned down the Rangers job even though They offered him MUCH MORE money. The only source I have about the rangers said to me that the NY team has a lot of issues with practicing and adjustment to the City. The team does not have a good atmosphere around it. I don’t think Quinn will be happy in the long run money or no money. I wonder how much input Parker will have in the selection of ta new coach ?

    • quinn is an ego guy and probably thinks he can win the Stanley Cup like Sullivan did twice in Pittsburg. His constant movement really should not be that surprising. He’s a single guy with no family to worry about uprooting and the big pay day will leave him with financial security the rest of his life win,lose, or draw with the Rangers. Maybe he wants to retire early and do something else in a few years. He certainly had me fooled, but this is what he is, a bit of a con man and manipulator.

        omg He wasn’t moving “around” ….he was moving UP!!!
        Con man? that is such an ignorant statement I just had to laugh.
        you’re all acting like your first girlfriend just broke your heart. Grow up. It just shows how much you truly loved Quinn by your angry statements.

        • I loved the players he recruited, which was the only good thing he could do well. Lets see how he does in NYC

  31. i am sure he will win many Stanley Cup championshipS for the rangers to duplicate his NCAA achievements at BU

    I just hope Parker does not try to do a make-up call and push for his surrogate son, Mike Bavis to get the job

    oh well, another day, another 2.5 million

    • Vinnie
      why don’t you go for the job? You and Larry behind the bench with your cast amount of hockey knowledge will surely bring home the title!

  32. i would only take the job if you would be my main recruiter, Sean. you could scout some D3 high school games in Arkansas and bring in a boatload of talent. I am confident in your ability to discern which skaters are on double runners and which one use a single blades

  33. also, i am not sure i want Larry on my staff. he would start building up alumni relations and that would undo all the good dismantling work done by the previous regime

    no offense Larry. i hope you understand

  34. DQ is gone and good riddance. He, as larry has noted, was not at all interested in alumi relations. He said early on that he did not care about the FOH and just wanted to coach, of course as a primer to coaching the future NHL stars in his future career. The closing of the friends club ,the dissolution of the FOH are all now part of his legacy. His record as a coach is mixed, a terrible start, than Eichel and nearly total success, than more disappointment with a supposed can’t miss to win a national title group last year, to partial success with a HEA tourney title this year. Lets hope our next coach is more of a “BU guy through and through.”

    • hey i’m on board vinnie but only if you promise to re-open the Friends Lounge to former FOH members?

  35. you got it, Vito. i see no problem with that. we can even let sean in, but only for afternoon games

  36. Vinnie,
    I have been happily retired for over ten years. Besides coaching is a young mans game,
    However I put in my time the past 50 plus years as fan , student manager, FOH board member, and legacy donor.
    As I review the latest on line information, I believe the following transpired. DQ interviewed for the Rangers job but was not their original choice. The former Denver coach Jim Montgomery rejected the Rangers offer and accepted a five year $10 million deal in Dallas. The Rangers renewed their effort to hire DQ. His agent did a masterful job twice rejecting the Rangers and at the same time using B.U. as pawn to adjust DQ’s contract. Unlike Jack Parker , an honorable man, who stayed at his dream job, DQ decided to take money over loyalty or commitment to B.U. Ultimately when the Rangers made on final attempt. Dollar Dave did what was best for him and his ego. Not necessarily a bad thing but it does show his true colors. I always judge a person by his actions not his words.
    The timing could not be worse for B.U. Especially, with an inexperienced athletic director who rents out the Friends Room to the opposition. Any One remember the Sports bar that was supposed to go in that room? Unlike what is in print the former coach was hired by former athletic director Mike Lynch. This is a extremely important hire. Any one have faith that Drew will get it right?

  37. i don’t, because he answers to the BU admin who could care less about BU hockey and, in fact, see this as an ideal time to deemphasize the sport.

    Dollar Dave… that is a good one

    seriously, in terms of the health of Dave and his family, i wish him and his loved ones nothing but the best. professionally, however, i hope he loses every game. of course, full disclosure, I hate the Rangers and all things sports-related to New York

    i am hearing an o’connell/pereira pairing. what do you think? i know it is not perfect but i see some upside

  38. Let Quinn go. It would be interesting to see how many here would do the same, given the money and prestige involved. Glenn, you’re now officially a rump swab! TK out!

  39. Sean,
    Apparently not as smart as you. If I remember correctly the O,Connor misplay tied the score at 3-3. It certainly was contributing factor but there was still plenty of time to win the game. Perhaps if the first two lines had not played almost the entire game, they would have had enough energy left to change the outcome. That being said I have no issues with his coaching that year. I even personally congratulated him. Obviously after that no so much as his team with NHL talent consistently underachieved. Even the first half of this year they were awful, under .500 at 8-12-2. I give him full credit for a great second half turn around.
    I respectfully disagree with you regarding his departure from the program. Yes it is a lot of money. However , money does not buy happiness. After turning the Rangers down twice and having his contract adjusted, he should have kept his word and done the honorable thing and stayed at B.U. If it is true that left for $2 million dollars more over 5 years then it is greed and ego driven. Believe me Sean , this may sting, he could care less about you or anyone at B.U. Its does not make him a bad person just an ego centric selfish one.

  40. Sean, the information on Montgomery was from the “talking heads’ on the NHL news. I do not know if it is true but I have to give it credit as they are close to the NHL people who make decisions. How do YOU know it is not true ???

    • Because I’m friends with Drury. Hate to drop names but there ya go! This is how I know Quinn (and JM) were their top two choices and the Rangers and JM did talk but both decided it was not for the other. Quinn renewed his contract with BU KNOWING the rangers wanted him. He said no. They came at him hard. (PS Larry he doesn’t have an agent!) If you know Quinn’s story from when he was 18 years old then you know his love for BU (AND the Rangers! They were the ONLY team to take a chance on him when he was coming back from learning he was a hemophiliac and couldn’t play any more) ) I honestly feel people on here are being so unfair (and some really cruel) to this guy. But everyone is entitled to their opinion. I just don’t like when people throw blatant lies around. And if everyone thinks he sucks so much why are they so angry? I hope he does well (Although I HATE everything NY too!! and was stunned to learn he left) But the guy is truly a good guy….I think the alums are giving him a bad rap for the most part but again, to each his own.

  41. First I think coach Quinn is a great coach. We all know the majority of posters on here don’t think this way that is fine. We have all seen the list of prospective coaches I’m sure we can all agree it is full of great coaches. I like coach OConnell I believe he should get the nod but I certainly understand there are other great coaches on this list. I would think folks would be excited. I would also love to see chris OSullivan talked about as a assistant if Albie gets the job. Chris is so good at evaluating young talent. We need a good recruiter if coach OConnell gets promoted. I’m just speculating but I love the idea of so many good coaches available 🐾

  42. Larry, I was thinking about what you said regarding the “dream job”. This applies to life in general. It is not incongruous for a person’s given job to be considered a “dream job” and then have them vacate that position for financial reasons. Think about it … no matter how happy any one of us is within a job setting … there is almost always a price they would accept for changing jobs and/or careers. So, it is certainly true that this (BU) was Quinn’s dream job and quadrupling his salary was enough to make him change. Take home point for you … just because a person leaves a job for financial reasons does NOT mean that was not his/her dream job.

    Just making a prediction: This thread will be a BHB record setter LOL!

    • couldn’t agree more Glen. (Always the voice of reason)This was NOT an easy decision for him….harder than any of these guys will ever really know.

    • We need to know the numbers before we can judge that Glenn. DQ is very outgoing and great with the media so he had us all fooled. I think that is why people are mostly upset here , they feel duped by a guy who claimed to ‘BU through and through” at his hiring press conference. We’ll definitely miss his recruiting power.

  43. Just had a thought that won’t be relevant for another 15-20 years: How many of you think that Matt Grzelcyk will be a BU bench boss one day? Wouldn’t that be grand?

    BTW, the gym where I work is only a mile or so from the NYR practice facility. Maybe I can get a peak one day … though not expecting any special favors LOL.

  44. Sean, then I guess you agree with me. Montgomery, it was said, did not like the “vibes’ about the team and city. MY CONTACTS confirm that NY is a tough place to practice every day when not on the road. That is why I think NYR do not win consistently despite having the money and being one of the original six.

    • SOCC, it was a mutual decision that he wasn’t a good fit. NY is tough for sure. We Bostonians agree to that! But many also think Boston is tough as well.
      I guess time will tell with Quinn. I really hope he does well. If you knew him, you would know the nasty comments on here couldn’t be further from the truth.
      GO BU!!!

  45. Sean, from what I hear he is a great guy. The problem as I see it is is too good a guy and his players take advantage of it. Did you watch Mike Sullivan’s face on the Penguin bench during the recent playoffs ? He coaches with anger. Sometimes that is what you need. Yea , I hope he (Quinn) does well. As for our program I think we could be in trouble as the administration hates all sports and a game played by almost all white players in particular . The later is why we have such a terrible electronic substrate for Bernie to broadcast the game.. When games were on broadcast radio the B Ball games were superseded by hockey. Not good for the politically correct administration what is so far left it makes Berkeley look like Liberty University. Thus we have computer “radio” which is an effort to pick up to say the least. I get this from a hand few of people I know who work at BU and from the FB postings and Alum mag. The “radio” thing, while only a small factor, is one reason for the lack of interest/ attendance in the team. The “Friends” demise is just another that has been commented on above.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more Caesar. The fact that BU hockey, one of the most successfull college hockey programs in the country does not have a radio broadcast feed is outrageous. From what Frozen tells the the FOH always made sure that we had a radio broadcast feed, what’s happened? Its also true that the internet feel is often difficult to pick up and goes on and off. I guess we’ll have to listen the BC, Northeastern, and Harvard broadcasts when we are playing them (only) for the foreseeable future.

  46. from what i understand, DQ has been fishing for an NHL job all along. had interviews and conversations before this year. it was just a matter of time. he played us. yes, he is a great salesman and he sold BU down the river. he used BU as a stepping stone to higher things. yes, we will lose high end recruits. watch!

    bc just got walsstrom and this is not even supposed to be their best class. next year is. pretty soon it is going to be “who’s your daddy?” i know you fellas hate hearing this, but stay tuned

    • Hey Vinnie. I just read that BC got Wahlstrom . At first it pissed me off and then I realized that it’s better he go to BC (a weaker sister, so to speak) than it is for him to go to the other school he was considering … Michigan. That would have created a juggernaut in Ann Arbor. Who knows, maybe Quinn can draft OW and then have him go right to Broadway LOL.

  47. and i also hope if this ranger contract, per chance, falls through, that BU does not act like saps and take him back. hopefully, we can win national championshipS with another coach dedicated to the program

  48. Vinnie,
    You are spot on with your comments and analysis. I hate to burst the bubble of the DQ nation but according to New York sources negotiatoins have been on going for months.
    It is true people change their mind about jobs and there is nothing negative about making mega bucks.
    It is not that he left B.U., but how he resigned that is the problem.
    After twice rejecting the Rangers and renegotiating his contract with B.U., he reneged on his new contract.
    An honorable man would have stayed at B.U. and rejected the Rangers. A deal is a deal. I personally made both good and bad deals. I always honored them.
    The way he left leaves a bad taste in Terrier nation.He set a poor example for the players both upper classmen and recruits. What about the parents that put their trust in him.
    I cannot imagine the athletic administration or any one connected with the university is pleased with his methods of departure. As at the end of the day it was a money grab driven by greed and ego. He used his B.U relationship to leverage an unbelievable contract with Rangers. This is a great accomplishment if done correctly. Not so much if there are no ethics or morals involved.
    I don’t expect he will ever return or be welcomed back with open arms to Terrier land. His legacy is that he never completed his goals and that he left the school at the worst possible time. Nobody likes to be used.

    • Larry. you are most entitled to your opinion. But I do have to correct one part….He was NOT negotiating for months, Gods honest truth. It was about 3 weeks. and it took him 3+ weeks to contact players, parents, admins etc…..that lowlife egotistical maniac guy that he is, leaving everyone hi and dry….sorry that doesn’t fit your story. There was no back and forth between BU and NY. HE didn’t play one against the other. Nothing anyone says will ever change your mind about him, nor anyone else on the blog that is so angry. Its ok, you didn’t hurt his feelings.
      SOCC, I understand your concerns and nothing was worse that trying to listen to the radio or watch terrier tv when I had to ugh!!
      I hope DM steps up and hires a quality guy to carry on…

  49. Sean,
    I just watched King Davids coronation. His press conference reminded me of the one he had 5 years ago at B.U. Looked for you in the crowd but did not spot you.
    I read on line from the New York press that CEO James Dolan indicated that contact had been in March. If I am wrong I stand corrected.
    Believe me I am not sad that he is leaving but wish him well on his next quest. His hasty and unprofessional departure from B.U. only confirmed what I thought.
    I feel vindicated. I do admire him for the life changing deal that he made with Rangers. However sometimes the ends does not justify the means. Once he turned down the Rangers a second time and renegotiated his deal with B.U. and agreed on a new and improved contract he should have never reneged within approximately 48 hours.It shows a lack of character and integrity. It also makes his alleged love for B.U. seem shallow and empty. He certainly left his mark on B.U., just not the one the majority of the D.Q worshippers expected.

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