David Quinn named head coach of Team USA for 2019 World Junior Championship

In the midst of the rumors linking BU head coach David Quinn to the vacant coaching position of Matt’s New York Rangers, Quinn has been named the head coach of Team USA for the 2019 IIHF World Junior Championship which will begin Dec. 26.

University of Minnesota’s Bob Motzko coached the team the past two seasons and brought home a gold medal in 2017 and bronze earlier this year.

Quinn is no stranger to coaching this tournament. He was an assistant coach in 2007 (bronze), 2012 and 2016 (bronze).

He played on the 1986 team that won USA’s first-ever medal which was bronze. Quinn previously served as an assistant coach for the 2005 U.S. National Junior Team. He was an assistant two silver medal-winning U.S. Women’s National Teams (1999, 2000) and the U.S. Under-18 Men’s National Team in 2003.

He will be joined Minnesota State head coach Mike Hastings, Dartmouth assistant coach David Lassonde and Ohio State assistant coach Steve Miller.



  1. Congrats to our Coach Quinn!

  2. Son of Caesar carlaci

    Don’t think he is leaving if he has made this commitment. Good for him. Hard worker. Good to maintain these “Jr.” contacts.

  3. Great to see USA hockey giving coach a shot at this tournament. They made a great choice🐾

  4. https://nypost.com/2018/04/20/team-usa-gig-wont-hurt-coachs-strong-rangers-candidacy/

    If James Dolan makes the right price, how do you say no to Rangers, MSG? No more recruiting, having to worry about keeping players eligible and out of trouble or losing players early to the NHL. Hextall made the jump to Philly and Sully is doing a great job with the Pens. DQ must see that. Sully is doing a great job with the Pens and the Rangers have a lot of BU lineage (Drury, et al). That being said, I do not think DQ is their top candidate. I’m guessing he’s their third or fourth choice.

  5. I don’t think Quinn has much trouble at all keeping our guys eligible and out of trouble. There are infinitely more worries with an NHL job, not to mention way less job security.

  6. that’s right Glenn. DQ probably has a job for life with the Terriers, and I’m sure that’s whyhe took it in the first place. f he was interested in coaching in the NHL he would have stayed with Colorado, he would have moved up fast. In the NHL he could make a lot of money in the short term but risksbeing out of any job in the long run.

  7. If he gets an offer similar to the one in Philly it would guarantee him financial security for the rest of his life whether he succeeds or fails.
    The worst case scenario is he can return to college or be an NHL associate coach with no financial concerns. It seems like a pretty easy choice to me.

  8. It’s an easy choice for him too, except that choice is an emphatic “NO”.

  9. Glenn,
    I think you are being unrealistic. To give up a multi year deal at several million dollars a year that is GUARANTEED would d be insanity . Especially for someone that is over fifty years of age and has never come close to that earning potential.

  10. Larry, he has already made it clear that he’s not leaving. I don’t know what he earns here at BU but I am sure he is very well compensated. You don’t seem to believe him so I think you will just have to see how things play out. If I didn’t know how he felt about his job here at BU I would wholeheartedly agree with you. However, I do know how he feels.

  11. Glenn,
    I do not believe he has ever been offered an NHL head coaching position. Therefore he is not leaving.
    The compensation level between a College Hockey coach and an NHL coach is more than significant.
    The litmus test welcome if he has an actual offer.

  12. Fair point Larry!

  13. The only thing is he won’t be offered an NHL coaching job if he doesn’t interview for such a job. And, I do not expect him to be interviewing.

  14. Glenn,
    I believe if their is interest in him as a head coach that he would at least interview. Why not? He has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  15. Yes, but nobody goes on a job interview if they have no interest in the job.

  16. Denver coach goes to Dallas. DQ moves up on pecking order. I think DQ is still behind the Marlies coach in Rangers eyes.

  17. Post reporting DQ has told Rangers take him.out of consideration for HC. Exhale.

  18. Y’all could have just listened to me in the first place ROFL! 😉

  19. Despite the post report, I believe DQ did interview for Rangers position and although not the favorite, remains on their list and has not been removed himself from consideration.

  20. Time will tell. What makes you think he interviewed? Is it specific information or just a hunch?

  21. Glenn,
    My source was my daughter who read it somewhere online . More importantly if he has withdrawn as a potential candidate why is he still on the Rangers list for consideration.
    My guess is that he is not their first choice and in order to protect his status at B.U.,he must deny all rumors.

  22. I think he is on the sportswriters list. They make the lists based on who would be a good fit … just assuming there would interest on the candidate’s end.

  23. Glenn,
    More on line rumors, allegedly B.U. was planning on recruiting another graduate student for next year but decided to temporarily put those plans on hold because Brady T indicated that he was leaning toward returning next year. Obviously this could change after the NHL draft.( depending on the team that drafts him.)
    Also David F. made himself eligible for some draft. Do not no one this means but I wonder if he is returning or testing the waters.
    I know he is drafted by the NHL but this seems like a move similar to one Keifer Bellows made last year.

  24. I would say not very likely to change after the draft (regarding Brady). For BU to tell a high-quality incoming grad student that there will be no room, Quinn and company must have a pretty solid feeling that Brady will stay for his sophomore season. As for Farrance, how could he be drafted a second time? The Preds already own his draft rights.

  25. Glenn,
    It is not the NHL draft but a sideways move similar to the one Keifer Bellows made last year.

  26. Ah, I see. So you have insider information that Farrance is planning such a move?

  27. Glenn,
    Sorry to disappoint but believe me I have know insider information. Strictly on line rumors.

  28. OK, thanks Larry. I would not put too much faith in those rumors. I fully expect Quinn and Farrance to be here next season.

  29. Glenn,
    I hope you are correct. However I have learned through experience to expect the unexpected. I do believe DQ will be back as long as he is not a offered the Rangers job. I am surprised they have not named a head coach. Perhaps their choice is still part of a coaching staff that is still participating in the Stanley Cup playoffs.
    As far as Farrance there were issues that arose during the season. In fact he did not even play in the Beanpot final. Obviously he was a factor the remainder of the season and showed tremendous improvement.

  30. Quinn will be back regardless of whether or not is he offered the NYR job. Besides, he can’t be offered a job for which he has removed himself for consideration. As for Farrance, I am curious as to whether Quinn will continue to alternate him between forward and d-man. I hope Farrance stays with one of those roles.

  31. Glenn,
    If DQ is returning then the Rangers should remove him from the list of candidates. Actions always speak louder then words!

  32. I would bet that because of Farrance’s academic struggles that they might consider pulling his scholarship and making him pay his way. would he do that? not sure. probably go major junior because the poor academic piece makes it silly for him to go back to the USHL and try to hook onto to another team. Unless it is Uconn. total conjecture on my part, but DQ can not afford a scholarship player to be ineligible mid year.

    look, I like what i saw in farrance, especially in the tournament. he is a threat to score and distribute. i hope he comes back, but if he does, we are playing with fire. ironically, there were rumors that BU might not even be able to get him into school when he first came. so they have known he is a risk to fail academically. Great hockey IQ however.

  33. Glenn,
    Then if he is committed to stay at B.U., make a public announcement simply stating that he is not a candidate for an NHL head coaching position. This would end all the speculation and rumors.
    Contrary to your opinion, I believe he is testing the waters and is using B.U. as a fall back position. Until the Rangers name a head coach all bets are off.

  34. Hi Larry. No need for him to make a public statement. He has made it crystal clear that this (BU) is the job he wants most and he has given us absolutely no reason to doubt him. You’re very much entitled to your own opinion but I happen to know you are wrong as far as him “testing the waters”.

  35. Glenn,
    He has not made it crystal clear if he is still on the Rangers list. Why not make a public statement and remove all doubt. Unfortunately sometimes circumstances dictate that you just cannot be transparent. Especially , if you are not the leading candidate but still under consideration for a job.
    As a Ranger fan you should be at least curious why it has taken so long to name a head coach.

  36. Well, he made it clear to me and that’s all that counts. As far as my Rangers go, as soon as the season ended and AV was fired, GM Gorton said that he would not have a problem with waiting till after the draft to name a new coach. So yes, I am certainly curious about who it will be. However, I am more curious about whether or not they will package picks and/or players to move up in the first round … like maybe to third or fourth … to pick a certain player on a certain cawlidge hawkey team that I also root for … quite passionately I must say. 😉

  37. TSN out of Canada reporting that DQ is in line to be next NYR coach and is their primary target. DQ has been mysteriously quiet and not done anything to squelch the rumors. I agree with Frozen Out.