Men’s hockey announces captains for 2018-2019 season

Sunday at the End-of-the-Year Banquet, BU head coach David Quinn named the captains and the assistant captains for the upcoming season.

Junior forward Bobo Carpenter and sophomore defenseman Dante Fabbro with both wear the “C” next season as co-captains.

Carpenter spent this past season as one of three assistant captains and led the team in goals and scoring with 20 and 35 respectively. He was named to the Hockey East Second Team and a member of the All New England Team.

Fabbro finished second amongst defensemen with 29 points and first in goals with nine. He joined Carpenter on the Hockey East Second Team and the All New England Team.

The leadership will be rounded out with two assistant captains in sophomore defenseman Chad Krys and sophomore goaltender Jake Oettinger.

Krys finished his sophomore campaign with 27 points while Oettinger rebounded from a rough start to the season and from 2.10 goals against average and a .925 save percentage. Both players were named to the All Hockey East Tournament Team with Oettinger taking home Tournament MVP honors.

BU will host Acadia University for an exhibition game Oct. 6 and then open their season the following weekend in Mankato for a two-game series against Minnesota State.

The rest of the schedule will be released soon but the rest of the non-conference slate will be against Quinnipiac University, Dartmouth College, two games against Arizona State University. They will also play in the Friendship Four in November in Ireland.

The first round of the Friendship Four will be against the University of Connecutict, and will be a league game

As for the blog, both Liam and Matt will be returning for the Fall semester. Within a few weeks they will announce the newest men’s hockey beat writer.


  1. I’m so happy for the terrier hockey program. You can’t find 4 kids in college hockey more deserving to lead this team. Great things are coming for the 2018/2019 season. We have the best coaching staff and strength and conditioning staff but it takes players with talent and determination to make the difference. College hockey has a lot of parity BU will finish on top because we have great players who will only be better by following the example of its newest leaders. The 4 kids are mature beyond there years. I can’t wait till October. I was very concerned Fabro would leave I think he is the best defenseman in the country when I was told he was staying I was thrilled now to hear he and carpenter the toughest pound for pound hockey player in the league are co captains add to the mix the kid who always gets overlooked but at the end of the day always gets the job done when the game is on the line. Nothing ever gets done without a goalie and we have the best. I wish it where October good thing are going to happen. Go bu🐾

  2. Great news if Dante Fabro returns next season. If he stays healthy he could be the best defenseman in College Hockey.
    After reading Brady,s NHL draft diary I would be surprised if he returned to B.U. Unfortunately that is the gamble with high first round draft picks. I cannot blame him if he plays in the NHL next year. As the NHL for B.U, more often then not means Not Here Long.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed the BU Hockey Brunch yesterday. It was well worth the 200 mile drive. Those two hours, for me, passed by like ten minutes. It was very well attended and left me feeling extremely proud of our program and the quality of kids on our team. I’m also very happy with the friendships I have made from my association with BU Hockey.

  4. I too thoroughly enjoyed the banquet, and the announcements of our C’s and A’s made it all the better. I was particularly impressed with Coach Quinn’s articulate chronological recollection of individual plays, incidents, and circumstances, and their cumulative effects on every single game throughout the entire season. We are very well positioned for next year, and I expect that we will enjoy a much different start to that campaign. As always, it was enlightening to speak with Colin and Glenn, whose insights and knowledge of the sport far surpass my own. PSD

  5. Son of Caesar carlaci

    This must mean Fabbro is coming back. Great for the program. After reading Tkachuk’s comments recently He is just about gone. Too bad he needs more seasoning but his father left after one year and I am not surprised.

  6. Son of CC
    I agree with your assessment regarding Brady. The only way he returns is if the NHL team that drafts him feels he should go back to B.U. for another year of development. (certainly possible but not likely)
    I hope there are no other surprises as I believe that B.U.s’ future depend more on the players that return rather than the incoming freshman.

  7. i don’t think his father thinks he is ready. he plays a physical game in the gritty areas. i bet he stays to get another year stronger. it took greenway 3 years. they both play a similar game. banking on the fact that an NHL team sees that. also, i think he writes his blog knowing NHL folk will read it, so it is some propaganda for them.

    that said, he will be gone tomorrow 🙂

    i also hear tyler weiss was not accepted to BU academically. bummer. i think that kid would have been a nice addition to the team. not a superstar but a quality player. that hurts just like letenov’s rejection hurt.