From the FreeP: Hickey’s letter to BU

Senior defenseman and captain Brandon Hickey wrote a letter to BU, in which he reflects on his four years at Boston University, you can check it out here.

As someone who has talked with Hickey a number of times, Matt can tell you that he is a very nice guy and that Matt was moved watching Hickey’s post-game press conference after the loss to the University of Michigan.


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  1. Thank you Brandon Hickey for being the perfect example of defining what it means to be a B.U. Hockey player and a student athlete.
    I wish more players valued the education along with the hockey. Perhaps some of your teammates will follow you lead, trust the process and stay four years.
    Although you did not win it all, it still was a remarkable run with two first place finishes in Hockey East, two Hockey East tourney championships , One bean pot title and four appearances in the NCAA tournament. (elite twice and one final four appearance that made it to the finals)
    I am optimistic that your influence and leadership will positively impact next years squad. Best of luck next year!

    • Spot on Larry! Brandon loves everything about BU and I expect him to stay involved as an alum.

  2. Hickey, you are da man. classy letter. thank you. i look forward to shaking your hand at the banquet and telling you how grateful we fans are for having the privilege of watching you play.

  3. Frozen out I agree with you for the most part. Hickey has left his imprint on this program the team will be good for years to come. His leadership and commitment to the program and university should be commended. He is a class act through and through🐾

  4. Great to have a REAL committed MAN complete the BU program. He will be a better person for a life time for doing this.Hope he makes a lot of money in the future.

  5. According to New York Post’s Larry Brooks,, Quinn is candidate to replace fired Alain Vigneault as New York Rangers coach.

  6. That would really suck. i can not believe he would leave until he got one national championship. Cmon coach, take us to the promise land once before you take off for greener pastures. Please

  7. I’ve seen Quinn linked to the Rangers’ head coaching position before AV’s actual firing. The only thing is that, in my opinion, the suggestion of Quinn (or others listed in that NY Post article) stepping into that opening is based on qualifications, not the candidate’s actual interest in the position.

  8. And I am a Rangers fan living in the NY area. So, the NYR fan in me wants Quinn but that me is overruled by the BU Terrier fan in me LOL. Yep, I agree Vinnie. That kind of article I take lightly, like a mock draft.

  9. Where there is smoke there is fire. The rumor regarding the status of the coach could be true especially with two former Terriers part of management. If a similar deal to the former North Dakota coach is made then the coach would be crazy not to leave for much greener pastures.

  10. I can only take Coach Quinn at his word … that BU is where he wants to stay. Also, if you see what’s written as far as who is on the Rangers’ list, it’s only Larry Brooks of the Post who has him in the running … with nine others. So, even if you believe he is one of the candidates, there are lots of candidates. Larry, who else besides Drury?

  11. Glenn,
    I believe Steve Greely left B.U. to work for the Rangers.
    It would be unrealistic to believe that he would turn down a multi year, multi million dollar contract that would remove any financial burden for the rest of his life. This is guaranteed money so no matter what the results of the team, he will receive full compensation.

  12. I believe Greeley is still with Buffalo. Yes, money is an important consideration. Either way, he won’t have to clip coupons anytime soon LOL.

  13. FYI, Wednesday the 11th is BU Giving Day. Gifts to men’s and women’s ice hockey will be matched on April 11th. More back for your charitable buck!

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