Live Blog: BU vs Michigan

After knocking off No. 3 Cornell University Friday, the No. 13 Boston University men’s hockey team takes the ice to take on long time rival, the No. 10 University of Michigan with a trip to the Frozen Four on the line. Last night, the Terriers won the batle of the goaltenders and a date with Michigan this afternoon. You can follow along with Matt here on the live blog. Please note that per NCAA rules, he can not do a full play-by-play.


  1. Very disappointed and shocked. I was so sure that we would win by multiple goals after Michigan gave up their two-goal lead. Still, I’m thankful for an overall highly entertaining season and a HE title. Go Terriers!

  2. I guess it was all an illusion. The same issues that hampered the terriers earlier in the season reared its ugly head again at the end. However there a was marked improvement in the second half and a trophy in hand. Next year this group should be better along with the incoming high end recruits. Next year should be a banner year.

  3. it was not a great season, but we had a great stretch which i am grateful. we made some mistakes today and they capitalized. tip of the cap to Michigan. i think they were better today. not by a lot, but better

    the second and third lines come back in tack next year. maybe 2/3 of the first line if JG comes back. he was marvelous today. i am gonna miss Melanson. that kid was great. talk about clutch

    if Fabbro comes back, which he should for his sake, then we got 5 D back

    I love Farrance; i just hope he continues to learn the league and his limitations. every player has limitations. he can do some amazing things, but not all the time. love the way he slides by guys along the boards

    let’s hope jake can pick up next season where he left off in the HE tournament and the Cornell game. he will be a junior and so no inconsistent first half. he knows what he needs to do to be elite all year, and i think he can do it

    and please give me 3 more Gabriel Chabots (if you can make them a little bigger, all the better)

    hope Carpenter is named captain. i suspect he will or be named co captain if the Big Fella comes back

    an all West final. what is up with that? is the East now Least?

    Hope everyone has a great summer. Go BU!

  4. Great post Vinnie! I couldn’t agree more about Melanson. And, to make you like him even more, I heard the play-by-play guy on ESPN2 say that he paid his way to play for us this season. I’m really looking forward to seeing him (and the other Terriers) at the FOH brunch … and saying thanks.

  5. Well, I am shocked as well….was prepping for a Frozen Four appearance!! Team came out looking very nervous for some reason. But got better as the game went on. I think maybe they didn’t recover completely from the physicality of the Cornell game.
    Pretty sure Greenway is gone.
    Feel bad for Hickey and the other seniors.
    FWIW: hard to be on top of your game when some of you were puking all night and one getting IV fluids the morning of a championship game, just sayin!

  6. yes, i guess greenway is gone. oh well, he will be remembered as a terrific terrier

    i feel bad for Hickey too. he gave it his all

    the worchester centrum is a dump. ice sucked and scoreboard is a disaster

    • HOW that place was chosen is beyond me!
      terrible. ice is way too small for this caliber of hockey and the seats were the size of an Elementary school auditorium. Horrible host city!!

      • I re-read your post and it made me wonder what the NCAA considers to be the downside of having the regional games at the site of the higher ranked team?

  7. I didn’t know our guys were puking last night. Yikes. Anyway, Brandon Hickey is among the greatest Terriers. He might not have that many trophies, but he is everything that makes an alum proud. He loves BU, totally into his studies and is just a great ambassador for our program.

  8. Very proud of this team they gave it everything they had. Some bad breaks but that happens in sports . Can’t wait for next year🐾

  9. I am finding some comfort in seeing that Denver lost their regional final to Ohio State. I was really thinking throughout the season that no one had a chance to stop them from winning another title. I have no grudge at all against Denver. It’s just that them falling short, as short as we did, reminds me of how incredibly difficult it is for the most talented teams, even those who have all their star players choose to come back and play another year of college hockey (as was the case with Denver – Troy, Borgstrom, Gambrell, to name a few), to win an NCAA championship. This group of BU seniors, from what I understand, was the first class to have gone to the NCAA tournament in all of their four years. Congratulations Terrier Class of 2018!

  10. Guest I don’t know what fwiw means but I don’t buy your story or who ever told you it. Propaganda from someone with a agenda. Kids played hard gave it every thing they had.🐾

    • Colin
      FWIW, means for what it’s worth. You don’t have to buy it, it’s the truth. It will come out. I was sitting right in front of the players mother. Kids def played hard, absolutely gave everything they had. Fell short, like Denver.
      ( This blog is full of know it alls….sans you, Roy and Glen) throughout this whole 2nd half, still bashing Quinn, questioning his coaching ability ” at this level”, yadda yadda….. And I think he was mentioned once over those playoff run. Typical. All braggers about how much they THINK they know about hockey, the operations, the psychology that goes along with coaching at this level, and how long they’ve been “fans”…. Just typical…. Coach sucks when they aren’t playing well, and the players are the reason they were on a hot streak. I’ve even read one post who mentioned it could be albie or len that were the reason they were on this run. So stupid. Anyway, it WAS a great season. . To watch these kids grow and gain confidence and get as far as they did, nothing but props for ALL involved, and it starts at the TOP with Quinn. He stuck by this team from day 1, he believed in them and more importantly got THEM to believe in themselves after that underachieving first half. So much hype from the start and these kids were riding that hype coming in. Took some time and patience but they did it. Like Glenn said, it is so incredibly hard to get to the NCAA tournament, but this team had done it 4 yrs in a row. Nothing to hang their heads about.
      Stole that from Eichel 🙂

  11. Son of Caesar carlaci

    Had a doubt about going all the way but thought we could beat Michigan. Proud to be a Terrier fan after the way they played. Great hockey every game an I watched almost all the others too.I would like to see the NCAA go back to the home rinks to play these games where the seats should be full. Saw NCAA at Walter Brown and it was outstanding. Hope we can keep all save Greenway who is going for sure. Fabbro a key to next year if he stay. Love his play. Jake an ok goalie but he gave up that one really bad one and would not mind if he is gone as we need a more athletic net minder. He will stay as I am sure the pros see what I see. Thanx to Matt for a great job and look forward to having him for half of next year. He and the Blog were lifelines to BU Hockey as the tech of Bernie’s “broadcast” is beyond poor. He deserves better than that. I could not even get the “cast with the link I used all year. Again, thanks to Matt for helping us get the ‘cast there on the live Blog. We need much more exposure in the media for BU hockey next year to get more fans in the seats.AD has got to get his act together in this area. Waiting for articles on who will stay, go. GO BU !!!!

    • Greenway singed his 3 year ELC this morning. We will have more on it tomorrow. Thanks for your kind words!

  12. Son of Cesar without Jakes second half play you would be watching grapefruit baseball in March. Jake is one hell of a goalie. If I was picking a team he would be my first pick at goalie. 🐾

  13. colin
    i don’t mean to be presumptuous, but hear me out. pretend you have no allegiance to BU or any team. you are going through the first half of the season stats (goals against, save percentage etc) of HE goalies and you had to pick one. do you think you would have picked him? here is where my presumptuousness comes in: i bet not. remember you are pretending not to be a BU fan

    i was critical of Jake’s play which i called inconsistent during the first half and that observation has been corroborated many times via quotes made by both DQ and Jake himself. they both admit his play was sub-par. who knows better than the coach and the player? i saw it and then they said it. there must be some truth in that then

    the second half he started to turn it around with a few blips along the way (uconn)

    in the HE tournament he was surreal. against Cornell, again surreal. against Mich, not so much, but maybe he was one of the guys with food poisoning

    my point Colin, and we might agree to disagree, for a player to be called elite, he needs to be at his peak for an entire season. this goes for any player in any sport.

    finally, i want to state to all the bloggers that i never have been critical of DQ. i thought he did a great job holding this team together through some tough transitions: world juniors, olympics, harper’s illness etc. loved his line changes, and loved the way he finally found the right chemistry for all 4 lines. not easy to do, especially given the above factors

    i wish jordan greenway the best. a true terrier. i could not have asked for anything more from #18 down the stretch. he showed the consistency that makes a player elite. an inspiration for the team and fans

  14. and son of caesar,

    i think we agree on Jake’s inconsistent play but goalies take a bit longer to develop. i hope Jake is NOT gone. i think he can learn from this year and be a strong candidate next year for the Mike Richter award.

  15. Vinnie son of Cesar and anyone else If I was looking blind at the numbers I would think otherwise but I’m not blind I was at just about every game home and away. I do believe jake is the best goalie I have seen in college hockey. It’s great he and the coach Quinn wish he was better first half so don’t I but that does not change the fact that In my mind I think he is the best I would pick him 7 days a week and twice on Sunday . And it is true he played awesome down the stretch I enjoyed watching this team it stings now but I consider it a successful season. I’m proud of all of them. 🐾

  16. Otti’s hot and cold, that’s how i would characterize his performance as a Terrier thus far, but he could get better. THe club rode his hot hand last year and almost got to the Frozen Four and again this year he was hot down the stretch and his great play, especially vs BC, in the HS semifinal enabled the club to will The HE Title. In the NCAAs he was good against Cornell but not as focused vs Michigan, although he was the victim of some bad luck and bounces as well. The Terriers though definitely need another good goalie ( Div 1 level) to help him out.

  17. There will definitely be no other “good goalie” to “help” Oettinger out. He is a top-tier NCAA goalie. We are not in those days when we had to platoon goalies to see who will be our starter. Sunday’s loss was a team loss to a probable national champion. Oettinger had his share of the blame but that’s about it. Anyone coming in while Oettinger is playing for BU will be strictly a back-up. Next elite goalie is Comesso from Saint Sebastian’s but that won’t be till 2020. USHL goalie Vincent Purpura will be on the roster next season … as a back-up to Oettinger.

  18. Son of Caesar carlaci

    As to Jake. He is NOT great at all. Average at best. I have seen BU goalies going back to the 60’s a a very young boy. Very slow reflexes and does not cover the net post to post very well (see last game). USHL goalie coming in to share some time with Oettinger . Would like to see upgrade in this position.

    • SofCC, unless you are bringing in someone like Carter Hart from Team Canada, you cannot upgrade our goalie position next season. Oettinger will be a junior and a heavy favorite to win the Mike Richter Award in 2019. So, anyone who comes in for us as a goalie next season will get to play only a few games at best.

  19. Frozen Out Again!
    As disappointing as the last game was, the team and coaching staff should be applauded for becoming the best team in the East after a horrible first half. There is great satisfaction in ending the beagles season, winning the Hockey East against Providence and beating the team with the beat record in the country.
    The result of the 2015 NCAA championship game will never change but the dark cloud and some of the angst is gone.
    B.U. played an almost perfect game against Cornell. Unfortunately they were a lot less then perfect against Michigan. For what ever reason the team was not prepared and did not adapt to a complete ly different style of play from the previous game against Cornell until they fell behind 3-1 in the second period. After that they con trolled play the majority of the second and certainly at the beginning of the third.
    However a very good and lucky Michigan took advantage of the the mistakes made by the Terriers and were simply the better team that game. Congratulations to them for coming into Massachusetts and defeating two teams from Boston.
    The exodus has begun and the annual game of which under classroom will leave begins. Who ever stays or leaves will dramatically effect next years team more than the incoming freshman whom I am sure will make a positive impact. Experience in one and done games is the most important factor.
    Finally the are many off ice issues concerning attendance. As I know for a fact that unfortunately one employee in the premium seat and suite sales, no longer is part of team. Blaming him for lower volume sales is extremely unfair and petty!
    Can any one else confirm or correct the notion that the Cornell Coach did not she hands with the B.U. players and coaches at the end of the game? I was too excited by the victory to notice but was told by a B.U. fan walking out of the D.C.U Center.

  20. Frozen out,
    That is correct the Cornell coaching staff did it shake hands with the B.U. coaching staff!

    • Anonymous: So, are you saying that the Cornell coaches did or did not offer to shake hands with the BU coaches?

  21. Son of Cesar first and most importantly your wrong about Jake he is a top notch goalie and max is a great back up goalie who did not get many opportunities but when he did he more then adiquitley gave his team a chance to win. I have said this many times as much as I like talking BU hockey and defending the team it does no good to come on here and just trash student athletes your opinion does not help this team or the players and it’s flat out wrong. I know the game I can see when a goalie is carying a team. If jake was so bad what did professional scouts in Dallas see. You or some other anti BU blogger put earlier in the year he was weak glove side now he’s slow moving to the left not athletic where do you folks come up with this crap. Jake is a division 1 college goalie that’s about as athletic as it comes. I hope the kids don’t read the crap you write. I find it amusing and can take you and the whole Roman Empire on because when it comes to BU hockey I’m it’s biggest fan when they are 8-11 or hockey east champs and even when their season comes to a end. I don’t pick and choose when I’m a fan and I would never belittle a student athlete you and anyone else should be ashamed of yourselves for doing so. Go bu can’t wait for next year🐾

  22. My only concern with goaltending is consistency. When Jake is great B.U. wins. ( Cornell) However when he is average ( Michigan) more often than not B.U. loses. An improvement in consistency should not be an issue for someone so young and talented. Goaltenders mature later then the other positions.
    As far as constructive criticism if college players have issues with it now, what happens at the next level? Criticism will occur on a daily basis whether it is fair or not.

    • Agree Frozen out! Jake IS a spectacular goalie, when he is ON. He has given up extremely soft goals this year and the first half mostly falls on him and the breakdown in front of him

  23. Definitely a roller coaster season but I always kept the faith and knew they would fix it and they did. Great job players and coaching staff… We played a perfect game vs Cornell and some reason couldnt adjust to Michigan speeds game like frozen out says yes I agree with him 😊 not to mention every bounce went Michigans way but it is what it is…. Crucial turnover by hickey I think let the air out of their tanks but shit happens bad break …. As for the team we have for next season and the talent coming in I’m confident we will be back in the ncaa for sure and Jake is your starting goalie its not even a question kid carried us Inn the 2nd half… .. It was a pleasure posting in this blog snd anyone I may have offended I apologize just a very passionate bu fan…. See u all next season !! Go Bu!!

  24. Thank you for the confirmation on the lack of sportsmanship by the arrogant and ignorant Cornell coaching staff. In particular the smug and abrasive head coach who I believe refused to give BU. any credit in his postgame comments. Any Ideas what he can do with the trophy they won at MSG ?

  25. I listened to the Cornell coach after the game at the press conference. He said BU was a good team but blamed bad luck? was the reason for the game turning after Bowers “fanned”? on his swing at the puck in the air in front which resulted in the Terriers first goal. It really burst their balloon( I found that amusing, one goal bursting their balloon, although a Terrier goal so quickly after Cornell went ahead was important. His demeanor was arrogant, flip, and smart ass as well.

  26. Glenn unless I need new glasses the three people I was with and myself did not see any of the Cornell coaches shake hands with not only the B.U. coaches but also the players, I really wish when I was at MSG back in November I had taken notice of their actions then seeing the outcome was different. To me that speaks volumes as to what type of people they are and what message they are sending to their students and fans. I really wish that this season could have turned out differently seeing the complete 360 after the first half, but to take a page out of Colin’s book I hopped on board the train and it was quite a ride to the finish. I hope we don’t lose any more players to leaving early I really think this core of this team has what it takes to get past the hump and get to Buffalo!

  27. OK, Anonymous, I’m not saying they did I just didn’t understand what you were saying (yes or no) in your original post. Now I understand you are saying they did NOT make the offer to shake hands … which is of course very poor sportsmanship. I’m glad you decided to hop on board the train. The more, the merrier. I hope we don’t lose anymore players to early departure either; but I am guarded in my optimism that this will be their reality. Anyway, did you see what happened to Denver? Wow, can a team possibly have a worse 24 hours? YIKES!

  28. Cmon Colin, get real. just because a person criticizes a player’s performance (has a weak glove) does NOT mean they are NOT a fan. where do you come up with this pollyannic drivel? oh, so you are a better fan because you never criticize. Keep drinking your Koolaid, Mr Superfan

  29. and Rui, you are the man. have a great summer, fellow Terrier

    • Always a pleasure not always on same page but that what makes people different .. We should have another power house team next season hopefully we start the season on the right foot …

  30. Vinnie exactly I stick with the team through thick or thin and I never put down a student athlete. So I guess the answer to your question is yes . There are lots of pressures on kids these days in Jake’s case this year he was drafted played in world juniors had the Olympic talk going on and was a student. Coach spoke of this and his response was let’s see how he is when he turns 19. What good does it do to talk all this nonsense that helps no one. Years ago I would speak to a professional pitcher daily this guy was a very good big league pitcher and fell on tough times he would ask what the papers were saying about him. I would tell him to just pitch he went to go see a professional just to get his head straight this was a former 20 game winner your going after a teenager and again your wrong in your assessment. You may think your throwing a dig at me but I enjoy being called a super fan because that’s exactly what I am 🐾

  31. Colin love your passionate and energy..Lot of talent coming I. To mix with the talent that is already here should be a good season… Go bu

  32. colin

    you can be a superfan. go for it. my point is i take offense when you call others who criticize a player’s performance (not their character) as not being fans. that is unfair. you might not think that we should air our comments on this blog, but that is what a blog is for. it is not a cheerleading blog. FANS get a chance to air their opinions. larry, caesar, vito, me: we love BU as much as you do. i don’t like that you think you are better than us.

    i have a lot of hope in ottenger. next year should be big for him when he turns 19. i can’t imagine that he reads this blog and his confidence is shook. If he is world class as you say, i would think the opposite; he would read the negative comments about HIS PLAY and be motivated to prove us all wrong. make us eat our words. if you are listening Jake, go out next year and win the Mike Richter Award. backbone us to more trophies like you did in the HE tournament. but, Jake, work on being more consistent, especially during the first half of the year so we don’t have to dig ourselves out of any huge holes. Jake, are you listening? Great final stretch. your play was stellar. keep it up, Big Guy

    Colin, now that i said that, do you think Jake is ok? hope so

    so things are not going to change. we are all going to come onto to this blog and write what we think. many times i disagree with you and Rui and Glen. cool. so what? but for me, i never question that fact that anyone, including you guys, who spend the time to express their feelings about BU hockey on this blog is not a fan. we all are fans with different perspectives (not trolls)

    don’t know how else to word it. be well

  33. Son of Caesar carlaci

    Colin, you just commented that the back up goalie, who is a walk on, is “great”. HE PLAYED ONLY TWO GAMES. Yes we can win a championship next season with Jake but he is average as some of the scouts I talk to tell me. If he was “great” he would be in the NHL RIGHT NOW. He is weak on his glove side. He does not cover the crease well as the bad goal he let in the past game attests. He was BENCHED for a back up goalie who was a walk on this year. GREAT goalies do not have that happen to them. Please use the term “great” more judiciously. Thank you and continue to be a great fan. By the way, I AM BU’s greatest fan !!!

  34. Tough end to a fun ride!!! Michigan capitalized and deserved to win. Colin, I enjoy your enthusiasm but is it always sunny on Comm Ave? No one is saying that the players are bad people but that they have bad game(s) or stretches. Criticism is a fact of life whether you are 18 or 81! Your posts lose credibility after a while. Vito, Vinnie, and a few others tell it like it is, good or bad. The future does hold promise for this team but they’ll have their work cut out for them. Glenn, still a RS!!!!!
    TK out!!!!!

  35. TK, I may be a RS but I am still correct! Your comments on Greenway were never reality-based.

  36. Thanks TK for the shout out. you said it better than i ever could have

    but maybe it is good that we have these polar view points. makes for good discussion

    the bottom line is that I never question whether any of the regular bloggers are BU fans. i might disagree with a post from glen or colin or rui, but i know they are loyal members of terrier nation. the same goes for the contingent who point out the less than sunny side on Comm Ave

  37. I have three pro teams (Yanks, Rangers, Jets) and my BU Terriers … all for which I cheer loudly and closely follow. I find that the levels of elation, pride and dejection are all higher for BU Hockey than anything that happens with my pro teams. I enjoy my local pro teams very much and am a big fan, but the emotional investment is not comparable. For you guys, do you find this to be the case?

  38. First and foremost let me talk about max I’m not sure how he got here walk on or invited. In limited opportunities he has more then held his own this year. He had a great year last year playing junior hockey. And now to jake, vinnie that was cute calling him out like that I hope he’s not reading the foolishness but if he is he may use it to motivate himself but I doubt what vinnie from the blog writes shapes his off-season training plan the point is the kids should not be subjected to this. You want to talk about the power play and how they can be better great. One thing I would like to see is our D move to slot more on powerplay to see if they can get s shot or at least break up the opposing teams box. We move the puck well but everything we do is predictable so it’s easier to defend. The above statement I believe to be true and critical of part of our game. In the above statement I never said defenseman x stinks goalie y can’t save shots to his left player z should not show up after class he’s a bum. Who does that help. I’m sure many will disagree but coach Quinn was at the wild game last night. This coach and his staff care very much for the players in this program. It showed a lot of class on his part to go see Jordan. The question of it always being sunny obviously it’s not always sunny but can you find another school who wins more then BU over the past decades who have good students who contribute to the community as much as BU I’m not sure you can and if you can the number is not too high this program is at a high level and on its way up. I will continue to voice my opposition to what I believe to be hurtful slander written by anonymous people directed at young student athletes to further there own agenda and yes that makes you a anti BU fan. You can come on here and attack me but that’s my belief and it’s not going to change. Student athletes should be cheered on encouraged not belittled.🐾

  39. belittled? pahlleeeeeeeze

  40. Son of Caesar carlaci

    Slander because I talk about the way a goalie plays ? Seriously ? You do use the word “great ” way to often. A 1-1 back up goalie is not “great”. These players are semi pros that should get used to criticism as they get a high priced education to play. I certainly appreciate the effort as they don’t get an actual salary. I come from an era when they stayed in school and thought their schooling very important to their lives. Loved the effort ant the end Not so much early in the season. Look up the word “slander” and “great” and see if you use them correctly. Colin.. That is your homework assignment.

  41. Slander is a false statement about an individual that is not true and tends to injure the reputation of that person. If the person slandered is a public figure or the statement is of “public concern” than the one offended,the victim, needs to show “actual malice” on the part of the slanderer. Actual malice means that the speaker knew or should have know, with reasonable investigation, that the statement defaming the person was false. Are student athletes public figures? is BU Hockey a “public concern?” Truthfulness of the statement is a complete defense. So since this blog is all about opinions do you think any of these statements are defamatory? Do you think Colin or BU Hockey has a case?

  42. It’s good to see the crowd is now moving on to the back up goalie who is being judged in just a few opportunities. In one game he had a shutout the other he gave his team a chance to win. What else do you want from the kid. Nice legal arguments if this were a case in a courtroom councilor Maybe you would win but this is a blog about hockey. It’s supposed to be talking about student athletes positively not negatively so you don’t get the opportunity to use your legal jargon here to me it’s just fruits of the poisonous tree. Ya I hear legal matters all day so your legal rant about slander does not impress me much🐾

    • Colin,
      Who say’s this is supposed to be a blog talking about student athletes only positively? You? How about the right to free speech in a public forum? Isn’t that guaranteed in the Constitution under the 1st amendment? If you hear legal matters all day you should be familiar with this.
      I really think you are taking this blog, where OPINIONS prevail much too seriously. I admire your love of the program and wanting to cheer the team on and stress the positive but aren’t other issues important to discuss as well? How the athletic Department treats the fans or the matter of the dissolution of the FOH, or closing of the Friends lounge. Or how about the decrease in home attendance over the past few years. i think these are worthwhile issues to discuss and this blog provides the proper forum to voice them, I don’t think this is unreasonable or being an anti-fan, it can and should lead to positive change.

  43. Constructive criticism never hurt anyone and actually helps them improve. These student athletes earn a four year scholarship worth close to $3000,00. if they cannot accept the good with the bad then perhaps they should find a different path to college. They certainly will not succeed in the real world were politics and personal biases will always be a factor.
    I applaud Brendon Hickey for answering all the tough questions at the conclusion of the final game. One misstep will not define him or his career. He was not the reason that B.U. lost but he was a key factor on a team went that far and won the Hockey East Championship!

  44. maybe Colin will feel more secure if we don’t address his comments directly. i think he is projecting his own insecurity onto the players.

    also, i think if any of these players read this blog and get upset and their game suffers, then they need to find another major besides hockey. personally i think they read all these comments and laughs their asses off.

    again, i never have seen anyone on this blog slander someone’s character. their play is not their character. i realize i am only talking to a select few who feel we need to tuck them into bed and read them a bedtime story. believe me, the criticism the players receive from coach Quinn (and please don’t tell me he never calls a player out on the carpet, cuz all coaches do) has a much more meaning impact than what we say.

  45. Vinnie,
    Even I, a lowly team manager, was yelled at once in the heat of battle. I never took it as personal. In fact it was quite comical. I was actually honored that Coach Kelly thought enough of me to treat me like everyone else.
    If anyone thinks these players are not criticized and called out by the coaches, read the books Jack Parkers Wise Guys and Burn The Boats

  46. Well if you can’t be liked be hated that’s my motto. I will continue to be positive towards my hockey program no one will admit it but early and often I said stick with this team good things are coming the BU train is moving down the tracks. Some anti BU fan at second half called the team a bunch of cabooses. Another anti said the opposing team would be afraid BU would not show up depriving the opposition 2 points. Other fans told players not to come back from tournaments other antis talked about fictitious weakness others commented that the kids had no heart. Yet I stuck with them because I know how hard they work I know we have the best coaching staff in the country I know we have the best goalie in the country and I know college hockey. This is fact the history of comments can be looked at I always from day one was positive I remain very positive about next years team. All this national tournament experience the last few years will only help next year. As always go bu🐾

  47. If no one else leaves, we could have a very good year. Need Ottenger to play up to an elite level game in and game out. Are you listening Big O? Hope so.

  48. Jake will be ready vinnie don’t you worry. I know that kid and what he is made of, no one will be more ready then jake . We may loose more players it’s just how college hockey is these days but have faith in the recruiting. Coach OConnell has a great eye for talent. Many people have commented on Fabro I know he is nhl ready but I hope he comes back hopefully Nashville wants him to come back because our hockey program is run very similar to a pro program. Nashville may want him to grow here for another year. If that is not the case I can’t blame him for leaving. I think it’s wrong for us on the blog to critique a kids choice even if it’s wrong young athletes who are offered there dream will take it most times nothing is guaranteed when you play a physical sport like hockey. That being said my fingers are crossed I think he is the best D1 defenseman in the game right now. I’m relatively confident that Krys is coming back and he is very good.

  49. Vinnie,
    The problem is players leaving early when they are projected to return. For example the unexpected departure of JFK severely hindered this years squad. No center to replace him with his skill set.
    Would not be surprised if Dante and Brady did not return. To a lesser extent Chad and Shane. If any of these players leave it will certainly effect next years team.

  50. Kyrs? Really?

    I hope bowers and Brady return for a second year of seasoning

    I hear we are getting some transfer student like the melanson situation

  51. Son of Caesar carlaci

    I think the only danger is that Fabbro will not return. Brady’s dad left after one year and made a lot of money. But is his son as good ? I don’t think so but who knows what will happen there. Bowers and Carpenter should be back if I have any feel for this at all. Slander because we comment on the play of hockey players ? Colin, I know you are passionate about Oettinger but he did not start in back to back Jr’s. I hope you do not fall into the “snowflake “”category that so many of today’s youth do today. Everyone does not get a prize,; everyone is not great. Accusing someone of slander which is sinful in the Bible and actionable in the courts is a bit much and a complete misunderstanding of the term. Yes, as I have said, we can win a championship with him but not because of him. That is the difference.

    • Of course we can win a championship because of Oettinger … if he plays like he did in the second half … sans the Michigan game. Of course either scenario is possible (“with” or “because of”). Besides, it’s quite plausible that he makes a nice progression from his sophomore season to his junior season … and works on some of his flaws.

  52. Vinnie yes Krys he is very good. Again as a adult questing him with question marks is uncalled for he is a huge part of this team if you can’t see that then your flat out wrong. He is a puck moving defenseman who never gets the credit for being one of the best in the league. I don’t think JFK should have left but he made what he thought was his best decision how can you knock a kid for that. No one is a bigger Fabro fan then me I mentioned above how much I hope he stays but I would never publicly second guess a kid for doing what he believed was in his best interest. What I don’t like is when kids decomit late and take scholarship money away or leave in middle of season.🐾

  53. Son of Cesar you can tell the pope or the judge I misused slander but I don’t care I have stated I will defend my team and it’s players. I can tell you why jake did not start in the last two junior tournaments one his coach was from St. Cloud in Minnesota jake is from Minnesota he did not like jake going to Boston school. By the way that’s why Krys was cut. The coach who shows no loyalty just left his job to go to Minnesota 2 joe woll is a hell of good goalie backing him up right or wrong is no bad thing. I don’t put down my team or opponents as it will only cheapen your victory should you win that’s my lesson in sports🐾

  54. Son of Caesar carlaci

    Colin, EVERY fan makes comments about players on his favorite team. It s part of the deal. Woll is a better goalie but I admit he has regressed for some reason. Krys is a good college goalie but not at the international level as the Jr’s were. You did misuse the meaning of the word slander. Remember if we were so great we would be in the action next weekend. we are not. Next year, if Fabbro comes back, we have a good chance.

  55. colin

    you have become the new anti- Larry which i know you are proud of, given your status as super duper fan. but you go from the ridiculous to the sublime. i put the ???? after Krys’s name not to denigrate him, but to express my surprise. i just did not have his name of my radar screen as a player to leave after his sophomore year. i like Kyrs: great skater.

    glenn, yes if Big O plays like he did for in the HE tournament, we are in good shape. but if he staggers like he did in the Michigan (i heard he was very sick) game (like you said) or the Uconn regular season game etc, then we are in trouble. (Max don’t read this next comment cuz your feelings might get hurt) i have absolutely zero confidence in our second string goalie. Sorry, Max. Sorry Colin, didn’t mean to slander you

    finally , a masterful job by DQ coaching. he did a great job believing in his team.

  56. I did not hear about Jake being sick for the Michigan game. If true, that would be somewhat reassuring in that the illness would have obviously sabotaged his performance.

    • I said it tell day after, just didn’t name the player. He need IV morning of game. Few others got sick too!
      Colin called it propaganda. Lol

  57. Colin,
    You take these comments much too seriously. It used to be that in this country, opposing views were encouraged and often debated. Sadly, that is not not true in today’s world. If you take an unpopular position then you are unfairly labeled and personally attacked.
    The hockey season is supposed to be fun and a diversion from the real world. There are a lot more important and meaningful things in life then B.U. Hockey.
    If you don’t like my comments then please ignore them. No hard feelings. It is just my point of view.