Live Blog: BU vs Cornell

For the fourth straight year, the No. 15  Boston University men’s hockey team has made the NCAA tournament. Read Matt’s preview for their regional semifinal with No. 3 Cornell here as well as his breakdown of the game. FreeP columnist Matt Dressens gave this history of BU playing in Worcester which can be found here. As per normal you can follow along the game here with our live blog.


  1. Well, just as i predicted, or hoped for anyway. Again a tremendous team effort by the Terriers. It really seems like a completely different team from what we saw early in the season. The have a plan and stick too it are unselfish and opportunistic. The winning goal was the essence of it. Understanding what Cornell was doing, sending a winger up who was not helping defensively , you could see it coming, with Tkaculk and Greenway closing in stealing the puck and setting up Farrance. Lets see who’s next

  2. Great game it was BU second line that dominated the cycling down low. I was surprised by that but that just proves how deep we are. Our D was great our captain really played well. Amonte and Curry had jump in there step. That third line with Crone looked very good tonight. And the best goalie in the country was rock solid👍🐾

  3. Great overall game boys!! No crazy breakdowns or penalties .. Good game boys !!! See u Tommorow !!! Lets go Bu!!!

  4. absolutely a smart and aggressive game. the Big O is locked in. could not be faulted for the one that beat him. NO ONE WANTS TO PLAY US NOW.

  5. Boy everything continues to come up roses for the terriers, again will avoid the team that has tormented them all season. a trip to the frozen four now really seems to be in the cards. Michigan is good but again lacks any stars. Terrier experience in this tourney will win out.

  6. After today’s game I see why Quinn and company have been saying that we have two first lines. It is amazing that we are in this position. It’s so admirable that not only do we sustain the early departures of JFK, Charlie and Clayton, but we lose Harper (who just happened to be our leading scorer) for the rest of the season and … VOILA, we are playing in a regional final. And I am thrilled for Jake, playing his best college hockey when it matters most. Go BU!!!

  7. Son of Caesar carlaci

    Play by Hickey was not real ? Was it ? I still have not seen Bowers put it in it came so quick off camera.. As I have said I don’t know how this is happening but I don’t care. Just enjoy everybody. Should be great game again today against an old NCAA rival. Drop the puck !!1

  8. That was kind of a bizarre goal by Bowers. I had to watch the clip several times to see that he actually batted the puck into the net.

  9. I was impressed by michigans ability to change speeds on northeastern D . There forwards would make headfake and put jets on. Our D will need to lock on to there belt buckle and force there D way wide not giving them any space there’s a old saying that where the belt buckle goes is where the body goes keep Michigan forwards in front and flat footed northeastern failed miserably we need to do better . Michigan may want to make this into a track meet which is fine we just have to pick up open guys back checking. Yesterday’s cycling game was controlled by second line which is fine but if BU first line can hammer away that would put tremendous pressure on there young team add that to the dump and chase and oh ya beat you to the puck third line as well as the defensively sound hard hitting fourth line equals a tough day for Michigan. Go bu🐾

  10. at this point, i do not think it matters who we face. it is more about how exceptionally we have been playing versus the quality of the opponent. as one analyst says, this game is BU’s to lose

  11. yeah vinnie, i believe you’re correct about that except maybe when you play an opponent who is clearly superior or against whom you’re weaknesses(and all teams have them), can be exploited by that club. That is why I was hoping the Terriers would avoid NU which happened twice because they have shown this ability. Also its on them that they were not good enough at this point to create a rematch.
    Michigan, against whom we split a series in Michigan last year, is traditionally a national power but seems to be similar to BU and is peaking now. It will be interesting how it plays out but i believe the Terriers, especially how they emarginated Cornell from the goal, will prevail in another close game.