From the FreeP: Men’s hockey breakdown: BU versus Cornell — who has the edge?

With the NCAA tournament on the horizon, Matt broke down the matchup between the Boston Univeristy men’s hockey team and Cornell University which can be found here.


Over the upcoming few days Matt will also give his prediction for the tournament as well as give a preview for the game Saturday.


  1. Matt good articles lots of stats here are some points that can’t be measured or calculated of how BU will be successful first BU needs to be faster , we need to get to loose pucks. We need to cycle the puck something that worked very well last time. We need to activate our D Fabro had great looks back in November and Krys made some great passes. We need to stay out of the box and move our feet during power plays which we will get if we win the foot races. Back in November what killed us was defensive zone standing around. I think we were young afraid to make a mistake. Sometimes the worst thing to do is nothing. I see us much better then that now. In November we were hesitant trying to find our identity today we are a hungry team with swagger and confidence. 🐾

  2. I am hearing that there will be a boatload of BU students coming to this one. Even though Cornell fans will travel too, we should have the edge in fan support. I’m very excited about Melanson’s ability to impact the game. He is playing so much better these last few games, and has years of experience (while at RPI) playing against the Big Red. However it goes, I am very thankful for being able to watch another BU playoff game this season.

  3. Son of Caesar carlaci

    BU should take this one if they play like they did last week. Many players coming into their own I believe. I don’t know what got into this team but whatever it was let it continue. Loved how, to use their quickness, they went indirect in many of their passes. Using the boards lets teams play on de facto a larger ice surface. This BU team has real quick skaters and they must use this to their advantage. Who made the change ? Quinn ? Albie ? Parker ? Who cares. Let it go on please !

  4. The Terriers will win vs Cornell. They have more talent and are finally playing as a team and sacrificing to play in all three zones. The Big Red compiled a terrific record but only in ECAC play, which was a bit down this year, note the Terriers winning 3 games vs ECAC, Quinipiac, Union, and Harvard and falling only to Cornell in Red Hot Hockey when the club was playing poorly, and even there came back strongly and nearly tied at the end. This Cornell team is not scary, they have a terrific goalie but don’t score much, the leading scorer has only 13 goals. NU whom i strongly feel will advance vs Michigan is a different story, they are scary

  5. What a game!!! So proud to BU!