Live Blog: BU vs PC

Friday, the No. 18 Boston University men’s hockey team upset N0. 14/15 Boston College in overtime to play for the opportunity to head to the NCAA tournament. BU controls their own fate – if they win, they make the tournament, if the lose their season is over. Follow our live blog as Matt follows the drama of the Hockey East Championship game.


  1. Congrats to our Terriers and to Rui for making and sticking by his fearless forecast: A Hockey East Championship for Boston University!

  2. tremendous effort by the entire club after a shaky start. Terriers dominated periods 2 and 3 and could have won much more comfortably. What a second half comeback by this group showing that they are truly a team willing to sacrifice for each other to achieve their goals. The season is a success regardless of what happens in the NCAAs. Greenway , Tkachuk, Melanson awesome all weekend along with Bowers and Carpenter sacrificing and playing in all three zones. Fourth line also were key contributors. Congratulations boys, you’ve made all of us very proud to be BU

  3. Yes indeed! So proud! And the season is a definite success with this piece of hardware. I can’t believe how Melanson has been playing. At first, I was scratching my head as to how he was playing on the first line. Quinn knew what he was doing. So many of our guys are peaking at the right time but none more than #23. Maybe he could go for his doctorate next year? πŸ˜‰

  4. Proud of this team. Great group of kids🐾

  5. Quinn coached a great game. his use of the 4th line a key points was perfect. the time out he called in the third period was timely

    i have said this before, but Gabriel Chabot is a great 4th line player. he makes stuff happen. the whole 4th line was great

    melanson- what a find. he and greenway work great together

    cockerel reminds me of chris higgins the way he thinks the game on another level

    now tonight’s game shows how the Big O can be an elite goalie.

    thought fabbro looked a bit shaky

  6. Haven’t posted because I’ve been too full of humble pie. Greenway played like an NHLer and his line mates weren’t far behind. One of the most dominant one line performances ever. Thought Oettinger was good enough but a little loose with the rebounds. Still, pitching two shutouts in one weekend is big time! Cant believe they’re still alive but what the hell! It only takes 4 wins! Glenn, you’re still a RS!

  7. TK, you are so full of humble pie that you over-credited Oettinger LOL: Only one shut-out.

  8. Son of Caesar carlaci

    Great job on the forecheck. Waited for that all year. I don’t know how or why they started the all out forechek on the O. That is how you win with the old style BU forecheck. Also great breakout with long passes up boards. Was scarred with Jake in net as he is still very slow to his left side but PC could not take advantage. Vinnie so right about fourth line. VERY NECESSARY when you are in these playoff games. Otherwise other lines get gassed. Can’t wait till next week. GO BU. !!!!

  9. this team will go as far as the Big O will take us. it is on his shoulders. if he does not let in any softies, then we got a real good shot to go far.

    i think this was personally satisfying for DQ and his staff for their first Eichel-less trophy.

    yes Caesar. i weaseled a seat in the first row balcony, center ice. watched that forecheck and thought of the old BU teams. that was as dominating a second and third period as i have seen from BU in awhile. they were smothering PC

    how can greenway come back? i would be shocked to see that, but imagine if he does

  10. I just wanted to see everyone hop on board the BU train. I was not going to say anything other then what I said earlier. I will not let people come on here and sound foolish at the players expense. The MVP of this tournament is jake how can you say he looked shaky he had a shutout if you want to hop on this train now late in the season fine the more the merrier but leave your baggage behind. Another thing BU has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to strength and conditioning you ask why BU was on the pucks in the offensive zone so much it’s because of coach czycek I’m sure I spelled his name wrong but boy he has these kids ready to play. Folks commented all season of how the kids did not care well when they were in the gym at 600 am in July giving it everything they had I’m sure they cared. I understand hockey and sports and the effort that goes into playing at this level. I would have been proud of them win or loose. One other thing not sure who said Fabro had a bad game the kid has not been beat 1-1 all season last night he almost got beat he dove and the guy got a weak shot off I give it a draw on that one. He was great with the puck bottling there big forwards up behind his net disrupting their cycling and he did a fantastic job of finding open guys for the breakout. Pull your head out of your ass. This team is going to the national tournament be happy for this group of great kids. Go bu🐾

  11. Where’s Larry!!!!!! Great weekend. After the first 10 minutes last night they played fantastic and dominated the game. Jake played well but I would have picked Melanson as the MVP.

    • I was wondering the exact same thing. However, now I remember him saying that he would not come back on until the season ends. Hmmm, how convenient for him. He doesn’t have to deal with the Hockey East Championship that his all-time favorite coach won last night LOL.

  12. 30 sometimes 40 comments killing the coach and team while they were figuring it all out and now they win HE, most satisfying tournament win in a long time ( BC,PC) and we get what, 10 comments?
    Boys are clicking at the right time…. Go bu!!

  13. Red Hot Hockey twice in the same season? Doesn’t get any better than that does it? terriers usually play very well against Cornell, at least in recent history but NU might lie ahead. Anyways it should be fun and all in Worchester, I don’t think it could have gone any better.

  14. Did anyone else observe that when they called the seniors up who were playing their last HE Tournament game for a picture (with the trophy) that Greenway joined the picture. Perhaps, signaling his intentions?

  15. Hi LG! Although I am hoping with all my being that Greenway will come back for his senior year, that trophy presentation was not indicative. All captains and seniors were invited. He and Bobo are junior alternate captains.

  16. Thanks Glenn for the response. I hope he comes back too. If he does come back he will have a tremendous senior year, hopefully paired again with Brady. Also, I think he can become a free agent, in August, after his senior year. He would look great with Charlie and Grzzz on the Bruins.

    • I happen to think Jordan would look especially good in Rangers Blue! He could get totally involved in the very worthwhile Hockey in Harlem program.

  17. So here my input I feel like I have the right since I’ve been doing it all year win or lose… 1ST PERIOD PC was coming out at will but after that bu controlled the play the rest of the night and the big line wore pc down …. Great team effort and great adjustment by Quinn guess he can coach a lil bit 😁😁😁.. Jake was solid and is what he is a 1st round pick!!!! THE way the season started 8-11 and no scoring or d and to where we are now says Alot about this team and coaching staff and it took the freshman little bit longer to adjust to the speed of d1 hockey but now bowers,cockeril,amounts, all look like different players …. I never lost confindent in them I my posts say I will see u guys inn the ncaa after we win hockey east and bang!!!!! We did it!!! Some may say Cornell beat us at red hockey but we are a very very different team and if I recall we were down 4-1 came back to 4-3 and if that game lasted 5 more mins we win… So hope to see alot of fans there lets show up for these boys they deserve it!!!! Now where are all the “fans” who talked shit all year about Quinn and this team and Greenway sucks bashed everyone and they mothers no way to be found … U know who u are no need to say names!!!! I’m proud of these team and will always be!!! Next stop frozen 4 lets go bu!!!!.. ANOTHER note fabrro, Greenway, coming back … Feel free to tell me what I said is wromg … Colin and I were the ONLY ONES WHO KEPT AND BELIEVED THIS TEAM WOULD GO TO NCAA EVEN WHEN THEY WERE STRUGGLING… IM DONE GO BU!!!! LETS MAKE THE BOY’S FEEL AT HOME ON SATURDAY!!

  18. Great job rui

  19. Congratulations to D.Q. , his staff and the entire team for a memorable weekend. I felt appropriate to comment prior to the end of the season because as I always stated it is a result orientated business and when you win a championship you deserve praise. This was the type of effort I expected this season. Better late than never.
    In particular eliminating those miserable beagles in an elimination game and knocking them out of the NCAA tournament was extremely satisfying. Especially since the referees must have graduated from the chestnut hill community school of reffing. The Maroon and Gold stripped bandits did everything in there power to prevent the Terriers from winning. Disallowing a goal ,when clearly our player was pushed into their goaltending and allowing one when two beagles sat on Jake , like he was apiece of furniture. Instead of complaining, I was really proud of mental toughness of the team to immediately put it behind them, tie the game and win in overtime.
    My crystal ball is foggy and I had planned a family birthday party the next night. So I donated my tickets to a former employee of the university , who I think is still celebrating. The truth be told when I made these plans I knew that it was the final but I did not think that this team would make it that far. Boy was I wrong!
    As far as next week, who knows? Cornell is big, fast, strong and lost five games. I saw the first meeting and B.U. played well
    the second half of the game but could not over come a three goal deficit .
    Does it really matter ? As far as I am concerned B.U. is playing with house money with nothing to lose. The pressure is on Cornell If the play like they did in the Hockey East Playoffs I suppose any thing is possible.

  20. Rui,

    I intend to be there on Sat. I agree with you that we were a different team in november when we played Cornell and that the freshman have improved leaps and bounds. cockerel and bowers especially. crone needs more time which is cool

    the way we are playing NOW,
    i like our chances even against NU

    • I’ll be there so it should be good we are ona a good streak lets keep it going … Amonte and cockeril and Bowers came a long way as has crotty and katsanlo …I like our chances this weekend!!!

  21. me too. what a difference a weekend makes. last weekend i had my reservations that they could win the HE title. this weekend, more optimistic. this is a tough bracket. 4 good teams

  22. Glenn,
    I am taking one game at a time. It should be understood that Cornell is an outstanding team and although they stubbed their toe against Princeton, I am sure they will be well prepared for the rematch of Red Hot Hockey. That being said I really like the way the Terriers are playing So it should be a very competitive game.
    I just hope we have a game on Sunday! Realistically the pressure is on the big red and B.U. has nothing to lose because except for Colin and Rui nobody thought they would be playing this weekend.
    The team that handles the moment the best will win.

  23. Yes, I totally agree with you Larry. It will be interesting to see how Cornell responds to that defeat against Princeton. Will that loss frazzle them and destroy the momentum and confidence with which they’ve played, or will it make them an even more fierce opponent? I am guessing the latter. Their goalie reminds me of Millan in 2009. Go Terriers!