1. Great game by Jake Ottenger. He carried us to the Garden tonight. we need that kind of performance from him every night from here on, in order to have a shot at the NCAA.

    HUGE GAME on friday night. GO BU

  2. Vinnie it took you sometime to get over from the dark side . I must say it’s refreshing to come on here and see a compliment given to our elite goalie. He did play well this weekend. He had to make several rebound saves which are always the hardest to stop. The reason he was so successful was he controlled the rebounds and was in excellent position to make the 2 and 3 saves. One thing I liked about how BU played last night is they were moving there feet coming out of zone which lead to transition from D To O . Tk if you watched any shifts this weekend you would have seen how much of an elite player Greenway is. The good news is Tkachuck is turning into the same player. What I also loved was the 4th line they were solid they were out against lutnov line quite a bit and excelled. I like Curry he never gives up and plays with a mean streak. He’s not dirty or cheap but he plays hard. Also somewhere this season Amonte became one of our hardest hitters. What I love about his heavy hits is he makes them and bounces off in great position. In today’s game guys go for the big hit and by doing so take themselves out of the play not ty. I like our direction. Go bu🐾

  3. I was going to post a few thoughts, inasmuch as I had not (as Big Roy would say), “given a speech” in quite awhile. However, Colin pretty much covered what I was going to say, so you all will be spared the much longer musing that I had in mind. Nevertheless, I would like to address two players that have drawn numerous comments from our bloggers, and then mention one that has not drawn enough.

    My précis: Jake has been excellent, kept us in games, and absolutely won us a fair number as well. The early season difficulties that he faced were the result of a lack of cohesive play in front of him; i.e., the continuous line and defense juggling that marked the early season, necessitated by a search for pairing “chemistry,” did not allow for predicable movement patterns in the D zone, and he was left guessing, rather than knowing, what he was looking at. Jordan Greenway has been an absolute force, who has even gotten better as the season progressed. Being a solid outlet through the neutral zone, O zone cycling/ time of possession, net front presence, and drawing sometimes two defenders (thereby leaving us an open man) are qualities that he provides us without peer. Bobo Carpenter, as much as he is valued, is still underrated. His start-to-finish work ethic, energy, leadership, elite skills, sacrifice of body, and intelligent play are outstanding, and no doubt cause his teammates to emulate his example, and thereby play at a higher level as a result. My only complaint against him is that he could not get his sister to go to the correct school.

    Sorry Big Roy, I could not help myself. PSD

    • Very good post Paul must of taken u few hours to text all that on your phone .. Ahhaha go bu!!!

  4. Mission accomplished vs UCONN, they are an impressive team, big , strong and aggressive, they pushed around the terriers for a bit, but we survived. i can see how they beat N.E. twice and B.C. The important thing is that we avoided Northeastern and hopefully if we can get by B.C., we miss them in the final, its a team the Terriers can not cope with defensively, as we have seen all season and against their pp. I think we have an even chance against the eagles, we seem to mirror each other, both very young and with difficulties scoring and depending on goaltending, also glad the game is at 5pm, for personal reasons since i live on Cape Cod, and can get home early, and if we win more rest for the final which we without doubt need to take to get into the NCAAs, and also its a championship in itself. If the Terriers can pull it off it would be a helluva story considering how the first half went

  5. I said they would sweep and go to the garden if u recall … Good win lwta keep it going !!! Where is frozen out oh wait they won hes hiding ..go bu lets send bc home and dissapoint alot of bloggers on here !!! Go bu!!!

  6. i think the season is over for the team that loses that game

  7. hi colin,
    i just want to be clear on your comment about me coming over from the dark side. first of all, i have no problem praising a player when he does well after i may have criticized his game (not him personally).

    i think Jake ottenger is one of the best goalies in college hockey WHEN HE IS ON. no doubt. i disagree with your assessment of him this weekend. Saturday night – fabulous; Friday night mediocre. not sure if it is my imagination, but it seems like his weaker efforts occur on Friday nights, and then he bears down and plays well on Saturday. have you noticed that? i think his problem is between the ears in terms of his concentration. he has lapses. the Coach has alluded to it on more than one occasion. has he played better this second half? – most certainly

    no room for error. i really do believe that if either team loses on Friday (of no), then their season will be over in terms of the NCAA’s. that is the sense i am getting from the pundits.

    in my opinion, “elite” goalies (your term) are not only highly skilled but they are also consistent. i would love nothing better than to eat my words about Jake being inconsistent, cuz that will probably mean BU will win

    after last year’s pathetic performance against BC, we should be stoked for this game in terms of payback. they can’t get frustrated against Wall. he is very good. Go BU

  8. It certainly is nice to have at least one more game. The team deserves credit for winning two in a row and moving to the next round.
    What makes the stakes higher is who B.U. plays and the losing team season is over. Last year the loss in this game sent B.U.out west and in my mind ruined the season.
    Let’s hope the team gets off to a good start and plays 60 minuets of disciplined smart hockey!

  9. and the big O stays focussed for the full 60

  10. Vinnie,
    I believe that the key to any success will essentially come down to the goaltending. B.U. needs the world class Jake O. in order to advance. He is one of the primary reasons that the record has substantially improved in the second half.