Live Blog: BU vs UConn Game one

After a week off, the Boston University men’s hockey team returns to action tonight against the University of Connecticut in the first game of the best-of-three series in the Hockey East tournament quarterfinals. Check out Nikki’s preview here. Matt is solo tonight but he will also provide updates on the other games during the game tonight. Follow along on the live blog and please comment.


  1. another UNDERwhelming performance by our first round draft choice goalie. meanwhile the guy up the street pitches a shutout with 37 saves.

    ok fellas, let’s hear it the excuses: BC troll on line again , Ottenger is an elite goalie blah blah

    the way he vs Woll is playing now, if we were to meet BC in the semis, it will be our last game of the season. GUARANTEED

    might not be what you want to hear, fellas, but it is the truth

    know who is an elite goalie right now: connor lacouvee. ever hear of him? check out his stats

  2. ps fellas,

    from jeff cox : Toronto Maple Leafs prospect Joe Woll has .958 save percentage over last 6 games after last night’s 1-0 shutout of Merrimack.

  3. That maybe true but all the top teams in the country make Woll look like Swiss Cheese. We did the same on 12/1.

  4. Here’s the bc troll vinnie with his ridiculous posts u make me laugh u must be hitting the crack pipe again clearly !! Keep trolling and root for bc and take frozen out with u !!! Ps also tk11 how was Greenway for ya last night ? Go bu!!

  5. Rui,
    you don’t need the pipe, big guy, cuz you were born cracked.

    i am real sorry i criticized a BU player. jerry york made me do it!

    so how the Big O play last night? look at the highlights and tell me

    and Glenn, go with recent data cuz that’s all that matters. how is the player playing NOW. who cares about 12/1

    i do love our first line. glad to see Melanson contributing in a big way.

  6. Vinnie, recent data against poor teams means little to me. Sorry. However, we can agree to agree on our first line LOL. Drew Melanson has progressed nicely over the course of the season.