Hockey East quarterfinals set

Here is the schedule for the Hockey East quarterfinals which will take place next weekend:

No. 1 Boston College takes on No. 10 Merrimack at Conte Form. BC swept Merrimack in the regular season.

No. 2 Northeastern hosts No. 8 UMass Amherst with both teams picking up a victory in their home-and-home series.

No. 3 Providence hosts No. 6 Maine with Providence sweeping the regular season.

No. 4 Boston University is set to host No. 5 UConn. The teams split the regular season 1-1-1.

After the quarterfinals, the teams will be reseeded for the semi-finals.

Liam and I will provide updates of the three other games via either twitter or our live blog.



  1. I have a good feeling about our playoff chances. Go bu🐾

  2. not for nothing, Colin, but you always have a good feeling about their chances.

    it will be a battle. Jake has to be ON, and the team needs to play all out for 60 minutes. sleep on Uconn or take foot off the pedal once you get a lead, and it’s in our net. Letenov and Naas are for real.

    i suspect this series will go 3 games

  3. I thought I shut down the site permanently . The fact is B.U.’s regular season is completed. Their record was 17-13 -3. A fourth place finish in the league and 19 in the pairwise. Certainly way below expectations of league title and one of the premier teams in college hockey.
    The second half was better in terms of wins and losses, enough to capture a first round bye and home ice in the quarter finals. However please name an NCAA bound tournament team that they defeated ? Is it a record to finish second in the Bean Pot three consecutive years ? So disappointing for the game to turn on two undisciplined penalties by an assistant captain and another senior in the offensive zone. (no senior leadership that night)
    Eliminated any possibility of an at large NCAA bid by blowing two goal leads to UMass and UConn . (in the third period) Tough to use the young age rationalization when the team up the street with no seniors and half the talent, wins the leagues regular season title
    The road to redemption (or elimination) begins 3-9-18. No excuses just results!

  4. Vinnie u giving uconn way to much credit but ok I’m not surprised u would give unh credit if they were playing bu… We shall see if this goes 3 games I Liek Colin like our chmaces…its a brand new season for everyone and players have adjusted pretty good in the 2nd half.. Larry welcome back I’m sure the blog and its viewers missed your expertise again welcome back … Don’t forget to watch Friday and Saturday look forward to reading what u write … Go bu …

  5. no rui, not UNH…Uconn, the team that beat us with 3 goals late in the third period and overtime just a few weeks ago. take your freakin rose colored glasses off and get into reality. we were 4th and they were 5th. not much of a difference.

    i think BU will win, but it will be a major battle and could very well go 3 games

    and Larry, glad you mentioned BC and not me. something is awry

    • I was there and I clearly remember that game 3 times we were up and yes we lost the game but very very questionable calls let uconn back into the game but loss is a loss and go back look at that game we dominated but were done in with few calls and breakdowns… Different story this time around… Its over in 2.. Ps I love my rose colored glasses … Go bu…

  6. Son of Caesar carlaci

    Just watched the ’15 NCAA Championship game on You Tube for my hockey fix for the week. Why do we have so many gaps in BU playing hockey this year ? Drives me crazy. Anyway as I watched the game with so many now NHL players or to be players I feel we really let one get away. As i watched the game I saw a lack of forecheck as I have seen this year. I think Quinn’s teams need to rethink how they attack in the O zone. He has lost too many playoff games so far and it always seems to be from a lack of O. I will not even bring up the fact that our goalies can not seem to use their gloves at all from O’connor in the ’15 game to Jake at present. Never have been too keen on our coaching of the goalies.Well, we do have a chance of a HE Championship as this is the weakest HE League I have ever seen. Go BU !!!

  7. Hold on son of Cesar your watching a game from 2015 to scout a team in 2018 with only a handful of kids still remaining from that team. You are also comparing a very good goalie to the present day goalie who is also a very good goalie. The former let a tough shot in with his glove one shot as terrible as it turned out does not make him weak glove side and just because jake goes to the same school he did does not make him weak glove side. Another thing the goalie coach has changed so you can’t blame one person for this fictitious weakness. You knock coach Quinn and his hockey style that’s your opinion but I think he and his staff are the best in college hockey. This is 2018 this team is a whole different team. Go terriers 🐾

  8. Colin, You do not understand. First O’Connor had that problem all along and with Jake he also has a problem catching with his glove hand. HE IS VERY WEAK FROM THE GLOVE SIDE. One can see hi favoring that side when he is under attack even from the front.Coach change has not brought about great goal tending . Jake has a low percentage of pucks stopped. He is very slow about the net ad has trouble with pucks around his skates. As I have said where are our goalies in the NHL or the AHL or EVEN the ECHL for that matter. Out history of goal tenders is not good since Dipietro was here. As for his style I noticed that when Provdidence in that title game got the one goal lead they still kept there fore check going unlike we did when we had the same lead. Quinn great recruiter but his teams have a very bad record in big games. This can change but we will have to see. We need grittier performances by our forwards and to get up for EVERY game. That said w should have enough to get us tot he Garden.

    • Wow u must know alot more then the nhl team who picked Jake innthe draft and 1st round At that but the kid sucks and u will say joseph woll is a better goalie… ..

  9. to be accurate Colin, O’C let up a soft goals, each one getting progressively worse, in all 4 Ncaa games: Yale, Duluth, North Dakota, and PC. we were fortunate to win the first 3, but in the end, that egregious blooper by O’C (a different kind of GOAT) cost us a national championship. and as we know, they are not easy to achieve

    this weekend is an opportunity for Attender to shine. let’s see how he handles the pressure. concentration need for a full 60

  10. Vito diGregorio

    real problem this year is that we don’t have any snipers in the lineup, the only consistent one, harper, as well as a terrific skater and playmaker is out for the season. In 2018 we had several snipers, Eichel, Rodrigues, top 2 scorers in the nation, Oksanen, O’Reagan, Lane all scored consistently, as well as a terrific Grezlcyk. To be fair Carpenter has been consistent, but he’s the only one. D needs to step up bigtime to have a chance of ousting UCONN.

  11. Vito diGregorio

    real problem is that Terriers have no snipers this year. the only one, Harper, as well as being a great skater and playmaker, is out for season. in 2018 we had several including Eichel, Rodrigues, top 2 scorers in nationOksanan, O”Regan, Lane who scored consistently as well as a terrific Grezlcyk. To be fair carpenter has been a consistent scorer this year but he’s the only one. We need a big effort from D to have a chance to oust UCONN, against whom we are 1-1-1 this year.

  12. Hi Vito. I agree that we have definitely suffered from the lack of having a bona fide sniper … who draws extra attention from opposing defenders and drains their energy throughout the course of a game. However, the good news is we may have some in the making. Still, the impact that Eichel and Keller had on our collective offensive output was huge. I’m very much looking forward to Friday. I assume we’ll have to pay to watch?

  13. Jake is in my opinion best goalie in the country. Many may disagree but he was a finalist last year for top goalie he was also a first round draft pick which does not happen often for goalies . when folks come on here with aliases and knock players for stuff they heave no id what they are talking about it erks me. Jake is solid this glove side b/s is a bunch of crap. Propaganda used by mostly anonymous persons trying to push there own agendas. I’m not going to rehash a game from 2015 I’m looking forward to Friday night and this BU team. One great thing about BU is they always bring in high character kids who are also talented. I enjoy all seasons but for now my favorite is the one playing. Go bu🐾

  14. It should be a vey interesting series especially since B.U. had such a poor home record this year. Home ice is only meaning full if the Home team takes advantage of it. I do not expect a big crowd since two other Hockey East in close proximity are also playing.
    The key beside goaltending is to stay out of the penalty box. Too many games were lost during the regular season due to undisciplined play and poor special teams. It seems the team could never score a power play goal or kill penalty when the game was on the line
    It would be refreshing to actually witness the supposed great leadership that people constantly point out.

  15. Glen, Exactly who are these great snipers in the making? You are such a rump swab. Now here comes Colin telling me how good these kids are and that Quinn is the best coach in the country. What exactly has Quinn done since he’s been head coach? Please omit the Eichel year. The facts are: They are a mediocre home team that always gets off to a slow start, The Agganis crowd will be small and quiet, UConn has a real chance at winning this series ( which wouldn’t be a real upset). The Terriers are in for a battle this weekend. Let’s hope they respond with some heart. TK out!!!

    • TK, thanks for teaching me a new vocabulary word LOL. I would say that Bowers and Cockerill can be considered snipers in the making (not with a booming shot, but with disruptive speed and their ability to get to the net at the right times). Obviously Tkachuk is sniper material … though I am uncertain as to whether he will be here for his sophomore season (I sure hope he will stay). BTW, you were so right about what you said about Greenway. BU did so much better during those two weeks … NOT!!! Nobody cares about the “consistency” to which you allude. All that matters are his numbers, which get better each semester, and that he draws attention from multiple defenders … giving his teammates time and space.

      As far as the UConn series goes, the low turnout will have absolutely no effect on our team’s game. It’s Spring Break and they know the drill. I was there last season for the HE quarters against NU. Both games had low turnouts for obvious reasons but we played like it was a sellout.

  16. Tk I want to talk about this year but to answer your question if we stay away from a trip to the national championship year. Last year they were one ot away from the frozen four. Lots of his former players are playing pro hockey several in the nhl . 2 of which are rookie of the year candidates. Outside of his first year he has produced winning teams. The players are doing well in school and in the community. That to me is a great coach. Now on to the playoffs 🐾

  17. Son of Caesar carlaci

    Problem is if these kids do so well in school how come they do not stay in school ? Quinn outstanding man, coach but not tough enough. Too much of a “player’s coach” I believe. Puts some great talent on the ice but again his record in championship and playoff games not very good. I think he needs a kick ass assistant and recruit players who want to go to college and not think of BU as just an extension of the USHL.

  18. I love how u guys quickly forget how bad jack parkers last 5 years was Fucken brutal and yet not one word and he’s style worked??? Talk about coaching talented players almost like thr notebook clown across the way with teams that talented u dont need to coach… I like jack but the team ,recruiting etc was horrible when Collier and duane is your prize recruits u got issues!!! Enough said …I wonder if all of u who want uconn to win will actually be at the games this weekend if u are please introduce yourself … I’m near the zamboni doors ..big Roy out!!

  19. As a friend told me and as I researched myself it’s clear this blog is filled with BU fans and anti BU fans. The anti fans will say they are fans but the truth is they only jump on the train when they win. It’s easy to be that type of fan but it must cheapen the thrill of victory. Those who support this team keep your head up. Roy Paul Glenn and others don’t let tk vinnie and frozen out spoil your love for BU hockey. Win or loose I will defend my team. Go terriers 🐾

  20. Hey TK! Any more brilliant observations about Greenway?

  21. Greenway did show up tonight. The rest of the team not so much. They came out with a win so I guess we can overlook the slow start and Oettinger’s play. Let’s clean up the start and finish off the Huskies!

  22. Krys and Melanson certainly showed up too. Then, in sudden death OT, Bobo shows up in the biggest way possible! I agree that we should aim for a much better start on Saturday night. Better puck handling in our d-zone and more creativity with our power play would also help.

  23. I’ll have to agree with the other posters who are concerned with Oettinger’s play. He must be better and the senior led, draft pick full, defense corps must be better also.

  24. So not 1 post on how Jake played figures but kid gives up a bad goal and he sucks .. If u saw the game Saturday tell me U didn’t see a 1round pick out there nice and calm outstanding game… I also said BU SWEEPS AND SEE U FRIDAY AT TD GARDEN!! FEEL FREE TO POST ALL OF U WHO HAD THEM LOSING AND FRIDAY YALL MUST BE IN HEAVEN YOUR MAN CRUSH YORK VS BU!!! SEE U SATURDAY NIGHT FOR CHAMPIOSHIP GAME!!! YES IM THAT CONFIDENT!!! HI LARRY…