State of the Terriers’ offense after the regular season

Well folks, we made it through the regular season. With the news of sophomore forward Patrick Harper being ruled out for the rest of the season, Liam and I have seen a lot of concern the scoring depth. Here we have outlined the top five leaders in the offensive stats. If Harper is in the top five, we have included the person who finished sixth in the category


1. Junior forward and assistant captain Bobo Carpenter takes the top spot with 30 points.

T2. Despite missing four games this season for the Olympics, junior forward and assistant captain Jordan Greenway finished tied for second with 27 points. Freshman forward Shane Bowers also picked up 27 points. Bowers finished second in the Hockey East among freshmen.

 T3. We have a tie between sophomore defenseman Dante Fabbro and freshman forward Brady Tkachuk. Both had 26 points in the regular season. Fabbro finished second in Hockey East among defensmen. Tkachuk finished third among freshmen.


1. Carpenter once again takes the top spot here, finding the back of the net 18 times. 

2. Bowers finds himself with 16 goals this season. Bowers finished third in the country among freshmen.

3. Greenway lit the lamp 10 times this season.

4. With nine goals, Fabbro finished tied for fourth in the country among blue liners and at the top of the conference.

5. Harper ended the season fifth on the team with eight tallies

*6. Despite not scoring a goal until the fourteenth goal of the season, Tkachuk finished the season with seven goals. He finished tied for tenth among freshmen nationally. 




1. Tkachuk takes the top spot with 19 helpers. He finished tied for eighth in the country among rookies and led the conference among freshmen

T2. Greenway finished the season second on the team tied with Fabbro with 17 assists. Fabbro finished tied for fourth in the conference among defensemen.

4.  Sophomore defenseman Chad Krys finished fourth on the Terriers with 16 assists. Which had him sixth in the conference among blue liners.

5. Harper finished with the season with 13 assists

*6.  Carpenter finished his strong junior season with 12 assists.

Power play goals

1. Carpenter finished fifth in the conference with seven power play goals.

T2. Fabbro led all Terrier defensemen with four goals on the power play, Harper also finished with four goals on the power play. 

T3. Greenway, Krys and Bowers all found the back of the net three times this season with the man advantage.

Short handed goals

1. Once again Carpenter led the way. He had two short handed goals this season and finished tied for third in the Hockey East

T2. Greenway and Tkachuk had a short handed goal this season.


1. Carpenter finished tied for first in the conference with two three-goal games

2. Fabbro had one of two hat-tricks from the blue line in the conference.

Breakdown by class

1. Freshmen led the way with 109 points this season. They combined for 40 goals and 69 assists.

2. Sophomores combined for 81 points with 26 goals and 55 assists.

3. Despite having three players, the junior class of Carpenter, forward Ryan Cloonan and Greenway combined for 58 points with 28 goals and 30 assists.

4. In their final season at BU, the seniors had 38 points off 11 goals and 27 assists.

As a team, BU finished the season second in scoring offense with 3.09 goals per game and fifteenth nationally

Their power play also finished second converting on 22.6 percent of its chances. It also finished ninth in the nation with its power play.



  1. The numbers are not that bad. This team had a lot of bad luck first half. I have seen a lot of improvement second half. They get great leadership from there captains. They play hard they will give it everything they have in the playoffs. This is a great group of kids who have been working very hard since the summer to achieve something special this year. I’m sure posts after mine will be negative probably knocking coach.(best coach in country) knocking greenway (everyone goes after him) by the way best power forward in college hockey. And Jake who gets a shut out and some ass hat say’s he looked weak glove side. Suck it up people come out support the kids. Win or loose I know they will give it there all and that’s all you can ask for. Go bu🐾

  2. Son of Caesar carlaci

    Nice job, Matt on this article. Enjoy a lot reading about it.
    That said I hate this format where most of the teams do not play.this weekend. There has been a lot of down time this year vis a vis BU being on the ice.
    It has been a strange year for sure with our being picked for second out of the box and the tech problems in all the media and not many regular broadcast TV BU games. The sports department has to get it going next year This is 2018 and not 1920’s crystal radio times. Although that may ave been better this year come to think of it !
    As to the play of the team there seems to be a lack of drive in too many games. Quinn an outstanding man, coach and recruiter but his teams do not seem to have that “something” to win the big ones. I think he needs a more “kick ass” assistant to get this team going and some older Canadians from Western Canada to drive this team on the ice. Take Bowers in this case.. Great numbers for a Freshmen but his stick handling and losing the puck so many times drives me crazy. Maybe he will get better. As to Greenway he should be a forward as at center he does not have the basic hockey skills for the center position.
    I think we might make the Garden but have not a lot of hope for a Championship and I doubt we can make the 16 needed in the pairwise. “Wait till next year I fear. Anyway, as I hav for decades said, “GOBU”.

  3. interesting stats Matt. nice work

    i guess when you get high end kids like we do. who leave early, the freshman and sophomore classes will usually lead the way in scoring with a significant drop off with the junior and senior classes. tough dilemma in terms of recruiting philosophy . i know coach has spoken about finding more quality 3-4 year guys who can bridge that gap. 190 points for frosh and sophs vs. 96 points for juniors and seniors. remember the days when that number would be in reverse as upper classmen like pandolpho, drury, joubert, gilroy etc led the way. not easy to get that balance between older and younger and i don’t envy the coach to have to try to find it. i do like that transfer, fifth year senior (alla Melanson) avenue. 1 or 2 of those guys can help.

    i too am not optimistic of our chances to make the ncaa’s. i hope i am wrong. tough breaks this year with olympics, world juniors, injuries etc. lots of interruptions in terms of getting a team flow

    but i think most of us can agree, including the coach and his staff, that not being one of the top 16 teams in the country does not live up to standards and expectations. that is a fair statement, no?

    i will say this. if we make the Garden and if we play BC in the semis, a victory over them in that situation would salve a lot of letdowns…. in my mind. a loss, of course, like last year, will just rub more salt in the wounds