An apology to our readers

Liam and I would like to personally apologize for the frustrations that you, our readers, had this year while attempting to access our blog. During the fall semester, while I was acting as the sports editor for The Daily Free Press, the website for the newspaper started experiencing issues which made it almost impossible to access the FreeP’s website. Due to the Boston Hockey Blog being an extension of the FreeP, our website also had issues. Being the sports editor, I sat in on meetings with the rest of the editorial board and we all shared the same frustrations about the website.


Over the course of the season, both Liam and I know that a large amount of readers became frustrated with their inability to go onto our website and follow the team. Personally, I made it a point to reach out to every person who shared their frustration with us via a direct message either through Facebook or Twitter. During those interactions with the readers, I felt awful that people were could not follow the team the way they have done for years. If any regular readers of our blog lost faith in us due to the issues with the website and ultimately decided not to log onto our website anymore, both Liam and I feel truly awful.


However, we would personally like to thank all the readers who stuck with us during our issues — those who were persistent in trying to log on even when they had the message “error establishing database connection.” You are all the reason we do this. You are all why both Liam and I love covering the team so much. Yes, we are both avid sports fans, but having such a loyal base of readers makes covering the Boston University men’s hockey team so extra special. Although there are only a few games left this season, Liam and I promise to cover the team the way you came to expect the blog to do so.


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to reach out to Matt at [email protected].

5 thoughts on “An apology to our readers”

  1. Thanks guys great work glad to have the blog back up. I think it’s going to be a special couple of weeks. With the team playing so well. Go bu🐾

  2. Given the varied and protracted problems that have plagued the BHB for the entire season, it is somewhat understandable that student volunteers would be ill equipped to correct them. However, lacking an unknown and plausible reason for inaction, it is very disappointing that (apparently) no salaried BU administrator, nor professor from the Department of Journalism, nor any BU IT professional, took a single bit of initiative to help the students and to eradicate this longstanding public embarrassment of Boston University. PSD

  3. The good thing about thr blog being down it got rid of the trolls, haters,babies that uses to come on here just to get attention and cry about something…

  4. You guys are not at fault. I agree with Downing above that a great University like BU has the resources to correct such a problem. As students you could not know have to correct such problems. There is an entire SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATIONS that should have been able to help. Another problem nothing to do with you guys, is the radio casts that are, from a tech point of view, awful. Down so much. This is the responsibility of Mr Kelly I believe who is now in Korea. Good place for him. I like to blog with you guys and listen to Bernie as i have for so many years. What is going on with BU these days ??? BC has a large radio station for its games and much more attention in the media. Heads should roll. But they will not. Nice to have you guys back. By the way one reason BU hockey is not being taken care of is because of the make up of the players who play this game. Make no mistake about it.

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