Live Blog: BU vs Merrimack

After dropping last night’s game to UConn, the No.20 Boston University men’s hockey team travels to North Andover looking to sweep the season series against Merrimack College.

Live Blog Live Blog: BU vs Merrimack

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7 thoughts on “Live Blog: BU vs Merrimack”

    • Quinn was asked about Harper in the press conference. This is what he said. “Still not sure. Hopefully next weekend he’ll be ready to go.”

  1. Glenn it’s funny as bad as the U.S. Team played every time Greenway was on the ice he was dominant. It’s clear he is going to be special at the next level just as he is now. Go bu

  2. missing Greenway AND Harper badly!!! However, they cant control how Jake plays. I know people get mad but this kid is either hot or cold this year. We cant have that kind of extreme play this time of year. NEVER should’ve lost in CT. That was disgraceful. Put them right in the mix for top 4 of HE which seems to be the only way to make it to the tournament now.

  3. On one hand Jake was hung out to dry by inept PK. On the other hand I would have expected him to make huge saves to preserve the win. He did much better against MC. I would be thrilled to have Harper back by Championship weekend if we get that far. Still, would not be shocked if we don’t see him till October. I think Greenway will come back from Korea and be quite productive.

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