Live Blog: BU vs Merrimack

After picking up the win last night, the Boston University men’s hockey team will go for the sweep tonight against Hockey East foe, Merrimack College.

Live Blog Live Blog: BU vs Merrimack

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  1. Good weekend boys are playing some good hockey and getting results … Lets keep it goinh boys .. See u in Arizona!!

  2. Roy team played a tough Merrimack team that kept coming. Lawlor rink is a tough place to play. BU is limiting there mistakes which is giving jake opportunities to make tough saves without having to make every save a incredible one. Team is starting to get confidence, you can see it. Neutral zone still needs to bE cleaned up especially with our speed transition should be quicker more north south skating then east west that just gives opposing teams back checkers time to get back. Go bu?

  3. Colin, Agreed that Merrimac is always a tough opponent, especially so in their diminutive rink. It has been a number of years since we prevailed in that venue, and that is somewhat due to its small size limiting the time and space necessary to break their “trap”. I may be wrong in this assumption, but I believe that they (like UML) traditionally field an older team; which further benefits them in the close proximity situations that their rink provides. That said, we prevailed in spite of these obstacles, displayed a much improved PP and movement patterns (even without Harper), transitioned very well, had good offensive contributions from our blue liners, great goaltending etc. We are loaded with talent, and we appear to be bringing it all together. Glenn, looking forward to seeing you at the Vermont games. Big Roy, best wishes for your Arizona trip – you are a true fan! PSD