Multiple Terriers to play in World Junior Championship, Hickey to play in Spengler Cup

Although the Boston University men’s hockey team will not return to action until the first weekend of the new year, some Terriers will be wearing the jersey of their respective country over the break.

Freshman forward Brady Tkachuk, sophomores goaltender Jake Oettinger and forward Patrick Harper will represent Team USA in the World Junior Championship which begins play Tuesday, Dec. 26.

Harper leads BU with 21 points, tied for first in assists with 13 and tied for second in goals with 8. Tkachuk leads Terrier freshmen in points and assists with 14 and 10 respectively Oettinger has started 17 games for BU and has a .902 save percentage.

Both Harper and Oettinger skated on the gold medal-winning 2017 U.S. National Junior Team that bested Team Canada 5-4 in a shootout.

Skating for Team Canada is sophomore defenseman Dante Fabbro. Fabbro leads the Terriers with 40 blocked shots and he has 12 points. Fabbro represented Canada in last year’s tournament–in which he took home a silver medal.

Playing for Finland is freshman defenseman Kasper Kotkansalo. Kotkansalo has two goals and three assists on the season.

These will not be the only Terriers playing in international tournaments over their break. Senior defenseman and captain Brandon Hickey was selected to represent team Canada in the Spengler Cup.

Hickey has three goals and two assists for the Terriers.


  1. Best of luck terriers. Seeing so many terriers playing for there country in such a well respected and talented tournament is a credit to our coaches ability to attract the best hockey players from around the globe. Go terriers ?

  2. Totally agree Colin! Let’s hope this IIHF World Junior Championship tournament provides those five Terriers with an extra edge in their game when they return for the most important tournaments … Beanpot, HE, and NCAA’s.

  3. Let’s hope greenway leaves during the break! It would’ve a clear case I of addition by subtraction.

  4. TK, your comments on Greenway indicate that you either want BU to have no chance whatsoever of winning any championships this season or you’re confusing him with another player. Have you ever looked at his production over these three years … not to mention the physical havoc he wreaks in front of opponents nets?

  5. Glenn your right greenway is a beast. He gets to the dirty areas. We are so lucky he came back tk1180 he is not going to score too many highlight reel goals but he will wear down a opposing teams D he is a great terrier ? That said I think he is going to leave I think everyone at USA hockey has seen what he can do and for a while now he has been projected to join team USA for Olympics. And you will see how much we miss him come beanpot time. Go terriers ?

  6. Well said Colin. I just pray that he will come back after the Olympics to at least finish his junior year.

  7. He won’t score many goals period. He is the collegiate version of Milan Lucic. Once he dished out a few big hits, everyone is wowed. Then he disappears for a few games.

  8. Well a whole lot of players seem to disappear for a few games. I have no idea as to why you want to see one of our most productive players off the team. If you want me to break it down for you, his point per game rate has been as follows for his three seasons with us: 0,67, 0.84, and 0.89. Seriously TK, if you want to kick someone off of Terrier Island, Jordan Greenway is an extraordinarily poor choice!

  9. So happy for jake. He played so well for team USA . This was a huge game in this tournament and he kept us in it. tkatchuck, Fabro,Harper and kotkansalo have all contributed extensively to there teams. The biggest travesty is that Krys got caught up in the politics of this tourney and was left off the roster. The bottom line is BU hockey gets the best players in the world. I’m happy that I can post today about how special Jake’s performance yesterday was . So often this year people would come up with phantom weaknesses and trash talk him like he was a sieve with a stick. I often would say have faith best goalie in the country just to be ridiculed on this blog. Now I’m on cloud nine for this kid and so many must feel foolish love it ! The BU train is enroute big second half coming . Go bu???

  10. Yes Colin! That game should be a major boost for his confidence. Can’t believe he got on the scoring sheet too LOL.

  11. Son of Caesar Carlaci

    Jake let in two goals he should have stopped. This is the way he goes in games. USA with another goalie would have won in regulation. I thought it just about right that when Canada tried the first shootout shot the Canadian player turned himself upside down to shoot high glove at Oettinger. He can not seem to shore up that weakness.

  12. Son of Cesar you sound ridiculous your saying he is weak up top. Your referencing his shootout he stopped all 4 shots. Come on he played great. How can you knock a guy who went 4-4. He let in one goal he would want back the first one. The second one you could have had all three goalies in net and that was going in. I get it your grasping at straws because you have been so negative all year now on the biggest stage Jake and the rest of the bu players are excelling and you don’t know how to jump on board. I warned of this. I would rather go down with the ship before selling out these kids. My patience has paid off. Go terriers ?

  13. Happy New Year Terrier Nation!

  14. Son of Caesar Carlaci

    Colin, then why was he BENCHED against the Finns yesterday. I am a BU fan all out but we have a goalie problem. Woll was picked yesterday (Sunday) because he is better although his game too has suffered this year. To say that Jake is not weak high glove is to deny reality.

  15. In my opinion jake did not play last year for the same reason he has only played once this year. He is a minosota kid playing for a minosota coach. And going to school at BU In my opinion he has got caught up in the politics of USA hockey. The same politics that has kept Chad krys off the team. As big a jake and BU fan that I am . I think joe woll is a terrific goalie. I also think he is playing well in this tourney. Son of Cesar it’s good to see you don’t love any goalies but this team is where it is due to joe and Jake ?

  16. Sincere congrats to Greenway on getting named to the Olympic roster! This can only help the BU team.

  17. Son of Caesar Carlaci

    Colin, you mean the BU team ? They are under .500 and buried in the pair wise .

  18. SonofCC forgive me for chiming in but he can only mean the USA Junior team … as the BU team does not have both goalies (Joe and Jake).

  19. Son of Caesar Carlaci

    Glen, I got it but had to get in Oettinger’s stats this year. I hope he does well but if anyone can not see he has weaknesses one does not understand hockey at all. I am just po’d that we started in second place in the polls and are so far out of national ranking and have to blame someone.

  20. Th 1180 you have been bashing greenway all season and now he makes Olympics and you have a different tune. You are correct it is great for BU any time a player is selected to represent his country it’s a positive reflection upon himself and the hockey program he plays at. We certainly will miss him but it is a great accomplishment to him and his hard work.

  21. Son of ceaser yes I’m talking about world juniors. And don’t worry about BU we have a strong second half coming up. Go bu ?

  22. Son of Cesar polls in September mean nothing. This team has dug themselves a bit of a hole but they have plenty of time to turn things around. In some respects they have already. ?

  23. Read the article on Greenway on the TFB. Greenway himself admits and DQ admits that he is up and down when it comes to consistent intensity. Read the “Boom Boom” comment by Quinn. they said it, not me. I love greenway when he creates havoc, but when he disappears, it lets the team down. he is a junior and by now i would have hoped he had gotten his game smoothed out.

    I am with you Son of Caesar. Oettinger has regressed, in my opinion. he has been giving up soft goals at inopportune times. deflates the team. the best goalie in the country is second string in the world junior team. hmm. those coaches must be blind. right, Colin?

    how about Bellows? he is Mr World Juniors (two goals last night including the game winner against Russia), but when he played at BU, he was Mr. No Show (unless you include his penalties in the offensive end). these world juniors are a joke. try accomplishing the same things in HE, the men’s league. not happening

    the big turnaround starts this weekend. let’s see

    just read Wiseguys. loved it.

    • agreed Vinnie. The World Juniors are a joke!
      Also Jake’s play has been sub par, minimum. He’s a 1st round draft pick based on his play last year….hopefully he can turn it around because despite what some people on here say, he IS responsible for at least 4 losses. (And just bc I say that. does NOT mean I want the kid to fail. I want the exact opposite!!)
      This team needs to step it up ALL around….from the top (YES Larry, I think Quinn needs to find a way to light a fire under these kids butts) all the way to the bottom. One team wins the championship and we ALL know it is hardly ever the best team out there….I will root for Quinn and Co til they aren’t here anymore. I truly believe he is a premier coach, his knowledge of the game is ridiculous and he has more respect around the hockey world than most head coaches with twice the college experience. GO BU

      • Sean,
        I thought Jake was the only one who played a competitive game against Maine and gave the team a chance to come back. Also he played well in the tournament the only winning goaltender against Canada and the player in net for the bronze medal game.(two positive comments )
        I don’t know what is going on with team ,now 8 wins in 20 games but it is not good.

  24. ps. go to college hockey news website and look under goaltending statistics. The Big ) is ranked 52. the numbers don’t lie. see for yourselves

  25. Any one else notice that B.U. Hockey players and former B.U. Hockey players perform better when they play for other teams ? I wonder why?

    • Anyone notice how Larry only makes negative comments? I wonder why?

      • Anyone realize, I comment on actual results and do not make upvery fake news.I believe the record Is 8-10-1. Real news and-accurate results.

  26. Colin, greenway’ departure will mean better times for the BU team. No more of Mr Incostistency! Good riddance to him! Hopefully, there’s a pro team who views him through the same rose colored glasses you use. Then he’ll be gone for good! He is so overhyped!!’

    • TK, I’m not saying that Greenway is a once-in-a-generation player but who do you think is going to step up when he leaves for those two weeks … and produce the same or better numbers as he has? Have you thought about that … about actual scoring production?

  27. i hear you Frozen Out; it’s just something i hate to admit

    TK, i am hoping Greenway can salvage a productive second half. after reading that article about him, i am rooting for him. tough life. not an excuse, however. but he needs to get his “**it” together

  28. First I love world juniors. The talent level here is very good. It’s played mostly over break so kids miss less games in the league. It also gives NCAA players a chance to play against kids from other leagues which intern promotes the college game. I’m tired of defending players on this blog it is clear larry hates the coaches vinnie Shaun and tk 1180 just want to knock everyone. Other then me Glenn was the only person who gave praise to jake for going 4-4 in shoot out. It’s easy to say he backed up joe who is very good, but when givin the chance he only got once he played well. Also 4 NCAA players were picked among non NHL professionals yet instead of people being proud one of our own playing for our country we knock him. I can’t emphasize how important Jordan anc jake are to this team. If BU can turn this around I want to see how many on this blog will change there tune. If BU can’t I will go down with the ship but I will know I’m a die hard fan through thick or thin. As always go bu?

    • Colin,
      I enjoy the tournament but are more interested on how B.U. players perform at B.U. Please do not put words in my mouth, I never stated I hated anyone! I make my comments based on the results on the ice which is 8 wins in 19 games. There has to be accountability for such a poor record and it stats at the top!

  29. ok colin, you keep challenging us about changing our tune if BU turns it around. fair enough. i will be the first to admit i was wrong and you and glenn were right. but here is my question to you: are you going to change yours if they don’t? fair is fair. i suspect you won’t

    did you ever get a chance to check out those ncaa goalie stats?

    i do not knock everyone. i have praised a number of players on this team before. my last blog said how much i love Greenway when he plays with intensity.

    i do not think anyone disagrees that jake and jordan are essential cogs on this team. the debate seems to be whether they are living up to their billing. you say yes; i say no. it has NOTHING to do with who is a more loyal fan. NOTHING. no one criticizes these players as individuals. we are simply talking about game performance. it aint personal as you seem to make it out to be. i think that’s your excuse for not wanting to look at reality which takes place on the ice

    as always, go BU

    • Vinnie,
      Although, I do not agree with your total assessment , I do enjoy your astute comments. Do not apologize the a team that was clearly the most disappointing team in college hockey the first semester. However they still have the opportunity to turn it around and salvage the season. Nothing would make me happier then for them to go on along winning streak but until that occurs I can only base my comments but what actually happens on the ice!

  30. cool, Frozen Out, but let me know where you disagree. i am open to seeing things in a different light. i realize you are more outspoken about the coaching staff. i might be in denial on that one. I really like DQ as a person and want to see him succeed, but his leash is getting shorter for sure.

    as i have said before, this will be be some salvage job if they can pull it off. it would kinda be like that season northern michigan had when they beat us. if i remember correctly, at the december mark, they were mired in mediocrity and then won out

    tomorrow night’s game will be telling in terms of setting the tone. falter tomorrow and it is lights out

  31. I will not change my tune I’m a BU fan win or loose. I have been a die hard fan since 1985 so I have seen teams that have struggled but I never turn my back on the team. So to answer your question I will not sell out my team. I go down with the ship. If you want to say at the end of the year I told you so go right ahead. You can root for whoever you choose but I will always remain loyal to my terriers no matter the score or the record. Go bu?

  32. blah, blah, blah

  33. Vinnie I think you meant bc bc bc and that’s fine if you can pick and choose your teams go right ahead. But when BU wins don’t talk about your loyalty because you and so many on here have proven your not BU fans unless they are winning. ?

  34. Colin, stop with the bc crap. anyone who finds fault with a BU team is a bc fan. beyond absurd. we disagree on the definition of a fan. let’s take an example that is not related to BU. red sox fans will call a sports station and rail against the manager or the way the team is playing or they way a certain player performs. all the fans who were critical of the fact that the Panda Sandoval came to camp grossly overweight… are you saying they are NOT real Red Sox fans???? or if they boo at the game, are you saying they are really Yankee fans? cmon, dude. get a grip. fans can be critical and still be considered a fan, in my opinion. in fact i think, that is part of what makes them fans. when players play well, they get applause; when they don’t, they often get razzed. all part of sports

    you think you are something special cuz you have been a fan since 1985. a mere neophyte. pahleeze. my dad, a BU grad, took me to my first game in 1964. i used to go to BU football games when they played BC. i graduated BU in 1972 and witnessed back to back NCAA championships . so my credibility as a long time fan trumps (i hate using this word) you by a long shot. i have been to more BU hockey games than you can count. i do NOT boo at games, but on this site, i feel i have the right to let my feelings be know… as do all of us

  35. ps- just watched the end of the Chiefs/Titans game at KC where the Chiefs were upset at home. a cascade of boos filled the stadium at the conclusion. according to Colin, those must have been titan fans. they could not have been Chief fans because they had the audacity to jeer the home team.

  36. Vinnie,great comments! I think we all have an underlying desire to see the team improve and do well. But when will that happen and why are they where they are now? It starts with the coaching and the “best” players. If this team doesn’t show serious improvement, there needs to be coaching and philosophical changes. Quinn is a great recruiter but his teams mostly underacheive. Bu fans want and deserve more. TK out!

  37. oh now TK, did jerry york make you say that? just kidding

    how about his quote by DQ in the Free

    “I’ve got a few theories, but I prefer to keep them to myself,” Quinn said on his team’s inconsistency. “[There is] a lot going on here. A lot going on other than BU hockey.”

  38. Vinnie and tk 1180 I don’t really care about Chiefs titans and I’m not allowed to talk about Red Sox personnel moves. I’m glad you have gone to BU games everyone should experience college hockey. I’m no neophyte when it comes to BU hockey I eat sleep drink and I’m a die hard fan. I’m not going to get in a pissing match here with you about my BU hockey commitment most of the players know how much I support them. Many former players I’m still close with. You guys are so critical of the coaching staff but I think they are the best. If they were to leave it would be a huge loss. Coach has seen and has commented on what needs to be corrected. I have seen what needs to be corrected. The majority of the time all I see is negative comments coaches need to go players need to go etc never anything positive. In my opinion that’s not a real college hockey fan. I have no problem with knocking the coach larry frozen out does it every time he posts. I don’t agree with it but he gets paid therefore he’s fair game. It aggravates me very much when student athletes are called out. That’s not what college hockey is about. Go bu?

  39. Vinnie I did see post game very interesting. Coach will straighten it out. He eluded to what was wrong last night BU was not skating they were flat footed lots of puck watching. They continue to leave guys wide open in slot with grade a scoring opportunities. All this stuff is clear to the coaches. You can complain on this blog call out plAyers or you can positively come up with ways to correct it. I know how hard these kids work I know there competitive spirit . I also know they are kids. If I was coach I would tell them this is big boy hockey this is the way it needs to be done. If you can’t do it you won’t play. Back checking moving the feet should be # 1 priority. Older guys need to step up and make sure younger guys are bought in. It sounded bad what coach said so I’m concerned but he’s my guy I want straighten up the mess. Notice I did not call out any individuals and I offered a possible solution to the problem.?

  40. colin,
    how am I, as a fan, supposed to come up with a solution? something tells me the coaches have explained to them this is “big boy” hockey. this is not just one or two guys. how many can you bench and still field a team? i took his comments to mean that the problem runs deeper than just one lackluster game.

    personally, i think some of the these high-end kids are playing for too many teams – olympics, WJ’s, NHL. their minds and priorities are elsewhere. and i have no idea how to address that

    what i have found was that when Coach made that comment, his eyes focussed across and around the room rather than directly at the interviewers which he usually does. check it out. i have NO idea what that means, but i thought it was interesting body language

    Quinnie’s my guy too. i want him to succeed not only for the team, but for him personally.

  41. ps – i have never criticized Quinn. the performance of certain players – YES. you call that inappropriate. oh well. i think as long as one does not attack their character but the comments and observations are restricted to on ice performance, then it is fair game. we agree to disagree on that one

    • Vinnie,
      You are allowed to criticize the coach for his record. In my opinion it is more than warranted based on the current record (8-11-1) and the preseason expectations.(second in the country) To a lesser extent the players as a Team must take a share of the blame pie.
      How many undisplined penalties in a row did B.U. take in the second period. (I hope the person recording penalties did not have a nervous breakdown!) What a lackluster, uninspiring and boring performance. Team looked like that it could not wait for the game to end. No pride or guts!

  42. Vinnie,
    The only comment I disagree with is that the starting goaltender, although not as consistent as last year, is not the problem but part of the solution. I believe he was the only one who played well against Maine.
    I don’t know about the cryptic message from the Coach but things have gone horribly wrong! 8 wins in 20 games. I am concerned!

  43. Colin,
    Please buy a life raft the ship is taking on water!

  44. Frozen out that’s sports. I’m not ready to give up on them yet. Plenty of hockey left. It is concerning that they keep making the same mistakes. They are young, which is not a excuse but a fact so hopefully they can turn it around.

    • Colin,
      Uninspired, listless, and undisplined play simply is not acceptable at any level. You are 1000% correct they continue to make the same mistakes after 20 games and youth is just rationalization and not reality. Where is the accountability?

  45. when was the last time a BU team was UNRANKED at this point in the season? UNRANKED!!!!

    • Vinnie, Gienn
      I believe the last time B.U. was unranked with no honorable mention was the first year of the current coach. They won total of 9 games and very few in the second half of the year.
      Then Superman turned everything around the following season. Unfortunately nothing has been the same since he left.

  46. Not just unranked but without even being listed among “honorable mention” (located under the top 20).

  47. Def not the season WE ALL EXCEPTED NOT EVEN Quinn … So what good is it or does it do to keep bashing the coach , players ,etc .Its a learning experience for sure and for those who say get rid of the coach ..let say they do who do u bring in to fix this??? Please it ain’t that easy like u guys make it sound … U can coach all u want and sit guys all u want but u can’t install heart and desire that needs to come from the kids them selves yes kids …. So all u who have jumped off have fun enjoy and the rest of us who take the good with the bad will keep supporting no matter what … Its come to the point where u need to win Hockey east for any ncaa tourmey.. STOP BASHING THIS KIDS THEY ARE JUST THAT.. GROW UP YES CAM THEY PLAY BETTER OF COURSE BUT GIVE THEM A CHANCE MOST OF THESE KIDS COMW FROM TEAMS WHERE THEY CAN DO WHAT THEY WANT AND FREE LANCE NOT THE CASE HERE … GO BU …

    • I spend thousands of dollars for four premium seats and expect to be entertained. The team is now 4-6-1 at home after being embarrassed by Maine. This is not bashing just reality. If you do not agree with me then listen to the coaches press conference. At least he was honest.
      Furthermore these student athletes are granted scholarships worth over $70,000 a year. If they are not invested in the program and cannot give an honest effort every game then they have no right accepting the scholarship.
      There are plenty of highly successful former Terriers that could turn this program around. In fact the current Bruins staff has two that seem to work well with younger players.

  48. if you don’t have kids with heart and desire, then don’t recruit them. you recruit talent and character. the latter they can tell by watching how they compete and talking to other coaches on their team and in the league. stop making excuses

    • Vinnie,
      It is also discipline. BU. is undisciplined and that comes back to bite them especially in taking penalties, the power play , penalty killing and in turnovers. How many times did they turn the puck over against Maine that led to an odd man rush?

  49. Colin, just wondering what happened to the BU train? Maine managed to derail the terriers quite easily. Bu couldn’t even engineer a goal vs Maine. Pitiful! It’s not a train just a bunch of cabooses rolling aimlessly down the track.

  50. Tk 1180 you sound excited the season has not gone as many has planed. Too many on this blog seem excited almost as if dear I say it not fans at all. Sports are funny things don’t always turn out the way you expect. BU can still make a run the train can still make it down the tracks. If it doesn’t oh well but if it does you and everyone else who are negative will be left in the cold. I’m very concerned by coaches post game something bad is going on behind the scenes and not much time to figure it out.

    • Colin,
      Almost 60% of the season gone and something behind the scenes is effecting the team performance? Why was this not addressed at the beginning of the season? It does make sense.

  51. Colin,

    I am disappointed in how the season has gone so far. I do want the terriers to improve but they need to be called out for their listless play for most of this season. They obviously have talent so where exactly is the problem? Coaching is definitely a factor. Getting shutout at home by Maine is inexcusable. I don’t want to hear how they are just kids, good kids who you know, loyal terriers etc. The team isn’t playing up to its talent level and there needs to be some accountability.

  52. and check this Terriers Fans. Maine ties Brown 4-4. Brown scores 4. the indignities continue to mount

    • Vinnie,
      To make matters worse if Maine did not score a late goal, Brown would have won!

    • It is frustrating but let the record show that Maine did not have the same goalie in net. Still, as good as Swayman is, BU didn’t seem to make him move much in goal. Many of his saves were made without him moving a muscle. I do think Fabbro’s return will help this team … a whole lot! Go Terriers!

      • Glenn,
        It did not matter who was in goal on Saturday , the team was totally outplayed by Maine. If not for Jake the score would have been at least double. Fabbro alone will not make the difference. The whole team has to actually want to compete. First time in recent memory that the team was booed off the ice. I might add I thought it was well deserved.

  53. Son of Caesar Carlaci

    Turn out the lights. The party is over. What is this off ice stuff that Quinn is talking about ? When I was a little boy I saw BU at the Arena and fell in Love with the Team. There was no red line then. That is how far back I go. This is the worst team effort wise I have ever seen. The game was so boring it was hard to watch. Shame on these guys. They need someone to kick ass. Talent ? Maybe. Desire to win ? NO.

    • Son of CC
      I have similar memories of my dad taking me to see B.U. play at the arena. I remember how hard they competed to the last whistle. Believe me as a former team manager I can assure that when Jack Kelly was the coach. There were NO DAYS OFF! This team should be embarrassed, they are fooling no one!

  54. In my heart of hearts I think every kid wants to do well . They work extremely hard. They take tremendous pride in the team and school. It’s the million dollar question what exactly is going on. The team just seems to bd out of sync. I can’t stress it enough the season is not over yet. I will continue to support the best coaches in the league and some great kids. Rember a hot goalie can take you far in the playoffs and we have two that can get hot. Go terriers ?

    • Please buy an extra life jacket as the ship is taking on water. I respectfully disagree with you. I think these players as a team are an underachieving , pampered , spoiled brats and crybabies who could care less about B.U. There only objective and only focus is the NHL. Action speak louder then words. Almost 60% of the season gone and now the coach realizes there are issues Please give me a break, it simply does not make sense. Reality check the team record is now 8-11-1and 32 in the pairwise.

  55. and to add to your point Frozen Out, there are plenty of players in college hockey whose rights are owned by NHL teams, and they do NOT perform in such a half-hearted way. take ryan donato. his rights are owned by the Bruins and he is playing lights out.

    • Vinnie,
      Good point! There really is no good or rational excuses for the results. Clearly the majority of players selected for these international tournaments come from teams that are very successful with winning records. Unfortunately B.U. is the exception Great poem! Sad but unfortunately true.

  56. Sorry guys you are wrong about these kids. They spent all off season working hard to be the best they can be. I can’t put a answer on why they are making the same mistakes over and over. I do feel very confident that every player in that locker room is trying as hard as they can. Folks most of there mistakes are mental. Again I have no idea what’s going on behind the scenes which sounds very concerning. If this team can get on a roll Cary it into beanpot all this will be forgotten. If they don’t then yes this season will be over , but I’m not giving up till the final buzzer. Too many on this blog accuse the players of quitting yet so many have written them off already. I know everyone will attack me when I say this but if you were a opposing team in the playoffs playing BU you would be a little nervous. Can’t wait for Friday ?

  57. Yes, the opposing team would be nervous. Nervous that BU wouldn’t arrive, thereby depriving them of a certain victory. It is fine to root for the terriers but to ignore reality is just foolish. There is time to change the team’s direction but their time is running out quickly. They really need to win this weekend.

    • Colin,
      I love your enthusiasm but there is honestly nothing good about this team. As a team they are lazy and take the easy way out. When the going gets tough , they stop playing. Practice is a precursor to how the team will play. Based on the record whatever they doing at practice try the opposite. The results could not be worse. Do they actually practice the power play? Why bother?

    • I heard that U.N.H are sending there own buses and security to make sure B.U. shows up.

  58. this year the league’s motto in terms of points is

    “need two, play BU”

  59. Ahh ya winning tk 1180 is a good start we can agree on that. When BU plays with a swagger and confidence. When they play sound hockey like the Lowell game they are a top notch team. BU has had a tremendous amount of bad luck in the first half. If we can skate and clog lanes transition with speed through neutral zone and get pucks to the net we will be fine. You can do 3 things on the ice the right thing the wrong thing or puck watch nothing at all. BU is talented enough to do the first two and be successful. The third is what is happening and that is a result of I don’t know what. Confidence a belief in the system that is being taught all key factors in BU turning things around. I also believe it helps to support the kids through thick or thin get out cheer them on. I can tell you one thing I’m fully vested in this team I’m always thinking how we can get better I go to almost every game . I watch the replay on terrier tv. I listen to coach post game. I talk regularly to other fans I do anything I can to be as close to this great program as I can?

  60. Colin, we love your optimism, however misguided and out of touch, it is. This team is a huge disappointment so far

  61. “WE” do? 🙂

  62. The only thing B.U. leads the league in is excuses and rationalization. When does were too young and we are a work in progress turn into OPPS, this is a lost season.

  63. what does OPPS stand for?

  64. Vinnie , frozen out aka Larry the baby… If u feel this way why even post anything !! U make me sick lol.. Larry I hear some stuff about u and not good about your “past” with friends of hockey… I would be embarrassed to even follow bu if I was U… #patheticfraud ..u guys and at the team stop watching don’t matter … F***** clowns …

  65. Roy Estrella,
    I am a legacy donor and a former boardmember of the FOH . Your ignorant personal attacks are classless and simply not true.
    The only embarrassment besides your insipid comments are the team.

  66. Yea bc I live on the blog like u moron… Clown

  67. I know exactly who u were and was handed that title… Thats not the point here, just keep bashing and I will keep calling u amd your side kick vinnie out .. Good bye clowns ..

    • Roy Estrela
      Sorry to disappoint but nothing was ever handed to me In fact it was an invitation by two of the founders of the FOH. I honestly do not care what you think. The facts are you no nothing about me or the contributions my family made to the program. Believe me I am not that interesting and your character assassination is once again SIMPLY NOT TRUE. If you want to continue your verbally abusive profanity laced responses so be it.
      I assure it is not my fault the team has won 9 to of 22 games. Perhaps you anger should be directed toward them,

    • Roy Estrela
      Sorry to disappoint but nothing was ever handed to me In fact it was an invitation by two of the founders of the FOH. I honestly do not care what you think. The facts are you no nothing about me or the contributions my family made to the program. Believe me I am not that interesting and your character assassination is once again SIMPLY NOT TRUE. If you want to continue your verbally abusive profanity laced responses so be it.
      I assure it is not my fault the team has won 9 to of 22 games. Perhaps you anger should be directed toward them,

  68. Boys, Boys, Boys Let’s keep our focus on the team. This weekend was a good one but they must keep the momentum going forward. They can very easily earn a bye if they can get on a roll.

  69. Hi TK. I think the bigger question is whether they can still earn an invitation to the NCAA tournament without a HE tournament win. They will be playing a decent chunk of their remaining games against teams that are ranked pretty low in the pairwise. Those kind of wins are fine but they won’t help much with our own rankings in the pairwise. We need to get from #31 to at least #16 during the next two months. Just wondering if that’s mathematically possible.

  70. I guess we are still on this extended blog. Glenn I don’t have the mathematical skills to know if it is possible to get to 16 what I do know is its key to get a bye and to play at home. BU could get a automatic bid if they can win it all in hockey east. The team is playing well but it’s a uphill stretch ahead because of the way they played earlier in the season. I like the way we are playing and I think we can beat anybody. Jake is playing great . A hot goalie can take you a long way. I have said it all season often getting criticized this team can do it. This is what makes college hockey so great. The next big obstacle is playing in that puddle box at Merrimack. We notoriously play lousy there. We will need to play physical dump pucks in and get to them first. Defensively we need to block shots and take passing lanes away. Also for some reason we always seem to take a lot of penalties up there. For obvious reasons we can’t have that.?

  71. merrimack is a huge test. and i do not want to hear any excuses from Clownin Roy about how merrimack is bigger and older…and their rink is too small. need 4 points and that is all there is to it. the Big O needs to come up big. no deflatable softies


  72. Vinnie I love Roy his passion for BU hockey is great . Your excuses you talk about are fact. Merrimack is bigger the rink is a puddle. That being said that does not fit into BU strength. They will have to change there style a bit and stay out of the box.?