Weekend Roundup: Lowell series, end of semester thoughts

The Boston University men’s hockey team finished 2017 with two matchups against the University of Massachusetts Lowell. This was the first time the two teams had faced each other unranked since Dec. 7, 2007.

Jordan Greenway recorded three goals and one assist on Saturday. PHOTO BY MADDIE MALHOTRA/ DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF
Jordan Greenway recorded three goals and one assist on Saturday. PHOTO BY MADDIE MALHOTRA/ DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Friday night at Tsongas Center, the Terriers had a 2-1 lead going into the final period of the game after freshman forward Brady Tkachuk and graduate transfer forward Drew Melanson struck less than a minute into the first and second period respectively.

However, BU couldn’t maintain the lead as the River Hawks found the back of the net twice in the third and the Terriers couldn’t get the puck past Lowell junior goaltender Christoffer Hernberg.

Saturday ensued much differently. BU notched three goals in each period for a 9-3 win to end the semester. Junior forward Jordan Greenway tallied a hat-trick, which included a short-handed goal.

Sophomore forward Patrick Harper scored twice on the power play, freshman defenseman Cam Crotty got his first collegiate goal and sophomore defenseman Chad Krys notched a goal the following shift after being hit hard in the leg by a shot from River Hawks senior defenseman Chris Forney.

Chad Krys was helped off the ice, but returned back to the BU bench quickly. PHOTO BY MADDIE MALHOTRA/ DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF
Chad Krys was helped off the ice, but returned back to the BU bench quickly. PHOTO BY MADDIE MALHOTRA/ DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

While the Terriers will go into the winter break on a high note and the team appears optimistic about the next half of their season, the Lowell series continued to highlight an ever so familiar sequence of events.

Over BU’s past three Hockey East series, the squad has been limited to two goals or less on one night then puts up seven or more goals the next. This was seen specifically in the Terriers’ splits with the University of Maine, then-No. 15 Boston College and this past weekend.

BU is currently tied for No. 3 in the conference with No. 9 Providence College and in the upcoming half of the season, it will face many opponents again and play Hockey East series against Merrimack College, the University of Massachusetts Amherst and the University of Vermont.

This latter portion of the season will certainly provide a challenge to the Terriers who have proven they can play against a top team like BC, but they have yet to see a full sweep and take home four points.

BU’s next game will be an exhibition game against the United States National Team Development Program on Jan. 5 where many of the Terriers will see their former teammates. Following that game will be another matchup against Maine at Agganis Arena.

Another note before the articles and media below: I (Nikki) will be assuming the role of the sports editor of The Daily Free Press during the spring semester so Liam O’Brien and Matt Martin will be the main writers for men’s hockey and the Boston Hockey Blog. I may come back to cover a couple games, but I’d like to thank everyone for a great semester, hanging in with us through the technical difficulties and keeping along with the blog.

What are you thoughts on the Lowell series and the first half of the 2017-18 season?

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  1. That was impressive. BU broke the puck out of there zone very well, puck managment was terrific. I can’t rember us loosing one race to a loose puck. I like coach Bazin commments that this game was like a NASCAR race and they were watching BU fly by them. So good to see this. So happy for the kids on this team. This should help with the confidence. I think it was no mistake that a lot of the energy BU brought to the rink where from Chabot and Cury they play a hard nosed never give up gritty game. That along with Fabro’s gutsy return on a bad ankle really helped. I have stated it before but the combination of krys and Fabro on our D is huge. They are two of the best in college hockey. Our other D played well Saturday as too contributing to our offensive explosion. Forwards melanson greenway bowers tkachuck and the penalty kill specialist Carpenter who can play on any line and do anything that is aked of him are doing great. The list goes on Olson was a force crashing the net, Harper and Ference where putting on stick handling clinics. Cockerill can fly probably fastest guy in the league. ThAt said one miscue led to a goal and two defensive end blown coverages led to grade a+ scoring opportunities which landed in the back of the net. 3 of that quality is too many. Bottom line there is always room for improvement but that was great. Happy holidays and can’t wait for more BU hockey?

  2. I wish we still had Lacouvee to challenge Oetinger.

  3. we need to bring in a goalie second semester. Praw can’t cut it at this level. i agree Ott needs to be pushed

    impressive win against lowell, but there is no such thing as getting extra points for style. bottom line: another 500 weekend.

    to me, chabot embodies everything right about a college hockey player. he should never be out of the line up. no contest between him and some of other “spare parts”. he brings energy and he plays the game thew right way

  4. Love the negativity that’s what this blog is about except for a small group of loyal terrier fans. jake does not need pushing he pushes himself. And max is a great back up. You may have forgotten his shut out against New Hampshire. We don’t have spAre parts here at BU we have hockey players and dam good ones some who can’t even crack the line up. BU hockey will be fine and is heading in the right direction. I do agree with chabot he is a wrecking ball. I love his style of play.?

  5. Vinnie,
    The following are my thoughts regarding the now completed first semester of the hockey schedule. The record is 8-10 -1 (ranked 28th in the pairwise) It speaks for itself. Below average at home and below average on the road. A team loaded with talent and expectations that is mired in mediocrity.
    To be fair their last effort against UMass – Lowell was the most complete game they have played to date. Unfortunately this has been the exception rather than the rule. An inability to have winning streak of more than two games speaks volumes.
    A team that on too many nights has too many passengers and not enough drivers. This team is consistently inconsistent and makes numerous mistakes such as blown coverages , unwilling to defend in front of their own net and turnovers that lead to odd man rushes. The preceding has effected the goaltending as on many nights he is left hung out to dry.
    The chances of making the NCAA tournament are marginal after only nineteen games. Fighting for a first round bye is going to be very challenging .So who is accountable for this reversal of fortune ? (Please note B.U. is sending more players to the world junior tournament then any other college.) The answer is obvious.

  6. I agree with some of your thoughts on why are record is what it is frozen out but they have been playing better and could have won a few more games with any luck. I must say I’m not as pessimistic as you I like our chances as coach said your judged on a season not a half. This club is young going to make mistakes but there is no one else in college hockey I would want coaching them. I can see you don’t like coach and it’s fair to go after him as he is getting paid and in my mind a professional. I don’t like when people come on this blog and attack student athletes I think that should wait till they become professionals. I can disagree with you on many aspects of this team but I appreciate the fact that you have never negatively mentioned any players in your blog just the coaches

    • Colin,
      Happy Holidays! I respect your opinion but disagree. I do not like or understand how the Hockey Program is being run.Unfortunately they have underachieved beyond anyones expectations. Please rationally explain the poor performances against Minnesota State, Northeastern and the first half of the Cornell game . Not showing up mentally and physically prepared to play is not acceptable on any level. Playing hero hockey and not as team is not formula for success. Neither are untimely and careless penalties that cost B.U. the first Umass- Lowell. Especially since both penalties were on seniors . Not great leadership by our captain with a cheap shot on the second one. Unless they clean up their act , nothing will change except for the level of disappointment.

  7. frozen out. I can’t say they have not played poorly at times because they have. In my opinion there record should be better. Young players make mistakes unfortunately I think at this level playing the type of style they played at times this first half is a result of that. You may blame the coaching staff I disagree as I think it’s them who will coach the kids out of it. You call it hero hockey I call it inexperience. If your a young man with lots of talent and tremendous success and you move to the next level and you join other players of the same level and learn the college game and things don’t work . It’s only human nature to revert back to what worked at lower levels. Now at this point of the season the teAm is playing much better, still making way too many mental lapses in own end but improving and having some success and building some confidence. To your other point the leadership is there the penalty the other night can be argued up and down . Many disagree with me but I say he was just trying to pin him against the boards. I do not call it a cheap shot. For the record he folded up like a accordion, I was waiting for a stretcher to Cary him off the ice. He was back on the ice for the power play goal so there was so gamesmanship there. We got them back Saturday against Lowell.?

    • I love your passion but totally disagree with your assessment. Young players with elite level talent should be able to adjust their game to fit into a team concept in a relatively short period of time. Both the Beagles ( no seniors) and Cornell ( 10 freshman against B.U. ) have accomplished that task as reflected by their records.
      It is my belief that the coaching staff has failed miserably as the same mistakes are made game after game .Whatever the corrections, particularly on defense , that have been communicated in practice, occurs only occasionally in too many games . It appears with out any repercussions as no top six forward or top four defense men has been benched. It is usually a bottom six forward or the a bottom two defenseman.
      I do not believe that their has been any improvement or success as they were 2-3 in there last five games. (one bad game , one good game) For example after a hard fought victory
      at Chestnut Hill, the next evening the team was not mentally or physically ready to play. Out shot , I believe 14-6, and down two to nothing due to mental lapses and defensive breakdowns that should have been corrected at this juncture in the season.
      Reality check, there really is no debate on the penalty, it was vicious cheap shot . Please note that person was suspended the next game by hockey east. He was not suspended for good sportsmanship. Any well coached team does not take a obvious when killing penalty.

  8. Colin, you consider yourself a loyal fan because you don’t say anything negative about the team. you can call it loyal; i call it pollyannic sugarcoating. but you are entitled to view it however you want, but you are no more loyal than me or others who take the team, certain players, the coaches to task when they miserably underperform.

    happy holidays, everyone

  9. Vinnie I had to break out my dictionary on that last thread. Very good I must say you don’t know me and what I know. I’m the most passionate BU fan I think anyone could be I have been following the team since I was a kid. I have met and become friends with former and current players. I’m not afraid to state my opinion on this blog I often do and it is sometimes critical of bu play. I try not to call kids out individually as they are just student athletes. I also consider my self a hockey fanatic I love the game I played it coached it and would watch any game any where and enjoy it. I have also worked around professional athletes for almost 19 years so I know how the game is played. Why do I say all this because you question my opinions so to answer your questions you better believe I’m a bigger terrier fan then you. In fact your always so negative I don’t think your a fan at all. I think secretly you love to see BU struggle so you can come on here and write about it and the “spare parts we have.” These are division one hockey players here. And so what if we don’t win a game the rest of the year but these kids turn out to be sucsesful in life that’s the lesson learned. If we keep improving trying hard working on what makes us better hockey plAyers we will be fine. As coach says your not judged by the half but the season. I will go one step further ones life is not measured in the first 20 years, these atletes at BU go on to great things thanks to coach Parker and his staffs and now coach Quinn and his staffs? Go bu can’t wait to see what happens in the second half

  10. Vinnie,
    I agree with your comments. The first half was in one word disgraceful. 8 wins out of 19 games . Twice as many loses then at this time last year. An abundance of elite level talent that does not understand the concept of teamwork. Hard to believe but the coaching staff has somehow managed to get less out of more. Clearly the most disappointing team in College Hockey. Yet no accountability, just excuses and rationalization. Happy Holidays!

  11. Again with the negativity I LOVE it u guys wait until they lose to post something yet when bu wins not 1 word from u guys no need to say who…. What u guys are watching is a talented team and a young team and u will have growing pains its expected but what is becoming more and more CLEARER is all those breakdowns u see this year happened last year but u had a stud Charlie Mcvoy which covered alot of flaws and a go to forward Keller which himself won u a bunch of games and that is what this team does not have this year … I HAVE BEEN TO EVERY GAME HOME AND AWAY AND WILL BE continue to do so it’s what real fans to and support not hide behind blogs … CORRECT ME IF IM WRONG HALF THE GAMES WE HAVE LOST IS BAD LUCK 1 BOUNCE THE OTHER WAY ITS A DIFFERENT RESULT… U GUYS SAY. COACH THIS AND THAT U GUYS WERE SAYING THE SAME ABOUT JACK PARKER BUT HOW QUICKLY U FORGET… ITS MIND BOGGLING WHY U GUYS STILL GO TO GAMES AND POST IF U FEEL LIKE U DO… KEEP THAT NEGATIVE JUNK OF THIS BLOG… GO ROOT FOR YORK AND THE EAGLES… … WHEN BU MAKES A SECOND HALF RUN LIKE HUSKIES DID LAST YEAR DONT BOTHER COMING ON HERE…FROZEN OUT OR THE FAMOUS TROLL “LARRY” IM THINKING SEAN IS YOIR SON OR SOMTHING .. CLOWNS… GO BU!!!

    • I consider myself fair and balanced and did not post my thoughts until the end of the semester. In sports you make your own luck. Blaming bad bounces is a losers mentality. The fact is they are 8-10-1and your cannot argue with that point. I do not think that a bad bounce cost them the games against Northeastern and Minnesota State. I believe they were out scored in those games 19-5. Bothe series were mismatches and 3 out of 4 were at home.
      There are no excuses for the undisciplined play that results in stupid penalties and defensive breakdowns. I personally am sick and tired of the youth excuse when other teams (the Beagles no seniors and Cornell 10 freshman have winning records.)
      I have been to every home game and two away games. I can report that they play just as poorly at home as they do on the road except for the few games when they actually focus on playing as a team instead of a bunch of individual all stars .
      So perhaps you need reality check . Sometimes the truth hurts. Jack Parker was a legendary coach and the current regime is not cut from the same cloth. It is ironic that you want me not to attend games when the employees at Agganis Arena are begging me to renew my season tickets. In fact dwindling attendance is a growing issue. If this trend continues pretty soon you will have your own section.Any truth to the rumor that games could be going back to WBA ?

      • U wouldn’t be missed if u didn’t renew.. I’m sure they wanna see u leave..

        • I didn’t know that you had been appointed head of season ticket renewals Good to know. Unfortunately, I don’t plan to consult you regarding my final decision.
          Instead of being angry and frustrated at my accurate and truthful comments. Why not voice your angst at those that are accountable. I promise you I had no impact or influence in the first semester results.

    • Roy, I resent that comment about being Larry’s son! WOW!! I’ve been rough on Jake this year and their play but always end my posts on a positive.(mostly, sometimes I’m so mad they lose, when they shouldn’t ) I do believe we have underachieved this year and losing JFK killed us. That and Jake’s “off’ first half. He lost at least 4 games individually. Get those w’s and we’re not subjected to Larry’s negative comments. In his words, Parker was a LEGENDARY coach right? But WHY did he only win 3 National titles then?? One would think a LEGENDARY coach would fare better than that in FORTY years, no?? I’ll beat him to his next point of winning all those HE titles and ECAC titles but when Quinn did that, he was still a failure in Larry;’s eyes for not winning it ALL. He HATES Quinn, He HATES there is no FOBU anymore and will only EVER come on here to trash the team. If that’s what makes him happy, then so be it. I don’t respond to him anymore. He thinks his opinion is the only one that matters and loves to hop on here when the team is down.
      Anyway, in all honesty this team is not performing to their ability. I am so happy that they are finally looking to older, more mature players to recruit since it doesn’t seem to work getting all the young studs. No other team in college hockey has had the number of high drafts as BU has and I don’t care what anyone says, when you are that type of elite player at 17, you are NOT mature enough to understand you are not going to be the star of the team. There are of course exceptions to this (Eichel of coure) but in reality, many of these kids cant handle when someone else outshines them.
      NOW, onto the second half, I’m really hoping they pick up where they left off. Coach Quinn is so well respected for his hockey knowledge and coaching (in the REAL hockey world, NOT by the likes of the Larry’s on here). You hear all the pro GM’s and hockey analysts talk about it all the time. I mean, if he sucked, WHY would he be getting the Pro offers he keeps getting year after year? He’s BU through and through, he takes responsibility for ALL losses and NO credit for the wins. Larry has no idea what that guys goes through during a season. He thinks in black and white. You would think Quinn’s paycheck comes out of Larrys bank account. He says he’s just telling it as it is but the truth is….he hatred of Quinn goes irrationally deep.

      • Sean,
        I glad to see you have not changed and continue to be a mountain of misinformation and half truths. The problem is not goaltending but style of play ( offense first) Although not as consistent as last year Jake has been hung to dry more often than not.Undisplined defensive breakdowns, inconsistent power play and penalty kill, and a lack of being prepared both mentally and physically has hurt this team.
        For the record Jack Parker won 897 games(most at one College) 3 National Championships, 11 Conference Tiltles and 21 Beanpots. He was was responsible for the Agganis Arena. He received permission from Dr. Silber to incorporate the arena as part of the student village project. Through the FOBUH he raised over $50 million dollars to fund the arena. He personally designed all aspects of this project. Also he had to raise two young daughters when his first wife passed away.
        I think you are a bit confused but our current leader of the program did not receive any offers from the NHL. In fact just the opposite according to CHN and NHL online there was no interest.Believe me if there was a serious offer ,he would be crazy not to take it.

        • I know Parker, so you spewing info about him is not impressive to me. Jackie and Allie are wonderful women and he didn’t raise them alone. I could care less about Agganis Arena, It’s why it appears there is no one in the stands. Its too big. Its beautiful don’t get me wrong, but it took away the college feel. It’s a great recruiting tool for sure.
          And if you think Jake wasn’t solely responsible for at LEAST 4 losses you are misguided as well. Even the announcers were talking about his “off” first half. He’s spending most of the game on his knees, and he is getting beat over the top, which should never happen at his size.
          CHN and NHL are not accurate in that report (don’t believe everything that you read). Quinn has no desire at this point to join the NHL….believe that

          • I could care less about your relationship with Jack. However your insensitive remarks minimizing young children losing a parent under any circumstances is unwarranted and speaks for itself. Further more your ignorant comment regarding a state of the art facility shows me you are simply out of touch. Perhaps you would be happy at Boston Arena sharing ice with Northeastern.
            Your clueless remarks blaming an eighteen year old goaltender for four loses shows how little you know about hockey. There is no I in the word team. If you do not trust the process and believe in your teammates then the team will not succeed.The problem is NOT WITH THE PLAYERS. It starts and ends at the top. An abundance of talent the coach cannot get to function as team as reflected by their 8-10-1 record ( 28 in the pair wise) He is fortunate that there is an opportunity to salvage the season. However seeing is believing. It would nice to win more than two games row!

          • Larry
            WHEN did I minimize the girls losing their parent? You’re as nutty as always. I said he didn’t raise them alone, VERY different than the spin you’re trying to put on it. Ignorant comment about a RINk! HA! Nutty again! I said its beautiful yet it was UNNECESSARY to build something that elaborate for a college hockey team. Good thing they bring in other things there, No college hockey rink needs to seat 7000+. And again YES Jake is responsible for at least 4 losses, nothing wrong with saying it. You want to paint him as some innocent kid. He’s a FIRST ROUND draft choice….MAN UP JAKE! Coach can’t go out there and stop the pucks. Ahhh you’re good, got me replying to your insanity. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and to all a good night!

          • Sean,
            No spin on my part. Your words not mine. No doubt in my mind that Jack had tremendous support in this extremely difficult and challenging time in his and his young families life. However it is not that simple and I will leave it at that.
            As usually a mountain of misinformation and fake news.The state of the art facility known as Agganis Arena sets approximately 6,200 for hockey. It is comparable in size with most of the facilities in Hockey East. The fact that attendance is down around 20% from the Coach Parker era is most likely to the elimination of discount programs for loyal season ticket holders, poor team performance and coach who refuses to promote the program. The exact opposite strategy of the previous coach who recognized the importance of strong fan support.
            Jake is part of the solution not part of the problem. He is not as consistent as last year but still has better Individual stats then his first round rival up the street.Coach may not be able to stop the puck but should be able to demand team discipline, have competent power play and teach how to defend on the penalty kill. For a grown man to pick on and constantly bash a n eighteen year old athlete is unprofessional and lame. You should be ashamed of yourself!

  12. Yes Rui. We lost McAvoy, Keller and JFK early. That was devastating … especially the latter as he was expected to return. Still, there’s no reason to think we can’t win the Hockey East playoffs and that will guarantee us an NCAA bid regardless of how the regular season goes. The scoring has become more balanced. Just hoping for three things for the second semester: Oettinger being more stingy in goal; Crone regaining the scoring touch he had in the USHL; and the whole team staying healthy. Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas to all my hockey blog friends!

  13. Glen and Roy refreshing to see some positive comments on here. Frozen out I think Roy and I were talking about 2 or 3 games we had bad luck not every game we lost. Roy talks about loosing Macovy but it’s more the that we had mccavoy and Fabro krys spread out we don’t have that now. But our D are playing better have faith we will be better second half. I have not heard about moving back to Walter brown I loved that barn but Agganis is beautiful so I don’t see that happening. Can’t wait for 2nd half to start Roy Glenn see you around the rink?

    • Colin,
      Players who have moved are not a factor on this years team and do not influence the outcome of games .Please stop crying about bad bounces it is the easy way to rationalize poor play. it Is my experience good teams find ways win the one goal games and bad one do not and make excuses. Remember it is the final score that counts!
      If Agganis arena loses money on hockey do to attendance issues then all bets are off. Especially if those date can be replaced with concerts or other activities that draws more in attendance.(Basketball was moved back to the Case Center Roof.)

    • Colin,
      Players who have moved are not a factor on this years team and do not influence the outcome of games .Please stop crying about bad bounces it is the easy way to rationalize poor play. it Is my experience good teams find ways win the one goal games and bad one do not and make excuses. Remember it is the final score that counts!
      If Agganis arena loses money on hockey do to attendance issues then all bets are off. Especially if those date can be replaced with concerts or other activities that draws more in attendance.(Basketball was moved back to the Case Center Roof.)

  14. I’m not talking about last years team I’m talking about this years team Roy was stating loosing mccavoy and Keller take time to fill which this team in my opinion are starting to do. I personally don’t care if BU hockey is played in a meat locker in Mexico as long as I can watch I don’t care. The attandence issue has nothing to do with this team or record. It was like this the year they went to national championship game. I’m sure you want to blame coach for that as well. If I worked at Agganis I would donate free tix to youth hockey organizations and parents could pay which would bring in revenue give you fans for a lifetime. Just a thought?

  15. Mr frozen out take a look around college hockey attendance is down all over not just at “BU” LIKE U SAID … U ARE JUST ONE OF THOSE GUYS THAT EVEN IF WE WIN BY 5 U WILL SAY SOMTHING NEGATIVE.. U NEED A HOBBY MY FRIEND STOP WASTING YOUR ENERGY ON HERE SAVE IT.. GO BU

    • Roy Estrella,
      As head of season ticket renewals you should know that Agganis Arena is operated as separate entity from the University. It is highly leveraged with debt and not only has to meet its financial obligations but show a profit.
      If attendance for Hockey falls below break even than it could be replace by events that make money. Even I hope that this does not happen!

  16. Colin,
    Please note that Norte Dame lost there best forward and All American goaltender over the summer. Norte Dame is, at least in the first half,one of the best team on the country and undefeated in their conference.
    Is it unreasonable to ask the team to win more than two games in a row?
    I agree that the lack of attendance has nothing to due with the product on the ice, However the poor performance does effect the attendance Especially, when you can go down the street, a short distance in either direction and watch winning teams.
    During the National Championship season the averag attendance I believe was around 5,000. I guess it is now under 4,000. A decrease of around 20% in a relatively short period of time.
    I wish they donate tickets to youth organizations rather then play in an empty building. Great idea!

  17. I agree Larry. Boston is a hockey loving city and we charge about 25 to 35% of what the Bruins charge and provide our athletic entertainment in a more family friendly environment than anyone. I am baffled that Agganis isn’t always sold out for BU Hockey. I completely disagree about the team’s record having anything to do with attendance whatsoever. The growing percentage of students from countries that have no interest in hockey does impact attendance quite a bit. It’s really a different crowd on our campus these days. Still, better outreach can help.

    • Glenn,
      Happy Holidays! I agree that the growing percentage of foreign students is a factor to a certain degree. However there are many students from North America who either choose not to attend or do not know about the Hockey program. Although they do show up for the Beagles .
      Remember Jack Parker and Jack Kelly believed a strong Friends group was vital to the teams on ice success. It was important to them that alumni or fans show up. Unfortunately this regime has taken the opposite approach and it has effected the attendance.

      • Hey Larry! Happy holidays to you as well. I’ve actually seen (via livestream) several Boston College home games and there are a whole lot of empty seats there too. I would have thought it would have been different.

        • Glenn,
          I believe you but the attendance issues at B.U are totally different. A smaller , state of the art facility built for the premier sport at the school. At beagleville the ACC relationship in football and basketball probably pays for the athletic program. Hockey is there third sport and it doesn’t matter if it produces revenue or more importantly profits.

  18. I think that a big part of this seasons’ success, if does eventually arise, and the future of this program hinges on how well this team will jell as a unit as they get to know each other better. They have had different players for the most part the last 2-3 years and this is a major reason IMO that we see disjointed and inconsistent play out of them. if we continue to see underclassman early departures than the program will never develop to the level to satisfy our aspirations for the, .ie, inning Beanpots consistently again and making goods runs at hockey east and Frozen Four titles. Although I agree with Frozen Out’s assessment of the coaching staff filures this year, just look at how well the team performed in 2015, albeit with superstar Eichel, but also with a solid upperclass core which included, O’Regan, Oksanen, Lane Grzlyck to provide the leadership needed. Otherwise the Terrier hockey program risks becoming college hockey’s version of Kentucky Wildcat basketball.

    • Vito,
      I partially agree with your comments. Please remember the the team preceding Eichel won 9 games. I agree the experience helped but the truth is Eichel was a generational player and the leader of the team.
      If the one and done players doesn’t translate to success then why continue to recruit those players. The one who is in charge chooses the players and is ultimately responsible for the results.

  19. MISSING IN ACTION! I access the BHB from my home computer, and for an unknown reason whenever I did so (until just now-Dec. 16 @ 3:00 pm) the last entry displayed was the live blog from last Saturday’s Lowell game showing no comments. Thankfully, Big Roy gave me a “heads up”, and I viewed the blog on my I Phone; whereupon I saw the latest postings and extended exchanges. I am sorry I was unaware of, and therefore unable to participate in, the excellent banter and parry, points made-attacked-and defended, and emotion displayed. I have had problems all season long with various aspects of the Blog. The editor has freely recognized the glitches, and is addressing solutions to resolve them. Best wishes to all, God Bless! PSD

  20. Frozen,
    Yeah I have to admit I’m also beginning to have doubts about DQ’ s coaching abilities and that of his staff, but look we’re stuck with him. I don’t think that they’re gonna fire him if the club finishes under .500 this year, which BTW I don’t think will happen. I ‘ll go ahead and predict a Beanpot victory, we need it!
    As far as recruiting the one and done guy, I think that’s ok if as was the situation in 2015, you already have a team in place to win it all then its ok. The last 2 years that has not been the case so I think DQ should continue to recruit excellent players, WHICH HE IS GOOD AT DOING, but say look, give us 2-3 years to help us since we are giving you a free ride for an education. If the player doesn’t want to study than just tell himmaybe college hockey is not for you, and recruit maybe the lesser talent but one who also will be a good student and stay 4 years. Haven’t they been doing this for years at Harvard and B.C. A good example would be Johnny Hockey who is arguably the equivalent in talent of a n Eichel or Keller but played 3 years for B.C. during their 3 out of 5 year Frozen Four dynasty.

    • Thank you for having posted both reasonable and realistic comments. I am as puzzled and disappointed as everyone else by the first semester results. The coaches fate will be determined by the results, over the next semester. It is a result oriented business. I believe his superiors will be fair in there evaluation.
      I agree that he is an excellent recruiter but it is what you do with talent that is most important. Perhaps you are correct in making an effort to find players that will comit for 2-3 years. I know Denver accomplished this task this year. As none of their underclass men left early.

  21. Coach is going no where. It is true his reputation at the college level the American hockey level and the NHL is solid. It is well documented larry that you don’t like him. It is also well documented that folks in high places around hockey love him. Coach has developed some great talent just turn on nesn and see the Bruins play. It is also known that you don’t like the youth inexperience excuse but in fact if kids leave new ones come in. I’m going to give this guy a chance . I think he is the best in college hockey. By the way his assistants are well regarded as well. Just this week we picked up a top prospect defenseman. Rome was not built in a day.

    • Colin,
      He is not going anywhere because he has no where to go. I believe that credibility of both reports on CHN and NHL on line. However you are entitled to your opinion.
      He has recruited great talent that has developed at the next level. No big suprise. Charlie and Clayton would have been terrific players no matter where they played prior to their entry to the NHL.
      As far as my documented dislike of how he chose to run the program , gulley as charged.
      His record speaks for itself. If the team doesn’t turn it around in the second half his job could be in jeapordy. Please note the Denver coach totally rebuilt the program and won a NCCA title in his fourth season. Also all there underclassmen returned to defend the championship. I consider him and his staff superior to the one at B.U.(So please come up with another excuse.)

  22. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nhl/2016/10/11/nhls-50-most-important-people-2016-2017/91822036/

    Check out #49. Of course this is one sports writer’s opinion but all the CHN and NHL Network commentators seem to imply David Quinn is a highly sought after coach.

  23. But Larry knows better than I right?? Sad angry little man.

    • Sean,
      You continue to drink the DQ Kool aide. The next time you are right will be the first time.
      I rather be a sad, angry , little man then an arrogant, ignorant and disrespectful individual, with bully mentality. . A lethal combination. A dime who thinks he is dollar.

  24. hey Larry makes a number of good points, but of course if anyone says anything negative about the program they are labeled as “sad angry men,” disloyal fans, and secret eagle lovers.
    i really like DQ. i think he is a great guy. his recruiting is excellent. however, his on ice performance leaves something to be desired. i think he would even admit that. but what i learned a long time ago is that the power of teaching is in the relationship. now, i have NO idea how he relates and gets along with his players. but they have to want to play for you. even though Jack could be tough, the guys mostly put out for him. there is no one style that accomplishes this goal. but sometimes i wonder if there might be a disconnect between players and coaches which account for the up and down play. i do not know , but i scratch my head wondering why last year’s star-studded team won nothing (oops, the were co champions of the HE regent season title) and why this year’s team, who DQ explicitly said at the summer luncheon and other places that this could be the best team he has had to date, has been off to an abysmal start. yes abysmal, given where they were predicted to finish. not even in the top 20 poll and soon to be out of the “others receiving votes” category if they keep playing like they have. who cares if they beat a team 9-3 if they are gonna lose the next night. 500 is 500 and 500 does not cut it with a brand name program like BU
    some of you say they will turn it around. no comment. but if they do that, it will need to be some turnaround if they want to qualify for the ncaa’s. am i wrong about the magnitude of the turnaround?

    note, i did not mention any players by name. just DQ ,and Colin gave permission in an earlier post that it is ok to critique him because he is getting paid

    so there you have it. even though i disagree with the assessments of some bloggers, i firmly believe that ALL of us bleed scarlet and white. happy holidays

    • Vinnie,
      I really appreciate your perspective and comments. I strongly believe that there are communication issues between the players and coaching staff. Especially since B.U. players usually are the top performers for the U.S.A., or when they go on to the N.H. L.
      The current team has an abundance of talent but cannot put two good games together.
      Please explain a an all star power play that on two many nights looks like Disney on Ice, impressive skating, top notch passing and NO SHOTS ON NET! How about the swell penalty kill that sets up a double screen on its goaltender with both a B.U. defenseman and an opponent blocking the goaltenders vision. If at the B.U. defense does not block the
      shot from the point then the goalie will not see until it is in the net .Is there any team as undisciplined as B.U.?. Remember the first Lowell game. It is not smart when killing a penalty to take another penalty! Our senior captain, instead of pinning the Lowell forward against the boards , runs at him so hard that he was suspended the next game. The preceding is a reflection on the coach. He never benches a top six forward or
      a star defensemen when it is warranted. I believe until he changes the results will be the same.