Live Blog: BU vs. Northeastern

The No. 12 Boston University men’s hockey team will take on the No. 15 Northeastern University tonight at Agganis Arena after shutting out No. 6 Providence College 3-0 last night with two goals from sophomore defenseman Chad Krys. Read this week’s preview to see who and what to look out for. Follow along on tonight’s live blog as well.

Live Blog Live Blog: BU vs. Northeastern


  1. Has anyone from the Freep asked Quinn why Chabot is not in lineup?

  2. Another tough loss. It seems every time we take a step forward we take two steps back the next night. I believe this is due to our youth in the line up not having experience at the college. Level. I’m sure folks will follow my comments with harsh talk of the coach and players and say negative things about how they perform. I won’t do it I said from day one I love this team and I think they will be a tough team to beat down the stretch. What I say from this point forward are hunches and opinions based on observations from watching bu games, unfortunately I’m not at practice every day so I don’t know what guys are doing. First I’m sure coach is not thrilled with all the east west fancy passing in neutral zone. We are way to easy to defend. When we dump the puck in we usually don’t win the foot race needs to stop. In our zone we are standing around flat footed there guys are way to open and passing lanes are not clogged Jake has had to make unbelievable saves because guys walked right through the slot uncovered. Our breakout needs to be quicker developing it needs to be fast and able to generate odd man rushes through neutral zone see above of what they need to do from there. In the offensive zone d need to move to get a lane to the net forwards need to get there. This team will get there be positive people I’m sure coach is working on this we have seen very positive signs at times this year .I would definitely insert chabot in line up the kids feet are always going. He’s solid defensively he won’t try fancy moves in neutral zone. Because he never gives up on the play and is strong on his skates he will get to loose pucks first take the body and guys will see this and play that type of game. Chabot to me is like a Mike Moran or a sophomore matt lane type you need to have in line up they are spark plugs. Curry is the same type of player but he’s a first line guy now so it makes since gabe should be a 3 or 4 line spark plug guy. It’s what this team is missing. Go terriers good week of practice and we get revenge on huskies?

  3. SonofCaesarCarlaci

    yea, sort of agree with Colin. But, that said, I don’t see much drive in this Terrier squad. Two players that have me wondering are Bowers and Greenway. I thought Bowers was an outstanding center but he seems so timid with the puck, He does not create time and space at all while in possession. Greenway, I think, believes he is doing us a favor by not turning pro. He was been a nothing burger this year. Let’s face it. This is a development year and we will never have the gritty guys of yore. O, well, there is always the Beanpot !!!

  4. the Beanpot against Harvard? pahleeze. at the rate this team is going, the score will be worse than last year

    I hope greenway does do us a favor and leaves after this year.

    and what happened to patrick harper ? nothing in comparison to his potential whatever that means

    attender has had some nice stretches but he also bears blame for his sloppy play controlling rebounds. needs to come out of net and challenge the shooters

    i can see why melanson was nothing to write home about at RPI

    finally, i have been screaming for Chabot to be in the line-up. he sets a good tone for the rest of the team in terms of playing hard. is he hurt?

    i would take Nico Lynch at forward over Cloonan. Yikes on that kid.

    so sick of hearing about how young we are: year after year the same lament.

    BC is down in terms of recruiting. we should be on top of our game. they say winning goes in cycles. ours should be up while theirs is down because they won’t be down forever. as soon as York leaves, watch out

  5. Gabe is not hurt he Is healthy. He will be ready if his number is called. I don’t and I will not put any players down. Ryan cloonan is a great kid and a good player for this team. Jordan greenway has put in hard work and could have left he stayed so yes I’m impressed by his loyalty. jake is someone you can build a team around. Bowers I only met once but I hear he is a great kid. I mentioned chabot because I think he has something this team needs. I would never say he deserves to play over this kid, that’s not fair to the kid getting taken out. coach is at practice every day he can see who is doing what. Remember when a kid is taken out of the lineup it crushes him. every kid puts in 110 percent on this team. I have got to know the majority of them and I know what they are made of. Great hockey players like crone,Switzer,mccloud,diffley, and witkowski have my full respect because they give everything they have yet only see limited to no ice time that’s a team player . Any other school they are team heroes. It’s been a tough start but I have faith things will get better stand by this team and rember they are just kids, extremely talented but kids nonetheless. Go bu?

  6. it is not personal. i am sure they are all great kids from great families and they admirably represent the uniform and school

    i am strictly talking on ice performance this year, and i am not seeing very much in the 3 i mentioned: greenway, harper, and cloonan

    the kid excuse is beyond old

  7. The kid excuse may be old to you but vinie its fact. If you look at the players on the ice age they are very young. They are playing like kids who are young and inexperienced that’s just fact. I think the effort is there I think the players are bought into the type of game coach wants them to play I just think old habits are hard to break. The very first time I saw this team skate I was impressed by there speed. They have yet to use that to there advantage due to poor breakouts passes going west to east in neutral zone instead of north south passes. Back checking guys are standing around not sure of what to do this is what I’m talking about inexperience. Rest assured we have the best coaches who see this and will be working on it. I just ask rember these kids may be drafted but they are kids and may read this blog or have friends who tell them about this blog don’t knock them that can come when and if they become pros. I’m as disappointed as anyone about the start but this team will get better. Go bu?

  8. Vinnie and Son of CC: Really? What do you want Greenway to do that he’s not already doing for us? He’s an extremely valuable member of the team from what I’ve seen so far.

  9. Son of Caesar Carlaci

    Glen., Greenway was been VERY PASSIVE this year. For someone who is supposed to be “NHL ready” he shows very little drive or results on the score sheet for that matter. I have watched BU Hockey for many, many years and I know when a player is putting out and when he is not. Greenway is not at this point. Quinn is a great recruiter but Parker could get more from every player than most coaches of his or any other era. He needs a kick ass assistant.

  10. glen,

    ditto on son of caesar blog. i think mr greenway could use a night in the press box to think about how he wants to approach each game. before the season, he talked about being a leader on this team. forget about the goals. not sure that is his game. but he can be a disruptive force on the ice when he puts his mind to it. time to man up

    without mentioning names, we do have some upperclassmen who are not pulling their weight. when the team has young players, and the older ones do not produce, that is a deadly combination

    i love our coaching staff. i want DQ to succeed. he himself has said the team is underperforming. i hope he can get through to those and get them to up their games

  11. I agree team is underperforming. Coaches players would agree as well. The effort and commitment are there it’s the mental aspect that is hurting them. This comes from inexperience. Jordan is not a problem for this team. He is taking the body he is getting to the net , the problem is the pucks not there . Jordan will be fine. I don’t know if it’s the right thing to do only coach would know more but maybe we should not have as much balance on the lines power up first two then tell last two lines your job keep the other team off score sheet. Not sure that’s the way to go. But it’s a option. Go terriers ?

  12. I know that Coach Quinn is always tweaking and sometimes significantly changing the forward lines. It seems like a good idea until we start getting consistent 4+ goal per game offensive output. Still, perhaps players need more time to gel as line-mates.

  13. I recommend reading the comments by Jeff Cox on our Terriers’ problems, that can be found in the SB Nation link via the November 7th edition of Terrierhockey.blogspot.com.

  14. Glenn, obviously ANYONE who is critical of Jordan Greenway,has absolutely no clue about the game of hockey. He is constantly getting hacked, cross checked, and slashed every single time he gets in the front of the net……how can anyone not see this????