Live Blog: BU vs. Minnesota (Game 1)

The No. 2 Boston University men’s hockey team will take on Minnesota State University this weekend for a two-game series at Agganis Arena. Read this week’s preview to see what and who to watch out for. Follow along on our live blog below:

Live Blog BU vs. Minnesota State (Friday)


  1. I’m glad we are playing tomorrow night. This was a ugly game. Bu cycled well but after that not much went well. I saw a lot of puck watching. The break out was terrible. Jake had some great saves but some I’m sure he wished he could have back. One guy who is a little spark plug is gabe chabot I would bet he is back in line up Saturday night.
    This game leaves a sour taste in my mouth but I want to be positive a lot of our mistakes were mental . We moved our feet down low in the offensive zone unfortunately we were watching in the defensive zone
    I like the makeup of this team they know they did not play well I’m sure the coaches know they did not play well . I think they come back and play a great game tomorrow. Everything that went wrong can be corrected. Go bu let’s pick up 2 on Saturday ?

  2. tonight was not pretty at all, its still very early to pass any judgement other than the team looked very flat tonight,I think we will see a different BU team on SAT…..GO BU

  3. Quinn deserves some blame for last night’s loss…you gotta play Curry and/or Chabot over Witkowski and Cloonan…sorry to be harsh but I’ve seen enough of Cloonan…I also like Bobo at wing more than center, and feel like Greenway can benefit most by playing with Harper.