BU announces incoming players for 2017-18 season, 9 freshman and 1 graduate transfer

The Boston University men’s hockey team announced its incoming players for the 2017-18 season earlier today. Among the seven incoming forwards and three defenseman that make up the Terriers’ 27-man roster, five members of the freshman class were selected in the 2017 NHL Entry Draft.

In addition to the nine-member freshman class, the Terriers have added graduate transfer Drew Melanson who spent his last three years with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Before playing in the NCAA, Melanson played in the USHL for three years and notched 73 points (30g, 43a) over 120 games, according to Elite Prospects.

“One thing I really love about this class is the balance,” Quinn said in a GoTerriers.com press release today. “We’ve got maturity, we’ve got skill, we’ve got physicality, and to top it all off, I really love the character of all these guys. They have a great work ethic and they are definitely going [to] make BU better both on and off the ice.”

Senior defenseman Brandon Hickey will lead the incoming players and rest of the Terriers this season as captain alongside senior forwards Bobo Carpenter and Nik Olsson, and junior forward Jordan Greenway who will serve as assistant captains.

Below is a full list of the incoming players to look for on the ice during the upcoming season:

  • Ty Amonte (forward) – Penticton Vees, BCHL
  • Shane Bowers (forward) – Waterloo Black Hawks, USHL
  • Logan Cokerill (forward) – U.S. National Under-18 Team
  • Hank Crone (forward) – Fargo Force, USHL
  • Cameron Crotty (defenseman) – Brockville Braves, CCHL
  • David Farrance (defenseman) – U.S. National Under-18 Team
  • Kasper Kotsansalo (defenseman) – Sioux Falls Stampede, USHL
  • Drew Melanson (forward) – Rensselaer, ECAC
  • Brady Tkachuk (forward) – U.S. National Under-18 Team
  • Jake Witkowski (forward) – Alberni Valley Bulldogs, BCHL


  1. This team is very mature for there age. They also have tremendous balance top to bottom. I think this team has potential to be great. The coaching staff are always above the curve in scouting players to fit the ever changing college hockey landscape. ?

  2. i am not buying any hype this year. i expected so much more last year, and we all know the trophy case ended up bare.

    so here’s hoping all the returning guys take a leap forward and the new guys acclimate over a long and rugged college hockey season.

    Go BU

  3. Son of Caesar Carlaci

    I somewhat agree with Vinnie in that there always is a lot of hype as to the new guys being high NHL draft picks. The problem has been that there is not a lot of college experience as we lose so many each year. The value of the degree has been muted it would seem. The team with the most seniors seem to have the best chance for the championship. We shall see.

  4. Frozen Out,
    I agree with both Vinnie and Son of CC. Talented individuals who are focused on an NHL career rather than team results. It is sad that many do not value a college education and use B.U. as a stepping stone to the next level. In particular one former Terrier, a first round draft pick was so concerned that he might be traded prior to the Beanpot Final that he totally lost focus on the game and played poorly that evening. Do not think that was a problem with the Harvard players.
    Please not that the defending NCAA champs Denver retained the majority of their players.

  5. Most hockey players dream of being a NHL player. Our program is so good kids want to come here and when they get the chance to play they leave you can’t blame a kid for that. I will say most kids who leave continue studying at BU and working out during the offseason at BU I’m sure pro teams take note of that. Also I have heard many players over the years say how hard it is to leave. Charlie said how hard it was for him and so what if he was nervous about his rights being traded he played great all year and was a good player for us. This years team has lots of talent top to bottom who are not drafted such as crone carpenter curry Olson and many more. BU will contend be positive people and understand these are just kids we are dealing with go bu?

    • Frozen Out,
      An education last lifetime and the average life in the NHL is a few years. Also staying in college would benefit the majority of them. The league is a billion dollar industry and is not going any where. If a player is that talented he will make it no matter his age. I do agree that Jack Eichel is the exception to the rule.
      As far as Charlie I wish he played for B.U. as well as he played for the Bruins. How can you concentrate and be a good teammate if you are worried about which NHL team will make you millionaire.

  6. IMO, the development of a college hockey program entails the development of very talented players, which the Terriers are now recruiting year in and year out, and the development of the team as a functioning unit. This process usually takes longer than just a year or two as well, as we have seen with our 2009 multi champs, and to a certain extent with the 2015 team as well. Last year the pieces just weren’t all there to win anything. The good news is that the incoming class is more likely to stick around for a while, according to DQ,and therefore will contribute to the development of the program over a time. this combined with the influx of more talent, eg. Wise and Mastrosimome next year and we can look forward to a juggernaut team in a year or two. Hopefully along the way B.U. can pick up a trophy or two.

    • Vito
      Action speaks louder than words. Last years team had more talent than any other team in college hockey. Unfortunately team goals and the value of an education was not the primary focus for many of these very talented players. B.U has become a breeding ground for the NHL. I am afraid until the culture changes within the team the results will be the same.

  7. I’m missing something are we complaining that bu is a breeding ground for the NHL. I get we want all kids to stay 4 yrs but that’s not going to happen. Bu runs the hockey program like a NHL team that’s why teams that have the rights of these players let and encourage kids to go to bu. I’m not going to criticize the coach or the players for doing a good job and being ready sooner then expected, I’m going to praise them. I said earlier I think many guys who leave bu go on to get there degree on their own which is great. Also we don’t loose everyone some of our best players and leaders are not drafted. If you think winning a championship at this level year in and year out is the bench mark of a good season then your mistaken. Bu coaches have done a great job bringing in kids who are great on and off the ice. This team is special by going on this blog and trying to knock them down before the first puck is dropped cheapens any of there future accomplishments. I have faith in this coaching staff and the players I can’t wait for the season to begin. Frozen out join the ride or you will be left behind in bu glory. Go bu?

    • Colin,
      You certainly entitled to your opinion. This is a resulted oriented business and the results speak for themselves. If you don’t think they underachieved last year no problem,but you are most likely in the minority.
      The primary goal of college is to get an education not to play in the NHL. If a potential athlete feels otherwise than the Canadian Major Juniors is an option.
      Please name the players that returned after turning pro to get an education. I would guess that there are not many.
      I don’t think it is positive that a player left the team after it was eliminated, turned pro and never returned to Boston. Does seem like a team guy to me or one that cared about a B.U education.

  8. Charlie was on campus all season long working out and taking class. He was there with other fellow members of BU teams of old. The reason they were there is because BU has a great facility and BU strength and conditioning coach is one of the best in the business. Frozen out I’m tired of talking about last years team. This years team will. Be great if you want negative talk you will need to find larry on this blog he will be happy to hear your negativity he thrives on it, me I thrive on my passion which is bu hockey?

    • Colin
      I do agree with Larry as most of his observations have proven overtime to be correct. I wish all those former players had been more committed to team goals and actually winning championships rather then their on individual statistics. Please do not confuse negative talk with being objective.
      I believe I am fair and balanced. Perhaps you should read the recap of the team last year from college hockey news or NHL.com for a realistic and factual point of view.

    • Colin, Frozen out IS Larry!! LOL don’t let the negative Nellie’s get to you. Only ONE team a year wins a National Championship. Does that mean the rest are losers??? We ALL know its not always the best team that wins….in ANY thing. SO….relax and #GOBU

  9. I’m on to 2017/2018?

  10. Son of Caesar Carlaci

    As you all must know I am a real old timer. I remember when there was no red line in college hockey. When I went to BU the majority of BU hockey players who were from Canada went to the School of Ed and wanted a teaching job after college. I knew a few and they all had outside jobs and all worked hard in their classes. So I guess I have a different perspective than many here. That said I remember a story I read (a very long one) talking about a former BU hockey player who had been a first line player, only played one year here, and washed out in the pros. The story went on to say that this player said that he did not know now what to do to make money as he said ” this is all I know how to do”. What a shame. Full boat to a major, great University, and he had no where to go. I think that is what some of us are saying.

    • Son of CC,
      I agree with your point of view. Anyone on full scholarship that does not take advantage of it is out of his mind. (With the exception of Jack Eichel)
      The majority of these players wii never have a long career in the NHL or make enough money to pay for tuition unless they go into debt.
      If anyone does not believe last years results were not disappointing, then please read articles from College Hockey News or NHL.com. for a national balanced point of view.

  11. Frozen Out,
    Although I share some of your frustration with the Terriers of last year and agree with some valid points you make I think that your outlook about this program is a bit narrow and pessimistic. Lets examine what happened last year. First off we lost several excellent seniors who were proven goal scorers at the Div.1 level, Grezlyz, O’Regan, Oksanan, Lane. Although we had an unprecedented incoming frosh class, four first rounders, Keller, Bellows, Krys, and Fabbro (two were defenseman), I quite honestly began to think, who the hell is going to score goals for the Terriers? In addition Keller who turned out to be their top goalscorer and point getter was also injured for a time early in the season and that also hurt and probably resulted in the Terriers not winning the H.E regular season title. The team lost all of the trophies they competed for, Beanpot, H.E. tourney, and NCAA’s at the last or quasi penultimate stage. Does not this indicate a lack of experience at the most critical stage because the team was the youngest in the nation last year? Yes I agree the culture at B.U. needs to change so that incoming players value the educational opportunity as well as the hockey experience but don’t other [programs such as B.C., North Dakota, or Denver experience the same, are they not also breeding grounds for the N.H.L. B.C. for example, so good with mumbles York at getting players to stay lost 7 or 8 players to early departures last year. Yet all these programs have had terrific success nonetheless.
    As far as this year goes the Terriers retained their second leading scorer, Harper, also a frosh last year, and retain two other frosh first rounders in Fabbro and Krys, they should just improve. We still have Greenway, maybe the best pro prospect B.U. has had recently. We lost JFK,who I liked but I also though was not very productive and was inconsistent. The incoming class this year is bigger if not as talented so I agree with D.Q.’s assessment that the team will be deeper this year.

    • Vito,
      Thank you for your thoughts and you are certainly entitled to your opinion. I base my conclusion on the results and compare it to the expectations. Also I read the recap and analysis of the national reporters that perhaps paint the most accurate picture of a particular season.
      Please give me specific examples of being narrow and pessimistic. I am not a homer and base my opinion on results. The expectations last year were great and the results were not close to the talent level.
      How do you explain the performance in the Bean pot final, the semi final game in Hockey East against the Beagles, or the two games against Merrimack? No champion ships and no frozen four appearance.
      I do not care how other programs run or how many players leave early. Please note that Denver did not have any players leave early and they are the defending champs.

  12. Frozen out,
    Well maybe the expectations for the club last year were unrealistic. As I stated previously I was immediately concerned that the Terriers would have problems scoring last year as they lost so many goalscorers to graduation ( I mean Lane, never much of a scorer scored 14, as many as Harper or JFK last year,who were stars for that group.) Lets face it their problem last year was scoring as they were loaded with defenseman and will be again this year.
    Performances in the big games you mentioned by the Terriers ,IMO, were lacking due to two factors, inexperience,B.U. the youngest team in the nation, and lack of understanding and teamwork between the players. How many times last year was a goal scored by an individual solo effort by Keller, or JFK, or Harper. It seemed like this was how they scored many goals, and yet the PP struggled, where teamwork is paramount for success. Now keep all the players together for another year and you’d see how they would eventually click. This was how it was done in the old days wasn’t it?
    I think you”re a bit narrow seeing the “culture” of the hockey program at B.U. which you characterize as being a breeding ground for the N.H.L being unique to B.U. Many of the top programs in the country have NHL drafted players on their roster, including B.C. and even Northeastern, not considered a hockey power like B.U. or B.C. but with some outstanding pro prospects. Why do I think you’re pessimistic? You stated that “until the culture of the B.U. hockey program changes the results will be the same”. I assume you mean not winning any hardware last season, and that the future holds same for our Scarlet and White? I don’t agree, and its based on the winning tradition of the team and recent history. IN the period between 1978-1990, there were no frozen four appearances for the Terriers, several Beanpots and only 1 major East title, a time when almost every player stayed 4 years. 1990-1997, terrific success, no need to document it and YET, three of the greatest players who ever skated for the Terriers,on those 90 teams Amonte, Tkachuk, and McEachern did not play four years, Amonte (2), Tkachuk (1), and McEachern (3). Still, despite this turnover the team won a national title 3 hockey east titles and 7 frozen four appearances. A different era to be sure but early departures are nothing new to the program. In the past 10 years, 1 title, two frozen four appearances, 2 beanpots, 3 hockey east titles, still not bad, and better than anyone else in the east save the beagles. I am optimistic for the future.
    You make a good point about Denver I wasn’t aware of. I have stated previously on this blog that B.U does need to sell the program better and get players to stay longer and finish their studies as well. Teams that stay together for a longer period of time will always improve and get better.

    • Vito,
      Thank you for your perspective. I do not believe that the expectations were unrealistic. Those teams did not come close to reaching their potential. I base my comments on actions not words. Actual results speak for them selves. IMO this not a question of talent and inexperience is a convenient excuse rather than a lack of focus or less than full commitment to the team. How many of those players from those teams thought how can I make my teammates or this team better?
      The problems scoring that you correctly stated is more of a function of not doing what is best for the team rather then the individual. Too many times players refused to do the dirty work in front of an opponents net or very were casual in there on end. A former Vermont player stated on a broadcast that the secret to beating B.U. was to simply out work them and make them play defense. He unequivocally stated that B.U. had superior talent but if you made them work in there own end that B.U. would either take a cheap penalty or turn the puck over.
      The inconsistent power play is a prime example of why the team performed below expectations. As many of the same players executed a great power play in the world junior tournament and were unable to duplicate it as a Terrier.
      The culture that you believe is a negative comment was based on watching the team and comments by nation writers with no bias. In fact one used to write for the blog and cover the team.
      I hope the culture changes this year but with no hockey alumni mentoring group and no Friends of Hockey, I am not as optimistic as you.

  13. Frozen out,
    Your observations are interesting and I agree with some of them except the one concerning the performance of the same players on the PP for the Terriers vis a vis for the under 20 World Champs. The under 20 competition included only players under 20 while Div.1 NCAA play has many players aged 20-24 who are bigger and more experienced, and their penalty killers would be the same.
    BTW what is the deal with The Friends of Hockey. I was a member for many years but then I found out they closed The Friends Lounge and discontinued the pre game meals and between period and game gatherings. Never got an explanation from anyone. I have subsequently heard that Quinn has stated that he didn’t care about The Friends and that he just wanted to coach. Know anything about that?

    • I have enjoyed our discussion. As former member and board member of FHO the athletic department and the current coach decided to disband the group without their knowledge. This was along time goal of Mike Lynch as he was very jealous of the power and fund raising efforts of the Friends of Hockey.
      The current coach went along with their plan. I have been told by numerous sources that , yes , he only wants to coach the kids. Little to no interaction with premium seat holders and no friends group or mentoring by former alumni hockey players. This has reflected in many non renewals of premium season tickets and a reduction in revenue at Agganis Arena.
      The only interaction is for $2500 anyone can join the Coaches cabinet, which is more of a cheerleading , pat everyone on the back club. No criticism or tough questions allowed. These meetings are at the coaches discretion so buyer beware. They are not well run and are very disorgainized
      I was invited to one it was very boring.

  14. Well, this is very disappointing, especially the underhanded way in which the Friends were dissolved. But how about the meals in The Burke Club room?, the meals are still available for a certain donor level , aren’t they. You know when I questioned the athletic office about the ,meals, they told me to go to the Burke Club room for this and they denied me entrance, and tried to sell me on a new donor level.

    • Vito,
      I have to completely disagree with Larry/Frozen Out about the FOH.HE HATES Quinn and everything he does/ says. The FOH being dismantled has NOT affected ANY fundraising efforts, whatsoever, Matter of fact, its quit the opposite. Since there hasn’t been a FOH, the team has raised more money than ever before. The Coach;s Cabinet is an amazing experience for the die hard FANS, and is most certainly NOT a cheerleading effort. Larry will go on and on about how he has friends or knows friends or former players that say this or that but the truth is, his “sources” are tainted,at best. He’s a disgruntled fan, with a business mind and can NEVER see anyone else’s point of view. Take it for what it’s worth.

    • Vito,
      Please do not listen to my detractors as they just cannot handle the truth. My sources have been truthful and spot on. In order to have access to the Burke Club you have to be a premium club seat holder or rent a suite.
      I have stated on the record numerous times I do not agree with how the current regime runs the hockey program. I do not have any personal feelings toward the coach, although the few times I have been in his company have not been productive. I judge him only as a coach not as a person. His record speaks for itself.
      The coaching cabinet is an elitist bunch of apple polishers. For $2500 the coach grants you an audience a few times a year. Hard questions are not tolerated and most of his discussion when I attended was a film breakdown. When aggravated season ticket holders inquired about the dismantled FHO or the regrettable 4:pm start times no plausible explanation was given. Answers about the status of the FOH room were ambiguous.
      Colin and Sean want to rewrite history and ignore actual results. Please note no explanation was given by the coaching staff on why the last two seasons ended on a sour note. I would like to know why there is no stability with coaching staff and players. It seems to me that at B.U. more under graduates leave the school than others. Understandable if you perform up to expectations , not so much if the team underachieves.

  15. I don’t understand why we keep talking about last year. Last year was a success we finished in top 10 in the country the kids did well in school and were productive members of the BU neighborhood. We were one win away from the frozen four. now as I stated I’m on to this year. The kids are fast and hungry this will be a fun group to watch. frozen out I’m sorry you feel “Frozen out ” I love BU hockey and was thrilled to join the friends group I donate what I can. Coach Quinn can’t coach and be responsible for that group He needs to do what is best for his program. Last year everyone was upset about banquet but that put kids through summer school. it’s obvious you disagree with coach and me. I can tell you when it comes to BU hockey post 1985 there is no one who knows more about the team then me I eat drink sleep and dream BU hockey. I don’t need to read national papers or articles to know Coach Quinn and his staff are the best in the country. I watch him every chance I get and can see him teaching the kids different phases of the game. I’m a student of the game and I’m In a position because of my seats to watch him. he has his own style but reminds me of coach Parker. I’m not sure if you ever saw coach play but he was gritty played hard clean and smart. If he could have played at the next level he would have been great. What I like about his teams is they take on some of his playing personalities . Can’t wait to drop the puck go bu?

    • PERFECT reply Colin. Larry has a hard time hiding his hatred of Quinn. He makes SOME good points here and there but mostly he’s just a winner take all or its a bust guy.

    • Colin,
      If you want to ignore the actual results and rewrite history so be it. I have an opposite point of view I admire your blind loyalty and that you never questioning the program or its results.
      I have followed the Terriers since the mid sixties and was privileged to be a student manager Jack Kelly ‘s last season. Although I was only a manager Jack became a mentor and taught me life lessons. He told me numerous times that he would not have achieved success without a strong FHO. In fact he was the founder in the early sixties. Jack parker believed in that philosophy
      .I do not feel that the current coaching staff is in the same class as it predecessors. Have you seen any other coaches at practice with their teams?
      I wish you well and hope you are right about the current team However seeing is believing.

  16. Sean and Colin,
    I wonder if either of you is currently a premium season ticket holder or have a suite? IMO, the actions of the athletic department and complicity of D.Q. are appalling. If the idea to disband the FOH was a business decision, that’s fine, I can live with that, but the way in which it was handled was disrespectful and a betrayal of the fans who really love the team and have supported it for decades. I really can’t imagine the team without the FOH.
    Despite this I am still a fan and will always be one as coaches and players come and go but the tradition must live on, but I’ll miss the interaction with other fans I experienced in the Friends Club as it always made going to the games more fun. I just hope the athletic dept. keeps arranging pre game get togethers at local establishments for away games going as now its the only way to meet up with other “Friends of Hockey.”

    • Vito,
      I agree with your sentiments. I have spoken to board members they told me that it was handled vey poorly. Many did not realize that there were no more FHO. Any explanation
      by those in charge were ambiguous. FYI, the current coach does not want to be part of any FOH or alumni group and has isolated the players away from interested alumni groups Even the alumni hockey player mentoring program was disbanded. So unless you have extra $2500 do not expect any interaction with the coach. Basically go to the games and then go home. Sounds more like an NHL franchise then a college program.

  17. Frozen out I grew up in hockey rinks following BU hockey as a kid I was at plenty of practices. I played in college my best friends are refs ,scout and coach in the NHL I know how to judge a good coach. The bad news for us is this league is full of good coaches but I think we have the best. This thread has gone off subject . I want to comment on this teams freshman class. I can’t comment on all as I don’t know enough about some. first not a lot of talk about Hank crone this kid can skate he is solid on his skates , he’s got a mean streak that I love. This kid is going to be good. Bowers the numbers speak for themselves. ty Amonte can fly himself a theme among this class. If you put his dad and him side by side both in there college days you would not be able to tell the difference with there stride. Let’s focus on this team, Crotty is smart with the puck can jump in the play has some size and will help us big time. Folks even if you don’t agree with decisions made by this administration you need to support this group of kids they are a special bunch go bu?

    • Colin,
      You are a great fan and I hope you are right. I can still remember the Jack Kelly practice. If you did not practice they he wanted the team was there all night. He taught discipline , no stupid penalties , the best power play(over 40% his last season) and superior penalty killing. Even five on five was even, B.U. had superior special teams that usually decided close games in there favor.

  18. Vito I loved going to the friends room in fact I still go down there if the doors are locked I sit outside. I’m not looking for anything other then to talk bu hockey. To answer the previous question I’m a season tix holder not a premium tix holder and unfortunately the coaches cabinet is something I can’t afford at this time. I give what I can and I’m sure it goes to a good place. I’m all for getting the room back open but I don’t want to draw attention away from the mission of the team of winning games and moving forward go bu?

  19. Colin,
    I do not understand how bringing back the friends room hurts anyone . In fact it has the opposite effect, it gets more fans involved. There should be several levels for donations as someone like you truly should be part of the coaches cabinet. Especially since you are a season ticket holder. If your coach really cared about the average season ticket holder (fan) the policy would be revised and changed. However I would not hold my breath for any changes as the athletic department is not flexible and likes total control.

  20. Larry, you say that Vito shouldn’t listen to your detractors. Well, it’s pretty hard not to listen to them because when BU Hockey is doing really well, there’s radio silence from you. So, to me, that speaks volumes about where you’re coming from. Since Quinn took the coaching job there has been much to be thrilled with regarding our program. The winning percentage, getting to the National title game in 2015, a Beanpot and Hockey East championship, BU players succeeding in the NHL, great kids on the team who do well in the classroom and in the community, etc. What you said about coaching and player instability is beyond ridiculous. OF COURSE some of them leave the program: They are way more likely to be coveted by NHL teams than coaches and underclassmen at other D-1 institutions. I will say that I share your disappointment about the old Friends room closing and that we are taking longer to win our sixth national championship than many of us had hoped. Still, the positives significantly outweigh the negatives of the Quinn era. The fact that you refer to it as a regime only drives home my point. AND, to make a comment on this year’s team, I think I am most excited about how we will be combining physicality and skill. Imagine if Tkachuk and Greenway play on the same line? Let’s hope Olsson stays healthy the whole season. He deserves it!

    • I could not disagree with you more. If you want to sugar coat the past few years and not discuss the pitfalls that its certainly your prerogative. In the current coaches tenure (regime) he had one great year and three years where the record and accomplishments speak for them selves.Perhaps you need a reality check but in those other three years B.U. won 0.0 championships , bean pot titles or regular season titles. News outlets even accused the team of fixing the national championship game to pay off alleged gambling debts. I even defended your pal as these unsubstantiated rumors were ridiculous. Although, subsequently,
      one returning member was not allowed to play for the team for an alleged gambling issue.
      I have not commented because the teams record speaks volumes. Why state the obvious. He had one great year and I personally congratulated him. Other then that he has done less with more. As a CHN reporter stated normally a 24 win season is considered an accomplishment. However in retrospect when you have more NHL talent then any other team in college and cannot win any titles it has to be considered extremely disappointing.
      I am not surprised you forgot to mention one of your favorite former Terriers left, last years squad after the final game, flew to his new NHL team, and never returned to Boston. I do not think , he was invested in school or the team. I doubt he will participate in any alumni games.
      Despite my many detractors I will continue to be fair and balanced and not a cheerleader or apple polisher.

  21. You can’t “continue” to be fair and balanced if you haven’t been that way in the first place. Sorry but winning championships require talent plus a whole lot of luck. Plenty of D-1 teams have elite talent. Saying that our teams were not successful because they didn’t win championships is a failed argument. Everybody knows all too well that if this blog was around in the 80’s and any other pre-Quinn era when BU was failing to win titles – you would be saying absolutely nothing LOL.

    • Glenn,
      I beg to differ with you. Winning championships requires talent and superior coaching. B.U has the former and I guess we will disagree on the latter. It is my belief that you make your own luck by playing smart and disciplined hockey.By paying attention to detail and special teams goes along way in deciding the outcome in many games.
      For example having a season end due to an undisciplined penalty at center ice that led to a game deciding goal is neither smart or disciplined and has nothing to do with luck.
      Unfortunately I was very vocal in the 80’s about the lack of titles. In fact for a period of time there was no communication between me and the coach. Eventually we found common ground. I learned he was a great coach but even a better person.

  22. Frozen out the penalty at the end of last year was nothing more then bad luck Bobo is a smart hockey player any fan who watches the game would realize that. It was a penalty and a call that should have been made but I must say when the coach did make moves for disciplinary reasons you second guessed him. I see a theme here second guess everything and when we win you then will agree .

    • Colin,
      It was an unnecessary, undisciplined, penalty at center ice and in front of the referee. Sorry nothing to do with luck. This is not a second guess. Please review the tape.

  23. Well, I do agree that minimizing unnecessary penalties will go a long way toward achieving success this coming season. With all due respect to your insight on our coach, I think I trust the hockey analysts who appear on the NHL Network more. I routinely hear them speaking quite favorably (one might even say gushing) about the impact he has on recently drafted players who have chosen to attend BU. You are pretty much alone in your negative views on his coaching. There’s no question it’s a personal vendetta you have with him.

  24. I think the jury is still out on D.Q.’s coaching ability, especially in comparison with Jack which of course if a tough act to follow. As Frozen Out points out, outside of 2015 (Beanpot, Hockey East Champs, and NCAA runner up), he has not won any hardware in his three other years. Obviously he is a great recruiter and is bringing in outstanding talent year in year out. However given this there are also high expectation of success as well even though, IMO, its difficult running a program when you are annually losing players to early departures. I didn’t think he had the right mix last year despite everything to win ( not enough goal scorers or senior leadership, which Jack always stressed as being very important. I am optimistic for this season though.

  25. I am optimist too. I definitely agree that a major flaw of last year’s team was a disproportionate percentage of scoring production from underclassmen. With the return of Bobo and Jordan, that problem should be a non-issue this year.

  26. Glenn
    I agree that the coach is a great recruiter and prepares the players for the next level. However that has not translated into team success on the ice in three of his four year tenure. So of course NHL network personnel will praise him. Many are probably friends of his. Perhaps you should read the NHL.com article by a former daily free press reporter. So I am not alone. You would be surprised after last year bean pot final how many people, who called me crazy, actually admitted reluctantly I could be correct on many of my statements.

  27. Larry, I have no idea what article you’re talking about. It’s interesting how anytime someone praises Quinn, you decide that he/she is his friend. In fact, you often refer to him (when referencing him in these blog conversations) as my friend. I’ve enjoyed my conversations with him but I do not know him outside of the banquets I’ve attended. Anyway, I think the one thing we can agree on is the need to play more disciplined hockey this year … particularly aiming to drastically reduce penalties we take in our own end and in the neutral zone.

    • Glenn,
      One article was on line after season written by a reporter from the CHN. The other article my daughter showed me on line was from NHL.com and revolved around the coach being a candidate for the Buffalo Sabres coaching job and why he was not a serious candidate.
      Although we have opposite points of view I have enjoyed our discussions. If B.U. plays more disciplined hockey this year I think it will be a very successful season and hopefully a trip to the Frozen Four.

  28. it took me awhile, but now i don’t put as much stock as i used to on the draft status of any particular player. they are drafted in terms of future projection, yet they come to us needing to play and perform right away. the two do not always coincide. expectations get skewed when a very young player is expected to perform like an NHLer because of where he was chosen in the draft. some come out of the gate like gang busters and make a huge impact: amonte, eichel, etc., but it is rare. look at Drury. great player but he did not light the world on fire his first year. and that was not just because that 95 was loaded. he just did not have the experience and physical strength to perform at a high level like he did in subsequent years

    so i suggest not using draft status as a criteria to predict a successful or not successful season or to expect how a team will perform. I am more interested to see how the second tier players perform: crone, amonte, melanson, curry, chabot,

    tachuk’s son is supposed to be all that, but it would not surprise me if his numbers do not reflect his reputation. and that is no knock on the kid. glad we have him

    i like DQ but i still think he needs to work on getting these guys up and ready to play hard for a full 60 minutes – both in regular season and tournament games. when Parker still had his fastball, he was a master at it. A FULL 60! See last year’s HE semi for evidence

    so we shall see. i look at a roster of 26 guys from different years. you can thrown their pro aspirations out the window in terms of it translating into W’s for this year’s team. Nuff said

  29. thank you. another way to put it: trophies speak louder than NHL draft status 🙂

    read on Jeff Cox that we have a real good goalie in the pipeline. trying out for under 17 team. former UNH commit. but he decommitted.

    still need good players. as the inimitable jack parker used to say something like – often the team that wins is the one who gets off the bus with the most talent. (paraphrase). please correct me. i took took it to mean that you need to have a skilled talent base to start with. without that, then you can only coach em up so much.

    please note, i am NOT saying that is all you need. so many other factors go into winning: hard work, discipline, unselfishness, hatred to lose etc

    • Vinnie,
      I agree with you. B.U. has the talent that is not the issue. I believe it is the other factors that are problems and hope fully will be resolved this year.

  30. Larry, I’ve enjoyed our discussions too!