Coach Quinn talks the 2016-17 season, future


On Wednesday afternoon at Agganis Arena, The Daily Free Press and WTBU Sports sat down with head coach David Quinn for about half an hour.

In a far-reaching interview that covered everything from high and low moments of the 2016-17 season to thoughts on roster construction moving forward, Quinn did not hold back. In fact, this 30-minute conversation was the most honest and candid I remember Quinn ever being about BU hockey.

First off, we have two stories on the FreeP. The first looks back at the year that was, while the second talks about the future. I strongly encourage you, Terrier hockey fans, to check them both out and then share your thoughts below.

Also, we have a flurry of tweets with in-depth quotes from Quinn. In other words, a lot to digest.

32 thoughts on “Coach Quinn talks the 2016-17 season, future”

  1. I’m shocked greenway is coming back…I highly doubt Keller and McAvoy will be the only early departures…if Hickey stays, what an upset we’ll get to watch him play for all 4 years, great player who’s been under appreciated during his time at BU

  2. I’ve appreciated Hickey’s abilities ever since he started playing for us. After hearing him talk, I think he’s pretty intent on earning his degree from Questrom.

  3. I’ve heard for a while that Hickey plans to return, with what Glenn cited as one of the reasons. I wouldn’t be surprised if JFK also returns for similar reasons as Hickey.

    I hope Greenway returns, but think he’s the most likely flight risk.

  4. If the only players we lose early are Keller and McAvoy, we should be in great shape for next season. For all those who think that BU has a retention problem, I encourage you to take a good look at every day. Under the section “The Latest”, you will see a constant reminder that other schools lose their best underclassmen to the NHL on a regular basis … this time of year.

  5. As a FFOH (former friend of hockey) and legacy donor who has lost interest in the program, this years disappointing results were predictable. All the talent in the world and no championships. A team that only occasionally played together. On many nights the passion, heart, grit, hard work, and intensity level was not at the same level as the opponent. There were too many games where there were too many passengers and not enough drivers. It is a result oriented business and the record speaks for itself. A lot of wins, but they never won the big game. Too easy to defend and no structure or forecheck system. A power play full of talent, but not results. Many evenings they couldn’t even enter the zone or put two passes together.

    Now the mass exodus of undergraduate players begins. So next year, if things fail again, they can rationalize that they once again were too young and immature.

    • Welcome back LARRY!
      Year 5 will change things for you, no worries. Maybe your arch nemesis Quinn will fly the coop too and then you’ll really be happy!!
      BU is and will continue to be a storied program. No worries!!

      • Sean,
        Thank you for the the kind words. It is tough to see Rome burn. Unfortunately, I think more upper classrmen will leave before next year.
        As far as my favorite coach the results speak volumes. No need to state the obvious or kick some one when there down.

        • LOL you fell prey to the media hype yourself. We both know the best 4 teams are NOT in the Frozen Four this year. You’re right! Results DO speak volumes. He’s on his way…just you wait and see!! Oh wait, you lost interest. (But I saw you in the Club Room a few times so you really haven’t lost interest….have you? lol) Don’t sweat it Larry, it’ll all be OK!! Quinn is doing just fine. HOW do you pass up all those kids when recruiting??? You can’t! Next years team will be a little older and more experienced and with the incoming FR, we’ll be right back in it. You DO know the seeding BU got was BS right?? THAT right there WAS the Frozen Four. LOVED the competition, the fight til the end. Seems we’re ONE miscue away…..they’ll get it right! Hope so before Quinn leaves for the NHL to collect his millions!

          • I did attend games in order to spend time with my now adult children. If that is a crime then guilty as charged. However I took a winter vacation after that forgettable Beanpot final and I am planning to take a much longer winter vacation next year.
            It is my belief that this was the most talented team in the country. No other college had six gold medal members and one silver medal winner on their team or a total of eight first or second round NHL draft picks. It is inconceivable that they could not win a single trophy.
            Unfortunately they could not beat the worst beagle team in the last decade,at the most critical time, and deserved to go out west.
            I do give them credit for being totally out played by North Dakota for the majority of the game and coming back to win in double overtime. However I will never forgot they lost the next night on a ridiculous, stupid, tripping penalty a center ice that simply was not necessary. So in the end they got what they deserved.

    • well, if we only lose those 3, we are still in really good shape. One might say even better shape with returning players with experience….AND some studs coming in who can score!!!
      GO BU!

  6. Don’t like losing JFK. He was a remaining player who could both create and score and his continuing improvement would have been a plus for the program considering the Terriers 9-0 record when he scored. Now I’m worried about Greenway and some of the other draft picks leaving. However the good news is that excellent recruits keep coming in next year to help the offense,from all accounts Tkazcuk and Cockerill are goal scorers at the USNT level and we get another stud defenseman in Kotkansalo. The year after next Wise arrives who from all reports may be another Eichel. Lets hope it all comes together for 2019.

  7. i agree with Larry about that horrendous effort again BC in the HE semis. that one still stings and it was at that point that i knew this team was not going to win anything. yea, i was surprised when they beat UND, but in the end they won nothing no trophy and that is the mark of a good team

    i understand the argument about NOT turning away studs even if they are one/two and done. but we need to do a better job evaluating the other guys. i hope mcdermott, curry, chabot etc can turn out to be good college players aka like austin cangelosi at BC. he was a real good college player who stayed for 4 years because the pros were not interested in taking him out early. not even sure he was drafted. in my opinion, it is the tommy kellys, oscar androns, chase phelps. nick robertos, ryan cloonans etc who are sub par. we need more from those guys so we can have effective 3rd and 4th lines. otherwise we are too top heavy and unbalanced. the radical drop off in talent kills us. olsson would be good if he was not hurt so much

    i think the low draft or undrafted guys are the ones which really test how good a program’s recruiting is because they are the one who are with you for 4 years. the kellers and eichels are no brainers and i do want them

  8. I think incoming freshman Hank Crone might be such a guy. He is in the top 5 in scoring in the USHL and doesn’t seem to be showing up in the mock NHL drafts (perhaps because of his size). Hopefully Crone will be a major source of offense for three or four years.

  9. As I have just watched the UMD / Harvard game last night the former won because they had DEPTH. Cycled four lines and their forth was as good as their first. Also they were big and older. This is what we must become to win championships Harvard had a better team but Minnie was much tougher on the forecheck as they were against BU. Not a lot of talent I would say but tough and deep..

    • Son of CC,
      I watched the entire game last evening and came away with a totally different perspective. It was a pretty even game. Minnesota- Duluth controlled the first half and Harvard had the better opportunities in the second half.
      The two clowns sent by Hockey East to officiate, ruined the game as Harvard clearly scored the go ahead goal with almost six minutes left.
      However it was a great play by number 21 of Minnesota- Duluth that kept the puck in the zone that created the odd man rush.
      This myth about youth in my humble opinion is just an excuse for the failure of B.U. to live up to its potential. Three undergraduate players have already left primarily because they negotiated a year off their ELC contract. There NHL teams must believe that they are old enough to play at that level or they would not have extended that offer.

  10. Frozen, the Bruins GM says that MacAvoy will not be called up so he is playing out he season in the AHL. He left the last month or so of school to play in the AHL. Makes no sense at all. Yes, Harvard was the better team by far as to skill of their players but DELUTH WON. Tough won. You need tough and skill and some AGE. BU did not have two of the three and was out of the final four.

    • Son of CC
      I agree that if MacAvoy doesn’t play for the Bruins this year, it was foolish for him to leave school. Maybe there other issues under the surface. In any case it is clear that too the players do not value a B.U. education.
      I respectfully disagree with you regarding both the game and the B.U. season. In my opinion B.U. underachieved primarily due to inconsistent and undisciplined play. It is aggregating to have the season end due to a uncessray penalty.

      • I agree “Frozen”. lol That penalty ripped my heart right out.the best teams don’t always win, CLearly the most talented don’t. Have you thought about the what if? or is it not worth it? We say it all the time, Yes there was some undisciplined play throughout the year but I don’t think they were as awful as you perceived them to be. Overrated? Possibly. Even in their (the players minds) I do know there was some player drama with some of the bigger names. QUinn alluded to it in the press. Hopefully, the new kids coming in aren’t headcases and will put their noses to the ice and win. I am shocked at not valuing a BU education. I mean really, HOW many are going to be LONG time NHL players?? A few million bucks isn’t going to last you long kiddos!! But I mean you’re right (ouch) pointing out if the NHL teams don’t think they are ready, they wont take them. They want Charlie up next year, not sure why they called on him now?? Anhyway, I’ve said it all along…year 5 will be the year to really grade Quinn and staff. SO let’s see what happens….

        • Sean,
          I hope you are right about year five. In my opinion JFK leaving early really hurt as he probably was going to be the captain next year. When he changed his mind, B.U. lost its number one center, penalty klller and power play specialist.
          I sent three kids to B.U., all graduated and thankfully all have jobs in their respective fields. So I don’t understand the rush to leave the program. If things don’t work out then what are they going to do.
          The NHL is a cutthroat business. If you play well they love you. If you don’t they will demote you or cut you with out even thinking about it. It is strictly produce or else.

          • from what I understand, he is really smart and has most of his courses done so maybe they think they can always go back? Especially after making a boatload of money?? Who knows. But definitely have to figure out a way to choose players of quality that will stay. Can’t just be an NHL breeder!

          • Sean,
            I agree with your assessment. After watching yesterday it appears that JFK could have used another year of college hockey. I wish him the best but feel that he will probably play for the Providence Bruins next year.
            If he does make a boat load of money then I suspect that he will feel a college degree is not necessary. It is only if it doesn’t work out in the NHL that he will regret his decision. Let us hope that is not the case.

  11. Larry, the youth thing is obviously not a myth … as there is no team in recent memory who won the NCAA title with such a disproportionate amount of freshmen and sophomores (with regard to overall team scoring).

  12. Glenn,
    If youth was a factor it was a positive one. As witnessed on the largest stage and in enemy territory. Unfortunately those who represented our country so successfully, too many times did not play at that level when they returned to B.U.
    Even in the most important games like the bean pot and hockey east semifinal game there intensity level, grit and compassion did not match the level of the other team.
    In my humble opinion there must have been other factors under the surface that effected the team. Arguably the the three best undrergraduates left the program and did not seem to value a B.U. education.
    I believe they all could have used another year of college hockey to develop their skills and consistency.

  13. I agree that they definitely would be helped by another year of college hockey. Still, except for the Ivies, and programs that seek out older recruits, ultra-talented players (who are first and second round picks and are putting up major point production) are leaving all schools early and are not valuing a complete college education. They might decide to finish their studies at a slower pace in the off-season. The window of opportunity for playing in the NHL is relatively short.

    • Glenn,
      It did not hurt Jim V. from earning his degree. In fact he has had a very good rookie season. If an individual has the skill set, age is not a factor. There will always be an opportunity for those type of players.
      However if injured or not playing that well ,the opportunity will go to someone else. If an individual struggles for an extended period of time, they will be out of the league with no degree. I know of one former Terrier star that is no out of hockey due to injuries that deeply regrets he did not return for his senior year.

        • brian Quinn,
          I do not understand your comment or why you are so upset. This is silly hockey blog that is not going to solve any important world issues. This is my analysis of this years B.U. Hockey teams results for the 2016-2017 season. As previously stated the record speaks volumes. If you have different thoughts so be it.
          If this was D.U. instead of B.U., my remarks would be much different.

  14. Frozen, do you remember the former BU first line forward who left early and later said in a Boston Globe story after he washed out of pro hockey ” Hockey is all I know i” ” I can not do anything else” This is a person ( I will leave his name out ) who had a FULL BOAT to a University that produces grads that make a lot of money for the most part. Why do they not take advantage of it ? The NCAA should take note. If they care.

    • Son of CC,
      I do remember that sad story. However no body seems to care about the value of the education, especially the NCAA.
      I read that another Bruins second round draft choice who is considered a better prospect then JFK is going back to school for his junior year.
      It is my belief that it is not so much a youth issue at B.U. but an accountability issue. Unfortunately there were too many instances of selfish and undisciplined play. Players in to many games forgetting there is no I in the word Team.

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