Live Blog: BU vs. North Dakota in the NCAA Tournament’s West Regional

Live Blog BU vs. North Dakota – NCAA Tournament


  1. Best goalie in the country!!!!?

  2. The announcers seem to agree!

  3. I shut the game off immediately after the ND goal in the first OT and went about my business. Did some paperwork in my home office, ate dinner, walked my dogs, watched some NCAA basketball. Came back to this site and looked quick at scoreboard and did not notice it said BU 4, UND 3. Wanted to see scores of other games and looked at NCAA site. Still did not register. Came back here to leave a comment that I was disappointed and noticed that we won. Holy Cow! Going to ESPN site right now to see what I missed. I’ve been given a new life. A reprieve! Unbelievable.

  4. I pretty much had the same experience. I was sitting in the lounge at my gym, watching the big screen TV. As soon as UND scored that “goal”, I shrieked the F word, grabbed my belongings and went home. It was only by going on this site that made me realize a miracle had happened. Specifically, it was the tweet about going to 2OT that made me realize we still had a chance. Then I put on my TV and saw Charlie’s goal.

  5. I was live streaming the game on my android walking home. Say that North Dakota scored. Let out a “SH**” but kept watching. Goal waved off. Got in my car, to pick up the wife, while streaming (I know, not the smartest thing to do in Massachusetts). Got to a local market where we met. Great. Overtime intermission. Did a quick shop. Got back to car and found that the channels were switched. Frantically found ESPNU. Started the car and said “I’m not moving until someone scores or another intermission”. When they reviewed Roberto’s “goal”, I mentioned “BU needs this time to regroup and then come out flying”. Sure enough, Charlie scores shortly after. I think the entire parking lot heard me yell in joy. Happy ride home. Let’s Go Boys, Shock The NCAA. Go Terriers!!!