BU hockey travels to Fargo for NCAA Tournament

The Terriers are heading to Fargo, North Dakota.

Slated against the University of North Dakota, the Boston University men’s hockey team is a part of the NCAA Tournament’s West Regional. The two sides, which met in the 2015 Frozen Four, will clash on Friday night at Scheels Arena in Fargo.

UPDATE: Click here for our story over on The Daily Free Press. Upon first glance, BU isn’t all too worried about the hostile crowd out in Fargo.

What’s your reaction to BU’s destination and matchup? Feel free to share below!



17 thoughts on “BU hockey travels to Fargo for NCAA Tournament”

  1. Glad that our guys are motivated to play in such a hostile venue! Still, it seems a bit ridiculous to me that North Dakota is the lower seeded team and they get to play us at home.

  2. This is what you get for not playing up to your potential all season long – a “road” game against the defending national champions in an arena that might as well be engelstad…that place was a sea of green and LOUD the last time NoDak was placed there…not impossible but certainly a daunting (and unnecessary) task they’re facing now…shock the world baby!

  3. The Terriers have no one but themselves to blame. They controlled their own destiny but didn’t play like it. Goalie play as of late is very concerning. They don’t generate enough offense to make up for sub par goaltending. Can we stop taking moral victories from BC losses? It rings extremely hollow and terrier fans should be above that.

    • what’s wrong with feeling good about a B.C loss? It’s good to see them shu postedt out of trophy contention this year and out of the NCAAs, a tourney they’ve dominated for 20 years. They sure as heck get happy when we lose, just check out the B.C interruption website sometime, they still have that picture of O’Connor fumbling in the title game posted on their NCAA website.

  4. I agree Tom. This Terrier team is too talented for fans to derive satisfaction from rival losses … as opposed to our own successes.

  5. I have said all year long best goalie in the country . I have not seen anything sub par about his play. My terriers will be ready to play. I’m most disappointed that I can’t travel to Fargo work obligations. I’m very proud of this team and what they have accomplished already we will see what happens in national tourney. If we win, it will be on the back of jake and won’t everyone feel funny making posts during celebrations after some of these foolish posts bashing his play. this kid is special goalies like him don’t come around often. Go terriers ???

  6. Yes, I do expect our Terriers to be extremely well prepared for the Fighting Sioux. I am confident that Jake will shine. Of course it would really help him out if we could break that streak of scoreless first periods.

    Regarding my whining about us having to play them in their own back yard, I am now seeing that Harvard has the same issue: They are a top seed and have to play #4 seed Providence in Providence. Oh well LOL.

  7. they got what they deserved. DQ says they have been playing with fire lately. i say that is because they have been playing WITHOUT fire. JFK may have all the talent in the world, but that guy plays the softest, most uninspired hockey i have seen in a long time from a first line center.

    not sure they have figured it out yet that no one cares where a number of them were drafted. this team is a classic example of how talent MINUS heart and effort gets you nothing. tommy degerman, chris drury, freddy meyer where are you?

    i like our goalie but on friday he was mediocre at best. their first two goals were the result of him being too far back in the net

  8. Colin, with due respect. The BEST in the country ? What ? He can not catch a cold and gives up something like 80% + of his goals over or under his glove as our guy Jonathan said on the live blog. Also I watched, back and forth, all the games Saturday and other goalies ALL have better “flex” left and right in the crease. I have had this argument for some time about our goalies and for some reason so many fall in love with average and sub average performances.. My question is, where are they now? Not in the NHL for sure.
    As to the NCAA trip north why does ND goes to NH and we go way up North ? Makes no sense.

  9. Jake has not played a bad game all year. He played 3 games I would say average every other game he has been great. Professional scouts have commented on how good he is. His glove is pretty dam good. He controls his rebounds as good as anyone I have ever seen. Most post game press conferences from both teams usually involve how good Jake played. He is 18 years old and he is this good. He is also a great kid who has a bright future, people who knock him only make him better. I doubt he checks this website but if he does look out he will be out to prove fair weather terrier fans wrong. Go bu I win and I loose with this team. Go get em terriers ???

  10. First game in Denver , first game in Michigan and northeastern game. he played well but not great. Those would be the 3 saw Denver and Michigan games in person nu saw on computer . He has been solid all year


  12. The boys sound cofidemt and seem relaxed let’s go boys let’s go out there and win 2 games… If it all goes well I’ll see u u guys in Chicago!!! Ps when we do win I hope I don’t see all the bashers,sore losers, babies , etc on here saying what a great good etc.. Me on the other hand WIN OR LOSE I’M STILL POSTING BECAUSE I’VE DONE ALL YEAR AND I HAVE TRAVELED TO ALOT OF ROAD GAMES VERMONT, MICHIGAN , ETC SO I’M NOT A GAME HERE AND THERE AND THEN COME TALK TRASH… GOOD OR BAD I’M STICKING WITH THEM !!! LET’S GO BOYS SHOCK THE WORLD… #GO BU

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