BU gears up for Beanpot title game vs. Harvard

While the Beanpot Tournament is laced with history, its 65th championship game concerns a bird of a different feather: Two elite teams.

Just ask Jakob Forsbacka Karlsson, an assistant captain for the No. 3 Boston University men’s hockey team, about what it’ll be like to play against No. 4 Harvard University on Monday night at TD Garden.

“These are the kinds of games you come to BU to play,” the Swedish center said.

It’ll be head coach David Quinn’s Terriers (19-8-2, 11-4-2 Hockey East) taking on head coach Ted Donato’s Crimson (17-5-2), and they’re both likely to play for silverware come springtime.

In the here and now, though, is where the young guns from Commonwealth Avenue and the old guard from Cambridge are thriving.

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  1. mike sabo, great insight and analysis in the last post

    Personally, I am a tad tired about hearing how some teams are older and bigger etc and we are the youngest team in college hockey. blah, blah! that is how the coaching staff has decided to recruit, so either figure out a way to use your skill to beat the older team or just concede that the merimacks and lowells etc are just going to wear us down and eventually win most of the time. just stop talking about it. sounds like a lame excuse at this point in the season. october ok, february nah

    the time is running out on the maturity factor. the season is at the point where immaturity ain’t gonna cut it. fish or cut bait time, boys

    and that was a lazy penalty on greenway. he might have been face down, but he stuck out his stick and tripped the guy. cost us the game. also, he has lost an edge to his game. he used to dominate in the corners and keep it down low until he could make a pass. now very little energy. maybe he is hurt

    this is keller’s last hurrah! it would be nice if we could collect some hardware with him here. next year, he’s not going to be around to bail us out with a highlight goal aka the first round of the Pot

    as for bellows, he is consistent. he makes the same impact on the game whether he is in the stands or on the ice

    tomorrow will be telling. go BU

  2. I think this might be Bellows’ coming out party. This might be the game we look back on.

    • I agree, Glenn. Bellows scored against Harvard back on Nov. 22, and was bumping around the locker room yesterday. Seems like he’s in good spirits and pumped to play in a title game. Remember what he did in the World Juniors gold medal game against Canada? Two goals and an overall impressive game. Good players come to play when it matters the most.

  3. Yes indeed Jonathan. I definitely remember that gold medal game. Fingers crossed for an encore.

  4. Take a breather people. PW ranking is 3 this week. Relax. That was a crappy outing. And as much as you don’t want to hear about them being the youngest, its a fact. And with that fact comes the fact that they actually have other things going on in their lives as well. Yes they are being drafted high, are super stars from where they played before BU but when they get to Hockey East, arguably the BEST college hockey in the country, its a GIANT learning curve. So we as fans need to “deal with”. They are KIDS. Not many of these high drafts are going be Eichel or David. Coach has a lot more on his plate than just the X’s and O’s of the game. And Bellows…..not producing. Check his stats vs how much ice time he gets when he’s in there./ Add in the dumb penalties and you get a decent player who gets benched. They will come around. Either that or BU starts recruiting like Merrimack and Lowell, get some W’s under their belt and NEVER make it beyond the Regionals. I’ll take the way they are recruiting now. GI BU!!!!