Live Blog: BU hockey visits UMass Lowell

We’re live at the Tsongas Center for what should be a thrilling top-10 clash between two Hockey East squads.

Come 7:15, the No. 3 Boston University men’s hockey team will take on No. 9 University of Massachusetts Lowell, and these squads never disappoint.

They met back on Jan. 28, with the Terriers earning a 4-2 win. Will more fireworks be on display tonight?

Let’s find out together – so follow along in the live blog below!

Live Blog BU at UMass Lowell – Tsongas Center


Lines for BU and Lowell:



  1. Where’s Bellows? Didn’t he just gave his “best practice”?

  2. Again.. Bellows?

  3. Missing the old blog when it was two of you and lots of back and forth with your audience. This is a national powerhouse with a $65k tuition.

  4. UML enjoyed a man advantage all game; i.e., their players plus O’Brien the referee. Moreover, the game was decided by the last of his multiple phantom calls (Greenway called for tripping while face down on the ice). H/E’s new officials need monitoring. PSD

  5. At the risk of incurring the wrath of Big Roy and Mr. Paul D., I don’t think the refs had anything to do with tonight’s result. Both teams essentially had the same amount of PPs and 5×3 time. Lowell just wanted it more. Since we hit 2017 and the “real season” started, look back over the past 10 games and ask yourself how many times you left the rink saying, “those guys really put in a 60-min shift tonight.” I can only say that for the game @BC and the Beanpot semi. The other games were either lackluster wins, poor losses, or fortunate wins where the other team deserved better. On any given night I expect the effort we showed against Union mixed with the skilled players we were missing for Union. This team should be scoring more that 2.6 GPG over the past 10 games. They’ve yet to find a balance of scoring and defense. It’s great to play solid team defense if your special teams are special or you roll out a top line who consistently generates Grade A’s on every shift. Instead, we’re playing with fire by letting teams hang around and opening ourselves to the possibility of ONE bad bounce, lucky deflection, or flukey play costing us a win or worse. Come tournament time, you can’t count on winning a low scoring game by one goal. Perhaps they’ll “turn it on” and start playing with more purpose in the offensive zone and having a sense of urgency throughout the game. I only suggest they start sooner than later because if they don’t make adjustments to their approach, they could easily find themselves one-and-done in the tourney, wishing they hadn’t wasted their “on paper” talent. Entering the season, my expectation was Frozen Four or bust. I don’t think that was an unrealistic thought. I’m just not currently seeing the consistent and balanced effort needed to meet that goal. It’s great to be #3 in the PWR. In reality, they’re currently playing no better than a coin flip against any of the other tournament teams.

  6. Most of the time no power play goals equals no win

  7. mike sabo, great insight and analysis

    Personally, I am a tad tired about hearing how some teams are older and bigger etc and we are the youngest team in college hockey. blah, blah! that is how the coaching staff has decided to recruit, so either figure out a way to use your skill to beat the older team or just concede that the merimacks and lowells etc are just going to wear us down and eventually win most of the time. just stop talking about it. sounds like a lame excuse at this point in the season. october ok, february nah

    the time is running out on the maturity factor. the season is at the point where immaturity ain’t gonna cut it. fish or cut bait time, boys

    and that was a lazy penalty on greenway. he might have been face down, but he stuck out his stick and tripped the guy. cost us the game. also, he has lost an edge to his game. he used to dominate in the corners and keep it down low until he could make a pass. now very little energy. maybe he is hurt

    this is keller’s last hurrah! it would be nice if we could collect some hardware with him here. next year, he’s not going to be around to bail us out with a highlight goal aka the first round of the Pot

    as for bellows, he is consistent. he makes the same impact on the game whether he is in the stands or on the ice

    tomorrow will be telling. go BU