The Look Back: BU sweeps Maine


There’s no other way to put it: It was another great weekend for the No. 3 Boston University men’s hockey team.

Pegged against the University of Maine for a weekend series, BU pushed its win streak to eight games with back-to-back victories. The first came on Friday night at Agganis Arena, with the Terriers knocking off the Black Bears, 4-1.

While that scoreline flatters BU, it wasn’t until a flurry of goals in the third frame that head coach David Quinn’s squad pulled away. What the third stanza did do, though, is set the stage for Saturday night’s rematch at Alfond Arena.


Maine was certainly boosted by playing on home ice, but the Terriers still etched out a 3-1 win. Here are some thoughts from the weekend’s games:

  • Patrick Harper: The freshman forward scored on the power play on Saturday, but then got injured and sat out the third period. We’ll touch base with Quinn early this week and see what his status is.
  • Clayton Keller: In my opinion, more people should be talking about what Keller’s return from injury in early December did to this squad. He now has a 10-game point streak and simply elevates his teammate’s play.
  • Jake Oettinger: What else is there to say about the 18-year-old goaltender? He stopped 39 of the combined 41 shots he saw against Maine; the only two that beat him were flukes off the stick of Blaine Byron. Should Oettinger keep this pace up, he could carry BU towards some hardware.
  • Kieffer Bellows: One surprise from Friday’s game was that Bellows dropped to the fourth line. He stayed there for Saturday’s contest, too, and saw time in both on the second power-play unit. It would be unfair to say he’s playing poorly, but fans have to be yearning for more offensive contributions from him.
  • Quick turnaround: BU will have hardly time to bask in these wins, as a visit to Merrimack College awaits on Tuesday night. The squad will take Sunday off, have an abbreviated practice on Monday and then get right back into the thick of it.


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  1. Son of Caesar Carlaci

    Someone must have got to Oettinger while he was in Canada. He now uses his glove much more and does not do the flop so quickly. He is in position to make all saves now. Also he is aggressive much more. Looks like a different goalie.

  2. Yes, Oettinger looked good before the WJC and now looks even better. On a different subject, I am very happy to see that the “Hockey In Harlem” kids get to come up to Boston University and spend time on campus and with the team … besides the time they spend with the team when BU makes their semi-annual visit to NYC every other November. Along with the Autism Speaks connection, Hockey in Harlem is another excellent affiliation for our team.

  3. Unfair to say Bellows is playing poorly?…umm ok. doesn’t score..can’t keep up and doesn’t forecheck. Oettinger has been the reason this team has won the last 4 games end of story.Lots of chest thumping about only giving up only one 5×5 goal in the last 4 games with elite goaltending…no mention of the fact BU has only scored 2?…team looked dominant before the break..haven’t seen the same line up since

  4. BostonCollegeBilly

    This is all you will get from Bellows, game has changed and it is a skating game, with hustle. He is having a very hard time adapting to not being the goal scorer. Tried to be physical until his lack of discipline benched him, and If it was not for the political NTDP he should not have made the WJC team with the year he is having. His play continues to demonstrate this.

  5. Jake was the best goalie in the country since day one. I think he should be in the hobby baker talks He is that good. Earlier in the year people wanted to pull him. I never had a doubt about his abilities. Best goalie in college hockey that I have seen in 30 years of watching. As to Kiefer I think he is a goal scorer I think he should have made team USA as well. He is being asked to play on 4 th line he is doing his job and doing it well. He and Gabe produce offense when they are on ice. They also play sound defense. There is allot to be positive about this team go terriers???

  6. I love how there is always the negative people on here crying about stuff unreal u have the hottest team in the country winning games ,a good d core and a great goalie and yet always something… Jake has been the best goalie all year and looks solid but guest says he flops really??? Wow .. I’m enjoy this ride all the way to Chicago and don’t bother posting after its all said and done… Go bu!!

  7. Guest,
    Your historical negative perspective, and numerous critical comments about individual players, are not just disappointing, they are fallacious. Bellows played well in the World Jr’s, and has played well since returning. Additionally, he has become more disciplined. Earlier you were critical of #16, who is having an excellent season. Without reiterating all of your earlier objections, let me respectfully suggest that your perception is tainted, and that if you continue to post disparaging comments you ought to sign your name, and not hide behind the moniker “guest”.