Live Blog: BU hosts Maine at Agganis Arena

We’re live at Agganis Arena for tonight’s clash between the No. 3 Boston University men’s hockey team and the University of Maine.

The Terriers are riding a six-game winning streak, while the Black Bears are tied for last in Hockey East. For an account of all the night’s action, follow along on our live blog below!

Live Blog BU vs. Maine @ Agganis Arena

Here are tonight’s lines:

19 thoughts on “Live Blog: BU hosts Maine at Agganis Arena”

  1. Really the same squad?..score one goal get moved to the first line…score 3 goals in 4 periods you get scratched…seriously?

  2. Well we got our answer on what they are going to do with Switzer…sit him in the stands so no NHL team gets ticked off because their draft pick Isn’t playing…

  3. Great play by McCloud…gets beat on the wall ..then loafs back and gets beat to the net…and he’s in for defense?

  4. Sorry Jonathon…Bellows needs to be in the stands..brutal…the team played great without him in the line up

  5. what’s going on with quinn not playing shane switzer more.he has the passion,smarts and the shots to score goals.

  6. something wrong when best player on defense gets three goals in two games and he gets to sit.NHl scouts notice why not coach quinn.

  7. With all respect if u guys think Switzer derserve playing time over any of our top 6 …. wow.. bit it’s your opinion

  8. Seems Switzers family is a little upset. No way all these posts are from “fans”
    Quinn knows exactly who should play and who should sit. And he has no problem sitting “nhl” draft picks. Perhaps you missed the VT game without Bellows? Chill peeps….we got a good thing going here.

  9. Bellows has been a major disappointment so far. He came in with great credentials as a goal scorer who could help contribute right away. Instead he seems to coast in most games and doesn’t seem to want to work hard and get into the tough areas along the boards and in front to create chances.

  10. Sorry Ozzie, I just watched Quinn’s post-game interview and heard about Harper getting injured (which I didn’t see happen as I was watching the game). Damned!! I hope this is a day-to-day thing. Of course we have depth at the forward position but losing a guy of his caliber for any length of time would be quite damaging. I’m loving this eight-game winning streak and want it to continue!

  11. Bellows is struggling because in this league, he is too slow. he can not get his shot off like in the previous league he played in. Too bad. Great press clippings coming in

    I like Switzer, but calm it down. he has scored a few goals but there is a defensive end too which needs to be factored in. could he spell mccloud? sure but i do not think he is ready for day to day prime time

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