From The Freep: Gabriel Chabot feature

When the Boston University men’s hockey team announced its freshman class this past summer, there was one surprise. The big names – Keller, Bellows, Krys, Fabbro and Oettinger – rolled through, and then a curveball popped up on Twitter: Gabriel Chabot.

As a result, some of you may have been wondering all fall and winter exactly who Chabot is. After all, he’s scored twice for BU and been a constant in the lineup, more specifically on the fourth line.

To provide more insight into the 21-year-old winger’s story, Jonathan wrote up a feature over on The Daily Free Press.

Here’s a small snippet:

“That’s the thing — I want to be here for the long run,” Chabot said. “Some guys have the opportunity to leave after a year or two, but they don’t to get to be a part of this school, the fans, the program. This is amazing. I want to be here as long as I can.”

The rest is yours to read…


  1. Brings a lot of energy to the ice when he is out there

  2. Glad to hear how committed Gabe is to his college education … as well as doing his share to help us win on the ice. I remember being at the UConn game in Hartford on Friday, November 18th and seeing him score a goal. I thought to myself … Chabot Shalom LOL!

  3. it’s great to see Gabe getting the attention he deserves. He is a great kid who works very hard at fulfilling whatever assignment the coaching staff give him. He brings high energy to whatever line he is on. He throws a heavy hit. His back check is great, Gabe is a smart player. He is the type of hockey player every team needs, but goes under the radar. So excited to hear he wants to stay for 4 years. He is and will be a special player for this program. ican easily see him as a captain in future years?