From The FreeP: BU secures win over Harvard

Thanksgiving break just got that much sweeter for the Boston University men’s hockey team.

In what marks the closest geographic rivalry in college hockey, the Terriers swept aside Harvard University, 5-3, on Tuesday night at Agganis Arena. BU snagged goals from Pat Harper, Kieffer Bellows, Nick Roberto, Dante Fabbro and Pat Curry, while Connor LaCouvee recorded his second win of the season.

The teams traded goals throughout the contest, so for a recap of what unfolded, check out Nick’s game story.

One of the subtler takeaways from the Terriers’ clash with the Crimson was the play of Curry and the return of Ryan Cloonan from injury. Jonathan went in depth on both subject matters in his game story.



Coach Quinn:


Doyle Somerby and Curry:


Tweets of the game


  1. I think Ottenger has the potential to be a great goalie. But, alla Nobles and McKersie, having two goalies is only a strength if both are playing well. That means no soft goals that deflate the team. Lately both have let ones in that they wish they had back. That third one last night seconds after we went ahead is exactly what I am talking about. So we shall see. Neither is solid at this point. I thought Ottenger would be after the back to back shutouts but now I am not so sure. He is susceptible to being beat high stick side. NU did it 3x.

  2. Ken Dryden wishes he had shots back. The Goaltending is fine we even got a kid who would be a starter at many div 1 schools who has seen no ice time. If the best coach in the country feels confident in his goalies who he sees every day then I feel confident can’t wait to win in providence barn with any of the 3 goalies we have go bu?

  3. Me too. I will be a good test

  4. I was very impressed with Curry as a second line center. He provided lots of energy and two points.

  5. I think Curry, McDermott, and Chabot are real 4 year quality recruits. they probably won’t play in the NHL, but i think they show a good judge of talent by the coaching staff. the other recruits are no brainers as far as knowing their talent level,

    i wonder how the goalie rotation will play out next weekend. i think lacouvee on the road, and ottenger, who needs to have a solid performance, at home.

  6. Son of Caesar Carlaci

    We seem to get goalies that are very poor on easy shots. Those easy goals are real killers in most games. Not that I was a goalie but it seems that they both go down way too soon on long shots and are unable to catch anything high. On these easy goals they always seem to go high when Ottenger and now Lacouvee is in net. No, the goal tending is not fine.

  7. I can’t figure out why so many people on this blog or around the rinks think bu is in a free fall this year. I like where we are at I think we will peak right at the right time. So many people I talk too believe with our talent they should be printing the national championship tix. And because we are not winning every game it must be the goalies fault. I don’t mean to put anyone down who comments on this post or attends bu games, but college hockey does not work this way our league has 5 teams who could win it all and a few teams one to two steps behind. I obviously think bu is the best they are my team win or loose but I’m a optimist who believes in this team and our players from the goalies on out. We have been in every game we make mistakes but correct them. As the second half of the season starts our freshman will play like sophomores and will be tough to defend against. I say get ready for some great hockey go bu?

  8. When Keller and Olsson come back, our offense will be something special! Also, Son of Ceasar, when I look at the stats for D-1 goalies, Oettinger is #11 and Woll is #24, so I am not sure about your point regarding BC getting the better goalie. On an ironic side-note, guess who is #50? Adam Huska … the UConn goalie who looked like the second coming of Patrick Roy against us on November 19th.

  9. Son of Caesar Carlaci

    Glen, Woll started over Oettinger in Jr’s this year. All I know is that very easy goals are getting in by this freshman goalie. This will kill us in championship type games unless it stops.

  10. I think you’re right in that he has allowed some soft goals. However, a goal allowed is a goal allowed. The other team does not get anymore credit on the scoreboard for getting “easy” goals past our goalies. All that counts to me is goals against average and save percentage. So far, so good!

  11. Son of Caesar Carlacis

    Glen, in Championship games it is the most important factor. Do I have to comment about what happened two short years ago in the Championship game ?

  12. Oettinger is young and can get rattled but expect his game to improve. LaCouvee is certainly better than he was this time last year. Might even see Max P by the end of the year. Our goalie situation is fine. Everyone calm down.

  13. I completely disagree. If O’Connor would have made the save on that soft goal and then given up a goal on a Grade-A opportunity, wouldn’t we still have lost the national championship?