Live Blog: BU v. Michigan, Friday night

Live Blog BU vs. Michigan, Friday night’s game


  1. Now that was a depressing way to start my weekend … AWFUL!!

  2. Amazing that a kid from the AJHL with 20 points in 140 games is awesome and worthy of PP time and a kid from the AJHL with 48 points in 60 games is in the stands..and you wonder why the BU Power play sucks

  3. Its early yet but the Terriers have shown little offense against decent teams. Keller is obviously a fine talent and can create offense for a team that lost quite a bit, O’Regan, Oksanen, Lane, Grelyzk. Those guys could score goals. The group now, Greenway, big and tough, but slow, Carpenter, Cloonan, JFK, have not shown they can score goals consistently. Harper has shown he has finishing ability but not Bellows as yet. The strength of this team right now will be their defense, as was mentioned before, with six NHL draft choices, and the various McAvoys, Fabbros, Krys, Hickeys, Diffleys, are going to have to contribute offensively as well as B.U.’s forwards don’t seem very capable. Lets hope its just growing pains for a young team and that Keller gets back ASAP!