Live Blog: BU vs. Sacred Heart

BU will look to get back in the win column tonight as they host Sacred Heart. Follow along our live blog for updates!

Live Blog BU vs. Sacred Heart (10-21-16)

BU lines:

Bellows – Forsbacka Karlsson – Carpenter

Harper – Keller – Greenway

Olsson – Curry – Cloonan

Kelley – McDermott – Roberto


Hickey – Fabbro

Krys – McAvoy

Somerby – MacLeod






Sacred Heart lines:

Jasper – Danforth – Minello

Carroll – Kennedy – Fargey

Butcher – Tsekos – Bavaro

Barliant – Lotito – Hansen


Nylen – Clare

Rakhmatov – Doerksen

Lloyd – Crocock





  1. With all this skill you would think the BU PP would be much better…how long are we going to pretend Krys should be in the line up??

    • I respect your opinion but what don’t u like about him and play who in his place ?? Diefley, switzer?? I would hope not..

    • Seriously? Are you on drugs? Four for nine on the PP, Krys with a goal and an assist. “Just say no” and seek help.

  2. Are you out of your mind Steve? Krys was one of the better d-men last night