Live blog: BU vs. Under-18 U.S. NTDP

Follow along for game updates of the Terriers exhibition against the Under-18 U.S. National Team Development Program.


Live Blog BU vs. U.S. NDTP (10-5-16)

BU lines:

Harper – Forsbacka Karlsoon – Carpenter

Bellows – Keller – Greenway

Olsson – Curry – Roberto

Kelley – McDermott – Chabot


McAvoy – Krys

Diffley – Fabbro

Somerby – MacLeod








  1. How does Diffley stay in the line up…brutal

  2. Son of Caesar Carlaci

    Right on, Steve. Also, I am worried at Oettinger as he looked bad on the break away goal. Went down way too early into the “paddle”. BC goalie was ahead of him this summer on his team. Why does BC always get the best goalie available?

  3. Not sure how we can be worried about a goalie who is expected to be taken above all other goalies in the 2017 NHL Draft. Wall of BC is good but not at that level. Speaking of BC, did anyone see that they lost to Air Force at home tonight? What an upset!