From The FreeP: Saturday night’s win over Prince Edward Island

The Terriers got their 2016-17 season underway Saturday night with a 10-2 victory at Agganis Arena over the University of Prince Edward Island.

Check out our game coverage on The Daily Free Press, BU’s student-run newspaper.

Jonathan wrote up the recap, and there are some interesting quotes from head coach David Quinn and senior captain Doyle Somerby. It’s safe to say the scarlet and white aren’t satisfied with making quick work of a Canadian team in an exhibition match.

Meanwhile, Nick wrote up a sider on the freshmen. Forwards Patrick Harper and Clayton Keller were electric, while defensemen Chad Krys and Dante Fabbro showed why they’re so highly touted. You want to give this a read, folks.

Furthermore, check out the game’s highlights:

And last but not least, here’s out tweet of the night. This Patrick Harper kid is quite the jokester.


  1. Where is Quinn’s post game video?

  2. (oops, wasn’t finished!) Incredible game, penalties were asinine but hey they held them to 2 goals. REALLY like Oettinger (sp?) Quinn was spot on getting Harper here a year early. Freshmen looked really good!! D is strong and fast! It’s gonna be a GREAT year!!

  3. I was at the game and it was awesome … except for the penalties. Where are the post-game interviews?

    • Glenn (and others),

      The Boston Hockey Blog is operating right now with two journalists as opposed to the traditional three. As a result, we’re still trying to figure out the best way to bring everyone coverage with the man power we have.

      We’ll do our best to upload videos of future press conferences, as they’re a valuable resource for fans. In the meantime, check out our Three Thoughts piece from this morning. Those types of posts should serve as a place for fans to gather and share their thoughts.

      Feel free to send any questions or feedback along.

      – Jonathan