Lawrence, Udahl cut from BU men’s hockey team

Junior forward Dillon Lawrence and freshman forward Erik Udahl have been cut from the Boston University men’s hockey team for the 2016-17 season, multiple sources told The Daily Free Press.

Lawrence made just three appearances for BU in 2015-16, in two games against the University of New Hampshire and in the Terriers’ 4-1 victory over undefeated Quinnipiac University. He scored one goal in 37 appearances over the course of his BU career.

Udahl joined the Terriers in January, following a stint with the Coquitlam Express of the BCHL, and did not make a game appearance with the team.


  1. why lawrence, a junior? a good student. i don’t get it

  2. A junior, a good student, someone with a great attitude, someone paying his own way, a depth player when we needed one, and a guy who didn’t complain about lack of ice time. Over the last several years, the BU team has often found itself short of players, through injury and other problems. By now they should appreciate the value of depth players like Lawrence.

    • Friend_of_BU_Hockey

      IMO Lawrence being cut was a bit surprising given the attributes you cited are consistent with what I’ve known thru direct interactions as well as hearing from others. I don’t know if there’s else beyond on-ice ability behind the decision.

  3. Son of Caesar Carlaci

    We are getting like a pro team with all the cuts. I don’t understand why Udahl was on the team in the first place.

  4. We were short handed at the time. So he made sense

  5. Guys in case you forgot High School teams make cuts.

  6. Son of Caesar Carlaci

    Ozzie, I have followed and have been part of BU Hockey for a long long time and can not remember any player being cut except for cause in the past. That is to say in the 60’s 70’s, 80’s, and the 90’s. Some may have been JV when we had that program but only recently have we made cuts. I wonder if it has to do do with some kind of financial restraint Quinn has as to the number on his team. After all the administration is not pro hockey as it ha been in the past. After one has been an active player on any high school team or college team I can not remember cuts as we see here.

    • Friend_of_BU_Hockey

      With all respect to Lawrence and Udahl, it’s possible the cause for being cut is their respective on-ice abilities in relation to everyone else on next season’s roster. Currently next season’s roster is at 26 players — 14 forwards, 9 defensemen and 3 goalies. As others have mentioned in separate comment threads, one of the defensemen (Fortunato) may be moved to forward. In the 25+ years I’ve followed BU Hockey, most years the roster has been between 25-27 players.

      Udahl was added for emergency depth as a result of the Oksanen injury (and the fear he’d be lost for the season), Greer departure and confirmation of Roberto’s suspension all happening a week apart. I would imagine that part of the conversation about Udahl joining the team included no promises nor guarantees beyond this season. I also believe that since he did not play in a game, Udahl would be immediately eligible to play at another D1 program next season and would have the full 4 years’ eligibility.

  7. I hope this is case of too many players and nothing to due with financial restraints. I was told numerous times that fund raising was way ahead of expectations and that it was a nonissue. I felt otherwise and action always speak louder then words.
    It seems that that there have been many changes already with a brunch instead of a banquet, no more charter flights and now a reduction in the roster., Obvious cost cutting to me. I do not remember this ever being done in the past as any deficit or financial restraints were always taken care of by the FOH.