Somerby named 2016-17 captain, team awards presented at Friends of Hockey Banquet


  1. Great event. Can’t wait for next year to start. I am very disappointed that Robbie Baligeron will not be back next year I think if he were to get his confidence back he would be huge for this team. That being said the leadership they will get from the new captains and great returning players plus a talented freshman class is a recipe for a great season?

  2. Son of Caesar Carlaci

    Great that he is back as we needed older guys back for next year. As far as Baligeron is concerned I find it strange he would play hockey for another school while a BU alum. Strange indeed.

    • I believe this is similar to FB where if you recall Russell Wilson was at NC State completed his academic requirements in three years and then went to Wisconsin for his final year of eligibility.

      I am pretty sure Rob Baillargeon has completed his academic requirements and under the NCAA rule can go to another program without sitting out

  3. Doyle will be a great and proud captain!

  4. Where is robbie going when did that news break

    • Sarah Kirkpatrick

      Just rumors on message boards at this point, nothing confirmed or broken as of yet re: Robbie departing.

  5. Where is robbie baillargeon going?

  6. Okay thanks sarah sorry the comment posted twice didnt mean for that to happen. Cant wait for next year.

    • Sarah Kirkpatrick

      No problem! It’ll be fun and interesting to see how the offseason and upcoming season play out.

  7. If I understand it correctly, it was not a “Friends of Hockey” banquet anymore.

  8. Brian,
    You are correct, there are no more “Friends of Hockey”. Sadly the FOH were disbanded a year after DQ became the Head Coach.