David Quinn named assistant coach of U.S. Men’s National Team for World Championship

Boston University men’s hockey head coach David Quinn was added as an assistant coach for the U.S. Men’s National Team slated to participate in the 2016 IIHF Men’s World Championship, USA Hockey announced Friday.

Quinn joins former Terrier John Hynes, who was tabbed head coach of the team last week, and Todd Richards, who was also named an assistant coach.

The tournament begins May 6 and will run through May 22, taking place in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia.

The nod marks Quinn’s fifth assistant coaching opportunity with USA Hockey, as he helped the men’s World Championship team in 2012 and 2007 and the women’s squad in 1999 and 2000.

He’s also worked with USA Hockey in other capacities, serving as a head coach with the National Team Development Program from 2002-04. He did so with Hynes during the 2003-04 season in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

In his three full seasons as head coach of BU so far, Quinn has posted a 59-42-14 record and guided the the Terriers to the national tournament two years in a row.


  1. Welcome back hey Larry and other Dq haters apprently team usa don’t know much about hockey because they got got Dq to be assistant coach for the tournament wow “what are they thinking ” the way he coached bu I’m “shocked. .. Mr Larry especially u must feel like a complete bafoon… hahahaha go Bu…

  2. Congratulations Coach Quinn!

  3. Son of Caesar Carlaci

    Always good to have your coach “out and about” the hockey world. This is the best way to find hidden talent in the vast world of hockey. Good for him.

  4. Congrats Coach Quinn! Go get a medal!

  5. big roy
    Hopefully DQ will learn from John Hynes and be a better coach next year. It was a smart choice as he is a great assistant coach. No argument from me. Any concern that the Banquet is now an afternoon brunch. I heard attendance dropped from close to 500 last year to less than 200 this year.

  6. It was a great and classy event, Larry. How come you didn’t go? I will say that I prefer being served, rather than self-serve … and I probably would prefer dinner versus a brunch. Still, Coach explained the rationale for the change … and I think everyone had a wonderful time. The Burke Lounge is a beautiful venue. Obviously, it can’t hold the same number of people as the GSU ballroom. Anyway, it was well worth the drive from White Plains, and I made a weekend of it.

  7. Glenn,
    I am glad you enjoyed it. Two of my friends went and had the opposite opinion. They felt the coaches explanation did not make sense and were extremely disappointed. They even left early.
    I was never planning to go. A brunch is a cheap alternative and did not appeal to anyone in my family. It made as much sense to me as the 4 o’clock starts.
    I hope you have a great summer,

  8. can someone explain what he said was the reason for the change? i would appreciate knowing

  9. vinne,
    I believe this was a cost cutting measure and nothing more. According to my friends who attended the brunch that the coaches explanation did not make sense. It was poorly attended and both of my friends left early.

  10. Larry, first of all, I wish you a pleasant and safe summer too. Second, I was there and have a hard time understanding what points DQ made that they thought did not make sense. Yes, he explained that having the banquet as a dinner format event at the GSU was extraordinarily expensive and he mentioned what could be done with that saved money if Agganis catered the event instead. I will not say the amount but it was quite significant and it could be used for smoothing the academic load of our athletes, and helping them succeed on and off the ice. He also said that he is open to feedback. So, his explanation made a lot of sense to me. It really wasn’t all that hard to understand. The new format still allowed the same, if not more, opportunity to talk with the BU hockey players and their families.

    • Glenn,
      I received two unsolicited phone calls with a totally different view from yours of the coaches remarks. I know for a fact the Banquet was never a money maker and always ran a deficit due to the amount of free invitations. When I was involved it was budgeted item and planned for accordingly. At that time, The FOH generated more than enough revenue to offset the deficit. The focus of the banquet was to show off the program in all its glory as many recruits, guests and administrators had never experienced a B.U. Hockey event or for a few even a game. It was an extremely effective marketing tool that has been diminished to a brunch with little or no interest from fans. It was better than any advertising and it really added a glow to the image of the Hockey Program.

  11. And, it was by no means poorly attended. I didn’t see one person leave early. The Burke Lounge was filled to capacity. Obviously, it cannot hold the same number of peeps as the GSU. So, tickets were limited to two per person. I will say this, I missed the “BU Hockey” chocolate cheesecakes that each attendee used to be served for dessert.

    • Glenn,
      I respectfully disagree. It is the size of the room that is the issue ,not that a much smaller venue was filled to capacity. The previous year at the GSU the attendance was approximately 500 and it was sold out, This year attendance was around 150.( A reduction of 350 people or 70%.)
      Not exactly a classy affair as a gentleman whom an award was named after, was not even invited to present his award!

  12. While we did not have 500 people, I would say it was closer to 200. I did not receive any phone calls, solicited or unsolicited, but know it was a beautiful event … albeit on a smaller scale than previous years. If the GSU version was causing a major financial loss for the program, then it had to be changed – no doubt.

    • Glenn,
      A 60% reduction in attendance is not positive. As previously explained the banquet was not a money maker. It is a promotional and marketing tool that in the past was extremely valuable as exposure for the hockey program to people who knew little about the B.U. Hockey. The cost if budgeted properly was never an issue until apparently this year. The myth that it caused a major financial loss could be easily rectified by charging more or perhaps finding a sponsor. It certainly did not have to be changed which is the easy way out. All of sudden after over 50 years it cost too much. I simply do not buy it.
      Perhaps funding raising was below expectations or costs were higher than expected. Maybe it is a reflection on the poor attendance that has negatively impacted the program. At the end of the day you have to spend money to make money.

  13. I do not buy the “you have to spend money to make money” … at all. If one choice is extremely more expensive than the other, and that other provides a quality experience to people who follow our program, then by all means save the money and go with that other choice … and invest that saved money in our program. Absolutely nobody, including the BU hockey donors I know, left that event feeling anything but positive about the program and the direction in which it is going. Sure, the GSU might not have cost that much in past years. They have probably raised their prices to an unreasonable level. I will also tell you one thing that I liked much better about having the event in the Burke Lounge: I was with a guest who was completely new to Terrier Nation … and I was able to give her a walking tour of Agganis after the banquet ended. Finally, the option of “charging more” was definitely not a viable alternative plan. It would have meant that the ticket would have cost multiple times what we were used to paying. Then, you would have had a really intimate gathering.

    • Glenn,
      I totally disagree with you regarding your comments concerning the brunch. My colleagues feel it was a cheap imitation and did not live up to the standards of the banquet. Furthermore they did not believe the coaches rationalization explanation for this change.
      The previous season the cost was a non factor as the GSU was over sold. You could have doubled the price and nobody would have complained. Do you know for a fact that the GSU became cost prohibitive or is this conjecture that is simply not true. Many years the banquet was held at a restaurant or venues off campus. Did any one investigate this possibility? What about finding a sponsorship?
      When did the Hockey program begin to have financial issues.?I was told numerous times that since the dismantling of the FOH, record numbers had been raised. The new program was a change for the better and the coaches corner was breaking new records. In reality who is fooling who? I never believed it and never will unless I examine the actual numbers. This will never happen at a private institution and they will only spin the truth to explain the obvious short comings.
      Since the abrupt end of the season the following cost cutting has occurred. A brunch instead of a banquet, no more charter flights and two non scholarship players were cut from the team . These are all cost cutting measure and something is certainly a miss.
      During the FOH era there were never any financial issues as any concerns were resolved due to the loyal and committed following. Unfortunately that no longer exists. In fact many of these benefactors have left the program. Personally, I no longer donate to the Hockey Program. I have season tickets but do not know for how much longer. This will be my families decision not mine.

  14. I don’t know who your “colleagues” are, but that brunch was anything but a “cheap imitation”. I was actually in attendance. I really think that you’re reaching for any possible ways to comment negatively about the decisions that DQ makes. Besides, the banquet is about recognition of our student athletes, and not at all about where and what time of day it takes place.

    Is there anyone out there in this forum who was there and has opinions/feedback about this event?

    • Glenn,
      My two colleagues were former board members of now extinct FOH. They both were intimately involved with the running of the banquet. Unlike myself, they were big supporters of the Coach. Now, not so much, they seem to have come over to the dark side. It was the Coaches explanation for these changes that really made them angry because they are not buying what he is selling. I was surprised by their phone calls because previously as I stated they did not agree with me.
      Ironically, apparently they were the only two former board members in attendance or at least that is what they told me. One of them also related to me that a individual that an award was named after was not invited to attend the banquet! Not exactly classy.
      If you want to give proper recognition to the student athletes then it certainly is about the time and place. Having a 60% 70% reduction in attendance indicates to me what they thought.! (about the student athletes.)( at a 30% price reduction)

  15. Larry, as I explained to you before, Coach Quinn’s explanation was very simple and easy to understand. He was not “selling” anything at all. He made it very clear as to why it made sense, at least for now (with the Agganis management willing to do this event for us), to change the venue. Everybody I spoke to thought it made sense and that the end-product was so enjoyable for all.

    If you want to give recognition to the student athletes, it is most certainly not about the time and place. It is about having their families there in attendance. Besides, you can’t have a better place than the Burke Lounge.

    • Glenn,
      I guess we agree to disagree. If you add family members to the team and invited guest it indicates very few actual fans attended, which I believe is not a positive trend. In fact you are the only one on this blog who stated that they enjoyed the brunch. I could be mistaken but it received minimal coverage by the DFP and in this blog compared to previous years.
      The angry reaction to the coaches comments by my colleagues is their opinion which obviously differs from yours. As stated I did not attend and apparently there were different interpretations of his remarks. I was surprised as these individuals are mild mannered, soft spoken and professional. The exact opposite of me!

      • Sarah Kirkpatrick

        I don’t think the coverage was too different — a bit limited only in that we only embedded tweets instead of writing a story, but it covered all the same information that would have been in the story, and that was also a result of us being really busy the afternoon following the banquet. Had nothing to do with the brunch vs. dinner — we don’t cover, and never have covered, the banquet in terms of the event itself; our only coverage is about the awards and captains that are announced. But FWIW, the three of us very much enjoyed the banquet and had no qualms with the brunch.

        • Sarah,
          Understood you had no qualms with the brunch but would you agree the banquet was a better way to end the season?

          • Sarah Kirkpatrick

            I think both the brunch and the dinner had their individual merits, which I won’t go too far into. I think it was Glenn who said he prefers a sitdown meal/being served, which I can’t disagree with, but I actually liked the food options at the brunch better. But I’d have to get pretty nitpicky to call one “better” over the other.

          • Sarah,
            Thank you for your reply and good luck in the future. I am a traditionalist so I miss the banquet.

  16. Larry, did anyone else on this blog (besides the DFP staff) attend the banquet? So far the only one on this blog who did not enjoy it was you … and you didn’t even attend it. So yes, I guess we will agree to disagree.

    • Glenn,
      Please do not put words in my mouth. Perhaps you are confused. True I prefer a banquet but I was only reporting what two friends, that I have known for over four decades, told me. I think you made my point that except for you, vey few actual fans attended in comparison to previous years. It reminds of the terrific idea to start games on Saturday at 4:00 pm. Endorsed by the entire administration including the coach and then abruptly dropped after a one year failure.
      Furthermore in JP’S entire four decade tenure any financial issues were resolved by the FOH . In other words there were none!

  17. I loved the banquet! Great time a good explanation from the coach. What more could you ask for? If this banquet were at midnight and they were serving McDonald’s I would be there with a smile.

    • Colin,
      B.U. could use more fans like yourself. I would not be surprised if it was at McDonalds at midnight next year if the Hockey program could save a few bucks.