1. Beginning of the season, BU showed they could play with any team in the country. However, over the course of a long season you have to keep improving to stay in contention. Instead, the defense regressed, the personnel losses (Greer, Olsen) upset the dynamics, and the offense struggled mightily. You can speculate why, and obviously chemistry and coaching come to mind, but don’t disregard the Eichel factor either. A great player like Eichel makes it so much easier for the rest of the team to play relaxed but focused game. Opposing teams placed such a high priority on stopping Jack it opened up a wealth of opportunities for other talented players. This team never embraced how hard they would have to work to succeed which led to them being frequently outplayed, especially down the stretch at playoff time.

  2. good point D simon. Eichel was a one man break out which put much less pressure on the defense. add the lost players you mentioned, plus letenov, piccinich( who i think might have gotten better, at least better than tommy kelly and perhaps chase phelps). add in inconsistent goaltending.

    big pressure on the newcomer ottenger. let’s hope he is up for the challenge of hockey east. goalie can take a while to acclimate to the speed etc. he has played against college competition so let’s hope

    i am concerned about the talent level of the 3 returning seniors – somerby, ballageron, and kelly. again the residue of the parker/bavis regime. luckily we do not have to add collier and duane, and kurker to that list

    Go Sioux (forget new name), pioneers and bobcats

  3. The senior class will provide leadership Robbie will have a great year his confidence is back and he will lead this team with Doyle can’t wait for the puck to drop go bu