Quinn: BU’s ‘season ended at Notre Dame,’ but what exactly went wrong?


Following the Boston University men’s hockey team’s season-ending loss in the NCAA Tournament to the University of Denver on Saturday, head coach David Quinn had a theory.

“It seems like our season ended at Notre Dame,” he said. “I don’t know what happened to us mentally. We were playing good hockey and we became a fragile group mentally.”

Considering BU’s lackluster postseason run — if you can even call it a run — where it barely knocked off a last-place University of Massachusetts Amherst team in the first round and then got railed by the University of Massachusetts Lowell the following week, that’s a fair assessment. BU’s last “feel good” victory probably came at the University of Notre Dame on Feb. 26, which works out to a full month of pretty disappointing playoff hockey.

But as some have mentioned in comment sections and on fan forums, it seems as if BU’s season began its downward spiral during and after the Beanpot final against Boston College. The team had just five wins in 12 games between the Beanpot and the final game of the season, with six losses and a tie mixed in.

Of course, we can’t really get into the heads of what was going on mentally during that span, but we can point to a few things in particular that we were able to see on the ice over the final weeks of the season that could possibly account for the slip-up.

Offense, defense or goaltending?
Twelve goals allowed in two games. That makes it hard to win at any level, especially in the NCAA against top teams like the University of Massachusetts Lowell and Denver.

And BU didn’t win either of those games, and none down the stretch in what became its final three games of the year. But who’s really at fault? Is it senior goaltender Sean Maguire, who didn’t look exactly like himself during the team’s postseason run? Based on a lot of the discussion on the live blogs here, some believe that to be the case.

But let’s set the record straight. Maguire was nowhere near as sharp as he had been earlier in the season during the past few games. For long stretches, like during the Beanpot, he was absolutely lockdown in the crease. He was far from it during the Hockey East Tournament and one game in St. Paul. But the onus should not fall squarely on his shoulders. Far from it, actually. Because without Maguire, BU maybe doesn’t even make it this far in the season.

Some soft goals were let in, yes, but Maguire’s defense in front of him was poor and did not play particularly well in its own zone. Especially against Denver, there were plenty of turnovers at the defensive blue line, and both he and sophomore Connor LaCouvee were hung out to dry multiple times.

This team’s defense was supposed to be the core, the big factor in why this year’s team would be in contention for another Frozen Four run. And, at times, the unit did play up to its potential. However, there were too many instances, like Saturday’s loss, where the D corps failed to show up.

Senior winger Ahti Oksanen said a lot of the talk and work in practice over the last two weeks was based on defensive zone coverage and just generally being more responsible with and without the puck. Maybe for the first 10 minutes of the game things looked better, but by the time BU failed to convert on its second power play of the first period, everything spiraled out of control.

The attention to detail and lack of control in the defensive zone allowed Denver to walk all over BU for most of the night. For the first time since Frozen Fenway in January 2014, BU gave up seven goals in one game. Defense clearly was an issue, but this argument almost becomes a moot point due to the fact the offense did next to nothing.

It wasn’t as if the offense just struggled against Denver, the issues seem to go all the way back to at least the Beanpot title game against Boston College. Consider this: BU played eight of its final 12 games against teams that made the NCAA Tournament (one of those games being in the tournament against Denver). And in those eight games, the Terriers recorded just 11 goals. That’s 1.375 goals per game against tournament-level teams. Three times in those eight games, BU was shut out. The team was not once held goal-less in its first 27 games of the season.

For a team that averaged 3.18 goals per game, and was one of the higher scoring teams in Hockey East for most of the season, the offense sputtered at a time when it was needed the most. It’s hard to have the conversation about bad defense when the offense could only muster so little. — Andrew Battifarano

Greenway move to the first line
It’s hard not to take notice, specifically, of the impact on the offense when freshman forward Jordan Greenway moved back to the first line after playing 15 games on the second line with seniors Matt Lane and Ahti Oksanen.

Greenway had seven points in his final nine games on the first line, but had 15 points in the 15 games he played alongside Lane and Oksanen.

Lane, meanwhile, had three points in the final nine games without Greenway on his line.
In the 15 games he played with Greenway on his line, he had 16 points.

Oksanen, with Greenway on his line, he had 20 points in 15 games. Without Greenway, he also had three points in his final nine games.

Furthermore, in the span that BU had that combination of players on the second line, the team had a 10-4-1 record, and averaged 3.8 goals per game. After moving Greenway, the team went 4-4-1 and averaged 2.22 goals per game.

That’s a small sample size, and obviously other factors come into play, but that’s still three one-point-per-game players when they play together, and with Greenway’s removal from that line, two of them became disappointingly unproductive as the year wound down. There was something about that line that worked, something that clicked — probably some of the best chemistry we saw from anyone this season — and it got taken apart. — SK

Lack of adjustments, lack of accountability
Save for Greenway’s move to the first line, and a brief stint from Bobo Carpenter on the second line, we seldom came to the rink this season and were shocked by any sort of move on the line charts. That goes for both forwards and defense. And there were plenty of arguments from fans about lack of depth, lack of options, but here’s the thing: The Terriers still had options. Not many, but options existed.

The most prominent example of this came on the defense, though. It was something I asked in January when we were at the University of Maine — was Quinn just going to keep rotating that sixth defenseman spot between Brien Diffley and John MacLeod? Was that a tangible solution going forward?

He said he didn’t look at it that way, and he said he’d reward whoever was playing best in practice. Yet that remained essentially the defensive situation — Diffley in sometimes, MacLeod when he wasn’t — for the remainder of the season, with the other five spots locked.

In games where he had his entire defense, all eight players, at his disposal — no injuries, suspensions or World Juniors appearances — the locked-in pairs of Matt Grzelcyk/Charlie McAvoy and Brandon Hickey/Brandon Fortunato never changed. Not once, until Saturday’s game, when he put MacLeod back with Grzelcyk.

We don’t see practice, but we see the lack of adjustments during game time — and that suggests a lack of accountability. A bad performance won’t put your spot in the lineup even remotely at stake, and it didn’t seem like players were forced to prove anything.

Something I don’t think I’ll be able to let go of about this season: The defense that was supposed to be one of the best in the nation, and ranked 30th in the nation after Saturday’s game. It regressed from last year, and didn’t do anything to get better as the season went on. I might be a bit more sympathetic if they’d tried to mix it up during the season and it still didn’t work. But that didn’t happen.

Here’s the bottom line — BU was riding a short bench, but not an empty one. And even if you want to argue that BU didn’t have any further options, there’s still a huge difference between not having enough bodies and not changing anything with those bodies at all. — SK


  1. Sarah,
    Great observations! The buck stops with the DQ! The alleged mentally was not present until the the second UMass-Lowell game There was two weeks to fix the problem. Yet DQ had no solutions! In fact the team played worse! A team with 9 NHL draft choices and 4 World Junior participants allowed 11 goals in a row.
    The team regressed into a bunch of overrated,underachieving primadonas, crybabies and excuse makers. They embarrassed themselves and the entire B.U Hockey Community. I am truly ashamed of all of them!

  2. Great analysis. Wish another story could be told.

  3. We better play serious defense next season. For those who think it will not matter so much because we will be such an offensive juggernaut, consider what just happened to Michigan: They had the #1, #2, and #3 leading scorers in men’s D-1 … and failed to get out of the Midwest Region.

  4. Glenn,
    There are serious on ice and off ice issues with this program. Same defense as last year and it was a strong point. I may be the most outspoken but DQ has alienated a lot of alumni, former players and B.U. Hockey Fans. I suppose if you win it is acceptable but if you don’t, well I guess you suffer the consequences.

    • When you have Eichel it doesn’t matter much what your defense looks like because he made EVERY player around him look like a rock star. Somersby stunk most of the season, Hickey cant stop going in the box, Diffley not consistant, Fortunado is the size of a Bantam player….NOT a stellar defense core at all.
      Maguire….AWFUL. I’m not sure why every team didn’t just shoot from the point….it was almost a guaranteed goal with that swiss cheese D in front of him. Top scorers bottomed out. I cant believe I’m reading all the “I’m disgusted” I’m embarrassed” etc. I’m THRILLED they made it to the NCAA.
      Larry, of course the coach takes the blame. I think you’re a little over the top with it. I’ve followed your squabbles with a few posters on here. NO doubt you are a jilted alumni, but I would imagine a guy coming in to fill JP’s shoes has a little more on his mind than coddling former BU students and stroking their egos. Seems some of the ALUM are a bunch of primadonna, crybabies as well. I would imagine all the “former players and hockey fans” you reference are a part of this whiny group as well. It almost seems you are happy about this ending?
      Well, I for one, am not happy either however I’m not enraged as some of the posters I’m reading on here. There are 12 other teams that are going to feel like BU after tonight too. Their coaches will go back and take a long look in the mirror, they will look at who they have coming and going and analyze the season, looking at what went right and what went wrong. Don’t think for one minute ANY of the losing NCAA coaches are thinking about much else. Any reputable coach will take the blame and seek the answers within. I’m not sure how coming on here and rubbing salt into the very open wounds does anyone any good.

      • Pete,
        I am glad you are happy. Me not so much. That was one horrible performance and as HC DQ is responsible. Last year he received and deserved credit for almost winning it all. So if he takes credit for a great season he must take blame for a disappointing one.
        If you don’t earn your customers every day then pretty soon you will have no business. Perhaps you didn’t notice but Agganis sold out one game and attendance was awful. If this trend continues then I would not be surprised to see games moved to Walter Brown Arena. Especially if they could draw more people with concerts,

    • Actually, what you’re saying is completely incorrect. DQ has not alienated fans, alumni, former players. He has done the opposite. The team played poorly. That doesn’t make him a bad coach. You don’t like him; so you decide that nobody likes him. It’s not a matter of being outspoken. G-d knows all of us here are outspoken. Some players have bad sophomore seasons and then return to form for their junior seasons. Lets hope this will be the case.

      • Glenn,
        We can agree to disagree as I talked to someone who received several complaints today.I don’t like the way DQ runs the program. It is nothing personal. It is strictly based on performance. Two out of three years have been less than spectacular. I will not and never asked for his dismissal. He clearly lost the team this year. Remember experts predicted a top five team not me.
        I know for a fact that season tickets at all levels were way below expectations this year and I cannot imagine that they would increase for next year. You can predict the one sellout a year.

        • Larry we get it. You know someone who knows someone who works in the ticket office. Half the people on this board know someone. Its not a secret that the 4pm games were an experiment, that Agganis was trying to draw in families with younger children, and that part worked. Students, not so much. There was certainly no shortage of drunk old men season ticket holders, no matter what time the games started.

          Also- FYI- David Quinn not wanting to be ambushed by you at every turn to talk about how cool you were as a student manager does not count as his “alienating the alumni base.”

          • While I’m with you on being against the DQ bashing … And yeah it’s almost like there is this need to feel “loved and wanted” I call a lot of these complainers the “wanna be’s” the “hangers on” who somehow feel they are owed or deserve something or might get mad because DQ won’t meet them for dinner or something …. I would venture to say as well that many have probably never picked up a hockey stick in their lives …..

            That being said… Quinn himself acknowledged The early Saturday games as an unmitigated disaster….. I don’t think it did anything to bring families in actually… “Hockey families ” in no way shape or form have the ability or freedom to be at a rink 4 pm on a Saturday between practices … Games… Travel to games etc for their kids most who are playing hockey (naturally those are the families to attract ) 4 pm just would never work … I do think the program has to do a better job of community outreach and integration …. Something akin to what they do in hockey in Harlem when in NY… Becaus it’s the kids you want to get hooked ultimately and that will ask and make the parents take them to see BU games to watch the players they had a chance to meet and skate with and who they idolize ….

          • Guest,
            I don’t drink but I am told I drive people to drink. The 4PM start time was ill advised and many season ticket holders complained to people that would not listen. It created a lot of bad will and bad feelings primarily because nobody knew until after the season tickets were mailed out.
            As far as DQ he is in charge and can run the program as he sees fit.

    • Larry,

      How do you feel he has alienated these groups?

      • Brian,
        DQ told former members of the FOH, management people in Agganis Arena and me that he was only interested in coaching the student athletes. He did not want to interact with season ticket holders , have a strong FOH or any type of promotion of the team. As coach that is his prerogative
        Unfortunately this rubbed people the wrong way. Especially my colleagues who have left the program or no longer donate to the program. This represents several million dollars of legacy donations that have been lost.

        • I’m sorry but I can’t sit idly by and reach such a kid of garbage…. Huge the contrary DQ has been any more open and engaged to open up the program so not true I’ve seen it with my own eyes…. Just plain fals

          • Zev,
            You are clueless and clearly don’t know what you are talking about. It is reflected in the attendance. Have you talked to former board members of the FOH, former employees in development or the sales manager at Aggannis Arena? I have and they evan asked my advice. They all told me DQ only wants to coach and that was a issue with all of them. He even told me himself that he does not feel it is a requirement of his job. I told him that is his prerogative as he is the coach. Basically, agree to disagree.

        • Friend_of_BU_Hockey

          Larry — If I understand correctly, I believe what you’re referring to with “This represents several million dollars of legacy donations that have been lost” isn’t reflected in a single year of donations, but the cumulative amount of dollars that these donors would have continued giving — including planned estate giving. I’d estimate the current annual impact is in the tens of thousands, which of course adds up over time.

          I’m also quite aware that the $ raised annually for men’s hockey the last 2 years has actually increased. However, a fair amount has been through new sources. But I understand the sense of missed opportunities to continue the connections that built and sustained the program for so many years; it’s like leaving $ on the table to find $ elsewhere.

          • Friend-of -BU-Hockey,
            YES, estate planning where people leave money. I have reconfirmed numerous times thru different sources (that do not want there names mentioned) It is several million dollars not thousands.
            B.U. is a private university and will not reveal the total donations to mens hockey . At least thats what I was told by a former employee. I would be suspect of any public information on a website. They would never divulge any sort of negative information.
            I was one of the owners of one of the largest privately owned manufacturing corporations in the world and we never would reveal hard numbers . Only to the bankers and partners.
            We would reveal all factual positive financial information but never anything negative.

  5. Wow. This whole column reads so much like the infamous “Pack of Frauds” column from the Globe in October 2004 that it makes me wonder a) if COM isn’t making it required reading and b) if Larry isn’t actually Dan Shaughnessy. Memo DFP and others: trashing the team won’t make the team turn around, and when they do turn around, you don’t get to take the credit.
    Where did I read that if we can’t hang with big boys (re: Denvers age) then we should move to D3? When we all come back to reality can we remember that our players accelerate to get to college, and that there’s a big, legitimate difference between an 18 year old kid out of high school and a 24 year old man who took 2-3 years to play before he started freshman year.
    Truth is the DFP doesn’t go to practice-as they point out, they don’t know the team logistics, and save for knowing Nick Roberto gambled (which anyone with a Twitter account could’ve figured out in November) neither they, nor Larry, are any more dialed in than your average season ticket holder. Although arguably they are more sober at games.

    How about a better spin maybe? Ok year. We lost. Badly. We lost momentum and we let it get into our heads. But- we also made the best out of losing not just Jack. Whoever said DQ has only shown we can win with Jack is missing the obvious. The BUFFALO SABRES can win with Jack. (If you’re going there point out that Edmonton has x number of first rounders and they can’t do anything.)
    I don’t think reactive posts do much, and I hope to Christ no one from the team reads any of them. You may say we’ll miss the seniors, but this whole column reads like “don’t let the door hit you. Especially you, number 31.”
    Sorry you’re so disappointed.

    • Sarah Kirkpatrick

      Not our job to spin this into a positive, just our job to react to what we saw, and compare that to what we’ve seen in every game over the past two years covering this team. Can’t speak to whether the players read our work, but that’s not why we’re here, nor is it to take credit for the team’s success. And I’m not quite sure where you get the vibe that we were trashing on Maguire, since in fact, we’re doing quite the opposite. Maybe it could have come across better, but the seniors were a core part of this team and they’re majorly going to be missed next year.

      And I’d like to think we’re a bit more dialed in than the average season ticket holder (can confirm your assumption that we’re all sober at games, at least!), but sorry we couldn’t be of better service to you this season. Thanks for reading!

    • Love Dan S. met him at a book signing and we had a long discussion. My favorite columnist.

      • Very disappointed myself Larry,enjoy your Spring and summer.And lets hope next year,is 150% better….take care

        • BU HOCKEY 7
          Thank you for the kind thoughts. They are truly appreciated. Be WeII! Have a great summer. I am very concerned about the future of the program. It seems no one knows how or why things went so horribly wrong. ( including the head coach)

          • I’m still in shock myself,I actually thought the team was progressing well at one point,and was hoping it would continue,obviously it did not!!!But I think the better days are,coming.Much sooner than later…I know we have our different opinions about the Coach,but that is your right,to voice it!I still believe that the Top Trophy in D-1 Hockey,will be back on campus within 2 yrs.And that will make 6!!!!Again,best wishes….

          • BU HOCKEY 7,
            I hope you are correct. I am wrong a lot according to my wife. Nothing would be better than to admit l had made a mistake. Unfortunately after three years that certainly is not the case.

  6. Clearly some of people here are happy they lost and how they lost… we slipped up at the wrong time u can blame quinn all u want but u can take a horse to water but can’t make him drink it… .. good year boys thanks for your hard work… some of u need to follow bc and lowell because u always talk about them on this blog…. Larry please give up your season tickets if u are sooo embarrassed they don’t need u matter of fact probably your only liked by your family and I wonder how.. your pathetic seriously don’t come next year when we are a power house… see u next year for the real fans and bloggers. . ?

    • big roy,
      I don’t really care what you or anyone else thinks. My family will make the decision concerning season tickets not me. What ever they decide is fine with me. Hope you had a great time in Minnesota.

  7. i said if you can’t hang with the big boys drop to D3. my sarcasm was directed at those people to rationalize BU losses to the fact that they play teams that are older – lowell, providence, union etc. if you think that is preventing you from winning, then change your recruiting philosophy because according to that excuse theory, we will never win because there will always be older teams, if we keep recruiting younger first round draft choices. honestly, i don’t know what the answer is. i know BC has the youngest team in college hockey and they seem to do pretty well. you can’t have it both ways. either go with the younger high skilled guy and win that way or go with the older guys and win that way. or find a blend. just stop using the young/old thing as an excuse for losing

  8. Great article …the numbers do not lie…throw in one top 4 WJC defenseman who had 1 point and was a -8 the last 21 games and another who looks like he is more interested in avoiding contact than playing hockey mix it with an NAHL mid season call up who had four points while we pretended he was a top 6 forward and you have the recipe for no goals …losing is not a reflection of the coaching but the manner in which BU completely quit is startling…and if it’s not the coaching then some returning players need to be in the stands or gone

  9. I sort of laugh at so many of the comments and posts here …. No offense even to the writers of the DFP you are more reporters then writers who really know hockey…. Let’s start with one thing these kids and yes they are kids … It’s a division one program I get it but they are kids… They go to school … Play a sport full time which takes endless hours of preperation, practice and working out as well as being a full time student …sometimes these things happen they are kids and it happens… It’s not for lack of preperation or hard work…. DQ is one of the best young hockey minds around… And alienate alumni ? I’ve never seen the program more open more transparent and more engaging then it’s been under Quinn … We don’t know all the stories… Injuries .. Or not and behind the scenes when you root for a college team you sort of life and die you can question and wonder but it’s rediculous to put them under the same microscope reserved for professionals …. I think to a one and even coach Quinn himself believes and wonders what things they could have done differently … So much of this game is mental especially when you are still dealing with young adults… And sure it could have been the beanpot loss… not getting the bye… Who knows … Live and learn … This is a great bunch of kids great staff… Real outstanding group of seniors and I mean that as much in a human being sense as well as players people like Danny Moran mags ahti a er and grizz don’t come along too often…. And as a program that is something we should be so proud of…. I do think we regressed a little on D and I think DQ would be the first to admit that and that they works so hard on that for past two weeks but sometimes it’s just a mental thing so much of the game is…. Was Maguire hurt ? Finger a problem? Maybe ? Was he gassed after sitting out a full year ? Maybe … Why not celebrate the fact that he came back valiantly from a near career ending situation and performed unbelievable all year long and got us to where we were …we can all play back room coach but without knowing the details of much of anything about what goes on behind closed doors it’s sort of silly to even attempt to try… One thing to note if you think for a second that losing olsson and Roberto didn’t hurt this team in a big way, And this isn’t making excuses but it is the reality … But it hurt them because it upsets the balance and a lot of pressure and responsibility placed on other lines and players …. More minutes … More wear and tear … On the other players … The season needs to be looked at in a cumulative context and not just in parts…. Lastly and this should be asked and what is a major mystery is that losing max letunov as well was a major setback and one wonders why Uconn was able to figure it out and somehow the administration at BU couldn’t … Great players want to come play here because it is a great program with a great staff great kids… And hopefully great fans …. I’m sad the seniors has to leave on such a sour note but it doesn’t diminish what they have done or accomplished … Both as student athletes and as outstanding citizens …. I for one am looking forward to the pipeline of great players …. We have coming in…. It takes time to build a program and look at our recruiting classes next few years that alone speaks to Quinn and hi staff and to the desire that kids want to come to BU to play…. I think that they..: their families their coaches and advisors know a “teenie bit” about hockey and not this stupid back room childish analysis and blame game… No one is forcing you to come to games or to be a part of the program … It’s quite clear from most of the comments there is a major lack of understanding of the basics of the game and surely the more nuanced aspects it’s sort of laughable frankly and a little sad at the same time…..

    Thanks for a great season and looking forward to many great things to come

    • If things are So Great,why don’t more people attend games.? Isn’t that a true reflection of how people really feel .

      • For one a huge mistake was made and now corrected re changing starting times for Saturday games… There won’t be those afternoon starts any longer …. I think it’s just a matter of competition in the area for things to do on a Friday or Saturday night . And there are ebbs and flows…. They might need to do a bit of a better job with student engagement and maybe the local hickey community and efforts are surely being taken to improve those things …. Change doesn’t happen overnight and attendance doesn’t reflect especially in the heart of Boston the caliber of the team playing …. We had one of the greatest players to ever pass through our program last year and attendance want much better …. But that doesn’t reflect on the team as much as maybe the approach of the university and maybe even those that run agganis …attendance issues do not go unnoticed ….

        • Zen,
          Please note that unfortunately the attendance and student support is much better up the street.
          Even though B.U.has a newer and first class facility that was built for hockey.

          • hold up there, Larry. Attendance may be better but it has nothing to do with BC students being so overly loyal that they couldn’t stand to miss a game. They go because they expect to win & for a long time have been- not wrong. If BC suddenly started to tank (hanifin) there wouldn’t be such a rush to Conte. Also worth noting that Agganis is in Boston whereas Conte is not, and there’s more stuff to do when you’re not out in the middle of Chestnut Hill. Hence the reason for the 4pm games. I was at every home game this year, didn’t love the 4pm time because it sort of wrecked the day, but overall didn’t have a huge problem with attendance.

          • And how do you know what attendance is like over there at BC? Ticket sales ? We know full well those differ than actual numbers…or the games against BU which you might have gone to? We know for is its a huge attendance game as well…. That being said I do feel there has to be better outreach from the program into the community to create a more communal feel and a loyalty ..

          • According to my son attendance information is listed online.

          • Ken.,
            It is irrelevant how or why they draw a bigger crowd. It is pretty sad that in a old dilapidated facility built for basketball they out draw B.U by a significant margin. I don’t know the final figures but I thought the attendance was extremely poor this season. According to my contact at Agganis Arena season tickets were well below expectations. Strictly based on team performance I don’t see them getting better. Cannot imagine people running to renew.

      • It’s not at all such a reflection. Low in-person attendance has been a big problem with college sports in general … and it’s also a function of changing student demographics … and their interest in electronic gadgetry.

        • Glenn,
          I am sure the idea behind Agganis Arena was to not only attract recruits but to fill the stands. After more than 10 years of existence attendance is going in the wrong direction. Season ticket holders are not renewing. Students only attend against certain opponents.
          Any ideas on how to turn this around?

          • Larry, my idea to “turn this around” is to have nights during the season when some of the larger student clubs (especially Asian ones) are invited to Agganis and engage with the players/coaches and learn about hockey … even getting them on the ice. I also think urban campuses (that are part of the city) are at a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to university-sponsored activities in general.

          • Any idea is a good one. It is not our job to find people to attend. I used to be very involved. However l am no longer interested the way the program is being run. I only attend to spend time with my now adult children. As soon as they are not interested I will join my contemporaries. The ones responsible for raising funds for two facilities that have left the program. I know longer donate to the program. My family and I did my job! My allegiance is to JK and JP. They are retired and so am I.
            I wish you well and will always be a fan. I have a feeling after this year things could get a lot worse before they get better..

          • Glenn,
            Any idea that increases attendance is good! However its up to the same individuals, who believed a 4:pm start time on Saturdays would add customers, to come with a better plan and execute it.

      • Attendance, from both alumni and students, declined heavily after the sexual assault scandal. It will take several successful years, without significant off-ice issues, for the attendance to return.

        • Brian,
          According to JP , anything printed in the fish rapper the Globe was simply not true. I agree that JP reputation was ruined and the lack of support by President Brown substantially hurt Jack’s ability to recruit.
          However it is several years removed from that unfortunate incident. Extremely unacceptable behavior by two student athletes. Please note the original charges were dropped by a female prosecutor in both cases.
          I do not believe it has any effect on attendance the past few years. There are many reasons for dwindling attendance but the scandal is not one of them.

        • Friend_of_BU_Hockey

          Brian – The combo of the off-ice issues and the coaching change had a major 2 year-effect on attendance. I keep track of attendance #s and you can see the trend here in average attendance for all home games since the 2009 National Championship season. Note: These figures include exhibition and postseason games at Agganis.

          2009-10: 5400
          2010-11: 4996 (aftermath of lackluster title defense)
          2011-12: 4913
          2012-13: 4468 (aftermath of off-ice issues)
          2013-14: 4085 (coaching change)
          2014-15: 4682 (team’s resurgence, Eichel)
          2015-16: 4212 (questionably scheduled home games, sparsely attended HE 1st round series)

          It should be noted that prior to the HE 1st round, average attendance for this season was at 4476. A drop-off of 206 (approx ~5%) from the previous season’s average. The effect of the HE 1st round attendance resulted in a drop-off of 470 (~10%) from the previous season’s average.

          Glenn is right when he says “Low in-person attendance has been a big problem with college sports in general”. We see it on TV or even in person at the conference tournaments and NCAA Regionals. Big-time men’s b-ball is not immune, either.

          • Friend _of _BU Hockey,
            Great job on attendance numbers! A couple of additional facts that contributed to this issue. Discontinuing of the FOH program where if you purchased a premium season ticket at full price the second ticket was half price. 10 year premium seating contracts for customers who donated money to fund the building of Agganis Arena ran out last year. Renewals for the same premium tickets increased two and a half times.(no consideration for loyalty)
            If Glenn is right it is all the more reason for all the different entities to work together instead of separate subsidiaries with there own personal agenda.
            Remember JP raised over 50 million thru the Friends so Agganis Arena could be built. Under the present regime there are no more FOH.

          • Are you all aware that there were a lot of changes to NCAA regs and that’s why there were so many changes in how the FOH operated ?

          • Zev,
            Well aware . However never any issues when JP was in charge or in DQ’s first year prior to his decision to dismantle it with the blessing of very jealous athletic development personal who were doing cartwheels in the hall.

  10. I could guess what went wrong ,but it does not matter the season is over. I miss hockey already. If you look at next years team I see allot of possibilities . Thanks for a good season a great senior class who deserved better but put bu in a better place then when they got on campus. Some juniors Doyle and Robbie come to mind as future leaders. Let’s all root against bc and look forward to next year go bu?

  11. Read the article and why Players come to BU to play … Not to mention as well an amazing new strength and conditioning as well


  12. Son of Caesar Carlaci

    I have watched BU Hockey for more years than most here on the blog. For the life of me I don not know what happened. That the D came apart so badly with a former D man who coached in the NHL has no explanation here. All I can say is that we have had teams “hit the wall” before in the NCAA’s and I guess this is a repeat.
    There could be an off ice problem as there has been in the past. I hope not.

  13. Who wrote this post?
    I see the initials and the byline, but I wonder who wrote the post because it doesn’t read like it was written by anyone who showed up for anything other than the last few games of the season, and then got the rest of their information from comments on the live blog that they read between commercials. It certainly doesn’t read like it was written by a team of writers who has had, perhaps, four years of basically unfettered access to the team, may have (at some point) spoken to every current and former player and being well aware of what type of “accountability” the players all have.
    It does read as though it were written by someone, or a few someones, with a personal vendetta against the team and/or its coaching staff, and it reads especially like all of this emotion has been in the tank for quite some time, and is now OK to unleash, with it being senior year and all. I wish the two of you had had the good sense to peer over the shoulders of some of the other posts that were hastily going up on other BU hockey blogs over the weekend, as the authors of those blogs seem to understand that there’s a way to express disappointment without sounding either like a bully, or as someone who has no real desire to work in sports journalism on any serious level. As you may or may not be aware- but may become so if you pursue this as a career- the stuff you can get away with saying about teams in Boston doesn’t fly in Puyallup.
    Looking forward to next season, the team newbies will be fun to watch, as will the staff changes at the DFP.

    • Sarah Kirkpatrick

      Impressive job picking out a very small town from my home state! But no, as much as some people here may think, no vendettas against the team, just an objective look at what was honestly a pretty astonishing fall at the end of the season — the team would agree, as many have used words like “disappointing,” “embarrassing,” “devastating,” etc. Quinn himself said that the season ended at Notre Dame, and we wanted to find an explanation for it — there’s no easy explanation for it, but we tried our best. At the end of the day, it’s the results that matter, and I’m sure many others would agree we don’t need to spin how this season ended into a positive. We aren’t discounting what the team did the rest of the season, or trying to “unleash” anything, just trying to gain an understanding of how the season ended the way it did.

      We, too, are looking forward to next year’s DFP writers! Great group of people that should be able to take the reins and continue our tradition of dedicated coverage of this team.

      • Sarah

        No one questions that everyone is disappointed about how the season ended from DQ all the way to the littlest fan… And everyone wants to know how or why? And therein starts the bashing and I think that’s where I have a hard time accepting what’s written as do others…. and frankly sometimes it just “happens” it’s a long season… A lot of wear and tear especially on the top two lines… And Maguire back from a near career ending situation …. I don’t think its one thing and sometimes it can just be plain old mental fatigue…. So while an article about the season ending should raise the questions in some level there are no magic bullet answers and at the same time the positives should be eschewed as well instead of looking for the sensationalism …..

  14. As disappointing and confounding as the recently completed season was, I still found it hugely entertaining. For that matter, I’ve found the last 47 years of BU hockey to be hugely entertaining.

    BU fan who hasn’t been alienated by David Quinn.

  15. I guess the blog couldn’t post what I wrote…?

    • Sarah Kirkpatrick

      Not sure if you’re referring to a comment you tried to previously post, but I don’t see anything else from you in either our unapproved or rejected comments!

  16. Few things: the attendance looks bad for one simple reason. They built too big of an arena for college hockey in Boston. The ticket prices and arena prices are also insane. Also for whatever reason , college hockey is not as popular in Boston as it once was. The Beanpot cannot even pretend to sell out the first round anymore, and the second round has a lot of empty seats for supposed sell outs.

    Yes Agannis is much nicer, and I am sure they make more money now then they did at WBA but it is at the expense of the game day experience.

    In WBA it seemed the band was playing for the students in Sect 8….the fans were on top of the other team. That is all lost in the new arena. the student sections seem like afterthoughts.

    Also, remember students are passing through in four year spurts. The students have no concept that BU used to win the Beanpot every year…or used to make the Final Four more often. In two years, no undergrad on campus will know who Jack Parker was.

    I do not blame DQ. Coach Parker lost control of this program at the end, and the students who are still there probably still have a bad taste in their mouths over the stories they saw came out. Alumni as well (I included) that followed the team also may have been getting sick of clicking what seemed to be another BU controversy every other week from 2011-13.

  17. Zev….what a pile of happy horse bleep…pull out the you don’t know hockey card and then talk about advisors wanting their players to come to BU….first off advisors are their for the benefit of their client not in what is in the best interest of BU…and from what I watched this year looks like lots of promise were made to advisors that was not backed up by play on the ice…do you watch the games?..have you watched the new recruits play or do you just base your opinion on media propaganda and who the NHL drafted?…news flash the NHL makes picks based on potential…it does not mean an 18 year old draft pick is better than a 20 or 21 year old right now…but clearly if you come to BU you are going to play right now whether you produce or not….and again the NHL couldn’t give a crap if BU wins a game next year as long as their guy plays all the time….If you don’t think something was seriously wrong with this team the last month or that atrocious play was held accountable then you need some new glasses that aren’t rose colored

    • Steve,
      Great points and observations! Thanks for keeping it real. Zev lives in a fantasy world. The team and anyone associated with team should be truly ASHAMED of the effort in the last two games!

      • Steve and Larry- I can pull out the card of advisors because while part of your point is true, you are missing one point that this is a premiere program with a great staff. Exactly they want what is best for their clients and that’s why premiere players come here. I understand it doesn’t always lead to continuity and people who stay for four years but you have to balance that out with developing a program and now having the ability to keep the pipeline flowing. This absolutely is happening under Quinn and his staff. It is only the THIRD year under Quinn and he has done a lot and it takes time for the culture to change. Yes I have had the opportunity to watch many of the recruits play both live, on tv and on video so those are my own thoughts. Just wait until you see Dante Fabro play, I know the USNDTP players are getting hue billing and well deserved but he is super special. You have totally misunderstood my posts as well and that’s obvious and mostly because you want to bury Quinn and the program. Of course this team down the stretch had problems no one would ever deny it… But sitting “here” there is a lot of conjecture without any real knowledge of what is going on. So we can pontificate and come up with all these thoughts and ideas but really you have no idea…. Nor do I really..or anyone on this board… And it might not have been one thing…it could have been more than one…so its hard to see people sitting here in this “perch” and throwing all this garbage out there… Maybe they actually overachieved most of the year and it caught up with them… who knows…. my point being without really knowing what’s going on …injuries…fatigue…whatever it is…its really hard to make any fair judgment or critique…

        • Zev,
          Sometimes the truth hurts and I don’t think you are being close to realistic. This team regressed the second half of the year and quit in its last two games. It was reported in the Herald that after I believe the third or fourth Denver goal they new the game was over just by looking a the body language of the B.U. players.
          I know JE’s agent and has student athletes at all the high profile college programs. Believe me he looks out for the best interest of his clients and advises accordingly.
          Unfortunately this is a result oriented business and the premier program is not B.U. it is one of the best but not the best. I think you know what college is considered number one.
          I think DQ is far behind both NB and NL after three years. In fact this might have been his worst year as he had elite talent with mediocre results. He still has no answers and that is troublesome.

          • Again..You make my point…. re the article about giving up…last few weeks…I believe it was a lot of mental fatigue….and they regressed second half?? not sure that is the case I think from the beanpot loss to BC and on there wasn’t the same sort of feel… and please don’t throw around Eichel’s agent I know just as many actually many more advisors..players..agents..etc than you do that has nothing to do with anything..I never said BU was the number one program in the country I said it was a premiere program that people want to play at… Any kudos I would give to Quinn you would have issue with and you would credit Eichel….or someone else.. Two trips to the tournament in three years…the recruiting classes coming in..I think speak very highly of his accomplishments… Quinn is a premiere coach that knows the game incredibly well..is loved by his players and staff..maybe nor you, but who cares about that… The fact that you can say that this team had elite talent shows me you don’t know much about hockey… they have/had maybe 4-5 elite or close to elite players… I did expect more of the D core… but we were incredibly think upfront and it took its toll… The losses of Letunov (which there really was no excuse for) was a major setback and not having Olsson or Roberto hurt..these losses are cumulative… and affect a team over a season and add to the wear and tear…Andren was a nice player…but come on fourth line at best and he was often playing first or second line…… I don’t think you have an understanding of the nuances of the game and working with young adults… and frankly as you correctly point out they are “kids” and sometimes it just happens.. The team was focused had some of their best practices going into the tourney and well it just didn’t work out …. I am not saying all was “rosey” far from it… but you obviously have an ax to grind with Quinn for whatever reason… I have my thoughts and probably a pretty good idea…and its kind of sad….you don’t like him or the program don’t come…seriously grow up…

          • Zev
            Are you living in some sort of fantasy world ? Mental fatigue, a band new excuse for a bunch of prima donnas. Try telling your boss that you have mental fatigue and I guarantee you will have plenty of time off. Do that in professional hockey and you will be searching for a real job.
            I agree that DQ did a good job with last years team and personally congratulated him. That is in the past like yesterdays newspaper and has nothing to do with this years team. In fact out of three years he had one good year as coach. To say he is a premier coach is simply not true . Based on what? Could he become one , perhaps. No ax to grind I just don’t like the way he runs the program.
            I might not know much about hockey but you have proven you know less. Name one other college that had four players participate in the world junior tournament? I suppose all NHL scouts are wrong with all there evaluations?
            I may not know the nuances but I do know when a team stops listening to its coach and quits.

          • Who is NB? If NL is Nate Leman, are you forgetting he coached Union before PC?
            ZEV is quite accurate in his statements. You’re making it way too obvious regarding your disdain for Quinn. All you talk about is the dismantled FOH and jilted Alum and former players. These FEW people you refer to have a mind like you…business oriented and UNhockey related. You brag about knowing this one or that one…when in reality they are jilted because A) they were never successful at this level or beyond or B) Quinn doesn’t “get in bed with them”. We all know your story by now, since you keep retelling it, so I’m not sure why you still stick around. I absolutely agree with ZEV when he states this team was NOT the talent it was projected to be. It was stated before…JE made every player better…their true colors came thru this year…just because you’re drafted means nothing…..Seriously demented to call this season the worst when a team makes it to the NCAA. Anyway, we’re onto next season.

          • All I can say dear Sean is Amen!!!! Like 1000x over

          • I maybe demented but at least I can see the forest from the trees and live in the real world. Those few that refer to built two arenas and unlike you put their money where there mouth is. You are not even smart enough to recognize that B.U. hockey is a business. Scholarships to play collegiate hockey is the form of a nice payment. ($66, 000 dollars a year and that total increases every year)
            YOU OR NO ONE ELSE WLLL EVER TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!! if anyone should disappear it is you. After all you lost the bet and reneged. Not something I would be brag about.
            This same talent that was so great prior to the season has mysteriously disappeared. So the blame goes to the person who found these players? Who is that? Oh your pal. Now he is a great coach with poor talent. Cannot have it both ways. These are the same player the beagles were after. At least thats what DQ stated. Is he being less than transparent?
            It must be tough being a deck hand on the Titanic telling all the passengers not to worry and everything fine.

  18. Sarah,

    You make some interesting observations about the line combinations. Greenway, with his tremendous physicality and determination became a great creator and playmaker which resulted in Lane’s unexpected, at least from what he demonstrated previously, goal production. He and Lane seemed more complementary for each other thanGreenway on the first line.I’m not sure what JFK is yet. he is very skilled and showed flashes of that with some pretty goals and assists, just not consistent enough, maybe he will improve. Danny O and Oksanen are goalscorers but obviously did not get the services from others that they enjoyed last year with JE. My concern is that we lose them along with Lane. We gain Bellows, a terrific goal scorer with under 18 and a very complete offensive package in Keller, with apparently all the skill of a JE but small and not as physical. Lets hope the Bellows-Keller combo continues to produce in D1 and that others like JFK, Baillargeon, Carpenter, Greenway, and the other recruits step up to produce the kind of balance between goalscorer and creator to be consistent offensively.

  19. Please don’t take this the wrong way because it’s not intended to offend anyone. Several things lead to the attendance issue. Some have been mentioned others have not. Parking use to be free. Now $10.00. Concession prices are outrageous for college venue(thank you Jeremy Jacobs). The facility is to big for what they need by about 1500 seats. I think one of the biggest reason for the lack of attendance is that the student body at BU has changed significantly over the past 10-15 years. Last I checked they don’t play much ice hockey in the Asian Country’s. BU’s European students for the most part just don’t seem to care about athletics. I have seen the same thing happen at my local high school where the school is almost 20% Asian. There main focus is on education, education, and education.

    Maybe it’s time to give the students free tickets to fill the place up. Give season ticket holders free parking. What happened to the coupon book for a free hot dog and popcorn. Discount on souvenirs for everyone not just premium ticket holders. How about everyone that wears red to the game gets a free concession item.

    The season was disappointing and I miss it already however I can’t wait for next year. We can only hope for no defections from our team and a whole lot from down the road. See you in October.

  20. I feel like I missed something. I might have my head in the sand but I really don’t have a problem with much where BU hockey is concerned. I thought attendance was fine, other than around vacations. I was at every single home game and quite a few on the road. BU is not the only school with a facility that can seem too large, nor are we the only one that doesn’t have every single home game sell out. (Does anyone?)

    I also don’t have a problem with the way David Quinn chooses to run his team. However he said the FOH thing, to me that reads as a nice way of saying ‘I don’t want everyone who ever laced up a pair of skates thinking they can coach this team better than I can.’ If you’ve taken any kids through any hockey league recently, I can tell you first hand it’s worse than ever. Every parent is smarter than the coach, and every parent thinks they have a first round pick on the ice. ESCPECIALLY in Massachusetts. So if DQ wants to keep his business to himself, so be it. I thought this year was so much fun. I thought the players were really accessible, I was really happy with the overall record, and most of the time I left Agganis feeling really pretty good, which I expect to continue years into the future. I will miss our seniors quite a lot, I hope we don’t lose too many younger guys next year but if we do, so what. Don’t get overly excited about the 5 first rounders yet, don’t be surprised when more than one of these guys decommits. It’s bound to happen.
    As for you, Sarah and Andrew, there’s a reason you’re getting called out on that post. It’s flat out a horrible way to finish out writing about hockey for the DFP. It’s not worthy of you or indicative of how you have treated the team up until now, and I agree that it reads like you shot from the hip without an editor, very petulant child-like, because you were disappointed – like the rest of us- with the results in the NCAAs. We’re all of us disappointed, which is pretty clear in the way these comments deteriorated into a grudge match over attendance at Agganis.
    You certainly do not have to spin anything positive, but to leave saying something blatantly false like the players were ‘not accountable’ in no way leaves behind the legacy that you have clearly worked so hard, and very vocally spent so much money, trying to build. Best of luck to you in the future.

    • Another FOH,
      Yes you must have no watched to closely. Attendance , primarily premium season tickets and suites were below expectations according to the management employees at AA. This facility was not built to sell out one game a year.
      As far as DQ , we can agree to disagree. I think you will be happy because I don’t believe he will change.
      I could not disagree with you more concerning Sarah and Andrew. Great job in a tough situation. Continue to be fearless and never take crap from anyone. You told it like it is .BRAVO!! It is one thing to lose it is another thing to quit. Let those prima donnas try it in the real world. See what happens.

  21. Oh Larry, please calm down and release those CAPS! You are going to hurt yourself screaming at me like that. You have your point of view and I have mine. You seem to want to bully everyone into thinking like you do and that’s just not happening. You may know the business side of things but clearly that’s it. This area was a prepsoterous (I dont feel like spell checking!) idea. BU was thinking in a business sense since it is being used for concerts too. Yay. However, the average person (Who didn’t run a billion dollar mfg co like YOU) can hardly take a family for a night out. A trip to the concessions would run about $75. Ridiculous! So great business sense who ever planned that. So you and your little cronies who are angry that you’re not sleeping with anyone can go right ahead and be mad. The coaching staff could care less. Really. And they shouldn’t be bothered with the task of getting people in the rink. For the love of GOD, we had a one in a million last year and they still never sold out so it is NOT because of the FOH being dismantled. They did a bigger better version of it…CC! THTAS where the $$$ is coming from and those donors far outweigh the FOH donors. (fact!) Now, I had nothing against the FOH, I thought it was a nice little club to be in but the CC…definitely more hockey oriented. If you think this making it to the NCAA was a disasterous year, then your hatred of Quinn and how he runs the program is clearly clouding your judgement. Most were decent at best. We had some so called “stars” but without a rock solid goalie, forget it. DQ didn’t recruit this full team and until year 5, when ALL the players are his responsibility, we will all see where his vision is. He is undoubtedly one of the smartest and knowledgeable coaches out there. Afterall, he was and still is highly sought after from other colleges and the NHL. But regardless of all that, ANY ending to this season other than an NCAA title would be disappointed. We were treated to a fairy tale season last year with JE. We all came crashing down to reality this year. Next year will be better….even you might enjoy it,

    • Sean,
      You think you own this site and can bully or intimidate anyone with different opinion. A desperate man whom is going to ridiculous measures. Nothing you post makes any sense. I personally have nothing to do concerning the management of Agganis Arena. It is poorly run.
      For the record I did not run a billion dollar company but I did sell out to one. Ironically I was the first employee let go. They showed me.
      You are incorrect about the CC. The amount of funds raised compared to when JP ran the FOH amounts to chump change. As previously stated B.U. is a private institution and never would reveal actual numbers. You are one of the most gullible individuals on this planet if you believe otherwise. A public website serves B.U.’s best interest. They would never publish any negative information only positive. I know because I owned a private business. It is not rocket science only common sense.
      My little cronies represent the silent majority and the MILLIONS of dollars that have left the hockey program. ( fact not fiction )
      You have blind faith In DQ and are far from objective. He still cannot come up with a logical explanation of why things went so horribly wrong. You are extremely hypocritical to change your opinion on the talent when it was touted as elite and special. How does a whole team regress and not show up?
      I think I have been more than fair to DQ. I was pretty accurate with my observations. Also I am man enough to admit if i was wrong unlike you.

      • Ok Larry know it all, Mr. Perfect, you are wrong, whether you want to believe it or not. You are the one who wants to bully people into believing your crap. NEVER did I say this team had elite talent. I said I believed in them because that’s what a fan does, they believe until the season’s over and then they start all over again the next season with high hopes.
        I am far from wrong about the CC. For some reason you think you know the entire financial situation of this program. It most certainly has NOT lost millions of dollars, rather it has raised more in the last two years than when JP was coaching. FACT, not the fiction your “sources” are giving you. BEcause yes, the info is private….so it doesn’t matter what either of us say…except I know what I’m talking about in that department.
        Do you seriously think Quinn is going to come out and publicly discuss what exactly went wrong with his team?? Or why he didn’t play Switzer? Never happen! Not in a million years. (And Steve, there is NO WAY Maguire carried this team….he had some great games but he broke down when it counted. Period!)
        One last question: Did you ever own a business and manage people? I’m not sure if you’ve ever said if you have or not?

        • Sean,
          According to my wife far from perfect just not as gullible as you. You want to to drink the DQ koolaide go ahead. Actions always speak louder than words. I judge people by their actions. I make a habit to carefully observe them and study their body language. I want to establish if they mean what they say.
          I concentrated in accounting and have a MBA in business so I don’t think you understand that the financial information that you claim to know was presented in the most positive way possible. Often companies or private institutions have two sets of financial statements. One for the public and the real numbers for the bank and owners. Unless it is certified statement than you make the information look great when in reality it isn’t. There are gray areas and some of these shenanigans are even legal. It is a fine line a slippery slope (Bernie Madoff, Enron total scum bags that ruined people’s lives.) I am not insinuating that anything is wrong with B.U.’s accounting methods. I am sure they are in fact legal that however does not mean it represents an accurate picture. It is pure speculation on both are parts and we will never know the truth.
          My family owned 50 percent of the company and my partner owned 50 percent. We strated from scratch in 1980 and sold in 2007 . My partner was the president and I was the treasurer. He did all of the traveling and I was in the office every day. When we sold there were approximately 300 employees. 200 at the manufacturing facility and about 100 all over the world.

  22. i agree with you, sean, about the the five year plan. that seems reasonable and fair.

    • Thanks Vinnie. Let’s not forget when Quinn coached here last…2004-2009….year 5…NCAA Champs! It’s hard to mold a team together that you didn’t pick. Coaches have different perceptions of talent and while one kid may fit one coach’s idea of talent, he could be a bust on a different coach’s team. SO….with that said I am looking forward to seeing some major talent next season, provided they all show up!! We need Oettinger (sp?) desperately!!!

  23. if this same post gets posted twice, i apologize. i post it yesterday and nothing has come up

    i agree with sean’s 5 year plan. ULTIMATELY, i think that is reasonable and fair amount of time to give DQ before an up close analysis and evaluation of his coaching is done

    that said, i would be shocked if the Q beat Them. they have the best goalie in the country, and goalies win 2 game tournaments. obviously i would hate to see that happen. in fact, i told a friend that if the Q beats them, i would take him out to the Capitol Grill on me

    • vinnie,
      Hope the five year plan works out better than the three year plan or back in the day the Russian five year wheat plan. I am still patiently waiting for an explanation and accountability on what went so horribly wrong.
      I give the Quinnipiac a chance but I am not overly confident because of the net minder of the opposition. He has already saved their season too many times.
      It will not matter who is in net for B.U. if the defense does not dramatically improve. (30th in the season this year)

      • Once again Larry your lack of hockey knowledge shoes… A major part of the defensive lapse was the fact that there was not much confidence in the goaltending and what often happens is the players in front of you don’t play as well and play with less confidence..and when you play too careful more mistakes are made… say what you will about OC he was rather consistent…. the period wherein Mags was playing confident you saw a different team…and when he wasn’t on or when LAcouvee was in it was a totally different story and that is the outgrowth as well of a pretty young team..again since you want to bash you will but keep it going I find you amusing…

        • Coach zev,
          It is difficult to be a goaltender if your defense doesn’t block shots, doesn’t defend, and stands there like statues. The team quit after the third goal according to the Denver Pioneers. Since they were actually participating I believe them. Not even Ken Dryden could have saved the first two goals . (one blown coverage, one ill-advised blind pass) perhaps you should review the tapes before you comment. Amazing how a strength became a weakness in year. Same defense different results.

      • And you’re owed an explanation why? WOW, you really need to just move along. this topic does not seem good for your health.

        • Sean,
          It is pretty simple it is my belief that any one who is a fan deserves an explanation. DQ is the CEO of the program. I am not asking him to cut off his arm or reveal state secrets. His silence only confirms my worst fears. To me this non action speaks volume. I would like to see some accountability. I am an no way bashing him just wondering. Win or lose at the end of the day he is in charge.
          I don’t think you understand estate planning. Planned giving develops long term relationships with a teams supporters. Sometimes these people leave money in their estate to a particular team. This is the millions of dollars that has been lost. No I cannot give you a list of names. I received this information unsolicited and in confidence. It was latter reconfirmed at the Beanpot final when I ran into a friend who gave up his premium seats. He knew the entire story and confirmed it.

  24. Sean

    yes next years senior class and some kids in the junior class are not his picks. some are his choices, like fortunato who is weak. someone posted some stats on him which proved it

    i also think we need a back up because lacouvee stinks in relief. the game gets out of hand more often than not when he comes in

  25. Vinnie,
    I cant agree with you more on the goalie situation. Im really hoping Oettinger (sp?) is the real deal. And I also agree about Fortunado. Too little, weak shot. Great skater and puck handler but no shot whatsoever. He was better last year on D than this year, as was the case with many. I have reL HIGH hopes for Greenway. Kid is a BEAST and once he matures into his body, look out!!

  26. It is unfair to judge lacouvee on the blowout games he has come in for. Fortunato ‘s shot has improved since last year. He also has a very accurate shot. He is not great in the corners but holds his own in front of his net. He is fantastic at moving the puck and transioning from defense to offense. Fortunato is A quality division one hockey player

    • Collin,
      I agree that it is unfair to judge Lacouvee. He should flashes of being solid and then was benched. He never got a fair chance to win back the job. Especially when things were trending in the wrong direction. I believe he was the winning goaltender in the first game against Denver. Not that it would have made a difference in the second game. Nobody could have stopped the first three goals.
      Unfortunately Fortunate had a very rough year defensively. Too many fundamental errors in his own end. ( coverage errors, no net front presence, failure to lift opponents stick at UNH,etc.)

  27. Wow…I must be watching a completely different game than all of you experts..goaltending was the issue?…Maguire carried this team for 2 months covering up horrible defense lapses..Fortunato is good in front of his own net?…I guess good means standing next to people while they deposit pucks into the back of the net

    Zen…I have watched Fabbro quite often and he appears to be a skilled offensive defenseman. Can he play defense?..who knows because he has been on the top line on the top team the last 2 years and not much defense needs to be played(see Jack Eichel)…Bellows and Keller appear to very good players and should help offensively..Krys on the other hand has taken major steps backwards this season and has slid down the draft board and basically sat on the bench next to Fortunato at the WJC because theycouldn’t put him on the ice..he could use another year of juniors not a top four spot on a good college team

    The bad news is that it appears at BU it’s not what you do on the ice that gets you playing it’s what your advisor/NHL GM has negotiated for you beforehand. That is a recipe for the kind of performance we witnessed the last few weeks of the season…I don’t believe for a second that Quinn didn’t recognize the problems and try to fix them. The problem is that the coach can yell and scream all he wants but if it isn’t backed up by sitting butts in the stands the players stop listening. Sarah made an interesting point regarding the defense..Diffley McCloud and Switzer were all good enough to be in the line up if you wanted to hold the top 5 accountable and teach lessons.i believe all 3 played against Quinnipiac ..how did that turn out?..they recieved the message loud and clear…play bad and I still keep my spot

    • Steve,
      Great observations, I could not have expressed them better myself. Ignore the insults for from the DQ apologists. This team was a big mess at the end of the season!

  28. Coach big roy,
    Thank you for the kind words they are truly appreciated. I know that I am not as smart or rich as you but I do the best I can. Also I cannot express myself as eloquently as your recent post.
    I am counting down the days until we meet, if I return. Ironically you and your pal Sean want me to leave and AA wants me to return . I have a real life dilemma.
    You question my veracity. Tell me where I misspoke. If I am wrong I will admit it. I think I have been pretty accurate in my observations this year. After all I did congratulate DQ last year and told him to his face that he did a great job. The year before not so much. This year I don’t think I will have that pleasure.
    I did not know it was a crime to disagree with how someone ran a hockey program and defend your position. But apparently on this site it its.

  29. larry,
    i know you are getting personally attacked, but i suggest to just ignore and keep making your points. i am not as down on DQ as you are, but that’s ok. as i stated earlier, i am open to the 5 year plan. perhaps i am in denial. but i think you make a number of good points regarding the flaws you see

    too much attention is be put on the freshman class saving us. i am dubious – they are freshmen. our senior class is lackluster at best. and that was JP and company’s fault. sorry, larry, but that is a fact too (but not a personal attack on you).

    D simon had a good post on the podcast blog. check it out

    • Vinnie,
      Thank you for the kind words. They are truly appreciated! Don’t worry I am like old Ironsides, the insults bounce off with no residual damage. Apparently it is unamerican to have a different opinion. It is a crime to critique a hockey coach or a teams performance. My comments are not personal and I don’t hate anyone.
      However I am very outspoken, shoot from the hip and am unfiltered. Believe me I will never win a popularity contest. Certain bloggers think they can minipulate the site. They don’t understand constructive criticism are extremely thinned skinned and close minded. It is hard to dislike someone you have never met but they have made it easy. Instead of debating my points or pointing out why I am incorrect they insult me and call me names. It indicates their mentality and actually strengthens my arguments. Their attempt to make me the issue is an act of desperation and a character flaw.
      If I am wrong or misspoke please let me know. I will be more than happy to recognize my mistakes. Attacking me only strengthen and verifies my comments.

  30. I thought this was an interesting season, and I am looking forward to next year already! Although I have to say, I’m not sure I can continue to come back to this site with the type of bullying that is going on in the comments section here. I understand frustration as a fan, and I certainly support generous griping, but I cannot condone the vitriol that I have found here all season. Larry, I am sure you are a nice person (or maybe you are a bully in real life too, I don’t know you) but I do think that you’ve come off poorly. Really it’s just the consistency of your fiery rhetoric and the repetition of the same complaints. You are not the only one, there are others who I think should relax a bit, but hopefully this off-season will calm the crowd here. This was a nice community that I humbly visited, and I hope I can come back to this site in October without witnessing this brashness. Thanks to Sarah and Andrew for your work this year, best of luck in the future. Go BU!

    • NotLarry,
      Obviously You are not a big fan of mine. You are entitled to your opinion. I respectfully disagree and don’t believe I bullied anyone. I did have to defend myself against unprovoked personal attacks. Especially since they were not true. Yes I am passionate fan and demand excellance.
      If that is a crime, guilty as charged!

      • As I mentioned, perhaps you are a nice man and the veil of online commenting has simply given you confidence to consistently post such brashness. But please note that I said you were not the only one, just the one who stands out the most.

        Also read that I support gripes from fans (after all, we want to be winners!), but I find myself questioning the sincerity of the support of a person who only spews negativity. For any team that I am a fan of, if I see someone with only negative things to say I cannot make myself understand why they continue to be a fan. I always thought that if you do not like the team, then you weren’t a supporter.

        In any case, I think a lot can be learned from this season. We did have a lot of skill, but it always felt like pieces were missing. And when it seemed like we solved one issue, another one sprung up quickly. It wasn’t our year, but with a continuous stream of talent coming in to Boston, we will always have a great shot. This is the sort of stuff that I look forward to.

        I hope my position is clear Larry, and I hope you find a way to placate your passion.

        • NotLarry
          I did not expect to change your mind. We can agree to disagree. I am an objective fan. I am outspoken, unfiltered and shoot from the hip. Apparently this angers a lot of people but I am not trying to placate anyone. I am stating my point of view. Many bloggers on this site tend to be much too sensitive, have know sense of humor and don’t understand constructive criticism. This in no way dictates that I am not fan or don’t support the program.
          I measure a season success by how many championships the team wins. Unfortunately this year B.U. won none. Certainly plenty of talent as B.U. beat Quinnipiac in the regular season and in my opinion could have been in the Frozen Four if they had lived up to their potential.

  31. OK, so how come when you say something rude and call people names you’re not “personally attacking” them but when someone complains about you, they are?? Double standard if you ask me.
    SO I understand your comments about the millions of dollars lost but what you should have said was “possible loss of millions” You made it seem as if it was money that was given and now not.
    So I disagree that the CEO owes anyone anything. Especially if there are things that need to be kept on the DL….injuries, grades, gambling issues etc Believe it or not….a coach does not just bench a kid that could help the team because he feels like it…there is most likely a reason certain players didn’t play and believe it or not Larry, the public is not privy to know everything about “a business” as you call it.
    Now I agree that this team fell apart, I just don’t agree with it all falling on Quinns shoulders as you do. But you do know making it to the NCAA tournament is a good thing right?? Losing is not fun, no one expected them to tank the way they did, but they did. SO you can get all crazy coming on here and demanding this and that and saying whatever you want about the coach and Admins…it doesn’t change anything. I don’t think Quinn or Young or anyone is going to come up to any of us and say ok this is what happened, this is where we went wrong. That’s an internal conversation that is happening on a daily basis since they got back, promise! And if you think for ONE second that Quinn was satisfied with this years results, and that he’s ok with it, you are sorely mistaken. And lastly, if you think that you can read him by studying his body language and by what he says and doesn’t say, again, you are sorely mistaken. You can take that to the bank with ya!!

    • Sean,
      No double standard. I treat people like they treat me. I did not start the name calling. However once it began I had to defend myself. Especially when comments posted concerning me were not factual .It takes two to tango so I am willing to accept the fact that at times I became carried away. However I am not the story. I assumed this blog was about the B.U. Hockey teams performance or any issues in or off the ice that impacted the season.
      My source regarding the estate planning cultivated these relationships and developed close friendships with these legacy donors over decades. His words were several millions are lost not possibly lost. In other words the estate plan had been changed.
      We can agree to disagree about DQ. It is not a crime to have different conclusions. I have observed him for the last few years . He is fairly predictable. Whether I am correct or not only time will tell. (I hope I am wrong.)
      It is not how you start but how you finish. For example I am sure Northeastern feels they had a great season while most B.U. fans are trying to figure out what went wrong. I still believe that DQ as the figure head of the program should share his thoughts. I am not asking for team secrets just his thoughts in general.( A season wrap up.) I don’t think this is an unreasonable request.

  32. i agree. that was one of the worst ends to a season in awhile. (not counting two years ago) it boggles me that a #9 team could have played so blah in the last two playoff games. something aint right. i don’t claim to know what it is. even NU gave ND a fight, despite the lopsided score. it was their attitude that bothers me. since the bean pot loss to BC, they basically sucked. check the record (5-4-1 with two wins against umass). not exactly championship hockey

    i see that denver just signed a Finnish recruit that we were after. when it rains it pours. do you think the kid made his decision based on our last game. quite possibly. and we get some kid named patrick curry. terrific

    i find it curious that we have heard very little from quinn or even watched his post game interview. all season long they have been posted and now nothing, strange

    i said at the start of the season that DQ had his work cut out for him sans eichel. people scoffed. next year will be more of the same, despite the heralded FRESHMAN class

  33. by more of the same, i meant DQ is going to have to coach his ass off. i did not mean they were going to have another season like this one. at least i hope not

  34. i agree. that was one of the worst ends to a season in awhile. (not counting two years ago) it boggles me that a #9 team could have played so blah in the last two playoff games. something aint right. i don’t claim to know what it is. even NU gave ND a fight, despite the lopsided score. it was their attitude that bothers me. since the bean pot loss to BC, they basically sucked. check the record (5-4-1 with two wins against umass). not exactly championship hockey

    i see that denver just signed a Finnish recruit that we were after. when it rains it pours. do you think the kid made his decision based on our last game. quite possibly. and we get some kid named patrick curry. terrific

    i find it curious that we have heard very little from quinn or even watched his post game interview. all season long they have been posted and now nothing, strange

    i said at the start of the season that DQ had his work cut out for him sans eichel. people scoffed. next year will be more of the same in terms of him needing to coach his ass off, despite the heralded FRESHMAN class

    • Vinnie,
      You are preaching to the converted. What is more disturbing is that B.U. had enough quality victories to earn that ranking. To play so poorly the last two games indicates to me that there must be issues below the surface. Since the season ended nothing but silence. This in action makes me think the worst.
      I don’t know how much the last game influenced the Finnish recruit. However if he was watching, which team do you think he would have picked? At least he is not playing in Hockey East.
      Based on the way the year ended I am lowering my expectations for next year. I am not sure that some of the expected returning players will not leave or that some of those freshman first rounders will actually make it to B.U.
      It doesn’t appear to be a terrific senior class. I would not evan want to guess who will be captain or assistant captains.
      It will be year four in the DQ era. Is he a one hit wonder ? is he the real deal ? I guess will find out soon.

      • Larry… please stop. We get it, you’re not a David Quinn fan. You made your point. That’s fine, don’t be a David Quinn fan. I really cannot stand to read another thing about you over-analyzing why this team lost the last few games. The mystery isn’t building- it’s done. I hate to break it to you, there’s nothing to over-analyze.
        It’s pretty basic. For the most part this year’s success and general good-feeling-ness was on the backs of two things: the seniors, and McAvoy- or do you mean someone else when you whine about the ‘hype’ from last fall. You can disagree with that, but we all know that back in September we were looking to our seniors who were going to the NHL and the kid who was another first rounder.
        Losing the bye at Notre Dame killed the momentum, completely. That’s what happened. That’s all. No underlying thing that suddenly made us really bad at hockey, after that the seniors knew that they were close to signing their contracts, and they checked out. After the HE loss at Lowell, we had (potentially) another 4 games ahead of us, and everyone was acting like the season was over that day- so they played accordingly. It’s disappointing but it’s not something fundamentally mysteriously wrong with the team. We lost the seniors, and that sucks.
        2 other things- I don’t actually believe that you hate DQ as much as you claim, because 2 years ago we all, including you, would’ve been celebrating a 7-2 loss to Denver in the 1st round of the NCAA tournament.
        As for next years seniors not being that great, or however you put it…Somerby is sticking around only to be captain and if you think that’s anything short of awesome, I can’t help you. If you don’t know how the makeup of the team is going to look in terms of players, you’re not as well connected as you claim to be. We most likely won’t lose Keller (but we might). That Finnish recruit? Maybe he didn’t want to live in Boston. Who knows. Maybe he just liked the other offer better. Hell, maybe he read the comments on this very board and didn’t want to be the target of misguided fans like us. We’ll never know.
        I know one thing. The end of this college hockey season this weekend means we are one day closer to the start of the next, and for that I am very happy.

        • Ken,
          If you feel its okay for the seniors to check out to chase NHL dreams then we agree to disagree. It was embarrassing to lose to Denver 7-2! If you don”t believe the team underachieved thats fine but I do.
          Never claimed to be well connected like you. If you know the make up of the team next year, your crystal balls better than mine. Hope Sombery learns from that ill advised pass on the second Denver goal.
          You give me to much credit if you think a recruit would change his mind because of my comments. It is easy to blame me for the results rather than analyze why it happened. Believe me I did not even attend the games at Lowell or in Minnesota.
          Why is the banquet an afternoon brunch? As an insider please educate me.

          • Either I didn’t explain my thoughts well enough or you only got about half of that. I don’t believe I said the seniors checking out was a good idea, simply that that’s what happened and there’s no need to “investigate” further. 20 year olds can be a bit…tricky,no? It takes a special kind of team and chemistry to make the tournament and what the majority of the comments here fail to acknowledge is that that is extraordinarily difficult to achieve- which is why most of the teams don’t get there.
            Yeah, I don’t know why it’s a brunch not a dinner. Despite my repeated pleas on behalf of faceless commenters on the DFP blog, the coaching brass fails to include a fine tuned explanation of their decisions with every email they send.

          • Ken,
            Perhaps I was not clear. It is not okay under any circumstances for 20 year olds to check out at the most crucial time of the season. Especially when your most talented players receive scholarships worth over $66,000 per school year. I can respectfully disagree with you and expected some sort of explanation.
            Back in the day I employed many 20 year old individuals. Some stayed many years and became part of management. Others didn’t last a full week. It all depends on the persons work ethic.
            As far as the banquet it seems unusual they that anyone would change the time of such a classy and successful event. Explain to me how a brunch at 11:00 on Sunday of a holiday weekend makes any sense.

  35. Nice try Beagles! 😉

    • Hahaha!! Buh bye BC! So much for that great record and elite talent huh? Only got them 2 extra games…and the agony of defeat will be harder!! Stuff that York!! People don’t know the real you…they think you’re just a reserved, mumbler…they don’t know your ahole side like I do! ! I dont care how many games you’ve won…your disgusting character negates all that! Omg I am beyond thrilled right now! !!! Classless jerk!
      Not even Larrys love for you can bring me down!

      • Sean,
        Despite what you think, I was thrilled to see the chestnut hill community school fall on their sword. I don’t have to listen to my beagle friends chip in my ear. I never met JY . Why so much hate ? Are you concerned that the year end banquet has been reduced to a brunch? I hope it was not because of financial considerations. Especially since you keep informing me that the CC has produced bundles of cash and donations are away ahead of expectations.

        • No fears Larry, they are doing a OK! But I do think you will see some financial changed being made as far as the program is concerned. It is not due to lack of funds but more so to bring the team back to reality. These kids have a world class training room, they fly via charted planes etc etc…perhaps they need to be knocked down a few pegs?
          I’ve been in York’s company several times. He is FAR from the persona he portrays in public. He is a cocky, arrogant classless individual. He’s made some snide comments about some other HE coaches when he thought he was in safe company. Also, when a recently hired HE coach was appointed, he was the ONLY coach to not call and congratulate…..sour grapes? scared of the competition? Who knows but he’s a loser in plain, old school English!

          • Sean,
            Thank you for the information. My only reason for being concerned about the cost of the banquet is because of all the free invitations to players, the administration and vip’s, it never made money but was always an important piece of recruiting. It always sent a very positive message about the Hockey Program.
            Since I have become disconnected it made me wonder. Since they seem to be looking at other costs it kind of sends up a red flag. In my bean counting days when expenses were greater than expected and negatively impacted the bottom line than budget cards were the solution. Since like Sargent Schultz, I know nothing, it is only a hypothesis.
            The information on JY was something I didn’t know. I am never to old to learn.

  36. I’m embarrassed at how happy I am this evening.

  37. yes yes. i understand yorkie is zeroing in on the most losses ever by a college coach. currently he stands at 599. i think he needs 10 more. his winning percentage is 620. was parker’s better than that? anyone know?

    i am rooting for the Q. they did us a solid so i am behind them. interesting, that probably our most significant win of the season came us them on the road being shorthanded

    • Vinnie,
      Good point about Quinnipiac! It only confirms my feelings that B.U. had enough talent to be in the Frozen Four. They did not live up to their potential which is disappointing.

  38. Last April 9th, after beating the Fighting Sioux, I got to talking with some of their fans … and really have come to admire how they travel with and support their team. I remember staying at the Hyatt and saw a whole bunch of them in the lobby every morning. Anyway, I will feel comfortable with whoever wins on Saturday. I do love QU for what they did last night!

    • Glenn,
      I am rooting for Quinnipiac. I find it hard to cheer for North Dakota due to the history behind the person who financed their arena.

  39. Glad everyone is happy that the “Beagles” lost, especially you Larry. I didn’t think they were quite good enough to win it all, their struggles in the H.E. Tourney were a tell tale sign. The B.C. program doesn’t appear to be as strong as it was 5-10 years ago when at that time they would have been getting recruits like Keller, Bellows and Fabbro, ect. Even the B.C. pundits agree that next year’s Terrier incoming class is the best they’ve seen in many years.
    Looks like B.C. will lose Demko soon as the B.C. people expect him to sign with Vancouver and McCoshen as well. Now we’ll see how good a coach Mumbles is. By the way Sean I’m interested in hearing what makes him such an ahole along with being a mumbler. There seems to be something phoney about him as well.

    • Vito,
      I have rooted against the newton nebishes my entire life. However I am extremely jealous of the fact that since 2001 they have won four titles and B.U.has won one. Hopefully better days are ahead.
      I am not sure Demko is going to leave. The GM tried to sign him after the beagles were eliminated but he refused and asked for more time to make a decision. Also Tuch is not comiiting to leaving college at this time.

  40. Larry – is that Ralph Englestadt? What did he do? Just curious.

    • Glenn,
      Many moons ago, Spots IIustrated had an an extremely controversial article about this particular person. It allegedly portrayed him as a nazi sympathizer.

  41. I’m relieved the “Larry ” is still alive after his “buddy” team lost vs Quinnipiac… I could be wrong but if Bu underachcvied , I what do u call what happen to Bc with stud goalie and that much talent and don’t give me well at least they made it to tampa and lost so in the end did they choke also???? So I’m happy your ok because I miss your ignorant and ridiculous posts …. take that bc…. wow so much talent …. yes u have been on the bc wagon all year and don’t deny it cuz your posts always refered to “The guys up the street”… I’m looking forward to meeting u next season… go Bc oh wait….. hahahahaha … sincerely big roy… enjoy your summer and keep up with your connects…

    • big roy,
      I missed your insults, nonsense and nonsensical gibberish. Perhaps I am mistaken but Quinnipiac was ranked as the best team in the nation for almost the entire season. So the favorite won the game. No surprise and very relieved, especially since they almost blew it in the last few minutes.
      The result only justifies my position as I believe B.U. beat them this year. So yes B.U. didn’t live up to its potential.
      As far as the beagles go, I wish B.U. had defeated them at least once this season. In my mind nothing to brag about. Not evan the Beanpot!
      I will make your day, as CHN reported that both Santini and Woods are turning Pro. They may even be in the New Jersey line up tonight. Please don’t hurt yourself jumping up and down.

      • QU was not the favorite, believe it or not. Since we all know favorites are actually decided in Las Vegas, those boys put the beagles up on Quinnipiac going into the game. Even the “pros” on tv called for Newton University to beat QU. Just thought I would let you know…

        • NotLarry,
          Thank you for the information. I have many vices. How ever gambling is not one of them. Did not know they even had a line on College Hockey. More good news that two beagle underclass men have left the program for the NHL. I hope that there are more to follow!

  42. Larry, I did a Google search and you seem to be right about Englestad being a Nazi sympathizer. The article I read portrayed him as a “Nazi Enjoyer”. I am beyond shocked that UND allows his name on that building.

    As for the UND win tonight, it’s ironic that last April 9th I was at TD celebrating our win over the Sioux.

    • Glenn,
      A revolting dirty little secret that nobody discusses. It is outrageous that the university accepted the funding. This action speaks for itself.
      Unfortunately recently B.U fell victim to nazi propaganda. As printers at the university were hacked and printed Anti-Semetic literature. It seems to be more prevalent than ever.

  43. Well, regardless if QU was the #1 team all year, it go them the same as BU….nothing!! Agony of defeat even greater than BC.