From the FreeP: Denver blows out, eliminates BU men’s hockey from NCAA Tournament

ST. PAUL, Minnesota — The 2015-16 season began as a year of promise for the Boston University men’s hockey team — a year of redemption, vengeance for a heartbreaking loss in the 2014-15 national title game. The goal this year was to make a return to the national championship game, and to win one more game than they did last year.

But plagued by inconsistent play throughout the entirety of the season, that goal ultimately proved out of reach. The second half of the team’s schedule was dotted with L’s — in its final 12 games of 2016, the Terriers mustered wins in only five.

And the last three games of BU’s season ended the same way: with a loss. The season quietly fizzled into its conclusion, and on Saturday evening, one final loss closed the door on the season for good.

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One Comment

  1. I am extremely angry as my worst fears came true! There is no crying in hockey . It is performace based business. In business, success depends on earning your customers every day, respecting and getting the most out of your employees which ultimately leads to profits. In Hockey success is primarily measured by wins and loses. However in order for a program to be successful one has to responsible for all aspects of the program and develop strong fan support.
    Last night was EMBARRASSING,DISGRACEFUL and HUMILIATING. These two teams were pretty much equal to each other on Halloween night. In the next five months they went in the opposite direction.
    There are simply no excuses for quitting in a game of this magnitude. After it became 3-0 they waved the white flag. I watched Minnesota-Dulth, in a similar situation, play with resolve, score two goals and come within inches of tying the game.
    A combination Of 9 NHL draft choices and 4 World Junior players and the last two games B U. gave up 11 Goals in a row! The last three games outscored 15-4! The team regressed the second half of the year. It is always will over skill. A mentally soft team with a very fragile psyche.
    When the going got tough B.U. stopped going and gave up!