Live blog: BU vs. Denver (NCAA West Regional, Game 1)

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Shooting story
On Chase Phelps
20 Questions with Baillargeon and Somerby

BU lines:
Jordan Greenway-Jakob Forsbacka Karlsson-Danny O’Regan
Oskar Andrén-Matt Lane-Ahti Oksanen
Ryan Cloonan-Bobo Carpenter-Robbie Baillargeon
Chase Phelps-Mike Moran-Tommy Kelley

Matt Grzelcyk-John MacLeod
Brandon Hickey-Brandon Fortunato
Doyle Somerby-Charlie McAvoy

Sean Maguire
Connor LaCouvee

Denver lines:
Trevor Moore-Dylan Gambrell-Danton Heinen
Evan Janssen-Quentin Shore-Troy Terry
Emil Romig-Gabe Levin-Jarid Lukosevicius
Grant Arnold-Matt Marcinew-Colin Staub

Tariq Hammond-Nolan Zajac
Blake Hillman-Will Butcher
Adam Plant-Matt VanVoorhis

Tanner Jaillet
Evan Cowley

Live Blog BU vs. Denver (NCAA West Regional)

37 thoughts on “Live blog: BU vs. Denver (NCAA West Regional, Game 1)”

  1. Haven’t seen anything this bad from BU since 2007. At least in 2012 the game was close until they took a chance and pulled the goalie early.

  2. I dont think even Larry thought they’d be this bad. It is so disheartening to watch the season end like this. They had 9 wins against teams in the NCAA tournament and this is just despicable. No one escapes fault…top to bottom.
    Happy Easter everyone! There’s only one thing that could make this not so horrific…a BC loss.

  3. Can’t wait to see our captain in black and gold. Hopefully next week. Thanks to our seniors who gave us four good years. Lots to be hopefull for in next years team?

  4. looked like they quit from the get go. i think DQ and staff has some serious answering to do. the talent can not be that bad. how could they make the tournament if it was? and don’t give me that BS about denver being older. if you can’t play with the big boys, then drop down to D2 or something. and here we go again about next year’s recruiting class. that’s about the only thing they win are recruiting wars. paper is nice but the the object is to win on the ice.

    i am pissed and embarrassed right now. hope they are too. so far quinn has shown he can do one thing – win with eichel. the other two years not a sniff of hardware; meanwhile the scumbags up the street look like they are poised to hoist another championship banner.

    sorry if these comments offend the “real fans” who think anything critical of the team or coaches is a betrayal. but it is time to hold up the looking glass, alice

  5. Vinnie,
    Pissed and embarrassed as well but BU isn’t the only team who tanked. NU, supposedly hottest team in the country until their debacle.
    No hardware: true!! I dont think anyone could have predicted this outcome. No doubt Quinn will take the blame. If any of you know him, as you say, then you know he is putting ALL this on him. He will never publicly let you know his true thoughts, but no doubt he is shouldering the blame. Like i said last night, bkame from top to bottom. But i forget who said it…this team without Jack, most likely wouldve ended in the same results last year.
    What i dont understand is why is everyone so down on the incominh recruits already?? I mean, aren’t you supposed to go after the best? Quinn is doing just that but people still arent happy. Many players underperformed this year. Key one: Maguire. He looked solid at one point but reality…he’s an Ok goalie.
    Im not as mad as i was last night. Anything can happen in these tournaments, as we know all too well. Do we all really believe PC was the best team in the country last year?? No, but they took home the NCAA trophy.
    You all can come on here and bash its ok,…but these kids, with their talent level, just went as far as they could. I had faith up until the 3rd goal. It got painful after that. Seasons over. Definitely disappointed. Some what ifs….but in the end. …it is what it is. I won’t stop believing in BU HOCKEY, its staff and players. BU is a storied team….and even those teams dont win it all every year. Hopefully Quinn and co get the recruits they signed. ….im looking forward to it. Until then. ..we’re onto next season! #gobu

  6. Disappointing end to the season. According to JP, who did commentary on the broadcast, the team lost confidence in itself after not finishing 4th in the league and getting ousted by Lowell. the writing was on the wall after poor performances against UMASS, a horrible team, and UM Lowell. Also the goaltending really crapped out at the end, and this can have a big negative effect on a team. Next year the goaltending and offense will improve big time with recruits from the under 18 USNP.
    B.U hockey is good hockey, one of the best, rest assured. DQ is outrecruiting everyone, and in college hockey, this is the major battle. This was not the case for many years until DQ took over and yet they were still quite competitive. Cite national championship in 2009, and fantastic turnaround last year after worst season in 50 years, very nearly resulted in another title last year along with HE and Beanpot titles.
    This year was a rebuilding year, as JP noted,because when you lose the top two scorers in the country, ie Eichel and Rodriques, as well as Hohman, a sparkplug , you lose a lot. Lane was great this year, along with Danny O, and G. Good luck to them in the future along with Moran.All in all, it was a pretty good year,20 plus wins, terrific performance in Beanpot, which came up just short and 9 victories against NCAA tournament teams. And don’t worry about the “scumbags” up the street and mumbler York. They have not played all that well recently, with a super goalie, and their best team in several years, they will have their hands full with Denver and N. Dakota and I doubt they will claim their sixth title. now they are also losing the recruiting wars to B.U.

  7. vito

    not playing their best??? they just gave up 3 goals in two games in the ncaa tournament. hmmm. i wouldn’t mind having my team do that.

    look, i like getting top notch recruits, but they have to be molded as a team so they perform well on the ice. i can see now what JP means about losing their confidence after not getting home ice. and i know they lost a ton from last year. but man, what a way to whimper out. the elimination by lowell and denver. 3 games = 2 goals for and 15 goals against. shut out in the last two. and it is not about being young. BC has the youngest team in hockey and look where they are at

    still pissed and embarrassed and confused about their demise

  8. It is disappointing but we’ll rebound. Been going to the Frozen Four since 1995. Seen BU win it all twice and lose the National Game twice. Been following this team since the eighties and a season ticket holder since 2011. This performance down the stretch, however, is the worst that I remember in recent memory. I don’t really follow the recruiting process closely but from what Mike Eruzione told a group of us in late 2014 that we have a great incoming class over the next few years. So, I trust them. Did not attend Boston University (attended Wentworth) so I don’t have any “ties” to the University. Just a fan who enjoys the game of college hockey. Please people, try to remain positive for next season. Go Terriers!!! Go Wentworth Leopards!!!

  9. What i was watching looked like there was a lot more wrong then confidence issues. I hate to say it but they looked ill/injured or just quit on the coaches.

  10. Too much living in the past…we have ONE championship in the new millennium while the “scumbags” down the street have how many? Let’s stop making excuses & build a better program..enough bs!

  11. Forget about a lack of confidence. They looked ill/injured or they just quit on the coaches. These last few games have been so hard to watch.

  12. Vinnie,

    B.C. got a relatively easy draw having to play Hahvard, who always underachieve in big games( note no Beanpot victory in over 20 years and not a victory in NCAA play in over ten years, and Duluth, a good team but without Denver’s pedigree) in the regional’s and “at home” so to speak in Worchester. Kudos to them since they earned that by finishing first in HE, but what about loss to Vermont at home and admittedly (by B.C. fans, yes I do read their posts in B.C interruption) should have lost in OT in rubber game( goal was unjustly disallowed for Vermont in OT), and loss to Northeastern, in HE semis, a team Terriers dominated in 3 games this year. Quinnipiac or Lowell might also be favorable for B.C but I don’t see them winning it all.
    Cheer up, next year will be exciting with stars Bellows and Keller, they say his numbers are just about as good as Eichel’s and Matthews for under 18, and a very good goalie in Oettinger.

  13. I stand corrected. I said shut out in last two. I see they scored 2 against Denver. I shut it off when it got to be 5-0. So 4 goals for and 15 against
    Let’s hope it was not quit on the coaches. You gotta want to play for your coach either out of fear of love but there has to be some emotional motivation. CuZ once the plAyers tune out…..

  14. Vito,
    As much as this hurts, I wish we were the ” scumbags” up the street. I guess you don’t believe in good sportsmanship. The mumbler up the street has won 5 NCAA Championships and over 1,000 games. Also he has a 6-1-1 record against DQ. Never heard anyone in hockey bad mouth JY , except frustrated fans from other colleges. I have never rooted for that team but I do respect a great opponent. That being said I really hope they lose !

    • I agree Larry. I have heard from enough sources that York is absolutely a first class human being. No doubt about it. I think some of us use the SB term out of disrespect to their program … definitely not toward JY.

  15. I agree Larry. I wish we had the same success as BC.

    Easy draw for BC? they make it look easy by the way they play. guaranteed we would not have beaten Harvard. i have never seen a team so mentally fragile. look at the quotes from the denver players. when they went ahead by 4-0 they saw the BU players hang their heads. they knew they had them beat. that is not me talking, that is coach montgomery and the denver players

    again, nice to get the high end recruits by you need to blend these all stars into a cohesive team. York does that. Kudos to him

    • It is true that a team cannot be faulted for who they beat. Still, when you watch how BC played against their opponents versus that of North Dakota or Quinnipiac, it doesn’t take much to realize that the Eagles won’t have much of a chance against those higher ranked teams. Of course BC did have our number this year, no question about that.

  16. an easy draw? bc makes it look easy by the way they dominate

    i agree, larry. i would take BC’s success in a heartbeat. york gets his all stars to play like a team. that takes skill and high level people skills. he might mumble, but he gets through to his players

    getting high end recruits makes for nice fireside chatter. getting them to play as a unit is a whole other story. while not as high end in personnel, basin does it. i sat beside Boyle, the goalie, parents at hockey east tourney, and they said the players love and respect norm bazin

    i heard quinn broke down at the press conference. that is a good sign – to me, it shows he cares deeply and is committed to do all in his power to regain prominence. because think about it, BU only won one thing in the following objectives . can you name it?

    1. win the ncaa title
    2. make the frozen four
    3. qualify for the ncaa’s
    4. win the hockey east tournament
    4. get home ice for the hockey playoffs
    5. win the hockey east regular season title
    6. win the beanpot

    and i think they need to find a better #2 goalie because every time lacouvee come in for relief, he gets lit up. the whole objective is to hold the fort and give your team a chance to climb back into it. i am not saying it is easy, but he obviously can not do it

    • Vinnie,
      You were right about the beagles and I was wrong. There is no crying in Hockey. At the end of the day it’s a game. The buck stops with DQ. He should be ashamed of his teams effort. Two weeks to make a difference and he had 0.0 solutions or strategy adjustments. Brilliant move not to dress Brian D and putting John Mc on the first D-pairing. Not interested in excuses only results. Remember it always will over skill.

  17. Vinnie

    well how did DQ mold the Terriers as a team last year? Almost a triple crown season. One problem historically with B.U. is that they don’t keep their super recruits long enough to keep the team competitive enough to make consistent Frozen Four appearances. How long did Colin Wilson stay? two years Eichel, one year, Ricky DIPietro, one year. and going back to the nineties, Amonte 2 years, Tkachuk 1 year. Drury was an exception, and the Terriers success national in the mid nineties was due to this. The mumbler York down the road instead gets his great players to stay 3 and sometimes 4 years, and this gives them an advantage. I mean how much success would B.C have had in recent years if they only had Gaudreau for 1 year?

    • Vito,
      Great point JY gets his prime time players to stay longer! Not to bad for a mumbler. Do you think it could possibly have anything to do with coaching? Or is he just “lucky” ?

  18. Larry,

    Who’s really sportsmanlike? I simply pointed out that B.C. has some deficiencies, has struggled in some games recently and IMO will not win the title. I know York is a great coach with wins records and 5 titles ( one with BG), but he’s also a mumbler, these are all facts. You seem to be a great admirer of B.C hockey and their coach, maybe a wannabe B.C. fan? but you HOPE they lose? that sounds a lot more sour grapes than anything I said.
    In stead, if you a true Terrier, you should rejoice in that fact, we have a great history as well. As you know 5 titles, 13 major eastern titles, and no one can touch the Terriers 30 Beanpot wins.Yeah B.C’s had it all over us for the most part the last 15-20 years, but so what? Twenty years ago they couldn’t touch the Terriers in terms of all around success. It’s just even now, we’ll go from there.

    • Vito,
      Larry LOVES that BU went down the way they did. He cant stand Quinn and JUMPS at every opportunity he can get. He is in his glory right now that he can condemn Quinn. So let him spew his typical crap. He somehow thinks Quinn owes him something. Larry is the most obnoxious, self righteous bitter person I have ever read from on here. Its incredible. He will come on here and cry about name calling and yadda ya. He compares Quinn to guys who have coached the same team for a million years and somehow holds Quinn to those same standards, Dude probably cant even stand on skates yet he knows ALL about the game and how this program should be run because by golly, Larry was a STUDENT MANAGER!!! Look out Coach Quinn….Larry’s eyeing your job! He LIVES to see BU fail via Quinn…..his arch enemy since Quinn “alienated him” and other alumni. Oh and former players too. Larry lives in his little fantasy land where he thinks ANY of his thoughts matter to any one involved in the BU program. He gets all his info from former players that STUNK and his kid’s room mate who also STUNK and got cut from the team. So his sources aren’t credible at all. Peace out, Jesus has risen. Happy Easter everyone,
      GO BU 2016-17!!

      • Sean,
        More IGNORANT CRAP and GARBAGE. You continue to embarrass yourself. Nothing new same recycled inaccurate venom. You definitely continue to lower the bar making disparaging in false statements about a former player who had to retire due to a serious of concussions. This was reported in the Daily Free Press not a malicious tale that you insinuated. Attack me but not someone who suffers the side effects and is trying to live normal life
        You want to make it personal fine! WHAT HAVE you contributed to the program NOTHING or NEXT TO NOTHING. Almost forgot you contribute nonsense and gibberish on this silly
        blog. DON’T SEE your Name on any buildings. ( although I have not looked) What wheel have you reinvented. How many business did you start from scratch? I would continue but this is not evan fair.
        SO Go lick you wounds and cry like your pal because B.U. quit in the two most important games of the season . The sad part is you apparently have more answers then him. As far as comparisons I compare your buddy to NB and NL. He is certainly trailing them. Must be so proud that B.U. last two opponents scored eleven goals in row. It must be some sort of a record. Almost impossible to due but they managed to do it. I consider this season worse than three years ago because this team had 9 NHL draft choices and 4 world class participants and regressed at the most important time of the year.
        Almost forgot apparently you are not a man of your word as you lost our bet and continue to post. I am not surprised, it says more about you than me.


        • Read your post and the SAME goes to you! It just shows how little you really do know. You spew the same crap over and over about how this is a business and everyone who says anything against your “sources” is ignorant and rude etc. Its FACT…he wasn’t good enough. PERIOD! And if you believe for ONE minute that doesn’t piss his parents off you’re more naïve than I thought. It was reported in the DFP? WOW, must be gospel. Nope my name isn’t on any buildings nor have I invented any wheels, have you?
          A loss is a loss, doesn’t matter how bad or how good. Remember? That was your quote.
          Lots of kids get drafted and don’t go anywhere after college. They tank in the AHL or other minor leagues so that 9 NHL draft statistic means squat.
          I don’t get mad at all. I also would never step on someone when they are down, unlike you, (NO crying in hockey, go lick your wounds and cry like your pal) now that’s some real class you’re showing Pal. I’ve been enjoying all the posters who disagree with you. You sound like a broken record with all your stats and info regarding BC. They have been neck and neck since forever. Sometimes BU is ahead, sometimes BC…and it will ALWAYS be that way, no matter who coaches or plays.
          I did break our bet, sorry. This blog is like a bad accident….can’t turn away.

          • Sean,
            I do not respect anyone who welches on a bet. I judge people by their action not their words. The fact that you reneged is not surprising and fits your character profile. I never reneged or any type of friendly wager or business deal in my life. Please believe me I made plenty of mistakes but always lived up to my commitment. Whether people liked me or not, they always new my word was my bond.
            The fact that you continue to disparage a former player who to this day has issues with concussions is cruel and inhumane. Pick on me not on somebody who has health issues. You have no credibility as I have talked to not only the player and his parents. (first class people) but also a family friend. I believe an independent news paper the DFP over your mean spirited classless and disgusting nonsense. He certainly could have played and contributed on a defense that ranked 30th or as a fourth line forward. Since you are not part of the coaching staff you have no right to insinuate that he was not good enough.
            Now that you asked my name is listed on both arenas. Not surprised that yours isn’t. I could have predicted it. I did not invent any wheels but did well enough to send three children to B.U. and retire at 54.
            I feel I have been very fair to DQ. I congratulated him last year at the banquet. However it is a result based business and he had an extremely disappointing season. The numbers are what they are. If there is a talent issue than whose fault is that? Are all NHL scouts who drafted these players wrong? Explain the fact that the defense regressed and that each returning defenseman had poor season compared to the previous season.Why do B.U. players fail to block as many shots as there opponents or on offense refuse to go to the net or dirty areas ? Maybe they are a bunch of overrated, under achieving, prima donnas that have decided tune out the coach.
            You do live in a fantasy world. Unfortunately , the beagles have dominate the college hockey world for the last 15 years. It is pretty simple 4 NCAA Titles to almost 2

    • Vito,
      Calling JY a mumbler and calling the beagles scumbags is disrespectful. I have never rooted for them and never will. I do respect the fact they have dominated college for the past two decades. FYI, one of JE best friends is Noah Hanafin, does that mean he did not want to beat them or did not try last year.
      The fact that B.U did not defeat them and they made the final four aggravates me.

  19. the thing that galls me is when people make excuses for the uninspired way they played by saying they are kids. that is lame. they are student – athletes like at every other school. if everyone used that excuse, no one would win

    if you want to talk about losing letenov, eichel, and roberto etc, i can hear that. if you want to talk about mcguire breaking down after not playing in over a year, i can hear that. but stop saying they are kids and the other teams have older players. wah wah way

    yes york gets them to stay. kudos to him. we have to figure out how to do the same thing because our revolving door is too quick and we can not get continuity and team chemistry

  20. Larry,

    Seeing B.C going to the Frozen Four brothers me too, but they won’t win it rest assured. Look the “scumbags: down the street, and I didn’t coin the phrase don’t like us either.I have seen and read B.C alums call J.P. a raving lunatic, ref baiter , and cheater. A man who will has won more beanpots than any other coach, its not even close, and is the all time leader in wins at a single institution. Did you see the blog on B.C. interruption following our unfortunate loss to Prov last year? Showing pictures of women B.U. fans crying at the end and celebrating as if they had won the title, real class.
    Mumbles won’t be there forever, he’s older than J.P., and them we’ll see who will replace him and if they’re revert back to their former mediocre stature.

    • Vito,
      I will never stoop to there classless level and no matter how bitter the rivalry it is only a silly game. In the real world I have met many fine and honorable people that are beagles. Nobody takes it that seriously. I believe in good sportsmanship and unfortunately last year B.U. fell a little short. This year was awful! A giant stepping in the wrong direction. As the archbishop of April stated. It is not how many games you win during a season, it is winning the right games.

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