1. Son of Caesar carlaci

    We should have a good a good chance against Denver. Got to get our heads on straight.

  2. Considering everything I thought B.U. is fortunate to be placed in a regional with no other Hockey East teams. The results will depend on which team shows up in Minnesota. (Dr. Jeckal or Mr Hyde). I have been wrong so many times about this team this season that I really don’t know what to expect. Anyway it’s on to Denver. Hope they do better than the Pats!

  3. The kids are saying all the right things. I like our chances. This game was ahati’s break out game. It would be great for him to get going. I think bu can have a track meet with this team and beat them as they are not so dominant down low as Lowell was. If Bu can clog middle of ice it would disrupt them. If bu can have quick transition and controll the above mentioned look out. Can’t wait for next weekend wish I could go. Bu all the way?

    • Colin,
      I hope you are correct. I don’t think a transition game is the best strategy. They are highly skilled. I prefer a strong defensive game, blocking shots and clearing rebounds. Special teams probably will be the deciding factor. At the end of the day, action speak louder than words.

  4. GREAT Bracket is right Larry. Very fortunate to not be with the other HE teams. I have a really good feeling about this!! GO BU!!

    • Sean,
      Hope you are correct. My crystal ball is foggy. I practiced by picking Michigan State in the NCAA tournament. I am glad I don’t gamble. In fact my kids ask me whom I like and pick the other team.

  5. love that the lady eagles lost and there is pain on chestnut hill

  6. Friend_of_BU_Hockey

    In the NCAAs I feel almost anyone can beat anyone. I also don’t think BU and Denver fans should put too much stock into the game early this season.

    Larry is right in that this year’s BU team has been hard to gauge. Earlier this season they played some of their worst hockey against lesster opponents, and played much of their best hockey against Denver, PC, Michigan, Quinnipiac. Coming back from break they took care of the teams they should have, but have struggled against the BCs and Lowells.

    Something hasn’t clicked for this team since the Beanpot. Going into the Regionals playing .500 hockey the last 1.5 months isn’t a sign of confidence, but hopefully the extra week’s rest will bode well this weekend.

    I agree BU has a pretty favorable draw. Having said that, I wouldn’t be shocked if BU loses to Denver or wins 2x and advances to Tampa.

    • Friend _of _ BU_ Hockey
      My assessment exactly. The team is an enigma. There seems to be something missing but I cannot figure it out. I saw the triple overtime marathon between Providence and UMass-Lowell. I noticed both teams were very structured, mentally tough and very physical. Sacrificing bodies by blocking shots and going to dirty areas in front of the net.
      I noticed B.U. players sometimes turn sideways a when blocking shots or let teams shoot and then stand flat footed instead of clearing rebounds. Offensively they seem to shoot without going to the net enough and attaching those dirty areas.
      To be successful at this time of year each player has to not only maximize his effort but do the little things that make a difference between victory and defeat. Are they totally committed to make that type of an effort?

  7. Don’t know why so many think this a favorable draw. Denver is VERY fast and St Cloud State is ranked #2 in the nation. In addition the games are out west where they will get the benefit of the officiating.With the exception of that last game vs Lowell, who just play “kitty bar the door” hockey the Terriers have played generally well vs H.E. opponents including N.U whom they swept this year. N.U also got a brutal draw. I would be quite surprised if either B.U or N.U. makes to The Frozen Four.

    • Friend_of_BU_Hockey

      I don’t think home cookin’ officiating will be a factor. NCAA games are officiated by crews from conferences not represented in the game. I actually think BU matches up better against high-skill teams like Denver and St. Cloud b/c they play a similar style as BU. I think BU struggles more against teams that bottle up the middle of the ice and don’t give them the time nor space to make plays.

      Having said that, Larry’s point about our skaters not going hard to the net enough is spot-on. They didn’t push Lowell nor even UMASS hard enough to get into the dirty areas for scoring chances. If they can generate chances offensively for greasy goals as well as get back to basics defensively, they’ll have a chance to advance.

    • Vito diGergorio,
      Sorry to disagree but B.U. did not beat B.C. or Providence and lost 3 out of 4 to Lowell. Personally, I don’t care what style of hockey Lowell plays, they have won consistently since NB became coach and made the Hockey East title game four years on a row. Not a bad track record and could win it all this year. Do you really want to play Northeastern ? Ask Notre Dame , B.C or Lowell how the feel about recently playing them. I agree Denver has an excellent team and is probably the favorite. However B.U. deserves to play out west simply based on there performance. The fact that there is no other hockey East team and this is truly a neutral site gives me reason to hope for a positive out come. How do you think the beagles feel about playing a close by rival and having Providence in the same regional?

      • This seems to be a sort of replay of last year for PC. BU won everything last year and because Providence was a host city, PC got to stay and play in the “weaker” bracket (no disrespect to any team, as top 16 in the country is nothing to shake a stick at!) Now, BU stumbled at the end, got into the tournament and seems to have the “easier” of the 4 brackets. Let’s hope they take full advantage. i agree with FOBU that they play harder against unknowns…I know a guy who attends some of the practices and he said they look fast, strong and ready. Let’s hope he’s right!!

        • I agree with your assessment. All teams that make the tournament are tough opponents.
          I saw little bit of the Denver and St Cloud game and St Cloud and UMD battle. All highly skilled teams that can move the puck. B.U. is the underdog and should feel no pressure. I am pretty sure that the ST Cloud fans will root for B.U. as there is probably no love lost between two league rivals. Especially since they just met in the semi-final round.
          I hope the practices are indicative of them coming out strong and never looking back. My concern is not falling behind the first 10 minutes. It may take a half a period to get up to speed and get rid of the rust after a long layoff.

  8. the easier bracket? really? denver and st cloud can light it up. i think BC got the cupcake bracket. H always chokes, and they have proven they can beat PC (without their best Dman)

    • Vinnie,
      I agree Denver and St. Cloud are excellent teams. However based on the teams performance , B.U. has a reasonable chance of moving forward. True underdogs with no pressure , playing on neutral grounds. I am not saying to order tickets for the Frozen Four but remember the ridiculous region B.U. was placed in last year.
      I don’t believe the beagles are exactly thrilled to be playing Harvard. A natural rival out for revenge of their Beanpot defeat. I attended that game and Harvard lost 3 – 2. Hardly a mismatch. In fact Harvard was out playing Quinnipiac for the first 20 minutes until one of Harvard players injured their best player, on what was described a dirty play. The result was a five minute major and two goals that turned the game around.
      As for Providence the had won nine games in row until a very controversial goal in the third overtime ended the winning streak. Losing arguably there best defenseman hurts but they are use to playing without him as this is the second time he has been out for an extended period of time. For the record they played the beagles three times and are 1-1-1 against them. So in my mind the teams are pretty even.
      Don’t overlook UMD. They had a lot of injuries during the season. I believe the team is pretty healthy and playing its best hockey of the season. So who ever makes it to Tampa from this region will have to play two great games.

  9. I agree Larry. All good points, but you are a bit more optimistic than I.
    Mcguire needs to be super sharp, and someone needs to score. we aint beating these teams 1-0. They have too much firepower.

    I just don’t respect Harvard. If they were ever going to exact revenge, it would have been in the Pot where they have not one in a million years. They just fall short in big games. BC did look bad against NU, so let’s hope that continues and they can join their sister hockey colleagues getting out the golf clubs. the worst hockey seasons for me are when we are down and they are successful. double depression, if you know what I mean. If we lose, I can take some solace in the fact that they are eliminated too.

    • Vinnie,
      Excellant points, I know Denver has lost only one game in regulation in 2016 and seem to have better defense than B.U. Honestly I have no expectations for B.U. but hope the fact that they were embarrassed against Lowell will be somewhat of a rallying point. Certainly there is enough talent to win. I expect the Seniors to step up as it is there last chance to win the last game. Also there is less pressure being the underdog. Maybe Denver will be focused on possible rematch with St. Cloud.
      I agree that Harvard has come up short in big games. They have a lot of similarities to B.U. . Tremendous talent that has not performed to that level. However I it provides them with a rare opportunity to even the score by ending the beagles season and advancing to the regional finals. ( similar to Northeastern )

  10. Vinnie: I TOTALLY know what you mean LOL. Seeing BC lose on Friday would make me feel so free and relaxed and happy. It would be like I’m playing with house money on Saturday LOL.

  11. I doubt anyone is looking past anyone in the ncaa. Regular season maybe

    The Crimson have no goalie.

    I think bu has a shot if they come out with a renewed mindset. If they play like the did against ND effort wise, then we can do it. But no just showing up

    I see bc just signed amontes line mate at Thayer. David carreau. Leading scorer in that league

    • Vinnie,
      Once again all good points. I would be surprised if B.U. did not put out a solid effort that is closer to everyones expectations. However that does not necessarily mean one or two wins but it certainly gives them a fighting chance to move on. We will have to see how it plays out.
      I am more concerned about B.U’s recruiting efforts and who actually shows up on the ice. There is enough elite talent for both schools.