Help send the Boston Hockey Blog to St. Paul

Dear readers,

The NCAA announced early Sunday afternoon that the BU men’s hockey team will be traveling to St. Paul for regional competition, continuing a whirlwind season for the Terriers. We are hoping to join them to provide game coverage, as we have each game for many seasons now. 

As many of you know, The Daily Free Press is self-funded and does not accept funding from Boston University, in order to maintain its independence and neutrality. We each pay our hockey travel expenses out of pocket, a financial commitment we gladly embrace. Though we always arrange the most cost-effective accommodations, last-minute travel plans can pose a significant financial burden. 

Therefore, we are turning to our readers to help ease the cost of our short-notice travel plans. If you have the means, we would greatly appreciate whatever you can contribute. Feel free to chip in using our PayPal account, through the button located at the top right corner of this page; if you’d like to help out but can’t spare the cash, please help us spread the word on social media. (Edit: if you’re on mobile, you can scroll down and the PayPal button is right below the schedule.)

We appreciate your loyalty all season and your support of independent student journalism. We are fueled by our readers, and have all grown as writers and reporters with the opportunity to produce content for you. We are absolutely thrilled for the opportunity to continue providing the best coverage of your favorite team throughout the remainder of the season.

All best,

Sarah, Andrew and Judy

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  1. Hi Sarah, Andrew and Judy. The Paypal online thing will not allow me to pay with a credit card (as I find is often the case). Is there another way to donate … maybe by phone or mail?

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