Pluses and Minuses: Plenty falters for BU men’s hockey as team’s quest for Hockey East title ends

LOWELL — At the Tsongas Center on Saturday, things got bad quickly, and then they got even worse. The No. 8 Boston University men’s hockey team needed a win to advance in the Hockey East Tournament, after losing the first game of the best-of-three series on Friday to the No. 11 University of Massachusetts Lowell.

It was never really a contest. Lowell took a 3-0 lead by the end of the second period, and added two more goals in the final frame for a 5-0 final result, sweeping BU and ending the Terriers’ chances at a Hockey East Tournament run.

Usually we say we have some things we like, things we didn’t like — but tonight, there really wasn’t much to like. So really, here’s a breakdown of a whole lot of things we didn’t like — and here’s another take of just how wrong things went, brought to you by Judy.


Boyle was good…but then there’s also BU’s offense
Credit to Lowell’s goaltender, Kevin Boyle, who secured a new school record for shutouts in a single season when he got his seventh of the year on Saturday.

Boyle attributed his teammates for blocking shots — BU had 70 shot attempts, but only 24 of them went on net, the lowest total for BU since a 4-2 loss to Michigan on Nov. 21. For the most part, save for “a pretty good flurry right before they made it 3-0” that BU head coach David Quinn noted, it never felt like BU was ever threatening.

Only one player had more than four shots — freshman forward Ryan Cloonan, who hasn’t had more than two shots on goal since January — and BU’s usual suspects shooting-wise, seniors Ahti Oksanen (one shot on goal Saturday), Danny O’Regan (three SOG) and Matt Lane (three SOG), were kept relatively quiet.

BU’s goaltending decision
After Lowell’s second goal, Quinn decided to pull starting goaltender Sean Maguire and replace him with sophomore Connor LaCouvee, which had all three of us sort of scratching our heads — and a lot of the BU fans near where we were sitting were scratching their heads, too.

Quinn referred to the decision as a “gut feeling.” While neither of the goals was exactly the most difficult test Maguire has had to face this year, it seemed a bit odd at the time. But it’s not like BU had any goals by the end of it, so it didn’t really matter by game’s end whether the goalies combined to give up only two goals or five goals.

And it’s not on us really to say whether Maguire would have given up the three subsequent goals that LaCouvee did once he took over, or if Maguire would have settled down after that. There’s no real reasonable way to predict that. But at the time, it was a questionable move, at least to me, that you’d pull the guy who’s been the one to overwhelmingly keep you in games all season long. 2-0 isn’t an insurmountable deficit to overcome — BU’s done it before — so it still seemed pretty premature, gut feeling or not.

The team mentality — missing?
Something the three of us have admired in our time covering college hockey is how well UMass Lowell always seems to do for having, relatively speaking, not a whole lot of “star power,” at least in the traditional sense.

And a pretty interesting point was brought up Saturday, so I think it’s worth discussing in terms of comparing BU to Lowell. Quinn noted that the River Hawks “may not have stars other than their goalie, but a lot of good players.” Which, if you’re looking at awards, recognition, et cetera, is true — just one of Lowell’s players is drafted, and he, Evan Campbell, a fifth-round draft pick by the Edmonton Oilers, hasn’t played since Feb. 12.

Otherwise, you’re looking at a team that has made the NCAA Tournament three times in the last four years — just barely missing out last season after losing the Hockey East Championship in 2015 — and Norm Bazin has a career 122-55-18 record through now his fifth season with the River Hawks.

Bazin seems to have it figured out. His teams play hard and earn every bit of success they’ve attained. They’ve built success over the years, without that “one guy” — save for goaltender Connor Hellebuyck a few years back and Boyle this year — leading the charge.

BU has good players, but they haven’t gotten the consistent, top-to-bottom effort that they need in order to succeed. O’Regan, Oksanen, Grzelcyk — all good players, obviously, but they’re not going to change the game for BU that a guy like Jack Eichel did.

And that’s what successful teams do — when they don’t have that star, they compensate for it with well-rounded, motivated, solid production from all four lines. While early in the year it seemed like the scoring might be spread out a bit for BU, that hasn’t been the case as of late. There are a few pretty good guys leading the way, but none that break through, and significantly more guys lower on the lines that have yet to step up.

You can have all the good players you can recruit — all the draft picks or projected picks, all the former national team players — but if that doesn’t translate to a full-team mentality, then it’s just meaningless talk. No one’s stepped up as a star to carry this team, and they haven’t played as enough of a team to compensate for that.

Another trophy out of reach
BU is, essentially, mathematically in the NCAA Tournament, per College Hockey News’s Pairwise Probability Matrix. So it’s not as if the loss Saturday was season-ending, but it’s certainly a gut punch to the extent that the Terriers don’t have a shot at some form of hardware, beyond an improbable run to the national title game.

Though, as Quinn pointed out in his presser, Providence got knocked out in the quarterfinals of last year’s Hockey East Tournament, and…well, we all know how that turned out. So theoretically, it’s not impossible for BU to pull off some sort of deep championship run.

But this entire weekend, nothing felt within BU’s reach. If you want to look back to the University of Massachusetts  Amherst series, too, that wasn’t exactly pretty, either. This team, frankly, has done very little in recent weeks to instill much confidence going forward.


We’re lucky to have a great photographer
Our go-to photographer, Maddie Malhotra, got some really awesome pictures from tonight, which you can check out in the gallery here.

Otherwise, it’s quite difficult to take any positives from this game. That was really, really, really ugly.


  1. why does quinn not play shane switzer?

    • Of course Larry comes on and cries if they bother u and the coaching sucks stop watching and posting u making yourself look like a clown!!! What happen was u got spoiled last year because games were not that close because of jack so u didn’t really see what we see this year… They deserve it win friday night and clearly not last night so keep your crying to yourself because don’t matter what they do u always will find something to cry about so I hope u are not watching the ncaa tournament… Go Bu!!

    • I don’t think playing Switz would make any difference.

      • No, Shane Switzer would not have changed the outcome of this series any more than Connor coming in did. bit it is clear this team needs an injection of energy, and Switz would bring some of that.

        I also would skate Matt Lane, who brings it every night even though he is not the most talented, should get at least a period skating #1 line in terms of seeing the ice essentially every third shift and then every other shirt with the TV timeouts. Also, Bobo NEEDS to be out as much as possible as he shoots from ANYWHERE and goals are needed by this team. Jordan Greenway has earned some extra ice time, and frankly I do not care which ‘STARS’ get less ice time to get those three more time.

  2. Why can’t Coach Quinn play Switzer after his great UNH game.It makes zero sense.

  3. What was missing from the UML team analysis is that they are significantly older than BU. They may not have the stars, drafted players, or overall talent as BU, but they are much more developed by having those couple more years of experience.

    • Sarah Kirkpatrick

      Yeah, this is actually something I was discussing with a few people before the game, how people even tend to criticize UML for being on the older end. They’ve really found a system that works, though, in recruiting those older, more mature players, and Quinn addressed his own team’s lack of maturity after last night’s game — definitely should have included that in my writeup, and considering it was on my mind yesterday, not sure why I didn’t. Don’t know if maturity should be to blame for this weekend — this BU senior class is very big and experienced, and at this point in the season, nobody should be a freshman anymore (as cliché as that sounds), especially if we’re looking at people with supposedly strong track records in terms of national teams and so on. It’s a whole lot to discuss, a whole bunch of layers, and we’ll probably talk about it more in our podcast this week.

      • Sarah,
        Terrific job with pluses and minuses after last nights debacle. Age did not seem to be a factor on Friday where B.U. outplayed Lowell for the majority of the game or last year when B.U. Swept them. I was puzzled by the DQ press conference where he once again talked about maturity. This was game 38 not game 5. When does he expect them to finally become mature? It seems to me that when B .U. wins they are resilient and when they lose the team is immature.
        I was particularly disappointed by the lack of senior leadership , responsibility and accountability. It is a performances based business and at the end of the day that it is how DQ is judged . It simply does not matter what I think.
        Since you covered the team the entire season do you have an opinion why they have regressed? It almost seems that they want the season to end.

  4. Congratulations to NB and UMass-Lowell. A team with good players has been molded into a great team. His team totally dismantled B.U. A gritty ,mentally and physically tougher team beat an underachieving, overrated pampered bunch of alleged all stars that quit after allowing two soft goals. An embarrassing and disgraceful display. This team, players ,coaches ,and staff have regressed and lost its way.
    The only tournament this team deserves to go to is a golf tournament.

  5. As usual Larry is THRILLED! I hope your DISGUST with this team means you will stop posting? One can only dream! How’d YOUR Eagles make out last night? OH lost to the no 9 HE seed and no 33 in PW. Looks like anything can happen at any time right? This team was NEVER going to live up to your expectations with the coaching staff changes and the way he runs the show. …nor will they ever so I’m not sure why you torture yourself?

    • Sean,
      Another ignorant comment from mr excuses. You WiLL NEVER Dictate IF I CHOOSE To Post. When did you start running this blog?Are you proud of your coach? Perhaps he deserves another extension .
      First to fifth in the league
      Lost Beanpot
      Lost Hockey East Tournament
      What’s next?
      Facts not fantasy
      He does deserve the chance to change history .

      • You and your FACTS. ALL negative as usual. Jack lost PLENTY of Beanpots, especially his last 5! Never hear you complain about that. Also lost MANY HE titles, nope no complaints from you there. He DID however win an NCAA title after 14 years….oh wait, that must not count since Quinn recruited that entire team AND was the one telling Jack to pull the Goalie at the end. Nope, that wont count. You’re not even happy to have the incoming recruits…all doom and gloom from you….talent doesn’t always win, we’d be lucky if 2 or 3 of them come…so Nelly Negative…it shouldn’t surprise you that people really don’t want to hear your sickening negative posts constantly. Whats the point? Oh they’re just your opinion. Newsflash..this is a BU Hockey FAN blog…not a Point out every single negative thing you can find Blog. Disappointing season, yes. But HOW anyone thought they’d come back just as strong this year was dreaming. Jack carried this team and made everyone around him look 10x better. This is a DECENT team, with hard working kids! They didn’t look it last night for sure. But they’ve shined many times throughout the season. I’m a FAN of BU HOCKEY…and believe it or not I do NOT agree with everything this coaching staff (or Quinn to you) does. But ya know what? I also scream at the TV when the Pats and Bruins play too…in the end….I’m just a fan…that likes to think I know the game pretty well…but you, you are over the top with your so called “opinions”. I bet if you showed your kids/wife your posts, they’d agree.

        • Sean,
          This is not about JP or his 40 year record as a coach. I was a very small part of a team that won it all many years ago. As one of the student managers I learned from the best on a daily basis for one year. He taught life lessons and many of his former players became very successful because of his influence.
          It is not my fault that B.U. has had a difficult season. I report on the events that occurred in the game and issues that effect the program. I am entitled to my opinion as you are entitled to yours. I am no fan of how the coach runs the program and have stated it numerous times. I maybe the most out spoken but believe me a lot of my contemporaries have the exact same feeling. Many of these long time legacy donors decided to no longer support the program. This is one of the reasons that premium level, suite and season tickets dropped so dramatically .
          I hope that you and your comrades are as successful as my friends were in supporting the program especially funding the million of legacy dollars that must be replaced.
          Personally I do not care what you think.There was nothing positive about this weekend. Your pal has lost this team. They have tuned him out waiting for the season to end so that that some of those prize recruits can turn pro.

  6. Of course Larry comes on and cries if they bother u and the coaching sucks stop watching and posting u making yourself look like a clown!!! What happen was u got spoiled last year because games were not that close because of jack so u didn’t really see what we see this year… They deserve it win friday night and clearly not last night so keep your crying to yourself because don’t matter what they do u always will find something to cry about so I hope u are not watching the ncaa tournament… Go Bu!!

    • big roy
      I am entitled to my thoughts just like you. Certainly not crying Give me one example were I misspoke. You want to be cheerleader go ahead. Unfortunately they did not deserve to win on Friday due to two mental errors . Fundamental mistakes that should have been corrected in October.
      This was supposed to be a top three team, so don’t blame me for the teams record. How many NHL draft choices on Lowell?

      • Now you have to start the name calling. Boy that tean up the street certainly regressed this weekend having to go into OT to beat lowly VT. No one cares what you think Larry…again you can make all the criticisms you want but no one else can challenge you. Buy bye now. Im going back to holding my tongue. NCAA

        • Sean,
          Some more nonsensical comments . Like the Terriers you are on a hot streak. Unfortunately the team up the street is actually playing a game next week and eligible for another championship. Vermont deserved a better fate and should have won in regulation. They had a goal called back after a lengthy review. At least Vermont beat the Beagles .(and actually scored goals.) Something B.U failed to do.

  7. As a BU hockey guy of long standing going back to when they did not wear face masks I was upset because the team did not seem to really push and go all out in a game they had to win. This is the first time I can remember such a game. That said Sarah’s point of younger players vs. older ones is a good point. Also some players “hit a wall” at this time of year. It is of note that BC went three games into overtime last night and twice almost had the winning goal scored against it. They also were not on their game. On to the NCAA Championship. I truly believe we have a good chance to do it. Need the D to step up and get into the O as much as possible. That is the key to victory.

    • CC,
      I agree with most of your observations. However the team gave the same type of effort during the season when they visited Lowell. Also B.U. played poorly against a Umass team that won eight games and fired the coach after their final game.
      I have no expectations for them if and when they make the NCAA tournament. How could you expect anything after the last two weekends. The youth argument is only used when they lose and the catch word this season is not youth but immature. They last time I looked they had Six Seniors. Where were they last weekend?

  8. Sean,
    Not delusional, I actually did it. Taped sticks , picked up dirty uniforms, picked up coaches meals attended practices,and carried players duffel bags after road games I have two great pictures of me on the ice with the team and one with Jack Kelly after B.U.sucessfully defended the NCAA title.
    Also I was invited to be a member of the board of the FOH when unfortunately one of the founders passed away. I served in the late seventies and eighties. I retired when I got married and stated a family.

  9. wow, this site is becoming more and more unpleasant to read. i know, so don’t read it. look, we are all frustrated with the fortunes of the team compounded by how well the guys up the street are doing. at least i am. so ironic, their basketball and football teams are abysmal, but the hockey, both men and women are elite.

    i have to admit that i was a bit confused by DQ’s “mature” comment. if it aint happening by now, probably won’t in the next two weeks

    it brings up the question of how you want to build your team. certainly older teams can be a recipe of success – lowell, union, yale etc. they can win. but what are you going to say to a jack eichel or clayton keller or dante fabbro – “we don’t want you”. i guess it is trying to find a balance between young and old, but that is tough to do. all-star studded teams can be difficult to coach and puts the program in constant flux – they come and go. no continuity. plus the risk of them recommitting is greater. no sure what the answer is, but it is a dilemma

    on another note, i went to see jake wise this weekend on sat – super 8 quarterfinals. apparently he missed the game before (wed) with the flu. the whole team had it at various points. perhaps it was still lingering, but if i did not know his name, i would never have picked him out. the bc high kids were blowing by him. he looked slow and unwilling to mix it up in the corners. now i am not saying he is bad. just one game. but i have heard comparisons to eichel at the same age (wise is a sophomore). now i never saw eichel at 16, but i doubt he was on this level. if so, he really developed in the next two years. also, i saw wise play earlier in the year against arlington catholic. he had some spurts, but nothing consistent, and AC is nowhere near as skilled as BC high.

    finally, i am rooting for northeastern this weekend to take the whole thing. everyone gets on madigan, but he must be doing something right… at least right now

    • Vincent
      Excellant points, the problem is that too many of the all stars think they are JE and they are not. Not a lot of grit or heart on this team compared to Lowell Refuse to block shots at key times or make the opponents goalies life miserable.
      Easy and predictable to play against. How do you give up in an elimination game?

  10. Yall continue to cry and bitch about the season while we still have hockey left … Larry I know who u are and that’s enough doesn’t surprise me how u comment … ? I hope u don’t watch the ncaa and save us the ignorance is your comments… Go Bu…

    • big roy
      Instead of focusing on me, come up with explanations for what happened this season. You are entitled to your opinion just like I am entitled to mine. Give me one example that I was ignorant or incorrect in my comments.
      The season is not over, but the team is trending in the wrong direction.
      Sorry to disappoint but I always watch the NCAA tournament. If you don’t like my comments ignore them. I promise it won’t hurt my feelings as my wife and kids ignore me all the time.

      • Everyone knows HE is the strongest of the Division 1 schools. ANY one can win on any given night. So they didn’t fare well in the league or beanpot. Who is really going to care (aside from you) if they make it to the Frozen Four and beyond? It’s all a matter of who is hot at the right moment…BU has just as much of a chance as the other 15…

        • I actually agree with you that if they got to the frozen four the past results would not matter. Any thing can happen if you are participant. However the play in the last four games is very disturbing. Not exactly the best prep for the NCAA tournament.
          The beagles were given a gift by the referees. Vermont was robbed ( two goals disallowed -one in overtime)

    • EXACTLY Big Roy. I mean, jeez, BU is ranked #11 in pairwise and this is a FAILING Season?? It’s not even BEGUN yet and Larry has them playing golf. Supposedly a SUPER FAN. NO WAY he doesn’t LOVE that this team struggled a bit along the way. I’m glad there aren’t many fans like him. He jumps at the chance to bash yet will cry when someone calls him out on it. If I didn’t know any better I would think he OWNED the team. Quinn gets bashed for not calling his team out on their mistakes during his press conferences. Uh, clearly Mr. Larry has NEVER been in the locker room after any loss….He fails to realize these are kids….young and impressionable and that Quinn’s job (and ANY head coach for that matter) is far beyond the X’s and O’s on that white board.
      Anyway, I cant wait for the NCAA’s…..GO BU!!

      • Sean,
        Wrong Again as B.U. is tied for 8th with Lowell in the pairwise. You DO NOT KNOW HOW I FEEL.
        Don’t blame me for this weekend results
        I took your advice and did not attend either game.
        I certainly was not only in the locker room but behind the bench when I was a student manager for an entire season with the exception of some road games.
        Those kids are adults and should be accountable for there actions Believe me Coach Kelly did not take loses or lethargic victories very well. I learned a lot of new words that you cannot say on TV. You played up to his standards or else. It was not until I was one of the owners of a business that I realized what he was trying to teach .
        Perhaps you and big roy can gain access to the locker room after a game to conduct a team sing along and group hug
        Perhaps a participation or 5th place trophy is appropriate.

        • I stand corrected with the Tie for 8th and you just proved my point. What is said in the locker room is MUCH different than what is said to the press. So to judge him on his press conferences is ridiculous as you just proved. No one cares right now about HE. Those that earned it will end up in the same tournament that matters. And BU EARNED their spot!
          WHO is blaming you for the results? I think the results stunk!! I think BU stunk Saturday night. and it just wasn’t working. We will know soon enough how this will pan out. But again, no matter what happens, short of NCAA champs, you will never be satisfied, This team lacks the STUD of last year. BUT…I think they have enough talent to pull themselves together and get this done. They will have to be on top of their game. No stupid penalties and no mistakes. And Magurie will have to stand on his head! We shall see. GO BU!!!

          • Sean,
            It seems that HE mattered a lot last year. I suppose a better way to judge is by record. It speaks for itself. Correct B.U. earned their way into the NCAA tournament.
            However team has regressed the last four games at the most critical time of the year. This recent development is very frustrating and cause for concern heading toward next week. Especially considering the talent level.

  11. I don’t have the energy, but I’d like to scroll back and re-read the comments after we beat Quinnipiac (which exactly NO ONE had us doing) and see what the mood was like then. Larry ya wanna know what didn’t help this season? The sophomores and their messiah complexes. It’s not entirely their fault, right? Put Jack on a team with you your first year, and you probably think you’re a lot better than you are, because Jack’s that type of player (which is mentioned here). But take one (good player) out for sheer stupidity, and a few others for sucking up the place on turnovers and lack of scoring, now there’s issues, and not all of them are willing to learn and advance instead of whining about it. Some are, and that’s who we have next year, in addition to the rising sophomores and 4 first rounders (assuming Krys gets back to the top 30 which he will).
    But wait- what am I talking about? There’s still hockey to be played I think- right? Isn’t that what most of these posts are about? I’m very much looking forward to it, no matter what the outcome, this team has totally earned a spot there, and you can say I’m wrong but I’ll disagree.
    Could you please (Larry) cool it with the I know this person and I talk to that person? This is BU we’re talking about it, they’re not protected by Secret Service, and you have no clue who on this board has access to the team or the parents or the coaches and what news, speculation, rumors, gossip, fight songs, pep talks, etc etc are tossed around. 30 seconds of DQ on Terriers All Access doesn’t count as being “in the know.”
    (Now you can let me have it)

    • Ken,
      I agree with the majority of your comments. As far as my sources they requested that their identity be with held. I know a lot more than I report but am sworn to secrecy. I was already admonished for some of the information I posted.
      I wish the coach was more transparent like you stated this is B.U. hockey not the FBI or secret service.

  12. Why are some of Larry’s posts being presented under the name of “Sean”?

  13. The season is not over! Bu can do damage in national tourney, or they could loose all teams in this stage are among the countries best. We have plenty of talent to compete with the best. I can’t say I agree with everything coach has said or done. For that matter I could say the same thing for coach Parker and I idolized him. One thing that is important here that Roy pointed out is this team is still in it nationally we need to support the team. Our coaching staff in my opinion are tops, if you listen to coaches post game comments team is not following all his directions in my opinion unwillingly but who knows we are not in locker room. It certainly does not help questioning everything he does. Bu hockey is in a good place now and the future please folks don’t try to find faults in everything that takes place. My second point is the senior leadership let’s not forget that they came in when the program did take a hit. Their level of commitment for the program is unmatched they are all leaders in their own right. One of them I consider a friend and the others I have met. They all give 110% every night and I get angry when people challenge their integrity. It is very hard to be a division 1 student athlete and they are all very good hockey players at a great school. Go bu? Fan till the end!

    • Colin,
      I like your enthusiasm. However lets be realistic. where was all the B.U. fans against UMass or during the season? (only one sellout) If the coach and staff are tops, why don’t the players follow directions? Where was the senior leadership last weekend? Do you really believe that B.U. gave even close to100% effort last weekend ? I f so how did a team with no elite talent dominate the team with all stars?
      I agree there is a lot of talent, it just has not come close to its potential.You should stick up for your friends However the results speak volumes. Action always speak louder than words.

      • The same way Vermont almost eliminated BC.. ANYTHING can happen. Do you even realize there is a human factor to all this? Why don’t these players follow directions?? OMG you’re insane. I really think you’ve lost your mind over your pure hatred of Quinn. And all your “insider info” is a bunch of BS. The crap you spewed about the Ryan family….was just that…CRAP!!! You THINK you’re in the know, but what you don’t know….oh wait, my sources won’t let me reveal…ah hell with it….YOU are a total wackjob. No one cares about your time as a donor blah blah blah…Again, they’ve raised more money this year than ANY other year EVER! But Quinn is ruining the program right? Maybe for cracker jacks like you. Yayy you were a student manager a billion years ago…whoopdee frieken do. Somehow this qualifies you to be THE team critic and know it all. Forget the guy on the bench who is a Stanley Cup winner, forget the other guy who was drafted 13th overall, Coach of the Year for USA, recruiter of the ENTIRE 2009 BU national championship team….forget the other guy who is now known as a top recruiter…YOU were a STUDENT MANAGER and know more than all of them combined!! Finally I think everyone on here is catching on to you. Stop pretendind to be a fan Larry….you’re just a hater! Period. End of story.
        GO BU!!! Please do well so Larry will go away!!!

        • Sean,
          Who is name calling NOW? Who died and made you king ? Now you are answering for Colin. Insane , whack job , I will take those remarks as compliments. Your comments are inaccurate pathetic and desperate. I do not Hate anyone. I disagree with how your pal runs the program. I only comment on his role as coach If he cannot handle constructive criticism and is as thinned skinned as you then he is in the wrong profession.
          I believe both JK and JP appreciated my over fifty years of contributions to the program. Since you brought up the topic what are your contributions besides posting your nonsensical gibberish on this site? Legacy donor? Student manger? Invited and served on the FOH board? Sold tickets for the team in the dorms as a student? Was part of the Bucton -Marzo defense effort that won in court against the NCAA and kept both players eligible ? How many children did you send to B.U?
          You spew this CRAP about the fund raising efforts being ahead of what??? Send me the proof as I made a living analyzing numbers. I will examine them and will let you know if they are accurate. There are many ways to interpret financial information.
          The Ryan family are first class people and any information came directly from them. I have a good relationship with them and believe them.
          If you want me to go away then I have a proposition for you. If you are so confident in the coaching staff and direction of the program then I will make it simple. If B.U. wins the NCAA Championship this year the I will stop posting comments. However if they fail to win the NCAA Championship this year then you will stop posting comments. Do you accept?

          • OK first of all you just proved your craziness with that rambling post. Wow, you know a lot about the history. Yay!! Maybe you should be the President?? I’m not assuming to be King unlike YOU who acts like you started the program. For someone who is so knowledgeable, you don’t speak very kindly of the program and if you don’t like the program don’t bother with it. Simple. Its just a little dream of mine to come on here and NOT see your ridicule of the players/coaches/staff and Administration. (I NEVER said the Ryan family weren’t genuine people. I said what YOU posted about them isn’t true) However, Sure I’ll take your little wager. Imagine…SUPER FAN LARRY betting AGAINST his beloved Terriers. That’s embarrassing. Financial figures from fundraising of the program are public record…So since you’re a numbers guy, go ask for them. They have raised more money in the last TWO years than in recent history.
            And finally, I don’t see Quinn, Young or anyone else on that bench posting in here so Im not sure where you think they can’t handle your comments? Something tells me if they did read them, they’d get a grand chuckle out of them.

          • Sean,
            Thank you for accepting the wager. I hope I am wrong but I don’t think they will win it all this year. No contributions to this program except for this blog. I am not surprised , I always put my money where my big mouth is.
            All information regarding the Ryan family was told to me or my son by them. So who is lying me or them?
            You conveniently forget to mention your pals great job he did as an assistant at Colorado. He got out of town at the right time before the entire staff was relieved of their duties. I have no issues with Young or O’ Connell. In fact greeted both of them this year. At least they did not run away. I am not that interested in requesting the numbers as I don’t contribute anymore. I just don’t believe you.

  14. now i wish they had won, of course, but maybe these two weeks off, at this time of year, will heal some bumps and bruises. some guys might be struggling because they are banged up. but that is hockey, of course. just trying to find a silver lining

    i am going on friday and intend to be the loudest huskie fan. Go huskies! if they win the whole thing that might affect our seeding but i don’t care. just want you know who to lose

  15. I am trying to put a positive spin on the fact that they got eliminated from the hockey East tournament. This two weeks off might help them heal some bumps and bruises. That is not an excuse but maybe some guys are struggling because they are banged up. All part of hockey I know

    I will be the biggest northeastern fan on Friday. If they win the whole thing, it might compromise our seeding but that’s okay. I would rather have you know who lose anytime

  16. Hey Vinnie. AMEN to you temporarily rooting for another type of dog! My sentiments exactly. I now know that we will get in the NCAA tournament either way. So, go Huskies and enjoy the game! As for BU, I do think it’s extraordinarily hard to pull off six consecutive wins. So, we might as well start a more manageable winning streak the weekend of March 25th.

  17. Some people clearly don’t know what this blog is for it has got to a point that is funny just to read nevermind the hockey stuff… no names needed … #gobu

  18. OMG, My pal, as you lovingly refer to him as, left Colorado to come to BU. Are you suggesting he would’ve been fired? Sorry to burst your bubble, he wasn’t going to be fired.
    Run away? from you?? LOLLLLLLL ridiculous .
    Did you ask me if I donated to this program? I must have missed it but yes I do. And how I do, as you say, is none of your business.
    Never did I say the Ryan’s lie…however….do you think they could possibly be feeling a bit sour since their kid didn’t play? I’m thinking the answer is yes. There is NO WAY in H -E- double hockey sticks that any part of this coaching staff would discuss an incoming recruits situation with “the radio guy” (regardless of his past/present relationship with his former roommate or “his kid”) But you believe what you want, it really doesn’t matter.
    I’m with glenn when he said they can do this!! SO….time will tell….

    • Sean,
      Everybody that participates has a chance including B.U. However the team is consistently inconsistent and the truth is they are an enigma. Enough talent to win the whole thing or not show up for the first game and bow out early.
      Believe it or not DQ did run away from and avoided any conversation in front of my daughter. She was surprised as this was a non confrontational meeting and I was going to wish him the best of luck. As it turned out he could have used it.The fact that he snubbed me is fine and his prerogative. I don’t take it personally and only judge him on his record.
      B.U. is private institution and does not reveal financial information. I was invited by a professor in the school of education to analyze numbers for a special program. She never could provide me with any information. So I cannot believe that donations for hockey have increased, decreased or stayed the same. Any information provided by them is most likely propaganda. Believe me they would never provide accurate information , especially if it was negative.

      • ok well the way you worded it seemed like he literally ran away. I’m sort of thinking your feelings for him are mutual? Possibly? Seems out of character for him. He talks to MANY people.
        Anyway, I guess time will tell if the program is thriving financially. If it isn’t I’m sure Quinn will get the heave ho….however, my sources tell me the finances are VERY healthy, donations have never been higher and lots of things are in the works fan wise. Its difficult to sell out such a huge arena…perhaps they went a little overboard….I have been to concerts there and its a great size for that. I love the huge ice surface. I don’t think anyone can argue the fact that attendance could be higher, I just don’t see anyone coming on here and being so animated about it (and all the other negatives) as you do. But like Big Roy said, come NCAA….everyone is 0-0….so they get a clean slate to start…..GO BU!

        • Sean,
          It is what it is. Yes he did literally ran away from to go to dinner. My daughter was the one who pointed out how obvious it was. She was more disturbed about the incident than me. Personally l could care less and it is his perogative. It has made my life a lot easier.
          As far as the fund raising, they would only communicate positive news. I received information about Terrier Loyalty points. Less than 1,300 people participated and I was in the top 1.5%. This did not make sense because I only purchase premium level seats and no longer donate to the program.
          I know for a fact that season tickets on all levels are below expectations. These are the targets for donations and fund raising. How can you be ahead if you have less of a base.? Possibly but not likely.

  19. Anyone who knows hockey and understands hockey knows that your goal is to make it to the ncaa so when u get there u have the same record as everyone else and needless to say have to play your best hockey going forward sooo with That being said what happen this season is in the past and it’s a new “season” a very important one and I don’t see why the guys can’t play some good hockey… I support thru good times and rough times more them I can say for a few “fans “on here… let’s go for it boys … # refreshed#reenergized. .. Go Bu!!!

  20. Lary I’m not going to bash you for several reasons . First being I do believe you are a true bu fan and I agree with some of your statements. First I don’t know why the stands are half full I think bu hockey and college hockey are a great take. I think the product needs to be advertised more, so we agree on that. Spring break u. Mass is a little different. The team did play hard during that series . They did make mistakes but what team doesn’t hockey east with it’s parity and facing a team with a lame duck coach well liked by his team is tough. I rember not too long ago Merrimack beat bu when there coach was told he was done after season, and that bu team was a great one. As for the coaching staff they have a great resume. I saw all three / four play they were all great players. I like to think I know a little bit about this game and when I listen to coach Quinn talk about the game it’s spot on with my own opinion. My friends all know me as a die hard bu fan. I have been one since I was 11 years old. I eat sleep and will die a bu fan. I can not knock this team as much as you. Even when you have good points because this is a game of kids mistakes happen. Be excited about the tournament. Off season is too long. Fan till the end go bu???

    • Colin,
      You are a great fan and I wish there were more that had your enthusiasm and passion for B.U. Hockey. I hope for your sake that you are correct and the team rebounds and gets back to the Frozen For !

  21. Wow Larry how can Mr jerry York the one u druel over lose against the huskies with a team with no all stars like u say .. my point being u ain’t winning every game or series so bash bc like u did bu for losing to a lowell team that is in the final for 5 straight year … On to next week and go huskies …

    • Hahaha…looks like the team of steel BC isnt HE CHAMP. York must be losing his touch. His players don’t listen to him. Intetesting. Again, ANYTHING can happen during any game!!
      NCAA GO BU!!

      • It was great to see the Huskies win last night. However before anyone gloats to much l want the beagles to lose one more game. I am more concerned about where and whom B.U. plays next week. Unfortunately the first game results could mean a trip out west depending on tonight’s results. Awful way to be eliminated when a no goal is over ruled. There certainly was not enough evidence to change the call. Maybe they wanted the game to end.

    • big Roy
      Although blurry eyed it was nice to see the Beanpot Champs lose to Northeastern. To bad that B.U. Wasn’t the team that eliminated them. Unfortunately the first game results could mean the Terriers are heading out west to play Michigan. Obviously this could change depending on the results tonight. I am hoping Northeastern can win and that Hockey East has six teams participate in the tournament.
      I never ever rooted for JY or his teams. However I do respect a person who has won over 1,000 games and four national championships. That being said I hope the beagles lose in the first game next week.

  22. Wow,I’m glad I don’t take these posts as serious as I used too,I’m not missing much,carry on BU hockey “fans”…….

  23. Congrats to the Huskies! After we beat them for the third time this season (in the Beanpot semi-finals), who would have thought that this was the team that would go on to win it all in Hockey East LOL?

    • Glenn,
      No argument from me. Congratulations to Jim “mad dog” Madigan and the Northeastern Huskies on a job well done.
      Early predictions from USCHO has B.U. going out west to face Denver. Tune in to ESPNU at noon today for the selection show.

  24. Good morning Larry. Thanks for letting me/us know when and where we can find out our NCAA destiny … LIVE. It will be fun to watch. I am pretty much resigned to having our Terriers sent west.