Odds and Ends: Moving on to quarterfinals at Lowell

Hi folks. Due to spring break, there won’t be a podcast this week, so we’re compiling links/tweets/notes of interest for your reading pleasure instead.

Charlie McAvoy was named Hockey East Rookie of the Week after he posted four assists and was a plus-5 in BU’s series against UMass.

-Good news for BU fans: the Terriers are essentially a lock for the NCAA tournament, according to College Hockey News.

-BU finished up its home slate on the year. Some notes from Brian Kelley on that front:

-Another fun note from Mike Morreale:

-From last week, a piece on Jordan Greenway by Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe.

-ICYMI, BU women’s hockey fell to Boston College in Sunday’s Hockey East championship game. Here’s the FreeP’s coverage from that.

8 thoughts on “Odds and Ends: Moving on to quarterfinals at Lowell”

  1. After two ugly wins it is on to Lowell. My lasting impression of last weekend was the many empty seats disguised as fans. A combined total for both nights of about 3,700 was the last impression left on the seniors, who in a short period of time were essential in turning the program around. I felt bad for them and the team. Although it was a disappointing regular season, they deserved better fan support. B.U. most likely will make the NCAA tournament and once you are in, anybody can win. Where were the alumni? They only time they seem to show up is when B.U. plays the team up the street. You certainly do not need a first class, state of the art, facility for this time of fan support. I hope no of the recruits attended. Who wants to play a play off game in a noiseless empty rink?

  2. uh…it was Spring Break….I don’t care how big a fan you are, if it’s a choice between a beach and hockey game….the kids are outta here!
    Ugly games? I disagree to an extent….UMASS was on top of their game….their goalie was a brick wall Friday night too! Saturday’s game…agreed, not pretty. Maguire needs to tighten up the holes and the guys need to stop shooting at the goalie’s gut!
    NCAA…YES, sadly we ALL know anything can happen….and the best team doesn’t always win! SO…with that said…Let’s go BU!

    • Guest,
      I am not referring to the students which is another issue. The attendance was DISGRACEFUL!!! Where were the alumni, season ticket holders or B.U. hockey fans?
      Umass won total of eight games, two in the second half of the season and their coach was fired the next day. They did give a better effort than B.U., who only place hard at times and were fortunate. No excuse for the defensive play on Saturday. It reminded me of an afternoon pickup game.

  3. I completely agree Larry … with regard to the lameness of the Agganis crowds. Extremely disappointing to me. I do feel bad that the seniors had to experience that dismal set of turnouts during their last stint at Agganis. Oh well, let’s hope that we make it to Tampa and the BU faithful gets a chance for redemption!

    • Glenn,
      I am more focused on this weekends match up with Lowell. It would certainly be a pleasant surprise if B.U. made it to Tampa, especially since they finished fifth in there league standings.
      The Frozen Four is pre sold out on a lottery basis. So attendance is not an issue and seats are at a premium. I am more concerned with the attendance at Agganis Arena. Where have all the fans gone?

  4. I agree with you Larry on this one. For a school the size of BU the attendance is awful. When the students are here they barely fill the two sections by the band. Hardly anyone at the other end at all this year. Agannis is beautiful but too big for what we need. 4800 seats would have been more than enough and even then would only sell out 5 or 6 times per year.

    As for the Team hopefully they will get hot and anything can happen.
    Good Luck Terriers

  5. face it, the vast majority of the BU community has always been apathetic towards sports, starting from the top. that is why Aggannis is a bit too big for most games. when they have a real powerhouse teams, fans come, but just average teams and they generally stay away. that has been my experience since 1963

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