1. WHERE is everyone? The boys have been playing great!! Why is no one here praising?? Oh well onto the Mass!! Then BEANPOT FINALS!!!
    GO BU!!!

  2. Great win last night – though I was really hoping to see Maguire earn the shut-out. Anyway, I watched the game from a watch-party in NYC and was absolutely shocked to see so many empty seats at TD Bank Garden. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought I was watching a consolation game.

  3. Great job boys!! The past month or so have definitely noticed pretty close to 60 min efforts and some great goalie play from maguire… I think they have found an identity on who they are and always a plus when robbie is starting to score goals… keep up the good job and see u friday at umass… I will be there like always. .. we play our type of game we should go.into monday with momentum… Go Bu!!… critics are not “around” now since we been winning… … go bu

  4. Son of Caesar Carlaci

    Yea, Glenn. I saw all those empty seats also. The press has not talked up the ‘pot for many years and the price has gone way up. These two things have held down the numbers I believe. Also Boston very hard to navigate in last few years as to parking and getting to before game venues. At one time hard to get tickets but I think not now.

  5. It definitely has lost some of its luster. As much as I want the Terrier’s to win every year it would be great for the Tournament if Harvard or Northeastern could win it one of these years. I agree about the price. $10.75 for a Bud Light draft, $45 to park the car and the ticket prices go up every year. Get rid of the Consolation game and play the woman’s final in its place. The first night crowd gets smaller every year. I would hope it’s banged out on Monday night.

  6. I agree the prices have driven the casual fan and maybe some students away.
    The Garden stated attendance was 14,832. .What a joke! It looked like 8 or 9 thousand.

  7. Team looking really good,playing some excellent Hockey,Guest 66,not many bloggers because they can’t complain when the team looks,and is playing this well.Is there room for improvement,always.But God forbid the boys don’t take home the Pot,they will be back in full force!!!!