The Boston Hockey Pod is returning!

So after quite a long hiatus, we’ll be resuming our weekly podcasts!

A slight difference though: The three of us have class schedules this semester that conflict with our usual Thursday-night recording sessions. Thus, we’ll be recording on Mondays now, and the podcast will take a slightly different format. Instead of previewing the series ahead, it’ll be more focused on recapping the previous weekend’s games and general issues related to BU hockey.

However, we’ll still be taking reader questions! If you guys have anything you want us to discuss, free free to comment and we’ll try and make sure it gets covered.

And in case you missed any of our coverage from this past weekend:
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4 thoughts on “The Boston Hockey Pod is returning!”

  1. I see that Maguire is listed as a senior. However, he did not play last season. So, would he be eligible to play in 2016-2017 … if he so desired? Starting with the QU game, he has shown himself to be a definite #1 goalie.

    As for Diffley, I think that if DQ wants to play him as a forward, it should be done with more consistency … as was the case with Ahti. What do you think of keeping Diffley as a third or fourth line forward … so that when the post-season comes, he will have some chemistry with his line-mates?

  2. With all due respect, Glen. To even think we should make a back up D man a third line wing means we are in serious trouble. We do have a problem of not enough natural scorers. Why has the other new guy not been used ? Why is he here ? Can he play ?

  3. I meant he could be competing for a spot on that line. I do not agree at all that having a d-man (who has a very good shot) compete for the LW3 position implies that we are in any trouble whatsoever. If he was competing for the LW1 position – then yes. We have seven healthy d-men now and could use some more scoring on the third or fourth lines … not to mention that there could always be an injury (G-d forbid). Anyway, this was what Quinn initiated some time ago.

  4. Son of CC
    I agree with your comments. No disrespect to Diffley but he is a defensive defenseman with limited offensive skills. He has plays a good defensive game and on some nights should be in the lineup especially if the other defenseman forget to back check or are caught in translation that creates odd man rushes for the opposition. Something that occurred much too often Friday night.
    It has been a huge problem this season.
    Heard horrible rumors of the others involved in the gambling scandal from a very prominent attorney. I can only hope it is not true. Since I have no facts I will not name players.

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