Confirmed: Nick Roberto suspended for 2015-16 season

Junior forward Nick Roberto, who has not played a game for the Boston University men’s hockey team this season, has been suspended and will not play for the remainder of the season, sources confirmed to The Daily Free Press.

Roberto has been out of the lineup for BU as part of a team suspension.

College Hockey News was the first to report this story.

From CHN:

“According to several sources, Roberto’s suspension is the result of gambling activity he participated in during last season. Sources indicate that Roberto was not the only BU player involved, though those players are no longer with the hockey program. The identity of those players could not be confirmed. Other sources have indicated that players from other teams were involved, too.”

BU released a statement saying, “Beyond confirming that Mr. Roberto will not play for the Boston University hockey team this season, federal privacy laws prevent us from discussing his status.

“However, we can say that several months ago, we heard rumors that a BU hockey player had engaged in gambling. Although the rumors did not involve gambling on either college or professional hockey games, we nonetheless immediately conducted a thorough investigation and turned the results over to the appropriate authorities at the NCAA. Based on that investigation, the NCAA made its own findings and took remedial action, and we would refer you to that organization for further information.”

CHN’s report also cited the NCAA’s rule that “a player who is found gambling on any sporting event, amateur or pro in any sport, via a ‘bookie’ or the Internet, faces a minimum one-year suspension,” adding that for some of the players involved, “the gambling activities incurred ‘large’ debts, which eventually led to the situation coming to light.”

The report also said this instance of gambling at BU could be tied to a Massachusetts gambling ring that was broken up last month by state and federal investigators:

“In a 122-count indictment handed down after a year-long investigation, 33 people were indicted by a grand jury as part of the operation, which was based out of Boston and the South Shore. One of those was Keith O’Connell, who, sources indicate, is the same Keith O’Connell that is a former defenseman at Boston College and Massachusetts.

“O’Connell was charged with registering bets, using the telephone to register bets and conspiracy to commit money laundering.”

In addition, per a report from WEEI.com, “Roberto is not currently being investigated by any law enforcement agencies. He is still enrolled at BU and still a member of the hockey team, and that is not expected to change.”

CHN wrote that Emily James, a spokesperson for the NCAA, said “the NCAA will have no comment regarding a potential investigation into the BU hockey program stemming from the alleged gambling.”

She could not be reached for immediate comment when The Daily Free Press tried.


  1. Well that answers that nagging question.

  2. It also explains why Quinn was unable to provide information on the situation. Once the incident was reported to the NCAAs, his hands were tied.

    No excuse for Roberto’s actions. He damaged his career and tarnished the program.

  3. Horrible news with possible NCAA ramifications. Certainly tarnishes the program and reflects on those in charge. Believe me this really hurts and is vey upsetting. No excuses for this mess. Sorry Terrier Blogger for expressing the same thoughts. It just stink!

  4. He is a young man. Made a mistake and is paying for his mistake. If the article is true he broke no laws and therefore I don’t think bu hockey’s image should or would be tarnished if anything I think the university and the hockey team should be commended for handling this matter head on. I hope Roberto comes back next year and has a great year.

  5. He is a young man. Made a mistake and is paying for his mistake. If the article is true he broke no laws and therefore I don’t think bu hockey’s image should or would be tarnished if anything I think the university and the hockey team should be commended for handling this matter head on. I hope Roberto comes back next year and has a great year.

  6. No, Larry, those are not the same thoughts. This incident doesn’t “reflect on those in charge.” Not unless you can show that they ignored their responsibilities or looked the other way. For the record, there are no babysitters for the players and students’ phones and computers are not being monitored.

    What we know now is that BU heard rumors about gambling and investigated. They knew Roberto was involved as far back as early October, since he didn’t dress for the first exhibition game. They investigated and findings were turned over to the NCAA, which issued the suspension.

    Instead of making assumptions, try googling “due process.”

  7. Friend_of_BU_Hockey

    Federal privacy laws prohibited “those in charge” from being able to comment on the situation while an investigation was taking place. It’s an unfortunate situation Roberto put himself in given the consequences of gambling as a NCAA student-athlete.

  8. Finally it’s a done deal nice knowing u nick smh….

  9. Colin
    I don’t know what planet you are living on but betting with bookmakers is illegal. As a student athlete it is rule #1 besides drugs. He is a disgrace to the program and should be throwin out of school. I have no tolerance for stupidity. Good Riddance.

  10. What are these players thinking of these days? Although there is no “action” on college hockey to my knowledge he must have known it was wrong. I don’t think any team will take him now. It is strange, though, that a very well known hockey alum was on a list of a bookie’s “sheet” a few years ago and everyone covered it up. It is who you know notwithstanding the fact that it is always wrong.

  11. Terrier Blogger
    As head coach he is responsible. Brown has every right to investigate and form another committee for further sanctions. It is very embarrassing and a stain on your pals record. I am cringing for another series of Globe articles. I hope no recruits change their mind.
    I read that Oscar was a replacement for Nick and that everyone was surprised about Greer.

    • OK time out Larry….when the “sex scandal” hit BU you put NO blame on Parker…now a stupid betting “scandal” hits a 21 year old ADULT hockey player and you’re going to blame Quinn?
      Did ya ever think Quinn already knew about it and took care of it? Who do you think suspended Roberto first? Quinn or NCAA? Answer: QUINN and BU. NCAA investigation started after they had already disciplined him.

      • It said in the CHN article that other schools were involved,but apparently thier Coaches didn’t know,or didn’t report it immediately to the NCAA as Coach Quinn did,this is not sexual assault,or rape,it is betting,which is obviously wrong.But I am sure that Larry or anyone else in his family ever made a mistake as a young adult.And how is it the Coaches fault?He can’t be with the entire team 24 hours a day and control all of thier actions….

    • But Parker was not responsible for all of the underage kids drinking,and yes,even some having sex in the Penalty boxes,and benches after the 09′ National Championship.You ask how do I know this?My brother was one of the under-age players,at BU while I was in my Sr. year,I remember going to get him for Brunch the next day,and his room reeked of Alcohol!!!Never mind the Rape accusations.Oh,wait a minute,Quinn was associate Head Coach,obviously it was his fault,right Larry?

  12. Friend of BU Hockey
    No Excuse for Stupidity!

  13. Nick Roberto is a good kid, and he doesn’t deserve this.

  14. Larry,
    I think you should reread Terrier Blogger’s second response which was directed to you.

    look we are all hurting from this. this is no time to be sniping at each other and the staff. that just adds to the pain. let’s ALL see how this shakes out and not catastrophize and add to the swirling rumors. we don’t need another witch hunt

  15. Vincent, Terrier blogger,Guest 66
    In all due respect there is no positive to this story. For anyone to sugarcoat or down play the possible implications is living in a fantasy world. The last scandal caused considerable damage and cost Jack his job even though though both student athletes were found not guilty of the original charges in a court of law.
    The leaked false stories to the globe were never refuted by President Brown . A former alumni who writes for that fish wrapper compared the hockey program to the Penn State football scandal.
    Once again no support from the administration.
    So here we go again no lessons learned and at the mercy of the NCAA and Present Brown.
    So yes I am both hesterical and ashamed.

  16. Colin,
    Placing bets with a bookie is illegal.

  17. dan,

    illegal for the bookie or the person placing the bets

  18. Guest 2
    Jacks reputation was ruined and he was forced to resign. A phony baloney committee formed by Brown then leaked false information to the globe Besides that he was treated fairly and defended.Your pal was hired to prevent the preceding.

  19. This is a young man I’m not ready to stone him to death for this. As I stated earlier the coaching staff handled this. And to the question of legality of placing bets. The commonwealth would not be able to close court houses if we went after people-for placing bets. It is clear to me that the targets of this investigation were the people taking the bets. No one is talking about taking legal action against Nick Roberto. I wish him the best of luck and I hope he stays at bu next year. His hockey play is full of hard work. I think it’s important to rembeer he is being punished already and I’m sure he and his family are upset. I’m not on another planet I’m just looking at it for what it is. A mistake.

    • Colin,
      Don’t mind Larry, he LOVES any chance he can to knock this coach and the administration. He seems to be a VERY unforgiving person, even to a 21 year old. Larry and Co. must be perfect I guess. I’m not worried about this “scandal” . Like you said, the NCAA handed down their punishment and Nick has accepted it. Apparently he should’ve been burned at the stake?
      Oh boy, Merry Christmas all, This too shall pass and BU hockey will resume in January. GO BU!!

  20. Absolutely no excuse for defending him he knows what rules are and clearly didn’t care si I do not feel bad for him … Some kids wish to play hockey at this level while others well… I’m shocked he still in school to ask me and don’t give me the “he’s a good kid” crap u don’t do that stuff especially in here…. so good luck ….

  21. Not defending him…dumbest thing ever to do. ..I’m defending the coaching staff agsinst Larry who seems to think they are responsible for this. Im signing off. So sick of Larry and his obvious joy when anything go bad for BU. Claims to be a fan but after all these comments its quite clear he wanted another head coach chosen, (probably Bavis) and its painfully clear he thinks he knows more than all of us combined. He’ll cry about this post how im ” personally attacking him for simply stating his opinion” but that’s all BS. He loves to see this team, well more specifically Coach Quinn, lose and this situation with Roberto, has made his year. So Larry enjoy the scandal, don’t deny you are, and I hope BU and QUINN come out blazing so you can sit back in your misery at their accomplishments. So PLEASE do us all a huge favor and @$!#/#!!@
    To the rest of the real fans…Merry Christmas. ….Happy Healthy New Year and GO BU!!

    • Friend_of_BU_Hockey

      Happy Holidays Guest66! I don’t know Larry personally but I know who he is based on seeing him and his family regularly at games and off-ice events like the holiday skate, banquet, etc.

      I think Larry’s biggest loyalty to BU hockey is to Coach Parker b/c of how Coach Parker treated him and his family over the years. I sense there was a personal connection and I recall him saying here that influence resulted in his children attending BU as well.

      I speculate his issue is with the administration in how they handled the off-ice transgressions a few years ago, that he believes they forced Coach Parker out b/c of it. And with a new coach who doesn’t have the same leverage that Coach Parker earned over the years, the administration was able to enact changes that he doesn’t agree with. For the record, I don’t necessarily agree w/ some of the changes made as well and how they were handled.

      I think Larry’s issue w/ Coach Quinn stems from a meet-and-greet event shortly after he was hired. I attended as well and I recall he was sitting in front of the room, asked a few direct, blunt questions, and didn’t necessarily agree with the answers provided. I suspect the on-ice difficulties of the 2013-14 season only added fuel to Larry’s opinions of the changes; I bring this up b/c there was a road game that season that BU lost where I sat near him and he sat beside the BU bench, and was yelling very loudly at Coach Quinn “you should be fired!” and other similar remarks during that game.

      My belief is Larry developed a sense of entitlement over the years b/c of his relationship with Coach Parker. And b/c he no longer has that relationship with the current staff and doesn’t agree with things that have transpired the last 2.5 years, he directs his disapproval at “the current regime” and blames them for every little thing that doesn’t go right based on his expectations and past experiences. It’s just interesting to see how his children are big BU fans but presumably act more level-headed about things happening in the program than he does.

      • Thank you very much for the information,now I understand completely why Larry is so anti-Quinn.I’m sure Larry is enjoying every minute of this disappointing half season.I have not given up on the team,nor will I.But with Ahti gone for the rest of the season,and Grizzy hurt,and all the other injuries,it will be very difficult to repeat as Hockey East Champions….Go TERRIERS!

      • WOW thanks so much!! I’m just going to do my best to ignore him. I’m not really sure why he comes on this blog. Seems sort of childish if you ask me. He should just be honest with how he feels. Simple. Hes not fooling anyone with his remarks.

  22. Next man up. And let’s leave it there.

  23. I have been a passive follower of this blog over the past few years. Recently, I have seen some unwarranted attacks at Larry. I do not know this man personally, but I have been going to the games for roughly 30 years and sit near him. I just wanted to refute some of the comments that were mentioned. I have never seen Larry say anything against the coaching staff and he usually sits respecftully at the games with his family. I do not know the beliefs he expresses outside of the hockey rink, but he is free to think whatever he wants in regards to the program as that is part of being a life long fan. As well after reading some of his comments he does come off as biased against the coach, but the majority of the attacks do seem warranted. The current scandal is sheds an aweful light on the hockey program as well as the coaching staff and Quinn should take a fine look in the mirror as this past semester has been a major dissapointment. As well there is even speculation to go as far as saying the team through the national championship. I do not believe this to be true, but it comes with the territory of a student athlete gambling and why the NCAA deems it as illegal and why it is a major embarrasment.

    • Sorry but I respectfully disagree. Larry harbors some deep hatred towards Quinn for not bowing to his every whim. He acts as if he OWNS the program. It is clearly a personal agenda so he should take it up personally with Quinn and Co and leave it there. Not spew his hatred here. We are all disappointed with the way the first half went, that’s obvious but Larry is never happy. He rants after every game and the biggest win against QUm, he writes a 1 sentence congrats. Just plain childish if you ask me. His opinions would be more respected if he just came out and said NO I DO NOT LIKE QUINN. Period. That’s his opinion and he’s entitled to it. But as a fan as BU hockey for a LOOONG time, I don’t feel he comes on here for anything but complain and criticize. It gets tiring to listen to his ignorant remarks day after day. And then he hides behind the ole “waa waa you are personally attacking me” cries. He needs to learn to take the BS as much as he gives the BS.
      Friend Of BU Hockey is completely accurate in his assessment of Larry. Not saying ONE thing about his family, this is all on Larry himself. Maybe he should lace some skates up and go out there and show Quinn how to coach. Then he should try to follow 30+ teenagers/young 20 somethings through social media, classes/grades, who they are hanging around with, getting them tutoring help, holding counseling sessions with them during some personal difficult times, smoothing over family issues ETC!!! Maybe Larry, Mr. Wonderful KNOW IT ALL, I ran a QUADRILLION dollar business with a BILLION employees can do a better job. HEY! Maybe he should go to Parker and Lobby to have Quinn removed and he can slide in as his replacement since he has the answers to all the problems. Oh wait, he only COMPLAINS with ZERO experience to do so.
      HAPPY NEW YEAR….wait til you see how this 2nd half goes…..Larry and Co are going to feel pretty stupid come play offs….watch for it.

  24. Why is it,when people on this blog write something that is in disagreement with Larry,it’s a personal attack?Have you all noticed the number of bloggers “attacking” Larry?The numbers increase by the week,we are just stating our opinion just like he is…

  25. He was an insider with Jack Kelley and Jack Parker. He’s not with Quinn and he’s very bitter about it. End of story.

    • Friend_of_BU_Hockey

      Yes. Change is hard for some people to deal with, especially when it involves a legend like Coach Parker and 40 years on the job.

      I know Larry is not the only fan who still hasn’t fully accepted the change, but he’s considerably more expressive about it than others I know. The others support the success of BU Hockey above all else.

  26. Agreed,everyone should just leave it at that!